ACB probes National Bank of Malawi’s CEO George Partridge over ‘bid-rigging’

The National Bank of Malawi (NB) Chief Executive Officer, George Partridge is under the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) investigation on allegations of collusive tendering and bid-rigging.

George Partridge: NBM boss

George Partridge: NBM boss

ACB has instituted the investigations following a Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) investigations in 2012 which faulted Partridge’s leadership at Bankers Association of Malawi (BAM) of creating market monopoly by denying other players in the credit referencing bureau sector in preference to one company.

CFTC, in a determination by its Board of Commissioners and its members on allegations of anti-competitive practices by BAM chaired by Partridge at that time, also faulted the association of suspected collusive tendering and bid-rigging when it awarded a contract to CRB Africa Limited despite some of its members being shareholders.

ACB Senior Public Relations Officer, Egrita Ndala could not confirm or deny the investigation but pointed out that the bureau received a formal complaint on the issue.

“The bureau processes complaints when they have been received to see if there is merit to warrant the Bureau’s action. It is only when the complaint has been reviewed that the course of action to be taken is known,” explained Ndala.

In the 37-paged report which Nyasa Times has sourced, it is revealed  that, CFTC disclosed that BAM has pre-existing credit reference scheme agreement with CRB Africa Limited to exclusively provide credit referencing services to its members, who in turn, would provide credit information of their customers.

The agreement is argued that is contrary to Section 32 of the Competition and Fair Trading Act, which faults the Association of creating a monopoly in the Credit referencing bureau sector by denying other credit referencing bureau players access to the market in preference to CRB Africa which some of its shareholders are executive members of BAM.

The Commission also established that the selection of CRB Africa was done through tender process and the Commission said there was likelihood of collusive tendering and bid-rigging which are anti-competitive practices in the bidding process after established facts of conflict of interest between BAM and CRB Africa which was eventually awarded the contract.

The Commission notes that aside the established anti-competitive practices, some key players in BAM including Partridge happens to be shareholders in Investment Alliance Limited (Malawi), which holds 10 percent shares in CRB Africa.

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23 thoughts on “ACB probes National Bank of Malawi’s CEO George Partridge over ‘bid-rigging’”

  1. hisbolla says:


  2. Mswazo says:

    Go and probe MIM as well. Insurance bid was supposed to be given to 2 who qualified but has gone to a disqualified entity, evil pple mxii disgusting!

  3. Ishmael Makwinja says:

    I just feel like this board should be removed.It can not help this nation.It can not solve real hot issues for fear of loosing jobs and life.Please let it go.

  4. Antchona says:

    Supposedly from a man who preach good corporate governance to his employees. Persue them and unmask them

  5. Rodgers Banda says:

    Patridge, is this a Malawian ? Malawi will keep on crying since foreign figures are controlling DPP .

  6. Tili Chenene says:

    ACB is the most useless body in Malawi. Malawi can do better without it

  7. Wapatsindwe says:

    Egritta, when is ACB going to arrest your husband after stealing money at State House meant for journalists at Sanjika?

  8. Observation says:

    ACB is just suspicious of everything in Malawi, the bureaual does not know what to priotise

  9. MisheCk Anderson says:

    Ankawoneka ngati wolungama irimbava yaikulu akuti kubera sukulu ok komanso a ACB mukamayamba nkhanizi zakuba pliz muzizimaliza osati ziZithera panjira ife amalAwi maso athu ndinu gwirani bwino ntchito yanu opanda wina kukupAsani buns

  10. MisheCk Anderson says:

    Koma zoona amalawi kumangotuwa ndikugwira ntchito zakalavula gagA ngati zimenezi pamene ena akumapeza mpatawakuba Uhmm tidzafa osauka basi koma misonkho chidulileni mwezi ndi mwezi nAngA atani ngati mboma Akuyamba nazo ndiwo ayi mulungu chitani nazo chochita mbavazi

  11. Keyboard Speaker says:

    Eish! Koma Malaw, dziko la anthu opanda umunthu ndithu. Why should we call this country ‘the warm heart of africa’ a country without fair ground in any respect. Hard workers are exploited by the few with connections but lazy. Instead of strategizing policies that can push national development, these white colour thugs are bent on blowing our money through dirty deals. We pay taxi to develop our land and not to serve as slaves of few well connected idiots. At the end they appear wise and hard workers yet at cost of others. To make matters worse they launder our money abroad, completely putting our money out of circulation. Mark me well, very soon I will stop my tax contribution to Malawi government. I rather keep my little levies to myself than hastling for these self acclaimed masters who never mind if I get treatment at hospital or not, I eat or not.

  12. vyaya says:

    Si MTUMBUKA GEORGE PATRIDGE? Dzina sounds lachitumbuka………

  13. Phiri says:

    Bwangazi what will kutukwana help in this situation. Yes to steal is bad and you, with all the bad language on the social network you are worse than them May God have mercy on us all Amen

  14. Ndanena says:

    In Malawi many rich people have their own stories.Sha! I thought this man was clean at all cost? Malawi as a country will not change economically.Everyday kuba kuba and you see the cars, houses owned by these people ha!!!! Whom shall I respect now? Almost all big companies in Malawi there are thieves.

  15. ZOZO says:

    Palibe nkhani apa aah.

  16. Nangozo says:

    But truly Partrige has been helping his in laws in Karonga. Investigate the brother in laws.

  17. yayaya says:

    ACB why chewing more than you can swallow. Thus killing Malawi. Please cant you ignore some of these issues for which you do not have muscles to handle. Blue shit.You are now becoming a barking dog that does not bite. You are just exposing Malawi as a nation.

  18. ahoy says:

    We want u to probe 577 billion cash gate first.

  19. mlangizi says:

    Was it BAM or Patridge awarding the contract?

  20. Ine says:

    So it’s about credit reference bureau and it happened in 2012? What a wrongly timed news item!

  21. Samantha Lewis says:

    Do I smell Patricia Mwase behind the scenes. Girl is a real prick

  22. bwangazi says:

    Nail them these white collar theives!!!! Zigandanga zakuba izi!!!! Kumaoneka ngati anthu abwino koma ali mbava!!!! Stupid ma rubbish inu!!! Mwaika ziko pa moto inu!!! Nyini za manu!!!! Pa thako panu!!!! Dziko la mtundu wanji loti dailly kumatuluka nkhani zakuba!!!! Pathako ndithu!!!! Nyini zeni zeni!!!! Inu!!! Nkumati ndine olemera!!!! Uli mbava !!! Chimbolo chako ndithu

  23. Nangozo says:

    1 John 1:8 If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. God help us!!

    Who can find a man of integrity in Malawi????

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