Aford introduces K10 membership card: University of Malawi analyst says ‘perfect idea’

The Alliance for Democracy –(Aford) has introduced a K10 party membership card as party leader Enock Chihana, Aford’s sole member of Parliament (MP) in the 193-member National Assembly, has embarked on a process of rebuilding it.

Chihana: Rebuilding Aford

Chihana: Rebuilding Aford

Paid up party membership cards were synonymous with the one party regime as membership was forced on all citizens of the country and one was refused services without the card.The strategy made the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) unpopular.

But a research commissioned by the Center for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) established that Malawians want political parties to introduce party membership .

A ford secretary general Christopher Ritchi confirmed that his party has introduced the memberships cards  and that money collected will be used to fund party activities

Ritchi said Aford wasn’t to reclaim old glory when it used to control northern region as it claimed all the 33 parliamentary seats in the region and some in the Central Region in the country’s first post-independence multiparty general elections in 1994.

“Aford is rebuilding to be back to its glory as a power broker that can negotiate for development in the north,” he said.

Aford president Chihana is also advancing federalism agenda and has recently roped in new members who included former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) MP and Cabinet minister Abbie Shaba, Chipani cha Fuko vice-president Burton Siyonani-Phiri and Professor Fred Msiska of Mzuzu University, among others.

University of Malawi associate professor of political science Blessings Chinsinga commedned Chihana for taking “ the right approach” to start rebuilding the party from the Northern Region where it once enjoyed support,

On the membership cards, Chinsinga said it is “a perfect idea” but called for the leadership to be transparent with the money .

Chinsinga carried a study which revealed that a lot of Malawians would want to have a party membership card.

The research was conducted in Mzimba and Nkhata Bay in the north; Kasungu, Salima and Ntcheu in the centre; and Zomba, Machinga, Blantyre and Mwanza in the south.

The current scenario, Chinsinga pointed out, have placed parties at the mercy of individual leaders who are seen as the owners of political parties.

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32 thoughts on “Aford introduces K10 membership card: University of Malawi analyst says ‘perfect idea’”

  1. Chawanangwa says:

    The prb wth Northern politicians is greed. Why were the Chihanas and Nzomera Ngwiras waste time with that lady cashgater? Only to cry foul and advocate for feudalism or cessation upon her nose-diving in the past elections? No wonder she has vowed not to set her foot in Malawi probably as long as DPP is in power. Ever wondered why a good cohort from the Yankees are cashgate culprits?

  2. Kenkkk says:

    Good idea for raising party funds, even parties in western democracies have paying members and non paying ones. Mcp can do the same to raise funds but this time I don’t think people including children born or unborn will be forced to buy the cards.

    My main comment though is that the north does not need a political party of its own. It is a waste of time to have such a party simply because our voting patterns in malawi are still based on tribalistic or regionalistic lines. The poor education level and political understanding of most our central and south rural people coupled by tribalistic manipulations and preaching by the political leaders in those regions in particular the dpp south, makes it almost impossible for them to vote for a northern leader or party.

    We northerners have shown ourselves that we can vote for any party in the country which is good if the unity of the country is to be fostered and I think we should continue to do so and eventually slowly our brothers and sisters in the south and central will also wake up and follow us and our voting ways as we did last year so that this country can move forward democratically and not stuck in the tribalism mud and madness.

    Chihana knows that reviving aford or indeed forming any new northern party is just a waste of time but he is doing so I suspect for his own personal benefit and collusion with dpp which fears that mcp could carry the north in 2019. But some dpp gurus as we know have already told us they don’t need the north to win. Catch 22.

    The north has matured democratically while the rest of the country is lagging behind still swimming in their tribalistic and regionalistic ocean waters.

  3. pat says:

    K10×100 memembers=K1000 to fund party activities. Kkkkk

  4. Mapwevupwevu says:

    The fact is that almost everybody in the north is passively Aford. Its only that leadership betrayed us. I personally Nkhwendaviwi and I am sure Aford has started walking the path to revival and political reawakening and rebirth.

  5. CHINDELE says:

    The problem with our political leaders still remains on `this is my party` syndrome. Should there be another ideal candidate to sit for presidency on aford chihana will not accept it. But honestly enock cannot lead aford to function as one party. All those decision are done within his house with his kids and wife who also happens to have her own briefcase party. Aford needs a serious leader who can help to propel the party to cover the whole mpoto region. Enock cannot do that. His father failed becoz he was a political prostitute. Enock is also a political prostitute.

  6. Zondiwe says:

    Why is Dr Chinsinga being castigated?
    Our academics are scholars who look at issues from a scholarly view-point. Malawians, learn not to denigrade technical people, but learn to ask sensible questions so that you too can make informed decisions.
    It is Aford that is introducing the party card, and not Dr Chinsinga. Some people have even suggested that K10 per card is too cheap, and I agree with them.
    This issue is for Aford members, past and present. Leave Blessings Chinsinga alone, and if you have any queries, ask President Enock.
    Having said that, maybe the cards could start at K100 as a minimum contribution? Probably they could then even be categorized to reflect the amount one contributes. Let the Executive Committee look into this issue critically, otherwise, most clear-thinking people are in support of this idea of having membership cards. I am sure political nomadism will be minimized if parties introduce membership cards.

  7. patrick banda says:

    Good idea but raise the amount to k100 or better still k200.

  8. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION

  9. Chikopa says:

    Academicians business commenting on trivia and not real issues. MCP was hated for the party cards and now certain buffoon is busy bringing back stupid ideas para wanganya winu wakati mawoko mawoko! Chitima chandikora chomene. Nadi! Nadi!

  10. George phiri says:

    Mmmm how many people will buy the card should be a million dollar question? Thats Aford now collecting tax from its members


    I disagree that this is a funding raising strategy. No it is not!! I am sure that the production of a card should be more than K10.00 unless it is just a madeya card

  12. Wakumpoto says:

    Achihana why were you making yourself BUSY ndi mbava zakumwera pamene you are as wise as chitute? All-in-all thats agood ganizo of rebuilding the party. If well taken, tili pamuyo panu.

  13. knowingly you won’t get the president seat,collect as much as you can,open up your mouth and eat one time.then sit down.

  14. Malawi Federalism says:

    we need it soon.

  15. mercy says:

    This is a brilliant and courageous step forward, enawa amaopa chifukwa amayesa kuti adzinenedwa. A very genuine strategy to generate party funds without cashgating from government. A better strategy to detect who is really a member of a particular party…….this will prevent the temptation of stealing votes…..adzidzafunsidwa kuti lero ndi lero mwawatenga kuti anthu okuvoterani????????????????? go on Aford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can assure you zipani zina zangwiro (parties of substance) will follow suite to this powerful strategy.

  16. Tikukuonanitu a chinsinga!! Mumatidabwitsa heavy kuti kodi geri yanu ndi yotani

  17. joe gwamula says:

    Chinsinga is a very confused and useless analyst. Even nthawi ya masteni okuba aja he was making positive analysis even ndowe zeni zeni he was saying good ideas and he amazes me big time

  18. Zondiwe says:

    The problem under MCP was that the cards were forced on the people.
    Actually Aford has had this idea for a long time, only that it was not implemented. Party Chairman Chipimpha Mughogho was not sure about the question of accountability of the funds.
    It is a good idea to have a register of paid-up members of a party, rather than be tied down by nomadic members who do not concentrate on issues inside the party, but are always focused outside the party, looking for opportunities and rumours, etc.
    Well done President Enock. Mechanisms should be put in place to account for, and put the funds to good use.

  19. Happiness Banda says:

    Good Idea indeed, but MK10 seems to be on the lowerside. It should have been MK100.

    Ten Kwachatu ana amaikana masiku ano, amati kodi ndikagulirara chani amayi. Kikikki.

  20. mswachi says:

    I can imagine the comments if it was MCP introducing the Cards! Good idea though; true members for the party should be known!

  21. ochima says:

    Madzi akatayika basiiiii! Chihana is a confused fellow, Chisinga is a commentator.

  22. Charombanthu says:

    Until we have a party or parties that are “national”, all this hullabaloo about belonging to a political party, which either belong to a particular family or tribe or indeed region, will be noise to some of us. Worse still, how many party cards or regalia will people like Brown Mpinganjira, Uladi Mussa, Sosten Gwengwe, Nick Dausi, Cassim Chilumpha, Davis Katsonga, Harry Mkandawire, Sidik Mia, just to mention a few, have? These cartoons have all the party colours (or cards, if any) in their wardrobes starting from DPP, MCP, UDF, Aford, Maravi, PADD, etc. Cards are a good gimmick for raising money for parties, but you will have to do a lot more to convince people into buying that piece of paper.

  23. Soccer Fan says:

    I don’t trust Chakufwa Chihana on two reasons:
    1. He will misuse the money
    2. He can change parties anytime leaving followers confused.

    Munganya uyu ungamugomezga yayi!

  24. Kadakwiza says:

    I also need an AFORD. membership card. AFORD will form the next government after 2019 elections.

  25. palibekanthu says:

    If it was DPP, it would be a bad ideas, these so called political analysis never cease to amaze me.

  26. Bongo says:

    where can i find the card please… timangomva kuti kuti zinaliko nthawi ya DR Banda ifenso tizifile basi..

  27. Zakwathu says:

    Blessings Chisinga alibe Chipani amangowerenga he doesnt know what he says which analyst can win election.Fotseki

  28. Regent Mataka Gondwe says:

    This is a very good idea. This will also help to identify oneself. Transparency should be order of the day when the funds are collected.

  29. Youn says:

    Kodi ndimaesa munkati ma card ndioipa? Hahahhaahahahahahahahah!!!!!

  30. mwiithotho says:


  31. Phodos says:

    This is Chisinga I know. His comments are always positive the Tumbukas. If this membership cards were introduced by APM, there could be negative comment.

  32. Robin says:

    where can we find the cards because some of us can be willing even to pay more to rebuild our party


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