Anthony Kamanga now Judge at Supreme Court of Malawi

Former Attorney General Antony Kamanga is now in the bench as  a new Supreme Court judge after being appointed by President Peter Mutharika, Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula has confirmed.

Kamanga:  Appointed Judge

Kamanga: Appointed Judge

Kamanga, who once served as Solicitor General, is yet to be sworn in as Judge of Appeal.

He holds a bachelor of laws, an LLM (Master of Laws) and a diploma in legal drafting.

University law professor, Danwood Chirwa, said Kamanga “as one of the longest serving legal draftsmen, he will be of immense help to the court in trying to figure out what was intended by the various laws that we have.”

In comments published in the Weekend Nation, Prof Chirwa of Cape Town University explained that as the appeal court sits often to decide matters of legal interpretation and in a panel of at least three, his relative inexperience in actual litigation will not affect the quality of his judgements.

He told the paper that he has not been impressed with poaching of Attorney Generals from the Judiciary and then returning them to the bench as this means that a member of the Judiciary is reduced to being a servant of the Cabinet and only returned after defending and advising the government in some of the most controversial policies, saying this undermines judicial independence.

“Where an Attorney General, who is a civil servant is appointed to the Judiciary as a permanent judicial officer, it is possible to talk of judicial independence in ways that it is not possible when we talk of poaching from the Judiciary,” the law expert is quoted by Weekend Nation.

The Judiciary spokesman has meanwhile disclosed that there are also four vacant posts for judges of High Court which will be filled soon.

Judicial Service Commission makes recommendations to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) with a list of qualified personnel to be appointed as Judges of High Court or Supreme Court of Appeal.

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Mr Chasowa Fredrick

Congratulations Mr Anthony Kamanga, SC
You are a man of integrity, principled and well trained in the field of Law
You deserve to be a Supreme Court Judge
A good precedent has been set that some fine Lawyers in the public or private sector can be appointed as Supreme Court Judges than going through the High Court first
You join a team of esteemed Judges in the Supreme Court of Appeal
You have vast experience in the field of law
Once Congratulations for the appointment !!!!!!!!!


What a mistake. A snake in grass…ready to bite the master himself while serving interests of akwithu. APM why not choose Mchewa, Ngoni of Gomani or Mlomwe there? And all he holds is a mere degree and he calls himself a ‘learned’ judge? Mxiiiew.

Maximus Decimus Meridius
Maximus Decimus Meridius

pilizi, little do you know that he’s probably the best. If you are in the field and know different then maybe you have a point, but a mere kapwimbisi wonunkha mkamwa, wosazindikira. Go and ask the Juducial Commission why he was recommended.

Anthu anayesera kumupondeleza koma you cannot ignore him.

He’s a better lawyer than most of those so called Professor’s and you can go and check it it out.

Get a life and pa msundu pa nyoko

Zombie Pitala Fwee Fwee
He indeed joins the laziest group of people who just make unnecessary demands. Look at just the way the Oscar Pistorius case went. It was just a few adjustments. Our judges adjourn cases forever apparently after receiving bribes. Simple cases take ages to complete and the next thing you hear is that they are on strike demanding V8 cars. Very stupid people. They start hearing cases as late as 11 am and 4 pm. They are very arrogant. That culture has to change. We don’t have cases that are complicated and after all they use precedents. There is another court… Read more »

All the best Anthony, but there’s a lot to be desired in our modern courts. What is driving our modern courts is not profession ethics but other considerations . It appears the judiciary is cought with gatemyratis. I hope you will maintain your integrity otherwise some of the decisions from the courts are responsible for woes of this country. Election cases for example! Since 1999 the legitimacy to govern has come from courts and not the electorates….This must change.


A few months ago APM discredited this very dude bcoz of where he comes for being in a certain of commission of inquiry The same person without undergoing any further training is chosen to be a judge by OUR OWN APM at the supreme court. Is APM serious with what he say or does? I think he some help.


Am proud to be a Kamanga today. Your hard work has paid off.

Lucia Kandulu

Congratulations Mr Kamanga you deserve this, may you be granted wisdom from above to judge just like king Solomon.

Black hearted people

Poti ndi ntumbuka, kukamwa nyindu nyindu kusekelera. When the next appointed person is not from Nyika, mutinyanse with your hatred of southeners. Anthu akuda ndi ntima omwe inu


Iwe black hearted people ndiwe mbuzi!!! Dont use ur ass when thinking!!! Its u southerners who have pathological hatred towards notherners!!! Iwe mbuzi let me tell u this kamanga did not apply for this wamusankha yekha bwampini wanuyo!!!! Ya musatinyase ndi kabona kanu minority ka kakubanso for that matter!!!! Ya ukutumbwa apa koma umphawi wako uli tho!!!!stupid man! Idiot!


You people you are brothers northerners or southerners you are brothers
Politicians come and go we will remain Malawians.A very small percentage can read and write the country is not behind this line of thinking. As for some of one parent is from up north one mchawa from Blantyre the only place I love to spend the night rest of my life is LL so mukutitopesa tsankho lanulo. Andale ndi alendo apita awa. Lets build our country. ONE Malawi ONE nation.




Yaaaaaa! Much better material than…… some ‘club members’

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