Malawi MPs paid full while on part-time, queries NICE

National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Executive Director, Ollen Mwalubunju, has questioned why Malawian parliamentarians are being given a full-time salary when they work as part-timers.

Malawi MPs 'do not work full time'

Malawi MPs ‘do not work full time’

Mwalunju made the comment in his weekly newspaper column, ‘Democracy Forum’, published by The Nation newspaper .

In his entry for this week which he titled “MPs must be paid for their correct job description” Mwalubunju was commenting the debate on whether MPs deserve pay rise when the country is facing financial difficulties.

“Fairness in the remuneration of MPs must also be looked at in terms of the actual work that our MPs do in comparison to other public service workers. A nurse, for example, works for five days a week and at least 8 hours a day. How does that compare to our MPs?” Mwalubunju wrote.

He added: “It appears that our esteemed representatives are paid a salary for “a full time job” when they are not at work the same amount of time as an average worker.”

The NICE boss said because Malawian MPs do not work full time, it is possible for them to have second jobs or do consultancies earning even more income, a privilege other public service workers do not have.

“As Malawians we must decide, whether to have our MPs as part-timers (with no or minimal pay) or as full time employees remunerated properly, he said.

According to him, if MPs are going to be regarded as full-timers, they must work for us on a full-time basis, and not be allowed to divide their time between parliamentary work and other jobs.

“Otherwise, doing other jobs, and earning extra income while being paid a full time job salary is tantamount to moonlighting,” he added.

Mwalubunju said he is of the view that MPs must not be the ones deciding whether their own pay should be increased.

“What we need is a body independent of parliament to look into the work that our MPs do and accordingly determine how that work should be translated into pay.

“ For reasons of fairness, the same body should perhaps do similar work complete with recommendations for all other public servants,” Mwalubunju suggested.

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If pipo stop worrying MP’s for fee’s, coffins, njala, transports, paper Sundays just to mention a few then wat they were earning is fine, other wise they av a life 2, owe was nice tell us how much u earn n just waiting for elections to work, u shud b the one on partime


Very true they r robing people


musova opposition is strong


Which constituency do they travel to and doing what with who?really?paid for being elected.This is nutritious food for thought,fellow country this debate needs enough time and resources than the ethinic,divisive and unenterprising federalism debate which is heading for an early grave.If Malawi is to move from the present pangs of abject poverty to a a milkhoney prosperty,then,all sectors needs overhaul and restructuring-equal pay for equal work.

chakwera kabwira
In UK and South Africa, MPS go to Parliament daily (Mondays-Fridays) and Fridays evening all parade to their respective constituencies to interact with people on Saturdays and Sundays and then back to parliament on Mondays. They are paid for working in their offices at the Parliament building. The design of our parliament has 193 offices in tact. But what do we see? They are busy going abroad kokalalikira (Chakwera and his concubines) and some kogulitsa kaunjika and ordering Dubai cars. They should only be paid when they clock in at parliament gate. Otherwise, they dont deserve any pay. A most… Read more »
mwewo woyiba

nice boss you have spoken words of wisdom. these mps once elected into power, they. become thieves (akawalala), let us stop them by reworking our constitution,


Much as I agree with the facts highlighted by Owen, I feel the problem is not with the particular MPs per say.
Problems are with our system and constitution. Really needs to change.
This change has to be implemented now but should be effected in the next tenure for fear of hitting a snug.


This is an interesting subject otherwise I would propose that respective arms of government should not decided their own perks but a body comprising proffessionals like economists and accountants who should first of all examine all the financial status and see how much can be paid depending on workload and other consideration like economic status.


Ndiye titani a malawi


True true true. Malawians lets open our eyes. These so called mps are not supposed to get full salaries. What do they do? Teachers in rural areas getting k40,000, and wina ali phee kunyumba waiting 4 parliament sitting getting k1m, realy unfair.

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