APM delegates Malawi VP Chilima to Tanzania inauguration of new President: Magufuli

Malawian Vice President Saulos Chilima will travel to Dar-Es-Salaam to attend President-elect John Pombe Magufuli’s inauguration on Wednesday in the Tanzanian capital.

Cordial: President Mutharika and vice president Chiima

Cordial: President Mutharika and vice president Chiima

President-elect John Pombe Magufuli

President-elect John Pombe Magufuli

Magufuli, a former chemistry teacher who celebrated his 56th birthday on Thursday as results were announced, ran on an anti-corruption platform, and secured a convincing victory over his closest rival, ex-prime minister Edward Lowassa, who won 40 per cent.

Chilima is also expected to deliver to the new Tanzanian leader a message from Prof Peter Mutharika, President  of the Republic of Malawi.

“The Vice President has been delegated by His Excellency President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika the swearing in ceremony at Uhuru Stadium in Dar-Es-Salaam on Thursday 5th November, 2015,” said press officer for the vice president, Pilirani Phiri in a media statement.

A large number of African and Western leaders are expected to attend the ceremony.

Phiri said Chilima will return same Thursday soon after the inauguration.

National Electoral Commission announced that Magufuli had won Sunday’s presidential elections with over 58 per cent of votes, cementing the long-running Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party’s decades-long grip on power.

His running mate Samia Suluhu Hassan, from the semi-autonomous Zanzibar archipelago, becomes Tanzania’s first ever female vice-president.

CCM or Revolutionary Party has been ruling Tanzania since 1961.

But the opposition claimed the vote was rigged and also claimed victory.

Magufuli succeeds outgoing Jakaya Kikwete who has served for two terms.

Kikwete, who said he would go to his home village of Msogo, dismissed a question as to whether he would miss the trappings of office.

“Why should I be sad? You see I’m so happy, I played my part,” AFP report quotes Kikwete, who said Magufuli was the “right person” for the job.

“I was given the opportunity, and for 10 years I worked to the best of my ability to build our nation,” he added.

“Time has now come for me to leave the country peacefully to the next leader.”

Kikwete’s standing down comes amid a wider controversy in Africa over efforts by leaders to change constitutions in a bid to stay in office.

Tanzania has a smooth transition. It was also peaceful when succeeded Benjamin Mkapa.

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41 thoughts on “APM delegates Malawi VP Chilima to Tanzania inauguration of new President: Magufuli”

  1. First Chilima will go and come back the same day. Good but if he was going to be a night /nights the allawance is too small and is not in dollars.
    Second APM saw it was cheap for him he does not want
    Shillings but dollars to put into his American bank. He sends his av favourities far so that they can get allowances. But Chilima is more intelligent that those dead brain cells he sends.
    Third I am sure he let Chilima go because people questioned whn he did not send VP to Indian. He has his advisors who makes mistakes. Dont forget his decisions are made by others. As old as he is he can not know who is saying good. And also because he has not stayed with Malawians, he does not know how manupulative they are when they want KUNJELAPO that is what they call it.

  2. Chisomo says:


  3. Angoni apaphata says:

    A saulosi. Military nazo nzeru. Mukatengera uchitsiru wa mutharika mugwa nazo.

  4. joelmoses says:

    will Nyasatimes please address the VP accordingly as Dr?

  5. Wamkaka says:

    I for one don’t think this article is news worth. this is normal for the president to delegate his deputy, or is it from the background that the president rarely delegates to him???

  6. SONG says:

    He was supposed to go to India and not Tanzania. Shame to you DPP

  7. Eye Witness says:

    Palibe trip apa…going on Thursday and coming back the same day???? And angopita kukangokhala pa nsonkhanopo basi..koma ma trip oti azikapempha Ndalama amapititsa alomwe okhaokha kuti ma deal akabwera azidzapanga okhanso.

  8. cimanga mfiti says:

    koma nde sizathuzi ,mpaka kulumbila nduusiku, mabuluku mmanja olila ndi olila, kulilila ufumu wa pasi pano. kaziko kocepa conci koma zipani 1o. aneneri onyenga, zipwadza zoncokera ku amaleka. koma kuti awa sakangowayawaya awa ku southend????????????
    ku educationa anangobwerako lelo kulilila mpando angoti napita kusogolo nabwerera , nanzikambe.
    sopano mmati ife a mw ndi fwefwefwe, kunyoza omwe munawabera ma voti? pali ca nzeru a[pa ? kunyoza wammwambayo.
    muzsazafe yowawa adha

  9. Quoted from Obama American President who said” If he wishes, can run for a Third Term and have Land slide Victory. But the Law does not allow.
    Hear from Kikwete, I have ruled for two terms and see work of my hands.
    Now am going home to rest.
    Mpaka kumagwa pansi.
    English Leadership seen, Ayi.??

  10. cadet 1 says:

    Peter ndiwombwambwana

  11. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Aona kuti kulibe ndalama za allowance, mkupititsa VP. Kukhala kwinako ndi alomwe akatolele ndalama za mlakho.

  12. Bola pamenepo osati ku maliro ndi zochitika za mpingo zokha.

  13. nkhangazaona says:

    Nalero nalero x 3 nkhanga zaona nalero

  14. Masharubu says:

    Kikiki . APM ndi mzake Ben Phiri amenewo. Ali “Pa TZ ndi pafupi apa. Musiyeni apite Saulosi. Akhonza kupita wa pansi olo kukwera matola ndi ma dalaivala a Be Forward akamabwerela”, Tikukuonanitu.

  15. chipie says:

    58%. Sizathuzi ai 36%. 2019 mudzayetse kubera ni 60% and above. Paja ndinu madolo pazimezi. Takhala nanu, takula nanu.

  16. Mbuya says:

    So u mean Walter doesnt hv wisdom?

  17. one party for 55 yrs! wonderful no wonder they are developed. can DPP go as long as that? kaya!,,kkk coz when Atupere takes over from Muthalika by 2024 & if happens he wins, he will dump it and go back to UDF kkk tit 4 tat kkk

  18. Unango says:

    This is normal Mr President…when you are tied up with other pressing issues. You delegate to the deputy…lets get it straight…if you do otherwise thats why it is news now….lets do well from now going forward. Mr President,

  19. Pat says:

    Malawians! Always looking at the negative side of things, can we really develop with this mentality? Mmmmmmm I doubt

  20. Sizofikira kumakamba zanyanja yathu apa. Uyu ndiye timulodza

  21. chinguwo wa chinguwo says:

    iwe Yobe (No 4) zampira zilibe limit,wa server 2 good terms musiyeni azipita kikwete. zikanakhala kuti zilibe limit akanalolela kuchoka kikweteyo?

  22. KARU UNITED says:

    Mr President, that’s the way things should be, not always to be seen as someone is being sidelined. This is a good start for the VP, i hope next time you will be kind enough to delegate him to SADC, AU & UNGA in that order,forums attended by heads of state. I hope you still recall how your elder brother tirelessly worked to expose you, “nanga ife tinkakudziwani?” Basi mwezi uno mupuma, sitikunenani!

  23. benjnes says:


  24. Mika Kumbire says:

    Eeeeish! Koma a Malawi ndiye mumatopetsatu? Kaya mumafuna chiani kaya. President apite ku UN mwati akuenda enda. Asapite ku India muli wakhaliranji anzake onse apita? Atumize nduna mukuti bwanji osatumiza VP. Pano watumiza VP mukuti bwanji sanapite? Akatsala kumvera zimene mukunena mukuti ayi akuopa zanyanja. Chakwera agule ma galimoto anyuwani mukuti ayi aziyenda pansi. Galimoto ikamufera panjira mukuti Malawi umphawi too much. Kodi inu muyang’ana nyumba yothonya mtauni chifukwa makolo anu akubvutika kumudzi? Mumagona ndi njala mtauni chifukwa choti achimwene anu akubvala nsanza? Mukufuna Msowoya azikwera galimoto sakufa kuti inu nomwe muzimunena kuti watha eti? Please tamaonaniko zabwino nthawi zina. Nchifukwa chake amayi anangoganiza zokunamizani chifukwa inu a Malawi ndinu anthu obvuto zedi. Kuti amayendera za ma wellwishers.

  25. Tivine says:

    Why now? There must be something wrong with peter. The VP is above the Minister of foreign affairs, but the Chaponda who is the minister of foreign affairs, is being treated like the VP.

  26. Kavuluvulu says:

    At long last !A Chilima nawoso ayendapo.

  27. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    This is pitiful, Chaponda is delegated to all inter-continental trips. The VP goes to Tanzania really? What kind of stupidity is this?

    1. Wakukaya says:

      And Zambia! kkkkk

  28. Mzee says:

    Mr yobe kikwete had to go because the constitution says two (2) terms only. FAM constitution just like that of FIFA and that of does not have term limits. Those wishing to replace Walter must have a strategy that borders on issues not insults. Can Mijiga unseat Walter? The answer is no because he has no strategy other than writing childish articles in the papers.

  29. Malita says:

    Please be consistent! He will be back the same Thursday, I thought you said he will go on Wednesday, so same Thursday is coming from where?

  30. Chechumu says:

    If it was America, akanapita.

  31. dadaboma says:

    Chilima must also give message of solidarity between Malawi and TZ, assure John Pombe Magufuli that half of northern Lake Malawi/Nyasa is unquestionably TZ’s, and apologize for APM’s previous misguided outbursts over the lake.

    1. Wakukaya says:

      Not only half of northern Lake Malawi/Nyasa but Northern region as a whole.
      May be us Tumbukas may feel important and worthy while being Tanzanians or Zambians.

  32. SONG says:

    Achilima osakana bwa. Ndizoona kupita kolumbilitsa m’malo moti mukanapita ku India as technocrat wosati mbuzi ngati chaponda sadziwa kanthubi munthu woti sangabweretse ma invester ku Malawi. Wakhala nthawi yayitali bwanji pa unduna wa Foreign affairs ndipo wabweretsako ma investors angati ku Malawi. Zazii alhomwe mbava inu. Mpatseni Mphavu Chilima akuthandizeni osati kumamupititsa ku kumaswearing in ceremony for what? Rubbish DPP.

  33. air walker says:

    bravo! you’ve been given a trip

  34. yobe says:

    WALTER NYAMILANDA aka outgoing FAM president-HEAR THE WORDS OF KIKWETE “I HAVE SERVED MYCOUNTRY TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY AND IT’S TIME FOR ME TO GO” what a word !only spoken by those who have wisdom.

  35. John says:

    Sapita chifukwa sakwera chartered jet?

  36. Patrick Jemitala says:

    President Peter Mutharika of Angola?

  37. Njolinjo says:

    Is it because people talked about the India trip where you sent your dunderheads? Mwinaso mukuwopa nkhani ya nyanja kuti akakukuwizani malinga ndi Mau munanena aja?

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