APM engages faith community on development: Meets Malawi Council of Churches

Malawi can fully develop only if the citizenry embrace the doctrine of hope and faith in their daily endeavours, says President Peter Mutharika.

President Mutharika with faith leaders

President Mutharika with faith leaders

Faith leaders at Kamuzu Palace during talks with President Mutharika

Faith leaders at Kamuzu Palace during talks with President Mutharika

He made the remarks on Thursday at Kamuzu Palace when he hosted officials from Malawi Council of Churches who paid him a courtesy call.

The President commended the faith grouping for visiting him., saying though he is Head of State, he is human and needs spiritual guidance time and again.

“The mutual support that exists between Church and government in this country is very encouraging because we share a common cause of serving God’s people. Every day, everywhere, the Church is feeding the hungry, healing the sick, sheltering the homeless, educating our children, and fortifying the faith that sustains so many,” he said.

He added, “The church keeps reminding us our duty for humankind to inspire our friends while serving them with compassion and appreciation for the marginalized, the outcast and the suffering”

Mutharika emphasized the need for the church to preach love among Malawians not sowing seeds of hate as is the case with some individuals within the faith community.

“I believe we cannot build a nation with hate but with love for one another, and love for this country. In this country, there are those who believe in fuelling a campaign of hate against the President in order to undermine an elected government. I urge you to take it as your mission to remind us of the costs of planting seeds of disunity,” he said.

The Malawi leader asked the church to use the doctrine of faith to challenge and provoke Malawians of their capabilities in developing the nation through hard work and persistence.

Malawi Council of Churches is an umbrella organization for close to 25 Christian churches and some 20 para-church organizations in Malawi.

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26 thoughts on “APM engages faith community on development: Meets Malawi Council of Churches”

  1. George Kamanga says:

    All those who went there are blinded by the bloody cash which APM stole plus the one his late brother bingu stole.

    You false prophets just leave the church and be as raven which Noah sent to bring a report if the water had calmed down but it never returned because dead carcasses filled its intestines and it couldn’t reason again normally because of the dead things.

    This is the same with all false prophets in Malawi who clap hands to APM a cruel and heartless man. The collar you put on is not s sign that you are God’s Servants. What God assigned you to accomplish you are off-,track because you are evil false prophets. The Light and Hand of God is no longer with you. Woe to you all for you will perish as those false prophets during the days of evil kings in Israel. Am feeling sorry only for your children because you are using bloody cash to take care of them.

    The dirt things you get from evil leaders will never satisfies you. The more you will be completely bankrupt.

  2. APM pa matchalichi pokhapo ndiye mwayionera patali mita, pokhapa ukuitha. Udzipempha nzeru ndi malangizo kwa iwo. A christu awo amawakonda, amawakhulupirira ndipo amawamvera. Chitani nayoni maka mipingo ikulu ikuluyi katolika, Aglican, islam, ndi CCAP. Malamulo nkhumi a Mulungu ndiye maziko ndi mnsanamira zao mukadzangolola kuswapo limodzi maka za u gay ndi lezibian ulimmadzi. Mukayambanso zomapita kwa ma prophet ngati Bushire chanu palibiretu a president ku Malawiko ichi ndiye ndichithu chimeme mungagweretu nacho. Mulungu patsogolo ife ndinu pa mbuyo. Mwaionera patali mita.

  3. Zanga Phee! says:

    We have lasterfarism Islam Hindus Buda, apostles, i don’t see them here are you organizing the other faith gathering soon any way.Please we are sick and tired of such politics,again you the so called why you don’t confirm with other faith community weather they are invited or not,i think problem is allowance syndrome but it will take up to where such a piece of cake please think of someone who is using mangoes cooked ones as supper but he/she voted for these gurus.We need better Malawi with common goals not like these ones greedy without mercy.

  4. dpp kanundu says:

    Faith leaders? Maulana? Mapwevupwevu ndiye cholowa chawo amenewo. I have no respect for this man. Sorry CCAP folks. This pastor kwake nkudzithandiza yekha osati kuthandiza anthu kuti apite ku moyo osatha. Akayambe wadziyanjanitsa m’busa mzake Chimesya.

  5. becks says:

    APM must solve the real problems facing Malawi. Appealing to religious leaders is like smoking chamba thinking things will upon puffing.

  6. Omex70 says:

    I have no respect for the church leaders who were meeting the president. These are the same leaders who were bought by Peter many years ago. Maulana was sponsored by DPP to win as General Secretary for Blantyre Synod. It is very surprising that when there is national day of prayer in Malawi, these are the faces that monopolize the service. When there a meeting between president and religious leaders, you will see these very same faces. I am one of the religious leaders in Malawi but I am not happy with these power and money hungry fellows.

  7. BRAJOE says:

    Apm ndiwe wosalira pama president onse pa dziko la pansi. Sukubangula ngati president. Iweyo peter ukanakhala phunzitsi wapa community day secondary school.iweyo sukolora kwambiri ngati ndizimene umafuna mani.

  8. Bob says:

    The dude is trying to gain support from each and jim and jack

  9. Jamison Lungu says:

    Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. That’s what the President should be meeting for advise on the economy.

  10. blessing lipengs says:

    Next time visit Peter with the prophets to tell him that he has less than 2yrs in office. Christian Council of malawi is a dead organization. you went there without a clear message or did you just dream and find yourself at state house for photo opportunities. I am totally unable to get any substance in your purpose to visit Muntharika. all you went to thank him for not going to India .

  11. Stampycious says:

    Agalatiya mwataya chilungamo, mukufuma akugawireni zammanja achotse pajapa pa K577 billion paja, mutembereredwa nazotu

  12. malawi view says:

    kukhala wotsutsa boma lolamula ndichiphinjo eti? kkkk.coz otsutsanu mukamalemba makomenti anu eeee! ngati simunadye kwa 3 days tu! kkkk. azanu ma election akangotha basi timakhala waboma.kuzindikira ndikumeneko,coz prezident wawinayo amakhalano wadziko… kk ungamve! tangoganizani sapota wa aford, petra ngakhale iweyo wa ….eeee iweyo kumene muzafa omvetsa chisoni kkk pewani sanje kuti mwina muzasangalale mu paradizo. maloto a chumba.

  13. Yeah says:

    Komadi Mulungu aliko. No matter how hard the devil tries his worst, God has His best for Malawi. Waiting for CSOs, and MCP plus its man of God to make comments!

  14. Professor Linton Pamberiii says:

    Do you kno meaning of yourself Pitara? You are number one person sowing seeds of hate thru your tribalism, regionalism and nepotism agenda. F…..k. Usatisokose mxiiii

  15. The Most Concerned says:

    Indeed we need God’s intervention in Malawi. Bravo Malawi Council of Churches.

  16. kk says:

    Ahhhhhh! I cant beleive this nonsense, is he trying to blindfold us? sowing seeds of love while you’re busy d hatting the people and pushing down the eople of norh? Rubbosh peter you want the northerners to clap his in everything you say inorder to give them development, shit. these councils are also corrupt.

  17. The Analyst says:

    A word or two for the President . . .

    How do you say (as presented in the 3rd paragraph) that although you are a head of state, you are also human and therefore needs spiritual guidance? Implicitly implying that somebody has or u have ever doubted that you are human coz you are now a head of state? Trust me, that somebody is nobody but you! Just you! nobody has ever doubted that you are human. You were born of a woman, you eat for energy for living and someday your eye lids shall forever hug each other.

    This is the problem with many African leaders. They carry themselves as demigods once elected into office and start casting shadows of doubt of their being human. Their associates make it even worse, they confidently say, “the president has the right e.g to get angry because he is also human.” As if somebody has ever doubted that they are human!

    And (as presented in the 7th paragraph) you seem to imply that people are fueling a campaign against you when they ask you to correct some things that seem to go wrong!

    I can assure you that nobody is! If a father and a son are asleep in their home and the house catches fire which the son happens to see while the father sleeps still and wakes up the father mwadzidzidzi, do you wake up and shout at the son for waking you up unceremoniously? Noooooo! You wake up and put out the fire and thank the son for waking you up. These people are only helping you see what your advisors are not telling you so that you can do something about it.

    Truth be told: people are suffering in this country of ours. Forget the Area 47s, 43s, Nyambadwe, Namiwawa, Katoto but listen to the voices coming from the slums of Ndirande, Bangwe, Mchesi, Mchengautuwa e.t.c, you will hear sad songs of untold poverty. Poverty that can be touched, smelled, heard, seen and tasted.

    There are people in this country so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

    Not to imply that you are the cause of their suffering but you seem to do nothing about it when you preach austerity without living it, among many things. Even a man on ARVs who happens to die will blame a doctor if the doctor does nothing. If the doctor could only give the man a bottle of water, he would die grateful even without drinking it for lack of energy. But what little thing have you so far done for the poor.

    If you cant do anything at least say something that can inspire the people. Chilima is also not helping you. The guy literally does nothing but tends to his beards and move around town in his convoy.

  18. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    Have we not seen this movie before? Think about the tirade the big brother gave the Malawi nation, the Clergy and prayers and CSO marches. Did the big brother strike a tone of recocilliation and ended up with showering more tirades. Is this not a repeat perfomance.

  19. Achimidzimidzi says:

    You pastors, fathers and bishops tell me the real agenda for visiting the president not what you are saying here.

    If this was all that you said then you are equally stupid.

  20. mtate mike rsa says:

    Zipumibiii waiting to be saved with the stolen money from the stolen leadership never to be trusted again,tell him repetance verses for killing Jauju and chasowa and many unnoticed death.EEESH!! THE CLERGY

  21. drzeus says:

    All these Religious leaders r hand clappers as most of them r in various boards. They cannot object to anything the President says!

  22. mtate mike rsa says:

    The last days indeed nowonder 577billion at work try to destroy all corners very soon the CSO are the nxt,but that money will be accounted for,its for te taxpayers for silencing critics,nomater wat, the stolen leadership will face the strongst
    Wrath of the almighty within 2-3years just wait and see.

  23. Joe says:

    Indeed FAITH is a substance of things hoped for. Wise words Mr President of encouragement to we Malawians. Christianity brings peace and hope. I should encourage the hard working spirit of Malawians and the fear of God as it is the beginning of knowledge.

  24. Nkhosa says:

    Nanu mwachitakonso a small mapwevupwevu. Kuiwonela patali game kuti yaphweka – Arsenal pakwawo

  25. Clement says:

    That’s very commendable meeting even our neighbours Zambia’s churches did the same last Sunday. Lets put love first by engaging with the govt in good manner not like these so called CSOs are doing. The president can pay attention if we keep on doing like this. Thanks our church leaders for good example hope CSos can take a leaf if indeed they are sons and daughters of God.

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