Bullets need  to raise K30 million for CAF opening game

Big Bullets football club needs at least K30 Million to fulfill its opening CAF 1st leg preliminary round match against Fomboni Club De Moheil from the Comoros Island, club officials have confirmed.

Fote-  We will raise the money

Fote- We will raise the money

According to the quotation the club has acquired from its travel agent, each individual will require K800, 000.00.

Bullets  will travel with a delegation of thirty people which already translate to K24, 000,000.00.

The rest of the money will carter other expenses including players allowances.

Bullets general secretary Harold Fote said they will engage in a fundraising drive and expressed confidence that the money will be found.

“We believe in two months we will be able to raise the needed money. We however call upon all well wishers to come forward and assist us,” he said.

“We are knocking on several doors and we will keep on knocking,” he added.

Recently, Bullets Chairman Kondi Msungama told the media that the club will organize a couple event including dinner and dance, live music performance among other things to raise funds for Caf tournament.

Bullets will play its first Caf game against Fomboni Club De Moheil on 13th January.

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47 thoughts on “Bullets need  to raise K30 million for CAF opening game”

  1. Mac donald Mvula says:

    AMalawi nsanje ndi masewera a mpira imwe chonde tiyeni tisinthe. Tiyeni tiiwale za kusagwirizana kwathu tikweze
    flag yathu ndi kutsatsa ma player anthu Ku mateam akuluakulu.
    yathu ysthu

  2. SAPITWA says:


  3. vuyo says:

    mwachepa nazo

  4. Nzeru za mtsogoleri wa standard 8 pa KAWALE GAVA eeeish !

  5. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:


  6. o says:

    Just rob FMB bank!

  7. bobo says:

    kulankhula ndikophweka koma ukwanilitsa, lwt us wait and see.

  8. ZAMADENGA says:

    Wishin’ you all the best maulle

  9. Thubu Mgoloso says:

    Sensitize supporters to make contributions through Big Bullets bank account.

  10. wg says:

    Worry not NAC will provide

  11. Mhesha says:

    Bullets supporters don’t support the team adequately. They are just too many but can’t even raise funds for their team. Instead they’re better at juthyola khobwe depriving the team of its money.Change of mind set is needed.

  12. Richard chabvuta says:

    Ndizotheka basi

  13. walalawalala says:

    maule mwaziyamba dala, 30 million for just one game eesh with this hard economic conditions, ife tungopenya

  14. Go. Maule go, make history for Malawi.


    That money can be raised without any problem because bullets have a large following but the only handle is that officials will symphone the money in the pretext that they are taking back what they loaned the team. Bullets could have been equal to Arsenal had it not been for these thieves. On another note I would ask Sulom to introduce team Colour tickets to see which team has the largest following and patronage and pay them dividends according to tickets sold for respective teams.

  16. Matey U .Mopiya says:

    Neba failing to prepare is preparing to fail ,where are you going to get 30 million in 2 months ?begging bowl for how long ?so if you proceed to the next round another begging bowl thats not been professional ,BB you are not prepared for CAF just pray that you want advance to the next round to save you from embarrassment.But why did FAM allow such kind of mediocrity .

  17. Momo sam says:

    Mwayambapotu kupemphapempha.

  18. white tsgulah says:

    Football association of Malawi try to do your best please.

  19. Maule zabwino zonse more fire says:

    Maule more fire

  20. Abdul says:

    Stop being jealous.Bullets is representing the whole of Malawi,whether U support Nomas,Lions etc lets just support them cos if they do well our national team will follow suit.Lets copy other countries like South african which has two teams @ CAF…….4ever Bullets!

  21. babylon says:

    Very ambitious plans, indeed.Very doubtiful if the return match will rake in MK30m or more at Kamuzu Stadium.

  22. Naaaah says:

    Why are some of Malawians pessmistic about BB.

  23. AAA!! Ukaziputa limba. Poti wokwata kwa mphezi saopa ung’anima.Tathamangani tione.

  24. Kamchitete says:

    You will have my full support after winning the first two games

  25. golo says:

    K30 million is nothing if there is commitment.

  26. padoko says:

    No sweat!!!! Go konko ku NAC monga Gertrude Munthalika. Ndizotheka

  27. Mark chikweni says:

    Uitha neba!uzingopempha mpaka when?

  28. pitipiti says:

    live within the limit / Live as you earn nt spending beyond & earnig as live BB its nt tym mark my words

  29. Bullets officials are at liberty to think big but they have to build a strong financial base before joining CAF otherwise they might regret their decision.

  30. Mosewalelo says:

    I can donate 30million if you want contact me.

  31. franzil says:

    maule woyee!!Neba nsanje!!

  32. Chikopa says:

    Mukasegule account ine ndizipeleka k1000 trip iliyonse ya kunja sitingayisiye team yathu yokha ndipo bullets ndiyolemela ko phyaaa

  33. Chief Zion says:

    Am pleading to z executive to speed up with z activities aimed at raising funds for z team, we have kam from very far and I hop it wil work positively, long live Bullets

  34. Okay don’t worry abt money soon very soon u r going to get something.all the best people’s team

  35. BLK says:

    But what is the total budget for participating in the tournament. A fund raising strategy would go well if the total budget estimate was known, based on which the team would be soliciting funds

  36. Airyel 150mita,chair 50mita,jusabu 50pn kuku matches 100mita….sizinatheke?

  37. kakaa says:

    Team ngakhale oithandiza ilibe kuyamba zinthu zoti simukwanitsa bwanji?Nde mukapitilila round ina njila yake ikhala yomweyo?

  38. Nyamayaphwisa says:

    Poor planning you could have counted the cost first before joining the tournament. Now you want to mock the nation if you will fail wake up man.

  39. ujeni says:

    Simply amatuer mentality. No way is a football club in this day and age be run like Ndirande Anglican Voices.

  40. Thomas G. Chiona says:

    We will support you BB go go osaopa ndizokamba za anthu osafunila anzao za booo

  41. matchonisa says:

    nebe waziyambira dala. Limba nazo.

  42. Israel Difense Force says:

    Sounds weird to me, how can a team that has been struggling financially for more than 10+ years apply to join a competition that requires a team to have sound and stable financial backing. Uwu otchedwa Msungama has to stop acting out of emotions.

    1. Baba says:

      You bloody yahoody jew bastard

  43. Jentle says:

    Neba umaitha tathamanga ndi mbaleyo uyipata 30 mitayo. All the best.

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