Bushiri gives prophesy on Zambia elections

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, one of the Malawi’s renowned self-acclaimed prophets, last Sunday warned Zambians to pray for their nation as he claimed to have seen violence erupting in the country over election disagreements.

Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Bushiri

Zambians will go to the polls on January 20 following the sudden death of their President Michael ‘King Cobra’ Sata in October.

According to Lusaka Voice, Bushiri further told his followers that he saw a man wearing a hat being sworn in as Zambia’s president.

“Am seeing a man name L being sworn in as President. This man is so much loved by Zambians and he is destined to win. If he fails, he will fail because of himself,” Bushiri is quoted as saying.

He then warned that things will go bad if the man in question will “not humble himself and work with the white person”.

According to the Zambia’s leading online publication, a candidate with ‘L’ in his name is Edgar Lungu of Patriotic Front (PF).

In his prophecy, Bushiri explained that if Lungu fails to humble himself and join hands with the white man, victory will go to Hakainde Hichilema, president for United Party for National Development (UPND).

“Mark my words, if the person with name ‘L’ fails to join hands with the white person, then victory will be for a person with letters HH,” claimed Bushiri.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) announced that it will not use the electronic transmission of results from polling station in the coming presidential by-elections.

The Commission’s chairperson Irene Mambilima said results from polling stations will be physically delivered to the 150 constituency centres by the presiding officers of the polling stations then later transmitted electronically to the commission headquarters and the national tally centre at Mulungushi international conference centre.

Mambilima said the Commission is ready to conduct and deliver a successful presidential by elections come 20th January, 2015.

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91 thoughts on “Bushiri gives prophesy on Zambia elections”

  1. innocent says:

    bushiri,akukayikira kuti mwina HH or L.ndimaloto chabe prophecy ndimayiziwa ine.

  2. Olirah says:

    Let’s leave everything in the hands of the creator who created contestants to give us the genuine outcome of the polls.

  3. son of major says:

    Koma nonse amene simukukhulupila kuti He is a man of GOD. Nonse mubwela ku church kwa2 kudzapepesa ! I was right there in the church when this was going on. #team #major1

    1. Thitherward Wendo says:

      Sadly, those who have eyes to see also need brains to understand. It your eyes are connected to an illogical brain, you will be unable to interpret the so-called evidence of your eyes. In other words, you are your own unreliable witness.

  4. Mtumbuka wakuphalombe says:

    tizaonerana bola moyo!!!!!!!!

  5. uyuni says:

    Why use the word “if” in the prophesy? pliz differenciate between prophesy and prediction. this is is not prophesy. chonde a Bushiri musasokoneneze anthu

  6. Kanyalufefe(hunter) says:

    -Chronicles 20verse 20
    zimvere mtolo, believe it or not only GOD will judge
    -Galatians 5verse 6 believe it or not Only God will judge

  7. Wangwiro (Zambia) says:

    Zambians beware of false prophets, the likes of Bushiri whose livelihood depends on conning the gullible. You know your politicians. Be your own judge. It is your right. It is your choice. It is your vote. It should benefit you and NOT Bush Iri!

  8. Chimzyp.... says:

    Mr Bushiri,komatu ambuye akuwona!!


    I feel sory for a member on 41. Much as we should respect other pples views I feel that you are one the pple benefiting from your so called prophet’ dirty works. Mudzimvere chisoni and mukapand kusintha mudzafa ifa yowawa ndikuwuzani! Ndichibwana mukuchitacho chomchombo lende and Mulungu wamakamu adzakukanthani!

  10. waldenses says:

    Do your business but do not bring the name of the Lord God to disrepute. prophesy of the word of God and not politics, or you have nothing to do right? you must be ashamed of yourself. God will start with those who bear his name, punish them and burn hell, or better still prophesy about your country.scofa

  11. Thitherward Wendo says:

    Almighty God speaks to the foolish as well to the wise. He speaks to the wicked as well as to the righteous. However, only the foolish listen to the wicked when they claim to speak for God.

    It is only because some fools are too lazy to read their Bibles and make the effort to understand them that we have people who give credence to charlatans like Bushiri.

    So now Almighty God is helping him to make tentative predictions about our neighbor’s election results! Before long he’ll be telling us that God told him which horse to bet his money on, and how to hedge his bets..

    Bushiri is either self-deluded or consciously dishonest – which means that we can expect him to proclaim, before too long, that Almighty God has commanded him to enter politics.

  12. Thuthula says:

    Away with your prophecy of baala. You have to be ashamed God will punish u more

  13. Mulopwana says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk wonama uyu,m’mprofeti uyu waboza

  14. wiza says:

    Sorry son. Am ashamed

  15. mwana mulopwana says:

    Prophets of Baal will always use the word IF, Our God is no a God of condition but God of reality,

  16. oooooho/ says:

    If? IF? IF? PROPHECY????

  17. If…blaaah…..blaaah.nonsense!Just say one thing .If you are a prophet you could prophesied that APM will rig elections and Malawians will be in deep shit.A prophesy was designed to alert so that people get prepared for what is to come.We don’t have prophets.Assholes!

  18. Jee Wamujega says:

    I did not know that Malawians also have disciples of TB JOshua. Prophet PF cadres are always violent in every form. We know from natural reason and good sense that PF thugs will riot when HH wins. THat is their nature. THere is no doubt that most well meaning Zambians cannot vote for an irresponsible person like Edgar Lungu – despises his own president, disregards his own party’s constitution. Do not just predict disaster, pray powerful that ZAmbia shall remain peaceful with your powerful prayers. Amen

  19. This is mere prediction like we all do when Pirates is playing against Chiefs
    Only Almighty God knows the future…..

  20. vuka says:

    zinazi nza

  21. TOLILOVOVO says:

    I believe prophecy predicts the final result not if !!!!! You are just using your intelligency of what is currently happening to predict the final result.

  22. madziakaphwa says:

    and you call that prophecy?????

    mbuzi za wanthu

  24. No Name says:

    Fig is right Bushiri is a predictor i don,t know why he being a called a Prophet by Nyasatimes?

  25. The brother says:

    prophecy timangolosera basi osati ma “if” pwirikiti shame abusa onama mudatinamiza kale za kwathu komkuno sitidayiwale mbuzi ya munthu iyi sha!!

  26. Daniel Chuwa says:

    That’s not a prophecy for me, if? If in a prophecy 4 me doesn’t exist

    1. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

      We need to exam each prophecy according to the word of God.From this I personally feel is incomplete since it is conditional and the prediction is also based on likely parties and figures so it is hard for me personally to align this with the holly scripture.God is the paramount Judge.

  27. Oluza ali m'boma says:

    If Mr so will not join hands with Mr so, then the chance will go to Mr so. Excuse me man God , with do respect and honour Sir, do we call this to be a prophesy?

  28. madunduza Namadundu says:

    Kunyoza atumiki a Mulungu si ushasha tinazionapo ife…

  29. kumbu says:

    Let’s wait n c to prove him ryt or wrong.

  30. alifoso says:

    this is not a prophesy but he is just analyzing here because we all know that Lungu is the string contender and Lungu curretly is bad blood with the care taker white person that will give oppotunity to other side. Now Mr prophet what ever happens here just give us one name that will carry the day simple if not u are very far to a prophet (what is the meaning of prophesy, if you know the meaning then it is very shameful to call this prophesy.

  31. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Go deeper man of devil in hallucinations!

  32. Kika Kanawe says:

    Please specific with your prophecy,Prophet Bushiri what should we draw from your prophecy?

  33. tambala says:

    This guy is crook why not making one prophecy too much ifs.He did the same with apm too much ifs.he is a chancer….

  34. Bushiri ndi mneneri wonyenga. He want to take advantage of th top contenders. No need of options mr prophet

  35. Lord of Nigga's says:

    This idyoti is not a prophet he is just a con-man like the rest of them

  36. Angozo says:

    A prophesy with several “if”s does not pass the test of a prophesy rather it is an imagination. Chilipanonchaine is right. Shame.

  37. Blessing says:

    Why not announcing who will be the winner straight forward and not this prophecy of probabilities? You want to be on a safer side ! Very clever and cunning .

  38. mubemba says:

    Mapolofeti abwanji ongoletsela zandale zokhazokha, hollyghost fire!

  39. jupiter says:

    Its a wonder now ,why these people are called prophets.Let’s find a proper title for this madness. Just think about it,along side malawi’s 2014 general elections,Bushiri was one of four major so called prophets .Among themselves shared four major candidates as their clients in the same predictory vomits stupidly praised as prophecies.All of them claimed;…. god is showing me this this ,god is telling me this,I see this and that.they created a mathematical topic which if was true we would have said that God failed to pay a solution properly. BUT lol GOD is so glory and must be clean from all these claims and madness of these people gone mad for their stomachs. “….self acclaimed …” sounds right but not so genuine. Let’s give them a suiting NAME!

  40. Mwanawasa says:

    Pure guess work from multiple choice answers!!\

  41. Fig says:

    Hahahahahahaha is this a prediction or prophecy?

  42. A COMMONER says:

    Every one knows L is Lungu and likes 2 wear the big hat, he is the favorite 4 the party. Stop lying. God wil surprise the Zambian Nation who wil b the president.

  43. edwin says:


  44. Dhilu says:

    ” I can see Malawi wearing an orange tie in May 2014” Bushiri. But PP lost

  45. Gift mumba says:

    Its time for force prophets to raise.

  46. Major son says:

    Those who are saying rubbish to Shepherd Bushiri you are just losing your time for nothing just shut up your mouth and remain silent if you don’t want to comment.

    If God is in control who are you to judge go deeper man of God and lets wait the prophecy

    1. Wezi says:

      You are not serious ! You are a fucking idiot if you believe he is a man of God and this coming from someone who doesnt believe there is a god

  47. Jabesi Nason says:

    We shall see!

  48. boma says:

    lupiah basi osati agalu

  49. let wait & c wht shall happen,,, come January 20

  50. Simeon says:

    Mm let govt military led.

  51. padoko says:

    There goes again Simon the magician. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! Beware mweo ba neba!!!

  52. Rodriguas Latata says:

    After reading newspapers and listening to people and radios then you come up with a ‘prophesy’. Mentioning the obvious, man. Where is salvation in this prophesy? Read history biblcal prophets, your eyes will be opened and you’ll know the truth. Read 1Kings 22: 1- 40.

  53. jbm says:

    mbavayo what type of prophecy that should read BUSHIRI GIVES HIS THOUGHTS ON UPCOMING ZAMBIA POOLS not prophecy.

  54. mwewo woyiba says:

    bodza bushiri mungoyesera kuti lungu akawina anthu azikanena kuti bushiri adachita prophesy kapena adalosela za mtsogolo. ài musakamvere katàmbwali. kuno ku Malawi kanalephera ka kawalala kachabechabe.

  55. moses selemani says:

    nothing to say.

  56. viktah says:

    Would that be a prophesy? Why the ifs? If this, if that, if those… A prophecy? Well, the breed of todays prophets, can’t just give us what’s to happen but leave us guessing.

  57. Antony mbulaje says:

    So funy.

  58. woza says:

    Wakuba uyu galu

  59. Inenso apa ndikuti ulosi uwu ndiwa trial & error chifukwa wapereka ma options. Kaya musova

  60. Sosten says:

    Hahaha! Bushiri umalosera utatota eti?

  61. Mabiri Jere says:


  62. clement says:

    Total lye kkk.To my side its time for UMD led by Rupia Banda to come back into the govt.

  63. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

    A prophecy of trial and error. Open your eyes Malawians!

  64. nafez says:

    Thas my major prophet

  65. NGUGI says:


  66. Makileni says:

    Bushirii ha ha ha ….not worthy story to be published

  67. Bushiri is a real angel of the devil. He will face judgement together with his followers. Why has he mentioned two candidates that everyone knows that there is already a stiff competition between them?. He would mention one person if he was a true prophet.

  68. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Bushiri chitsiru cha munthu

  69. padoko says:

    Only God knows.

  70. Jongwe says:

    Dont decieve people just concetrate on ur job

  71. alukosyo says:

    Aneneri onyenga

  72. Victor Chidyaonga says:

    You. Prophets….I don’t know

  73. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    No comment.

  74. Nyapapi says:

    Everybody knows that Edgar Lungu will win but he needs the support of Guy Scot in order to get his dirty fingers onto government coffers!

  75. Chifundo says:

    So, Mr. Prophet, what exactly have you seen. A man in a hat or what will make him fail. I see that God hasn’t shown you anything but you are making a prediction basing on the facts on the ground. Truly God could have shown you one thing, victory or defeat for the man in a hat. No its, no buts, no may bes. You don’t need to be a Prophet to make this prediction. Any political analyst can make this prediction.

  76. Azijo says:

    These men like Bushiri are opportunists they take chances. Its all wheels of fortune in Zulu they say wathatha ma chance. The last prophet was John the Baptist

  77. PJ says:

    Kodi suja amati JB awina ameneyu???

  78. it's obvious says:

    No need some prophet to prophecy on the obvious.

  79. Peter Phiri says:

    Is this not the same ‘prophet ‘ who released a video that he had predicted 2 elections in Malawi at the last general elections?

    1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

      Ine I quoted that video koma ena ake ochuluka nzeru anatsutsa as if that video doesn’t exist

  80. Normal Christian says:

    Even me who eonot have such visions can predict the same.

  81. aphiri says:

    He said this Lungu will win but if he doesn’t join hands with a white man he will lose and the guy with letters HH on his name will win. So where is the prophecy now? Just say this or this will win full stop

  82. Quota system says:

    Will be physically delivered ! Chances of manipulating the vote are high. Why not electronic?


    Bushiri don’t indulge yourself in the foreign elections results. Lungu is already popular and no doubt he will carry the day, no need for prophecies. If you saw his success in your dreams why use if? Aneneri onyenga inu. Akawina Lungu ndiye mudzakwere pachulu kuti ndinalodzera. Shut up zanu. Kadzingokakwerani atsikana ku synagogue kwanuko.

  84. Magagula says:

    Watch and wait till the day come

    1. You just wake up and claim; God has told me this God told me that. Zongolota basi!

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