Call for Malawi federalism should not be dismissed -MCP

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is encouraging the debate on issues of national importance such as federalism.

PAC 's Phiri: Debate of federalism resumes in April

PAC ‘s Phiri: Debate of federalism resumes in April

MCP through its president Lazarus Chakwera told reporters in Lilongwe on Thursday, that some sections of the society calls for the adoption of a system that would guarantee development as a right for all Malawians, not a reward for those who belong to the party in power.

Chakwera said the calls for the adoption of a federal system of government may not be the solution but said such calls should not be dismissed lightly, “for they are a symptom of a disease namely the politicization of development and resources.”

He said citizens should be left to debate federalism issue freely.

“Both the strength and survival of our democracy depend on our ability to debate such matters with civility and openness,” said Chakwera.

He asked the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to release a report of the consultations and debate it facilitated on the topic.

“We acknowledge the steps taken by Public Affairs Committee in initiating interaction, understanding and analysis of the matter. We also acknowledge that the President has said that Malawians should debate the issue.

“There is however an urgent need for a timeline or the structure that that debate should take. We expect that this issue will be addressed urgently, fully and with the objectivity and sensitivity it deserves,” said Chakwera.

According to PAC executive director Robert Phiri said the federalism debate would resume in April.

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51 thoughts on “Call for Malawi federalism should not be dismissed -MCP”

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    en Jérémie, à une époque où le gustation de Yahvé pour la majorité des herbes semble avoir décliné.

  2. CHIPENYERE says:

    Malawians!Let’s stop personal attacks and look objectively at issues of national interest.Malawi needs sensible and patriotic politicians who can take Malawi forward and not backward as have done the successors after Kamuzu.Malawi is currently in reverse gear.Don’t you see it people?Who will prosecute the 1.7, 92, 20 billion and the Cash/BEAM/Mulhakho gate cases when the current government is yet a beneficiary of this nusieating evil?Let’s push for justice.One day is one day.The truth shall prevail.

  3. When Dr Chakwera raises a certain issue dont blame him because he represents people and iweyo gambatula dont talk rubbish about Chakwera He is our next president. AMENEYU KAYA WINA AFUNE KAYA ASAFUNE KOMA DR CHAKWERA ADZALAMULA.

  4. CHIPENYERE says:

    We don’t have to go overseas to be schooled on federalism.Simply go to South Africa and learn how effective is a federal government as opposed to our unitary one.

  5. chefourpence says:

    a keen listener will see the double sided verbal gymnastics employed by Chakwera. ‘although Fed… Is not a solution, the debate should go on… Why encourage something which you don’t believe in? For whose benefit? What are his interests now? Would he encourage this if he was President?

  6. Malawian says:

    Who is supposed to be involved in this debate? Who said that the debate stopped? What is the interest of MCP from this debate? Is the unitary system of government the only reason why Malawi is failing to develop?

  7. Yosefe gambatula says:

    Kaya iwekuti Dickson ufune usafune Federalism ikubwera basi ku Malawi.Even if Chakwera never built anything we are still going to support federalism to be introduced in Malawi.The time for partying on donor and taxpayers money by southerners is over.Bingu and Muluzi never used their own money to build those structures.They were employed to be overseers for those done funded projects and pasting their names on those buildings as if they used the money from their own pockets.We need equal sharing over donor funds to have equal projects in all regions.Pamberi na Chakwera!! Pamberi na Federalism.

  8. Mosolihno says:

    Amalawi Ngati Dzikoli Mukufuna Litukuke Musiye Ulemu Wanuwo Wopusawo.Dziko Kuti Litukuke Limafuna Nzika Nzochangamuka Osati Zomangowonelera Zinthu Zikuwonongeka,ngati Mukuti Malawi Ndi Wa Ng’ono Mwakanika Bwanji Kuntukula Pa Dzaka 50?Fedoloyo mukambirane Kuba Kwachuluka Ndi Andalewa.

  9. Redeemed says:

    With or without federation, MCP will never rule Malawi.

  10. grinzo50 says:

    What is federalism? What is a unitary government? Does federalism mean deviding? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these system of governments? Can federalism really work in Malawi?Can it not work because Malawi is poor? Civic education is required here because most of us seem not to understand all this. The sooner we understand the better.

  11. Dickson says:

    Mike and everyone who is supporting Chakwera are all idiots, selfish and big time tribalistic worst creatures on earth…
    What do U mean when U say development is going to one region?????
    Do you know what development is?
    1. Is Chakwera the one who built Bingu International Conference?
    2. Is Chakwera the one who built Kamuzu Musolium?
    3. Is Chakwera the one who built New Parliament building?
    4. Is Chakwera the one who constructed Kamphata road?
    5. Is Chakwera the one who upgraded the presidential street?
    6. Is Chakwera the one who upgraded the M1 road from Lilongwe to Ntcheu?
    7. Is Chakwera the one constructing the Bunda bypass road?
    8. Is Chakwera the one who is building Nkhatabay hospital?
    9. Is chakwera the one who constructed Karonga – chitipa road?
    10. Is Chakwera the one who built the Five Star hotel?
    11. Is Chakwera the one who initiated the Bingu Stadium???????
    It pains us most we Southerners who you talk rubbish after all the Southern presidents has been doing to you the fools but you don’t appreciate.
    This is why God will NEVER allow you the weaked people of Central and North to rule this country for God knows how weaked you are and the continued attacks on the Lhomwes.

  12. Truth says:

    We are ready for the show down. Blantyre is not called the commercial city for nothing and by June we want all tumbukas and chewas out of our developed region. Like where I stay in new Naperi there are lots of Tumbukas and they should move out by June to give room to our brothers who will be coming from the north and centre. there will be plenty work as these people will have to go and work in their respective regions.

  13. sammy says:

    I support federal government coz in that way all the region s wil develop.osati izi za amuthalika

  14. Linda Mphepo Kuti Uwone Maliseche A Nkhuku says:

    Those people who are proposing the federalism are indeed encouraging advice to them is please try to speak about something else like during elections the winner must pass 50%mark look at our president did get 34% which means 66% of the people of Malawi don’t like him it’s a hijack day light robbery that’s why many people give the president different bad names which is not good for the country.Federalism is like you are promoting regionalism and tribalism as well.

  15. A MPINGO says:





  16. Wales sadick says:

    Malawi the warm heart of africa we r one not give chance to politian to dived us one president at a time just weit may be ur time will come if GOD allow.

  17. kadamanja says:

    Ngati bwana Chakwera ndinudi munthu wa mlungu mwawona nokha kuti anthu akuvutika kwambiri ndi boma la Dpp. Fedulo ndiyofunikadi. Tiyeni tiyesepo zina after 50 yrs Malawi otsasuntha., tikufuna tisunthe.

  18. matiki says:

    Kamuzu breake stupid federation ndiye. Instrument yake iziti fedoyomweyo I think abwanawa amwa vinyo wambiri pa gonero

  19. federation can change malawi if we share funds equally.wait a minute just imagine southern region produce sugar cane, marcademia nuts,tea secönd forex earner from tobacco,coffe and tobacco while lilongwe produce seasonal tobacco and north produce timber and seasonal tobacco so do u want to tell us that our money which produced from south should be shared to north? Impossible this is unfinished issue it will never work here

  20. Jelbin mk says:

    That’s the way to go it’s either federation or secession because it’s only when we can experience real development and don’t tell me that we don’t have enough resources, look how other leaders theft rich just an overnight they attain billionaires. We have enough resources to run this system only that there is rampant corruption and day light robberies, look how are they going to sell a national asset worthy K46 billion at a throw away price of K4.6 billion almost the same amount an individual in the name of Mulli owes the same bank so what does this mean? It means the government is paying for Mulli a loan he took on his personal capacity eish you foolish finance minister Goodall one day you will be held accountable for this nonsense mark my words and civil wars in countries do start like that because we can’t be loan rescuers for individuals loyal to the ruling party or paying a loan Mulli took on behalf of the ruling party.

  21. Charombanthu says:

    Saying Federalism can’t work for Malawi is the same as saying Democracy or Pluralism can’t work for Malawi. Proponents of Democracy or Pluralism were despised and called names by those in power then (the Kamphulusa’s, Ntaba’s, etc) but lo, people wanted it and we chose pluralism in the 1992 referendum. Why do people keep saying Malawi is too small for Federalism? The system has nothing to do with size of the country; but the way the country is governed. So let there be free debate on the subject and if the majority wants it, so be it and that is what Chakwera is saying……..

  22. OBAMA says:

    Whether Chakwera or not We still need federalism. This is a good system which will end problems of nepotism, regionalism etc on development. Chakwera is right and 100%. He is not fighting for himself to be a president but for us and our children. You guyz in DPP trust me you will need this system when you are out of the government. Tread careful what you say today. Just two years you were out of the government and it was wishes that you have to be in government by backdoor. Mudzakumbukira zimenezi. Don’t think that you will be in the government for good.

    I also dont think Chakwera has an enemies in the south neither north or central. He just did not have enough time to campaign in the south. JZU surrendered the leadership too late. But watch out he is bouncing back.

    On the issue that Malawi is small this is a total lie and that Malawi need a leader not the Mutharikas I also dont agree. If we make laws or systems to target personalities then we dont know what we are doing. Nevertheless, Malawi is fit for the Federalism in the sense that everytime we vote is regionalism and the advantage will always go to the region which has a high population. Therefore you cannot rule out the element of nepotism or tribalism or regionalism. The best way to go is for federalism system where all the regions are responsible for their development. The federal president will not be liable to any state which is lazy and cashgating. It will even encourage the states to work hard to develop their respective states. THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE ISSUE OR FEAR OF UNKNOWN OUR FRIENDS IN KENYA HAVE DONE IT JUST FEW YEARS AGO AND THEY ARE PROGRESSING VERY WELL. In Kenya a certain state(county) the governor was an information minister in an abandoned unitary state. When the issue of federalism was initiated, he went to his home and campaigned and won the governorship. After winning he has managed to transform the neglected state and now is the one which other state governors go to learn how he did.



    HENCE I SUPPORT CHAKWERA’S MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. mzimwale says:

    Yes we a tired of mlakho mafias taking advantage of our hard work.
    I support federalism

  24. Kokotowa says:

    Chakwera ndi munthu wopepela!

    Ahlomwe! Ahlomwe! Nooophiya!

  25. Kanyimbi says:

    Hahahaha! eeeeeee! Koma azibusa enawa!

  26. Phodogoma says:

    People from North you have started it again that hatred of south. If you say let the people Malawi to decide, what do you mean? People of south are also people, are also malawians. They are making decision that no to feudalism. If giving some Malawians right to comment on feudalism then south is talking by no to stupid federation which was abolished by Kamuzu. For Chakwera he is a mad Chewa. He comments for anything as long as that appears to be squeezing the balls of those in government. When smokes his own grown tobacco two, three days he forgets. Remember the issue of British compensating us. This pastor stood on high ground supporting something which was rejected by most Malawians including DDP. But Chakwera was over the moon opening his teeth for compensation. So he is just a useless old parrot and high breed idiot. He is just a baby who cries for anything even over un edible as long as his mother appears to eating it. Chakwera you playing a lost game. You could have been living in harmony with south not in a tag of war as it is. Ask what did Muluzi do to JUT? Ask late Bingu if you can what he did to JUT? Then if these guys give you response, you will know SOUTH. South controls Malawi. South chooses to be leaders of the country or not. The people make sound brevity. Read more about John Chilembwe. I mean the way Johnn Chilembwe died south can not just sell the country to a failed pastor.No you will sweat and call a day without ruling Malawi. Ask JUT about this, him vs Acheya. So you Peter is a fool just to sell south cheaply. CHAKWERA UDZAFERA UBUSA BASI UDAUYAMBA ULI MWANA KUSA MBUZI, NG’OMBE AND KUBUSA ACHRISTU A MULUNGU. LERO MKUTHAWA. UDZABWELERA KU UBUSA MASIKU AMPETO AMOYO WAKO IWE. SIZNTHU IZ WAYAMBAZI AYI. BORA UKADAYAMBITSA CHURCH CHAKO CHAKO, BOLA. FOR POLITICS YOU ARE NOT THE MATERIAL.

  27. Khula Phewa says:

    I agree with the proposition made by PAC’ s Phiri because that is the way Chakwera and his central region can atleast have a president after Kamuzu. It is ambiguous, Chakwera feels he can be a president for Malawi but looking at the South as his enemy, he sees no chance to lead this country but only through federalism. Go on Chakwera!

  28. Kadakwiza says:

    Federalism can’t work in Malawi. The country is too small and poor. Hon. Chakwera is missing the point Malawi need a leader not like the Muthalikas, amene angakhazikitse mutundu pa modzi. Not dividing us. Malawi need to be one.

  29. Tilibemau says:

    This country doesn’t belong to one tribe.So Malawians can decide the system of govt they want.Central and northern region want to be left alone.Ukwati sakakamizana ngati wina afuna achoke msiyeni anu a ku south yenderani yanu basi.We are fed up ndi anthu okondera ndi kuba.

  30. Wakulu Wapakati says:

    Koma nkulu uyu utsogoleri. Anaufuna, amaona ngati chifukwa anali m’busa ndiye basi asankhidwa u president kuti anthu aziti ndiwachirungamo, nkulu mwauponda ingolimbikirani nkhaniyo mwina mthuni nkuzalamulirako kachigawo kanuko.

  31. Tilibemau says:

    Yjis country doesn’t belong to one tribe.So Malawians can decide the system of govt they want.Central and northern region want to be left alone.Ukwati sakakamizana ngati wina afuna achoke msiyeni anu a ku south yenderani yanu basi.We are fed up ndi anthu okondera ndi kuba.

  32. mwiithotho says:

    Komadi, KONGELES inapita kumanda ndi Ngwazi Banda, the useless dictator. Inu a Chakwera pitani muzikaba money za Assemblies

  33. tuvi says:

    nanga apa mumati akufuna federeshoni ndi akumpoto? nanga a Chakwera ndi akuti? chilungamo nchakuti thre is no fairness in the way things are unveiling themselves in this country , alomwe are been treated as first class citizens while atumbuka ndi achewa as second citizens

    1. Alufeyo says:

      You are a fool. An a Southerner but not Lomwe. Why do you taint all of us as Lomwes and benefiting from this useless government. You should also know that not all Lomwes belong to DPP. In addition only those from Chiradzulu are really enjoying. Pse always remember that we have MCP supporters in the south just as there are DPP supporters in the central region.

  34. Lipupa says:

    Yes let Malawians choose the way they want their govt configured

  35. Fathara says:


  36. Patriot says:

    1000% behind Federalism

  37. Paul Chapolonga says:

    Ife tikufuna zimenezo bas

  38. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Federalism is the only way regions can benefit from the national cake equally. Ena asamangogwirira ntchito anzawo. Aliyense azidya thukuta lake. Mu system tirimoyi, alesi ndiye akunjoya. Zimenezi ayi.

  39. David Mailosi says:

    Chakwra is a foolish Galatian. (Awerenge Agalatiya 3) anayamba bwino koma akuwononga dzina la Leader of opposition. Bwanji tisankhe wins was nzeru.

  40. chejali says:

    Ndiye titaniiii

  41. Kakhuta Mwase says:

    The best way we can do this is to return to dictatorship. Maybe we will begin to see sense in why federalism may not be the best solution for our problems.

  42. words coming from a failled leader ……za ziiiii

  43. mwiithotho says:

    Mungoapatsa dziko lawo la Northern Malawi. When they want to work and dwell down here, they will have to apply for either a working or a visitors’ visa. Asavute amenewo

  44. Mike says:

    That’s the way to go! We r tired of one region dominating in everything while others r being left undeveloped. Big up Mr Chakwera!

  45. chatonda says:

    MCP should not be at the fore front on this issue. Let us wait for PAC’s report and then we can move forward with some background information. Nanunso a Phiri a PAC muzisambako mmaso.

  46. Khongoni Boy says:

    Nkhani Koma Imeneyo

  47. ulendowu ndi watonse says:

    inde inde zowonadi zimenezi ndiye zimene tikufuna


  49. Mkwaso says:

    Chakwera dont be vague, whats your stand and that of MCP?

  50. maframes says:

    Now I understand why MCP keeps on bringing different confusing issues, they don’t see hope of ruling this Nation again.

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