Callista urges Malawi girls to dream in colour: Visits Nkhamenya Girls School

Former First Lady, Callista Mutharika on Monday used her former husband Bingu wa Mutharika’s mantra,  urged young girls to be visionary and “dream in colour in order for them achieve in life.

Mkuzike Magalasi receiving her certificate from Callista

Mkuzike Magalasi receiving her certificate from Callista

Callista with students of Nkhamenya girls

Callista with students of Nkhamenya girls

Callista pose for group photo at Nkhamenya Secondary school with school teachers

Callista pose for group photo at Nkhamenya Secondary school with school teachers

Mutharika who is also Chief Advisor on Safe Motherhood, HIV and Aids and population Control, to President Peter Mutharika, known for her role in defending girls against early marriages and pregnancies.

She was speaking at Nkhamenya Girls Secondary School, when she presided over fare well party of 126 students who have completed their form four classes.

The former first lady discouraged young girls at the school against indulging themselves in sexual activities so that they can develop into meaningful citizens in the future.

“Don’t be taken away with material things, make your own future and don’t indulge yourself in sexual activities or even in early marriages,” advised Madam Mutharika.

She appealed to them to preserve their virginity for their future husbands.

Her remarks come after an international finding by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA 2013), following vigorous research that 39,000 girls every day get married globally and that more than 140 million young girls will marry between 2011 and 2020.

The same UNFPA report which was released on March 7, 2013 in New York says between 2011 and 2020, more than 140 million girls will become child brides.

However to discourage this Mutharika said it is better that girls should aim high and dream in colours.

“As you are aware, my late husband Bingu wa Mutharika used to advise us to be positive of ourselves and dream in colour don’t look down upon yourself, all is possible,” said Callista Mutharika.

Board chair of Nkhamenya Secondary School Paul Mwale took the opportunity to reveal to Mutharika challenges which the school is facing, including water shortage which he asked government to help address.

“It is very common to see these young girls leaving school campus just to fetch water. This disturbs these girls from their studies and it is dangerous to their security,” said Mwale.

Speaking on the general expectation of this year’s performance of her students, the school head teacher, Sister Teleza Tembo said he has hope that the girls will do well this time around than years before.

During the function, Mkuzike Magalasi was voted overall performer of the academic calendar and went away with various gifts in both cash and valuables from the school management.

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21 thoughts on “Callista urges Malawi girls to dream in colour: Visits Nkhamenya Girls School”

  1. critic wa critic says:

    Advise to the photographer. You made good shots but your subjects are not clear. Next time take clear fotos.

  2. Gertu says:

    Kukonda spotlight tamusiilani Getrude Mutharika ndi Mary Chilima, nthawi yanu inatha, accept it!

  3. Moses Makoko says:

    Inspiring girls? As who? Leave that to people who have achieved something in their lifetime. I wish this was left to people like Anastazia Msosa. People who need no introduction.

  4. Chilungamo says:

    @ Truestar

    Amwene how did you talk to your daughter when they dont allow phones at Nkhamenya ? Ndinu a campaign chair a Mayi kodi? Please find better ways of showcasing Amayi

  5. Richmond says:

    more thn enough i ges beter

  6. Kodi mayiwa akudyana Ndi ndani sopano?

  7. Truestar says:

    Mama Callista uku nde Kukhala my daughter who is at this school told me about your visit not only did you inspire them but you made them proud for gracing the occasion

  8. John says:

    Well done Madame Callista keep on inspiring these girls. Their future in significant to the development of our country!

  9. MELINDA says:

    well done Madam Calista, koma munakapepesa kuja munawauza anthu kuti apite ku hero?ndipo munthu wakumudzi safuna fuel.zamanyazi

  10. Tatyata says:

    Our mother i love you

  11. johnM says:

    This woman is hule no.1,she cannot be a figure young women should aspire to.

    What has she achieved in her lifetime? Marry a rich old guy, poison him and inherit his wealth, is that dreaming in colour for young girls in Malawi?

  12. GOD'S WILL says:

    plibe za PP apa. Calista keep on the good work you have started. now you are showing that you are a real mother and you can make it.

  13. Ford says:

    Good job Madam Callista for using your platform and your energy to encourage these girls. I was a little girl once and the form 4 graduation meant a lot, and having a person like you grace it has sent these girls into their post secondary school life with gusto. Unlike what all these negative people are saying, opportunities are there, if you work hard and stay focused. Madam you look nice.

  14. Black and white says:

    Dream Girl well said ndipo wandiwaza

  15. Chidongo j says:

    Amayi musangoyenda m,ma School abwino okha okha muzipitanso mu maprivatemu mungo azizimutsa. kuti kodi school imeneyi a bomawa anaipangadi a prove. ku muona mwana wa tsikana ngati chinyau atamanga ma dredi amacoulors osiyana siyana atavala gooda ndolo ndi socks zosiyana. mawaona CATHOLIC kapenanso a mission ena smart no tsitsi chonsecho ndi ana anthu olemera

  16. Ndondocha says:

    mayi inu mulungu adzikudalitsani. azimayi ambiri amene anakhalako ku state house anapenga sakuoneka. the smiles on the girls faces say it all. tithokoze ma copy a african dream munatipatsa chaka chatha. and thanks for representing bingu with dignity. you are inspiring ndipo mumadziwa kupatsa.

  17. Winston Msowoya says:

    For good sake,Calista is not supposed to lecture our young minds with her past devious characters which she and her corrupt and dictatorial husband late Bingu Wa Muthalika plunged our nation into economic and political calamity never seen in the history of our country.As one lucid Malawian commented about Mugabe’s abominable wife 40 years younger and at the present day,the richest women the continent that with such amount of funds in foreign Banks,overwhelming brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe,are completely sucked into aw vicious circle of poverty and misery.Malawians,we are at cross roads,the wealth of our country is in the hands of few corrupt and misguided so called leaders who win the elections using the same funds.We must stop calling names at each other and unite to stop these hudlums continue to loot our national coffers.

  18. makwasa says:

    Callista wakalamba chonchi nthawi yomweyi???

  19. Tukombo says:

    What does that mean? ” Dream in Colour” I guess that’s all the girls can do is Dream, coz reality speaking there is nothing going for them. The quality of education is in the toilets!!!!

  20. Dream Girl says:

    Malawian girls should dream in colour by marrying husbands triple their age like Callista and inherit the wealth.That’s dreaming in colour.Look at Mugabe wife.She is enjoying alot from Mugabes wealth while Zimbabwean are dying in poverty.Rich old men are very good for young women.They handle you like an egg.

  21. Getu Petulo Trivia Salanje says:

    A Kadya kalista kudzavala dza PP kkkkk.

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