Catholic bishop says gays are horrible sinners: ‘Malawi isn’t Sodom and Gommorah’

Malawi’s influential and biggest church, the Catholic, has described those engaging in homosexuality as horrible sinners.

Bishop Mtumbuka:   Gays are sinners

Bishop Mtumbuka: Gays are sinners

Bishop Martin Anwell Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese said this Monday when he opened a catholic women organisation conference in his diocese.

“The practice is sinful act, people who engage in this are sinners who need to repent,” said Mtumbuka, giving the conservative church’s view on the matter since the arrest of Cuthert Kulemeka and Kelvin Gonani two weeks ago but have since been released following pressure from powerful nations of US, UK and Germany.

Mtumbuka asked catholic faithful to pray relentlessly for those engaged in homosexuality so that they can repent.

He said the Bible clearly says marriage is between man and woman, after all, he said, God created Adam and Eve.

Bishop Mtumbuka said the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality is as clear and plain as the Bible’s condemnation of murder, adultery, premarital sex, kidnapping, lying and idolatry.

He said marriage is between one man and one woman for life and sexual activity should be confined to marriage.

However, the United Nations has welcomed the decision by the Malawi government to drop charges against the two men.

The UN statement released Monday asks the government to put in place measures that would ensure that the police never arrest those engaged in homosexuality again.

“We are looking forward to the speedy review of the laws so that they are in line with the UN human rights laws,” says the statement in part.

The UN has also condemned the harassment and humiliation of the two gay men, saying this was against Malawian tradition and culture.
Kelvin had his house ransacked in Area 25, Lilongwe and both were subjected to medical examinations of their anus to establish penetration.

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63 thoughts on “Catholic bishop says gays are horrible sinners: ‘Malawi isn’t Sodom and Gommorah’”

  1. chilungamo says:

    People are so horrible, many married man penetrates their wifes in the anus, this is what we call double standards, if someone is being a sinner how does that concern you and your family, anthu akumachinda mahule daily Kuma bar bwanji sakugendedwa, men are marring under aged girls isn’t that peodophilia, most men would even find excuses to marry a young girl and still find it better than to adults minding thier own business in their bedroom..And mind you it is the same West than brought Christianity to Africa..

  2. The ambassador says:

    Malawi being what it is,we should know that we are now doomed,however,there is a solution to this horrible problem gaysim that is to kill them wherever they are found as it is ordered by bible.

    1. Alfred Chimenya says:

      I quess thus the right way just to kill them its nonsense we don’t want them to leave especially here in Malawi

  3. The Great says:

    Let me greet u in the name of Allah. Assalam Alleykum. If u blv in Holy scriptures there is no verse in there that says a human being has a human right. God didn’t deliberately introduce that coz He knew people won’t worship Him wholly. There came Satan with stupid human right thing causing people to turn against Him.

  4. Brian says:

    It only tells me that there are certain powers that are trying to control the human mind, am sorry to say that the source is the Devil.we have all known Homosexuality is not allowed then why are we trying to simplify it? ok, just to fulfill desires of our hearts. Would you please just go to Hell you VIPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ine says:

    Thus y I like China they do help Africa without these stupid conditions, Sodomu basi. chikho ichi chindipitilire

  6. Sapitwa says:

    If you can’t beat them, then either join them or just leave them. Here , we have to leave them and not join them.
    They already have a challenge of being silently isolated if recognized.There is already Cold War on them. Let’s move on.

  7. ruth warren says:

    I want to raise a critical flag here!!!!! You may talk millions of words but guess what!!!! Malawi has indirectly legalized homosexuality fellas i urge you to read the following documents for Malawi: 1) National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan (2015 to 2020) . 2) Malawi National HIV Prevention Strategy (2015 to 2020) these documents are clearly supporting gay activities ur president signed the documents, the documents are blinding us to say they are advancing the nonsense 90:90:90 agenda while in essence they are advancing homosexuality, the documents are encouraging health facilities to stock lubricants to be used for anal sex is that not legalizing homo?i I urge my fellow malawians to read these documents you will be emancipated you will know malawi has alreadt accented to gaysim. These documents are found at DC”s offices; NAC ; Min of Health; Some libraries. Please take my plea seriously and read these documents

  8. ruth warren says:

    Why does this gay thing raise too much alarm? We hv to know u can never impose ur beliefs on someone, if u strongly believe homosexuality is a sin just preach the message, let pple make informed choices, u cant push someone to be wat ur/ wat u bliv!!!!!!! Lets stop this nonsense of expecting everyone to behave the way we want!!!!! Its someones choices if it brings them fortune let them do it, if it brings them curse let them do it as long as they chose and accept consequencies of their choice!!!!! So be civilized and respect each other!!¡

  9. pwiya wa pwiya says:

    While most Malawians would share the same views echoed by our esteemed Bishops and other clergy, I slightly differ in the manner we are handling the matter of same sex and the minority. Firstly, by advancing the sinniful nature of those who believe in same sex activities, we must remember that we are also sinners and we all need to repent. We must also remember that faithfuls must not be judges as to judge is for God, remember also what the holly father/Pontiff one day he said that who is he to judge others. I would therefore recommend those who believe this is a sin to revert to pray for those in practice because this physical war may not win if indeed same sex activities are a sin before God. Further more as believers, the war should be through prayer and not otherwise. Take examples of Jesus Christ who fought spiritually and not physically.

  10. The Patriot says:

    The problem with isssue of gays in Africa is the insistence of the West to try to impose their will on Afriicans. Africa should be let evolve on its own without external pressures! No wonder Tyson Fury, the British heavy weight boxer says very soon peadophilia will be legalized in the world!!!
    It sounds crazy but peadophilias will advance the same reasons for being what they are just like Gays:
    1. Inherited genes
    2. Born that way.
    in any case , who could predict that the West would legalize homosexuality when as late as 1950s it was a crime to be gay in the UK??

  11. madiru mhango says:

    The UN has become the preacher and custodian of so called western values. Most of which are sins re-packaged in glittering words.why is it that teaching has remained a oneway system? The west preaching to us and never vise versa. Is it still the civilized preaching to savages? Women in the west have been fighting to breast feed their babies where and when the babies want to be fed to no avail and they still claim an African woman is oppressed. Girls cover their chest from birth till death here.what is on the chest of a baby to cover? Nyere yachizungu!

  12. Jj says:

    Dear Catholics, if your god is so wise and so good, who would he prefer to have in heaven: a gay man who has concesual sex with another man or a Catholic priest who conducts mass everyday and eating the “body” and “blood” of your christ but is busy sodomising young choir boys? Furthermore, your former pope is an asshole, he knew about America priests inserting their penises into the backsides of kids but never condemned it! What type of a moral god is your god Catholics? Honestly only an imbecile god can allow such flirth to take place

  13. becks says:

    Two wrong never make purify any sin

  14. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    I want to collect those who are claiming that the pope claimed he cannot judge homosexuals. This is taking his words out of context. The Pope said if a homosexual wants yo follow God “Who is he to judge?”. At the same time I wish to correct those claiming that homosexuals are evil. What is evil is their tendency. We have to differentiate between sin and the sinner. Some homesexuallly oriented people do not even practice homosexuality. They are better than cash gaters, rapists, murderers, thieves, women battlers and all who indulge in similar acts.

  15. kondwani chiswe says:

    Rev Mtumbuka is a very narrow minded Priest who should be excommunicated from the catholic church. His views are not in conformity with those of the incumbent pope. Where does he get the authority to voice nonsense

  16. Darwin SA says:

    We cant toralate such behaviour,why they forcing us to be wicked

  17. g says:

    Abale kumawopa Mulungu. Where did he use the word ” horrible “. SIBWINO

  18. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Which Malawian culture are you referring to? devil. The government has dropped the charges but not Malawians. We will curb this ourselves…… plan B will like fate will meet che Kulemeka and che Gonani and all their company , in a worst scenario plan C. Know that with or without your money we will survive

    we cannot stop the time much as we know that you are the antichrist but believe you me we will not side up with you.

  19. Prince Edward rsa says:

    If gay marriage is not asin then let it be the freedom of US,UK and Germans not in malawi.That is why in america the pipo are getting married to the Dogs no wonder they fuck even their mothers,and animals stupid euros.

  20. We are not living in stone age. We are educated and we have come to know many things of the nature which we did not know before. There is nowhere it is written same sex can not ha sex.It is priests who interplant the bible. There are many sins and sinners. Why gays should be punished. Why dont you punish men who use anus to their wives? I think its wrong and waste of time to talk about gays when we all know they exsist. It can be your son and daughter. Many are hidding because of fear to be condemed. The Catholic priest are the worste. They preach but they do oppositive. Punish Cash Gaters. And murders. Because that is written.

    1. Chimunthu Banda says:

      mulamu pelekani you are more filthy than a mudy swine, stupid!

  21. I want to remind bishop Mtumbuka that Catholic priests have definied boys in secrect for manys years until it was known is that not sin o sinners? Talking of moral acts of sex which human beings engage in can be difficult to put a limit. It is sad that some peoplracted to theere it says it is sin. God made a woman and a man for the purpose tohave children. But he same made some who can not have children by choice or not. I as human being I dont have to charge homosexual. Because it is God who created them. But I charge priest who said they shall stay without sex and yet in secret using young boys. What does bishop Mtumbuka say about this?

    1. Stinking Idiot says:

      Mmmmh, a magistrate touches a woman’s breast against her wii. Doe that mean all of them are horny bastards? A cop is involved in an armed robbery, does that mean that all cop shops are staffed with bandits? Man, clergy are humans, too. But they deserve better than that. If they crave the wrong butts, they can be punished just like anyone else according to the law.

  22. flyton Manda says:

    What about Malawian priests and their horrible paractice of impregnating nuns resulting in the highest pregnancy rates in the Catholic world? Arent they not sinners? What about all those child molesting priests all over the world who love small boys- even in the Vatican? Arent they not sinners? What aboutvall thise preiests and nuns who are prohibited by the church to copulate and thus perpetuate the human race? Didnt the Lord say forth and multiply? Whatvdifference between an ascetic and celibate priest or nun? Arentvthey both going aagainst the word of the Lord? Throw the first stone bishop and we shall unveil all your earthky sins! May you all rot in hell!

  23. BMW says:

    Show us the photos of these two mathanyula men

  24. Bigdwag says:

    Sin is sin! All sins are therefore equal! Adultery, rape, defilement, homosexuality, theft, murder, etc! I therefore find it hard to swallow to see the hypocrites that Malawians are talking of homosexuality as being the worst sin. Really? We are a nation of liars! And what has government got to do with two consenting adult males who agree to have sex in the privacy of their house? If we are to level the playing field, then government should arrest adulterers as well!

  25. gober says:

    More horrible than being a catholic priest and skirt around with married women of the church. I think you also say tchimo silichepa kapena kukula kuposa linzake pamaso pa ambuye? when did this categorisation of sins begin?

  26. Choonadi says:

    Iwe Owen why do you include mau akuti powerful nations? Their power is in our foolishness.

  27. Pat says:

    Akuchotsa mpingotu. Mmesa Papa anavomereza zimenezi, may the lord have mercy on Mtumbuka. He seems to know the truth but he is in a wrong place

  28. kunta says:

    Don’t cast stones on sinners

  29. Kanyimbi says:

    So our leadership have sold this country to the devil?

  30. Kanyimbi says:

    Sodomy is worse than adultery. By the way is the bishop Mathews? I doubt if Mathews Mtumbuka is a priest.

  31. Jimbo says:

    Don’t look to the Catholic Church for leadership on sexual matters. It has its head in the Bible and lives in the past. This Bishop seems to believe in the literal words of the Bible – ‘God created Adam and Eve’. He needs to read more and open his mind to evolution. Leaders locked in ignorance are no help to anyone.

  32. Olo says:

    Asembe mwaiwalatu mene mukunyengera azimayi kuwapasa ana inu mukunamizira za usembe. Mwayamba kuona uchimo wanzanu?

  33. ANTI-GAY says:



  34. Willie Chirwa says:

    Whilst I as a Christian agree that homosexuality is sin let’s not run away from the fact that some of these people who are engaged in it are not in the same Christian boat as ourselves, therefore forcing them to adopt our way of viewing issues will not bear fruit. Lgo to them and with a Christian heart point out their weakness or sins and that once they repent God will forgive them and they will be white as sonw, If one is a sinner he or she needs somebody who will turn him or her to Christ in a humanistic way because we are all sinners may be some put degrees to the severity of their sins which is wrong. I know of many Christian who turn to work late every day, to them it not sining but on second thought its a sin because theose people are stealing government or company time. Sorry if I bruise feather, we have heard of some Catholic fathers or whatever you call them having been doing the same and the church doing all its best to cover up. That’s why some advocates are saying we are hypocrites seeing the log in the openly gay people leaving those in our churches ministering to us and practicing the same. How do you convince the openly gay when we hear of such stories which some churches have been suppressing for years and years.

  35. mabulala boyz says:

    May the good Lord forgive our nation.

  36. mbuli67 says:

    @tipitana ndi sapitana, the SDA has already accepted gay and lesbian as part of them according to the meeting in October 2015 at st Andrews seminary which you can find on the SDA website. It’s real and no wander Tembenu has acted this way. It doesn’t affect his concise and what we are waiting for isto hear him proposing winiko, manganya, Allan ntata or Allan ngumuya, for they are all pure Adventists. Babylon weniweni

  37. Bin Laden says:

    UN are the biggest Devils moving on the surface of the earth,they incourages evil all over the world and hiding in the name of UN,And yet all the fightings and killings which is taking place in the Middle East,they are the one who started and supporting rebels in order to creat devilsh life style in the Middle East,jst like how they live in USA UK…. where a child does not recognise the mother as his/her mother,father as father,sister as sister, brother as brother! and pple got a right to have sex with dogs ,monkies, donkies…..and now they want to impose this inhuman to other nations. Shame! And what ppl mst knw is that, there is nothing like UN rather it is America,the satanist of Israel,UK and …….DEMONES! Remember satan is not stronger and above Almaighty ALLAH but time will catch you and you will burn 4 ever in the hell fire! Believe it or Not

  38. mphwache wa bingu says:

    I agree with my bishop but it’s not the responsibility of the government to make people holy. So keep on preaching against it but don’t use the government machinery to advance religious issues. We have so many sinners in Malawi and sin is defined differently with different faiths. Seventh day Adventist guys think eating pork is a sin but they can’t ask government to be arresting pork eaters

  39. The Analyst says:

    ” . . . who am I to judge.” – Pope Francis (Leader of the Catholic Church in the world on homosexuals)

    “The practice is a sinful act. People who engage in this are sinners . . . .” – Mathews Mtumbuka (of the Roman Catholic Church)

    One thing is very clearly observable from this . . .

    These people are accountable to two different Masters.

  40. Likoma Economist says:

    Catholic priests and bishops are known for abusing boys in churches. Just google “sexual scandals by catholic priests or bishops”. Let us not remove a speck in a neigbour’s, forgetting we have a log in ours.

    I personally do not like gays, but if I have to condem them then I have to condem all sinners and sins: adultary, rape, defilement, murder (of albinos), cashgate, trade in human body parts, vote rigging, beastality, etc, etc, etc. Homosexuality is one of many sins.

    Gays are everywhere: in Mecca, Israel, Rome, Blantyre, Ndata Farm, State House, Kamuzu Central Hospital, High Court, Police, Army, Seminaries, etc. Just ignore these miserable souls, just like many countries have done, and you will have peace of mind.

  41. Bonkili says:

    To me I find polygamy and prostitution WORSE sins than homosexuality. If two consenting adults want to be silly without hurting anyone in the process; why not let them go ahead and ignore them. On the other hand if a man leaves his wife and takes a second one/concubine, I find that to be VERY disturbing/hurtful to the original wife, children and the society. So the state and church should instead condemn, in the strongest terms, polygamy and prostitution and not homosexuality. By the way I am a STRONG Karonga (not Roman) Catholic. I am the original and not fake one.

  42. Wakawama says:

    No one is perfect! Bolanso awa akuvomeleza. Asembenso tatopa Nanu mungobeleka Ana midzimu. tayambani Kaye makhonza Zimenezo

  43. Che Ngana says:

    Anthu Aku 25 Mukugona Tulotu Kumeneko.Tachita Naoni Ameneo.

  44. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    If my memory does not let me down, the President said, the issue of gayism in Malawi will be decided by Malawians through a referendum. Our laws on the issue are very clear, 14 years in jail. DPP Government moratorium on our laws is a breach of trust!

  45. Misheck sibande kaitano says:


  46. Mulakho says:

    preach, preacher! The church is the rightful place to deal with such moral issues. May the state stay out of this and stop arresting people for such misdemeanors. Let the church deal with homosexuals, fornicators, masturbators, drunks, those who don’t pay tithes, etc. Its none of our business as The State! But the Father should also preach this gospel at the Vatican where his fellow priests are infamous for homosexual acts and defiling young alter boys

  47. Tipitana ndi Sapitana says:

    Minister of Justice, Samuel Tembeu. Mkulu wa mpingo wa The Seventh-day Adventist Church. With all what he finds to be the most profound justification of his faith he declares homosexuality as the way to go. While the Catholics daclare it as a stinking sin, the Malawi Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist gives Tembenu a congratulatory smile, or else, the church’s Elders’ Council could have held an emergency meeting to clarify the Churches stand to the contrary and excommunicate Tembenu for dragging the Adventist belief into the shameful zone.

  48. Chigoba says:

    Koma momwe manyi ndi nsete zinunkhila basi
    wina ndi kumalasapo.mukawapeza achiteni mob justice.

  49. Congratulations Bishop Mtumbuka for clinging to the Bible. That’s what is called Christianity. CCAP, Seventh Day, Anglican, Pentecostal Churches and all Christian churches, where are you to say the truth like what your friend has done. Don’t be overtaken with aid, remember that God is watching us. Malawi wants people of Bishop Mtumbuka’s caliber to give a proper direction if we have to inherit God’s kingdom

  50. Sam says:

    We can not justify the wrong by any means. May the Lord almighty grant us grace to resist this evil.

  51. kkkkk says:

    May the state emulate the stand taken by the clergy

  52. Redeemed says:

    When one calls a spade a shovel, one can’t but question the sanity of that particular person. People should stop justifying immoralities in on order to satisfy their sinful nature. When a thief is captured, no one take into consideration the factors that led him or her to commit a crime of stealing, because they perceive stealing as an acceptable. The same applies to adultery, one can not justify it with lack of sexual gratification from matrimonial affair, therefore we can not justify the sin of homosexual with nature.

    Life subjects us to various forces that seek to test our ability to resist evil, and our ability to defy these forces defines our level of our strength. Our strength are solidified by our personal beliefs and values without which we are bound to fail to overcome evil forces all should I say temptations.

    A practical example is when these forces push you to walk half naked simply because you believe that you are blessed with captive features that need to be flaunted, it will take your personal values and morals to resist these forces because you believe that your body is a temple of God and needs to be respected.

    I therefore believe that when one’s desires are contrary to the norms and values of general belief, one needs to resist those forces. Remember we are not here on earth to satisfy our human natural desires, but to serve God’s purpose, remember God is faithful to destroy all the evil forces.

  53. Just imagine ukwata pamene pacokela matuvi.These baboons alibe nyasi kaah!Even dogs do not fuck thru the anus.

  54. Mapwiya Namuhaya wa ku Phaloni says:

    Realy we r in last days, tikuyenera kupemphera molimbika ndi mosweka mtima coz tikapanda kutero Mulungu mwini chilengedwe chonse akwiya nafe ndithuuuuuu.

  55. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    Why should the minister of Justice throw away his ethics and side with people who are not God fearing. Wake mr Minister you will account for your actions on the day of judgement.

  56. Nkhani zovuta kwambiri matsiku otsiliza ndichoncho koma amzungu anayamba kale bwanji,fuso mkumati ineyo ndikadakhala mtsogoleri ndikadata?kkkkk

  57. Alfred Chimenya says:

    Thanks catholic on this we agree this is tataly sine how I wish that once we get them just burn them fire fire fire fire Jah bless

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