Malawi Police officer defile maid, on the run

Police in Blantyre are looking for their own, Sergeant Dan Simbota from Limbe Police Station who on Friday 18th December 2015 night raped his own maid while his wife, Constable Mirriam Simbota, a Prosecutor at the same Station was away on duty.

Nyasa Times understands that Mirriam was at College of Medicine where the State President was guest of Honour during the MBC Innovation gala, and Dan took advantage of that to sexually abuse his 15 year old maid, name withheld.

After that, it is said that the Police Officer gave the girl K 5,000 but that did not stop her from alerting the neighbours, and later officially report to Police.

“The incident happened on December 18, 2015 slightly after 20:30 hours in Limbe Police lnes and after the incident, he wife was called to take the girl to hospital, where it was confirmed that she was really sexually assaulted,” said a police officer.

It is understood that both the Inspector General and Commissioner of Police for the South Region have taken a special interest in the matter.

The girl comes from Taibu village in traditional authority Chikowi in Zomba.

Not long ago, Police Officers Sam Mkumalero of Chiromo Police in Nsanje, Phillimon Makwacha of Lilongwe Police and Ronnex Matchaya of Mpherembe Police have been charged with similar offences, making people wonder why there is this decay in the Police Service.

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Impossible! Wapolisi mpaka kunyema K5000 chifukwa cha chigololo, or maybe ndiwa traffic ? I believe it should be a mere K500.


Malawi at 50 kkkkkkkkkkk


It is good that this incident happened while the president, inspector general and the commissioner was here both here ,becoz at limbe they like to back their fellow cop . Last time acertain boss at the station wanted to do homesexal (sendomise) aboy who went their to get shelter kutamudela only to meet this boss kufuna kumupanga mathanyula ,nothing happenned the boss is stil their working update no action taken.


Thats satan at work.


I actually see two cases here. One is that of rape and the other is employing a minor. As a family of police officers, u should have known that employing a minor is tantamount to child labour. So as the police is busy looking for the man, they can as well arrest the woman and charge her with the offence of child labour.


Why, why , why this moral decay? You have your wife with you every night and yet you could not be satisfied?
Moreover this is child labour which should have been condemned in Malawi. Ine pa khomo ngati apa pa child labour sindingadyepo nsima konse!
Back to the topic: mukamupeza muduleni chokozera chakecho olo muchotseni mipira yakeyo kuti titsimikize zoti sadzachitanso izi galu ameneyu.

I have a genuine need for a helper in my household, as my kids are between zero and five years of age, they need constant help in every thing, from bathing to feeding, I work from seven to four and I make good income and so does my hubby, we can afford the best helper the market could offer, but I am reluctant to hire one for the fear of bringing unnecessary stress emanating from domestic workers. Some suggests that an elderly could be less stressful, but their main problem is that apart from their potential to campaigning for their… Read more »
madiru mhango
Malawians! This girl should have been in school just like any other young child. Poverty is being prolonged, reduced, parents sending their children to work in houses of strangers. How many girls have gone through this since the inception of our cities? Those housemaids who have since died, most eprobably died poorer than they have died if they had pursued something else. Girls are exploited in our cities by both husbands and wives. Wives mistreat them to the extent of death and husbands, playing the role of secret saviours, gratify themselves sexually while girl child endures pain. Ati,anavinidwa. Is this… Read more »
Andrew chakwiya

The low must work no matter how is he but he must face the charges of rape

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