Catholic bishop says gays are horrible sinners: ‘Malawi isn’t Sodom and Gommorah’

Malawi’s influential and biggest church, the Catholic, has described those engaging in homosexuality as horrible sinners.

Bishop Mtumbuka:   Gays are sinners

Bishop Mtumbuka: Gays are sinners

Bishop Martin Anwell Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese said this Monday when he opened a catholic women organisation conference in his diocese.

“The practice is sinful act, people who engage in this are sinners who need to repent,” said Mtumbuka, giving the conservative church’s view on the matter since the arrest of Cuthert Kulemeka and Kelvin Gonani two weeks ago but have since been released following pressure from powerful nations of US, UK and Germany.

Mtumbuka asked catholic faithful to pray relentlessly for those engaged in homosexuality so that they can repent.

He said the Bible clearly says marriage is between man and woman, after all, he said, God created Adam and Eve.

Bishop Mtumbuka said the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality is as clear and plain as the Bible’s condemnation of murder, adultery, premarital sex, kidnapping, lying and idolatry.

He said marriage is between one man and one woman for life and sexual activity should be confined to marriage.

However, the United Nations has welcomed the decision by the Malawi government to drop charges against the two men.

The UN statement released Monday asks the government to put in place measures that would ensure that the police never arrest those engaged in homosexuality again.

“We are looking forward to the speedy review of the laws so that they are in line with the UN human rights laws,” says the statement in part.

The UN has also condemned the harassment and humiliation of the two gay men, saying this was against Malawian tradition and culture.
Kelvin had his house ransacked in Area 25, Lilongwe and both were subjected to medical examinations of their anus to establish penetration.

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People are so horrible, many married man penetrates their wifes in the anus, this is what we call double standards, if someone is being a sinner how does that concern you and your family, anthu akumachinda mahule daily Kuma bar bwanji sakugendedwa, men are marring under aged girls isn’t that peodophilia, most men would even find excuses to marry a young girl and still find it better than to adults minding thier own business in their bedroom..And mind you it is the same West than brought Christianity to Africa..

The ambassador

Malawi being what it is,we should know that we are now doomed,however,there is a solution to this horrible problem gaysim that is to kill them wherever they are found as it is ordered by bible.

Alfred Chimenya

I quess thus the right way just to kill them its nonsense we don’t want them to leave especially here in Malawi

The Great

Let me greet u in the name of Allah. Assalam Alleykum. If u blv in Holy scriptures there is no verse in there that says a human being has a human right. God didn’t deliberately introduce that coz He knew people won’t worship Him wholly. There came Satan with stupid human right thing causing people to turn against Him.


It only tells me that there are certain powers that are trying to control the human mind, am sorry to say that the source is the Devil.we have all known Homosexuality is not allowed then why are we trying to simplify it? ok, just to fulfill desires of our hearts. Would you please just go to Hell you VIPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thus y I like China they do help Africa without these stupid conditions, Sodomu basi. chikho ichi chindipitilire


If you can’t beat them, then either join them or just leave them. Here , we have to leave them and not join them.
They already have a challenge of being silently isolated if recognized.There is already Cold War on them. Let’s move on.

ruth warren
I want to raise a critical flag here!!!!! You may talk millions of words but guess what!!!! Malawi has indirectly legalized homosexuality fellas i urge you to read the following documents for Malawi: 1) National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan (2015 to 2020) . 2) Malawi National HIV Prevention Strategy (2015 to 2020) these documents are clearly supporting gay activities ur president signed the documents, the documents are blinding us to say they are advancing the nonsense 90:90:90 agenda while in essence they are advancing homosexuality, the documents are encouraging health facilities to stock lubricants to be used for anal… Read more »
ruth warren
Why does this gay thing raise too much alarm? We hv to know u can never impose ur beliefs on someone, if u strongly believe homosexuality is a sin just preach the message, let pple make informed choices, u cant push someone to be wat ur/ wat u bliv!!!!!!! Lets stop this nonsense of expecting everyone to behave the way we want!!!!! Its someones choices if it brings them fortune let them do it, if it brings them curse let them do it as long as they chose and accept consequencies of their choice!!!!! So be civilized and respect each… Read more »
pwiya wa pwiya
While most Malawians would share the same views echoed by our esteemed Bishops and other clergy, I slightly differ in the manner we are handling the matter of same sex and the minority. Firstly, by advancing the sinniful nature of those who believe in same sex activities, we must remember that we are also sinners and we all need to repent. We must also remember that faithfuls must not be judges as to judge is for God, remember also what the holly father/Pontiff one day he said that who is he to judge others. I would therefore recommend those who… Read more »
The Patriot
The problem with isssue of gays in Africa is the insistence of the West to try to impose their will on Afriicans. Africa should be let evolve on its own without external pressures! No wonder Tyson Fury, the British heavy weight boxer says very soon peadophilia will be legalized in the world!!! It sounds crazy but peadophilias will advance the same reasons for being what they are just like Gays: 1. Inherited genes 2. Born that way. in any case , who could predict that the West would legalize homosexuality when as late as 1950s it was a crime to… Read more »

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