Chakwera raps Mutharika’s feeble address 

Leader of Opposition in parliament and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarous Chakwera said the speech delivered by President Peter Mutharika to official open budget session of parliament on Friday was uttery pathetic as it failed to inspire hope to  the nation.

Chakwera:  Mutharika's helter-skelter pursuits not inspiring to the nation

Chakwera: Mutharika’s helter-skelter pursuits not inspiring to the nation

Chakwera said Muntharika speech was only descriptive without its prescription, as only telling problems without solutions, a thing he says leaves Malawians with alot of questions on how the outlined problems will be solved.

“One of the things you have to bear in mind is that the President has acknowledged that we are still in a bad shape as a nation,” said Chakwera.

He noted that the narrative has not changed for the past two years.

Chakwera said Mutharika did not put convincing remedies on the table and therefore his speech was empty.

He gave an example on what Muntharika said that his government is concerned with the continuous ill treatment of elderly people, the  killings and abductions of people living with albinism but in his address he did not provide solutions or any message of hope on what his government is doing or will do to end the malpractice.

Chakwera said what Muntharika has done is a repetition of his speeches and recycling of issues .

“All I see is the  description of ailments of this country but there is a little prescription,” said MCP president.

The leader of the opposition maintained that ubetween the promises of the President and the dreams of Malawians, he chooses the dreams of Malawians.

Dream with Malawians

“I choose to dream with Malawians of a presidency for the people, not for the government. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country where farmers make more money from their crops than traders. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country where government salaries are paid punctually by the order of a system, not tardily by the orders of a President. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country whose cities have tarred roads and landscaped sidewalks, not dirty roads, potholes, and bushes.

“I choose to dream with Malawians of a country whose cities are secure by night and clean by day, not littered by day and feared by night. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country in which the power of the sun and wind are harnessed through technology to extend the power grid to every Malawian home by 2064.

“I choose to dream with Malawians of a country in which handouts for votes are illegal. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country in which there is no State broadcaster to poison Malawians with propaganda. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country in which mechanisms of governance credibility, development equality and democracy security are guaranteed by the Constitution. I choose to dream with Malawians of a country in which foreign aid for the government is a memory, employment for young people is a [not] luxury, prosperity for all is a destiny, and security for communities is a reality…”

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35 thoughts on “Chakwera raps Mutharika’s feeble address ”

  1. John K Black says:

    This is easy to say. But Chakwera does not have ideas on how to get there. Read

  2. Wilfred says:

    English must be spoken like it is: English. And thats inclusive of pronunciation, tone and so forth. Its not Yoruba, Chewa or some languauge called Lhomwe! Chakwera is one fellow who knows when to speak in English and when to speak in Chewa. Hes so eloquent in the language he opts to use, and there are many such languages. Chakwera ndikawawa!

  3. Lawrence says:

    Mutharika’s brain is full of rusting that’s why he is dreaming till now instead of fulfilling some aspects was promised before.shame on dis government full of asleep people

  4. nyirenda says:

    Tazaro kwake ndikutsutsa chilichonse ngati simkudziwa amalawi. Even boma lichite chanzeru kwa lazaro ndi mbola. I dont trust this guy.

  5. SAMUEL says:

    Mau a Mulungu amati okumba dzenje agwelamo yekha, ogubuduza mwala umpwinja yekha komanso oboola khoma njoka imuluma yekha. Miyambo 26:2 ndi mulaliki 10:8. Zikomo kwambiri achimwene Lazalo. Gudu show. We are watching

  6. ganizani says:

    Sometimes quietness when hunting helps to catch the hunted unaware, he did better not to mention the resolution because some of you are still doing campaign. Its not surprising that you will lack the plan to disturb the system to achievement.

    Bravo mr president don’t let them know because they are also the ones which will run to donors to block your way to aid with envious stipulations.

  7. Pharula says:

    Mr Leader of Opposition don’t think that you can fool Malawians with those rhetoric . Those are dreams tell us the realities you have done.Any level headed Malawian can not be moved by such utterances.

  8. Pachalo says:

    Chakwera is better

  9. bwampini says:

    To show that the speech was empty thats why his trusted minster was sleeping while he was addressing the nation

  10. Jane says:

    Ku parliamentko ulendo uno mumuchite impeach peter, a malawi tasauka ife, tili pa mavuto olapisa. President opanda chisoni ngati uyu sizinachitikeponso dziko la pansi pano. President amayenela kuonesetsa kuti anthu ake akudya bwino ndipo mitengo ya zinthu zofunikira monga…chakudya, madzi, magesi zikhale zotchipa. Boma limayenela kuchita subsdies zinthu ngati zimenezi kuti anthu azikhala ndi moyo wa thanzi. Chonde ma mp a opposition gwilanani manja munchotse munthu osaganizila anzakeyu . . .

  11. Mchewa. says:

    Obaba O Chakwera u will rot there as an opposer bcoz what u knw is kutsutsa zabwino , zoipa inu mumatsutsa.

  12. Mustaf says:

    A chakwera kanyereni kaye.munandikwana ngati chimbudzi chokumba

  13. Eduardo Happy says:

    Mbusa Chakwera opposes everything inu. Are you surprised? He is becoming a specialist of kutsutsa. He too is empty and when he speaks it is like he is preaching-no substance at all. Just listen to his English-so cosmetic. Studying in the US for 5 years can’t change somebody’s accent more so somebody from Malembo. APM studied and lived in the US for decades-did he change his accent? Za mkutu basi.

  14. Total rubbish from chakwera he thinks he is an angel. If chakwera is true, why when he was a president of assemblies of God could not heal all the sick and raise all the dead? It is an indication that man has a limited ability in execution of everything. He is fond of judging as if he has solutions to all problems. God will punish you chakwera , uladi,a nd useless chihana for jealousy. You think all good things will come from mcp? If you are clean why are you collaborating with fugitive cash gater Joyce banda. To hell with you dirty thinking.

  15. laston says:

    you are a great leader and your vision seems to save the nation of malawi. We are waiting you sir!! to reberrate us from this turmal . go ahead 2019 is waiting you no doubt at all.

  16. Mwenemisuku says:

    Zopasana ma udindo chifukwa choti ndi mung’ono wa Bingu ndi izo.Pano wumphawi ndi njala zili tho komwe ku Thyolo komwe amamupasa Peter Muthalika zimavoti zankhaninkhani bolanso abale anga aku Misuku Hills akudya matoki ndikumanenepa.

    Muphunzisi ndi muphunzisi basi anangoloweza law basi koma za economy izi ndi eni ake.

  17. masanbanjati says:

    In case of a family rival and neighbour in land dispute even at village level a wise chief will never go and ask the counter part about the other because this other family will not say anything good about the other .So chakwera want the presidential seat so if you ask him about APM what do u expect him to say .he has to pretend to be different from APM so that next time people know or assume he is any better.But this pastor has never done anything that we can say he can change Malawi if given chance to rule.His only strength is that he is MCP and thinks he can do development just like kamuzu forgeting that kamuzu had no opposition and to say because kamuzu development and so will chakwera do is not only wrong but also absard and pathetic

  18. Kunenazoona says:

    I have read the President’s speech and I agree with those who characterise it as empty and offering no hope for the majority of ordinary Malawians who are sinking deeper into poverty. I was shocked that the speech did not contain any short, mediun and long term measures to stabilise the growth of the population which is putting pressure on limited resources. I was appalled that Peter Mutharika patted himself on the back that he has reduced the number of principal secretaries from 46 to 20 without stating measures that will ensure that the number wil not go up again. In fact the number was not reduced but they changed the title to chief director for some of the principal secretaries. The major failure of the speech is that it does not articulate the measures to boost the incomes of the rural and urban poor who are in a majority. And let us not forget that DPP under the Mutharika brothers has been ruling Malawi for ten years during which poverty levels have increased.

  19. Hide says:

    Chakwera ndi munthu omvetsa chisoni,bwanji osamuthandiza munthuyo koma kumutonza basi mukhala choncho ine nganga nda DPP Kuteloku lazalo chakwera olo utazamenyetsa nkhwangwa pa mwala siukudawina how can you leave preaching the gospel and join this rubish politics, mukufuna mukwanilitse malemba pa nkhani ya aagalatiya opusa hahahaha chakwera ayi ndithu sinthani si nthawi yomangolozana chala this is the time to c change

  20. Mzunga says:

    Kikikikiiiikikiii!!!! Zomwezi mpaka kulakatula poem yoloweza, koma chakwera kikliii!!! muthela pauleader of opposition pomwepo, kaya! analipo anzanu a jzu pano ali kuti? Nanga odi uko, amai ali kuti? Musova kikkiio!!!

  21. Concerned citizen says:

    PARLIAMENT, please explain to us the use of your committees. For example the committee on agriculture, what is it doing to diversify the cash crop base? With the way our MPS were sleeping yesterday, is there any hope for us? What is our Parliament saying on the developments on our lake dispute? With the theft of government money, we need serious action such as the death penalty for depriving patient in pur hospitals the much needed money they require. I fault you parlientarians for not being serious with our nations serious issues. Please start acting with urgency.

  22. sindidya ndale says:

    Hahahaha koma inu a chakwera, mulira mpaka liti? inuyo bwanji osamthandiza munthuyu kukonza anthu?
    Osayiwala kuti sitima imaphweka akamayendetsa wina.

  23. Mzakwacha, says:

    Hon.Chakwela,the speech was empty like his head.U expected a convicing speech from peter qota system muthalika?A chakwera nanu,u dont know the so called president has only water in his big head?We rely on mcp,pp&aford mupulumuse malawi ku mkango wa dpp.Just force him to step down.If u dont know how to tell him,call me.Pita watitopesa%.Mzakwacha Nixon-+27724922299.pretoria.

  24. True says:

    chifukwa chiyani a ndale athu sakupereka zitsanzo zabwino ?koma akumanena ngati kuti iwowo ndi amene angachite bwino akakhala pampando. Mr chakwera sindinawavepo akuyamikira any speech ya Nation president since chiyambire ndale kodi akufuna kutiuza kuti a chakwera ndi anzeru kwambiri kukhani ya ma speech??? so MY QUESTION IS WHAT TYPE OF A LEADER IS HE who always looks on the negative sides of the story,but remember what you say today it will be reference for tomorrow ,pliz be careful

    1. Mzakwacha, says:

      pita sanapangepo chabwino thats why chakwela can not support him.chabwino anapanga ndi kukwatila getrude basi.if this case,getrude,her relatives,mp’s,ministers,thyolo&mulanje,ndi amene amayamikila uchisilu wa pitayo.malawi yose plus the 2019 president(chakwela)will not support mavi ya dpp.Am on#+27724922299.Mzakwacha.

  25. Ichocho says:

    We already know our problems thats why people were sleeping during his empty speech

  26. Man of God says:

    Presidential material. No more no less. I can’t wait. This is my president. Amene safuna akhale.

  27. Xilef says:

    I have never commented on this online news before. This is my first time. Hear or read the speech and grasp the content. It is negating what Chakwera is saying.
    Nyasatimes and Chakwera; ‘Dont Mislead people especially those who have not heard or see it.’ I urge you reader, read or hear the content and then make your conclusion. Chakwera’s comment and analysis is political.
    I am not holding any political.

  28. A chakwera don’t just choose pliz provide solutions as you are part of govt if not you are also afailure don’t fool us zingodyani malawasewo basi msatinamizepo apa

  29. Bevulo says:

    Sizachilendo. Eversince i have never heard the opposition commending the state president’s speech after adressing the nation, even during the time of Bingu it was like that. Our opposition is really there to oppose. The only thing they dont oppose or criticize is when their salaries and allowances are increased. Too bad!

  30. Nyangulu Gondwe says:

    We are used to you mr opposition man that you will never ever appreciate whatever shall come out of the government let alone the president since you also aspire for the same office that which you will toil like your old baba tembo did but you will never ascend to it just like baba tembo

  31. Zuze says:

    This Dr Laz is a great man. It is unfortunate that Malawians are content with mediocrity.,

  32. Kachindamoto says:

    Chakwera, the era of dreams is over. This is the time for action. Why are you copying speeches made by Malcolm long time ago? Presidency is not pastoral work where you recite what the Lord said. You need to be original. Yours are just dreams dreams dreams…we need actions.

  33. Namalira says:

    That’s the kind of leadership we need.

    NOT a leader who dreams to rule till 2024. A leader who dreams enriching himself and his family. A leader, whose child negotiates a jet deal, with his knowledge. Not a leader who tells you your illness and never prescribe drugs for you to get better. A leader who acknowledges that Malawi is in trouble but he is clueless on the way of taking Malawi out of trouble. Not a leader who sugar coats inherited development projects. Not a leader who goes for project shopping. …….aaaaaahhhhhh

    1. kamoto says:

      Guys, we need to reflect all sorts of zimene mukipangazi panopa nzopanda mapilani.
      Mtsogoleri win a aliyense ngakhale pabanja ngati alive vision/maloto alibe tsogolo ameneyo, just think the coruption that is done through without vision from the leaders they just wake up in the morning and eat and then think of castigations.

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