Chakwera says Mutharika has failed Malawi: Calls 25-minutes SONA as ‘zero plan’ speech

Leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera has said President Peter Mutharika has completely failed Malawians and should have stepped aside instead of clinging to power.

Chakwera: Responds to Mutharika's SONA

Chakwera: Responds to Mutharika’s SONA

Chakwera, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and now the sworn political foe of Mutharika said this when he was responding to the President’s state of the nation assembly Monday in parliament.

“There is no hope for Malawians in this government. The President has no direction or hope for Malawians,” said Chakwera amid applause from the opposition benches and silence from the government side.

The uncompromising Chakwera said it is unfortunate that Malawians have no means of firing Mutharika and his administration for their failure to put in place an impressive economic recovery to resuscitate the ailing economy which he said has put Malawians in huge suffering.

“We are a nation in big trouble,” said Chakwera who said Mutharika’s administration has been characterised with politics of nepotism, slander, misinformation and contradictions, among others.

Chakwera said donor age is not yet over as claimed by the country’s leadership only that donors cannot give money to people they cannot trust.

He asked Mutharika’s administration to put in place sound economic policies to win back donor confidence.

“We simply can’t afford to let the ship we are sailing in sink into the economic waters just because the President does not know what to do,” he said.

Chakwera then punched holes in Mutharika’s 25-minute speech, describing the State if the Nation Address as “zero speech” which had no substance for the opposition to respond to.

Chakwera said Muntharika’s speech was a “waste of time” to the nation and Palrliament as it was done i na hurry as it lacked substances and instead of giving Malawians hope it only created a lot of fear to the public.

“The President’s failure to take full stock of the state of the country’s economy, food situation, security, social welfare, governance and other national issues is an insult to the Malawians that employed him to say how bad things are and what he is doing about it.

“Even if he decided that it was too early to give a proper State of the Nation address given that his last one was only six months ago, Malawians deserve to hear a full report on the progress being made on the multitude of promises he claimed his government was fulfilling when he stood here in May,” said Chakwera.

“Malawians listened to their President for a sign of relief from the policy decisions that are hurting them, like a plan to end failure to keep the IMF‟s Extended Credit Facility from going off-track as it is now, but the President had nothing to say,” the leader of opposition said.

He observed that the only positive from the President’s address is that it only lasted 25 minutes, “ so at least he was kind enough to not take too much of our time with his Zero Plan Speech.”

The MCP president also asked the government to speed up legislation that would regulate the operations of the National Intelligence Bureau which has been accused of snooping on the opposition leader and civil society leaders.

Chakwera said the President should have tabled a hunger report in the House, saying the situation is dire on the ground but warned donors that they should not contribute in cash but kind saying the current administration cannot be trusted with money.

He also asked the criteria used to identify 80 beneficiaries of the cement subsidy programme in each constituency.--Additional reporting by Owen Khamula, Nyasa Times

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99 thoughts on “Chakwera says Mutharika has failed Malawi: Calls 25-minutes SONA as ‘zero plan’ speech”

  1. Patrick says:

    Mtumbuka just wait for your time to come if you wanna rule this country and remember APM didn’t come into power by default so please keep your mouth shut and you tumbukas are racist,and Mr chakwera he needs to speak to Malawians as a man of integrity and one thing he is forgetting is that he’s rulling apaty that killed lots of Malawians and he think inks Malawians forgot about this and to be honest with you Mr chakwera your party will never rule this country again and 20years in opposition ant you ashamed of yourself.
    And chakwera you’re having infighting in your party and your not able to resolve your party issues but you’re rushing out to point issues in our current govt than resolving mavuto akwanu shame on you Bwana and this shows that your move to politics is about money not the interest in resolving Malawians issues,and you were given a car and you accepted it yet you say govt is misusing money and if that’s the case why you didn’t accept the car that was given to you if you’re really a man of integrity.
    Zikakupweteka kwambiri kakolope Nyanja
    Patsogolo ndi APM patio gold ndi DPP.

  2. zixy says:

    I salute my inspiration Chakwera for a well planned, said and helpful speech…I think APM has a lot to learn from Chakwera…. indeed that 25minutes speech had some sense in its Nonsense…….

  3. Azencoh says:

    Tamva zomwe mwanena but your supposed to come up with solutions also tione kuti anena chani. Chifukwa akuti you make noise when they ask you for solutions you run away from them. Think about that and do something Mr LC

  4. chimwemwe says:

    My Vote is for MCP 2019 but where will the kwacha be by then DPP 5000 to a dollar

  5. chakwera iwe unasiya ntchito yoposa presdent ndukolawa muchimbuzi chazimayi kumachuluka nzeru kuti mumenemu ndizazisa, iwe palibe chanzeru chomwe unganene bora uladi mussa

  6. ChiipiraMbuzi kugundagalu says:

    1. Sometimes, I tend to wonder why people give comments without valid arguments. In the end these brainless fellas always trace back to the move Chakwera made to join politics as point of argument. [ Its water under the bridge] Chakwera is in politics-lets face it : Forget about whatever(Leaving sheep thing). Bring facts here with proper arguments- you don’t even have the guts to judge others anyway.

    2. Most of you are saying Chakwera has to bring forward strategies to help government stir the economy back, instead of throwing criticism at the Government. My question is why and for what? Is DPP a listening government? Do you think he should propose those strategies in a speech in response to National address?
    3. When all is said and done, with the current economic situation which among others has resulted in : Closure of lab services at Kamuzu Central, Did you expect the opposition to be smiling, really?

    If you feel that, the opposition shall stop critiquing because, somehow you are affiliated to some clueless ruling party, or indeed you are from the ” foolish belt” then your chasing the wind.

    1. Ronald says:

      Absultly chakwera wans’t wrong being opposition side realy means he is part of the game he knows what he talking about.”Chakwera!AMP has failed only for 1year and decrare to step down him,yes we agree so you are part of gvt whyn’t derect the presindent to range manner is tym of chances also you opossers you change the way reguard things

  7. mtumbuka1 says:

    Impeach the useless president! We can not have a president whose brains have gathered dust it’s a shame and abomination. Even if voting will be tomorrow lomwe people will still be voting for this useless layman…. For fuck sake’s man, this lunatic needs to go by a bullet or impeachment it doesn’t matter he is a liability to the people and the country.

  8. Unyangánya says:

    Thumbs up Chakwera. Tell this good for nothing zinjathropus who call himself APM to pack up his belongings and vacate State House. Mr. APM, it’s good to admit failure. Iwe Pitala mkamwa mopanda manomo usatinyanse namo. chinkhope kunyansa ndi nkati momwe. Chimpazee chenicheni. A good example of human evolution.

  9. ngwale says:

    Ine sindkuchiona chfukwa chomangolimbana nd nfundo imozmoz yomweyo mmalo mopanga focus on holding hands fo the development of our country. Achakwera as opposition leader why dont u mobilise your fellows to work with tis government ncholinga chot term yao ikatha ngat sanayendese bwino nanu muzalowepo? Musamanamize dziko kut ndinu man of God mmmm! Tiiwale kaye zimenezo coz your speach is full of anger and hatred over this govrnment. you are not electrol body to stop the president from working. Chitukuko chkukanika mMalaw muno chifukwa cha asogoleri ngat inu omangofuna pamwamba bas criticisng fo nothing! Mungozichosera nazo ulemu izi

  10. Bambo a mwana says:

    Yes Chakwera has no experience yobera ndalama za boma ngati APM and his stupid team.

    Anthu ena just make comments out of their slumber; tell us what good thing dd your teethless president say in his nation address speech?

    U r busy clapping hands for the devil on your empty stomachs. Go to hospital only to be told go buy the dollowing drugs panado inclusive.

    one wonders why then is the govt still taxing us while it cannot meet basic social services to its ppo.

  11. wanthu says:

    MCP if you expect to lead Malawi that means you are playing cards, which MALAWI are you looking at?? i was once hidden in a washing basket running away from youths who were selling kamuzu cards and today am a free man and you expect to lead this country again..

    About the man of God am so much worried especially about his ministry. i have heard he is preaching at his church crusade next week, but what kind of message will he going to deliver??????????? May the Lord have mercy.Politics and christianity and two different things and contrary to each other.choose one thing Mr leader of opposition.

  12. adyauleje says:

    All the stupid positive little comments blindly supporting Mutharika are lomwes. But the funny thing is Lomwes are the most ovutika in Malawi because of their blind loyalty. Right now ayamba kale kupemphetsa madeya mmanyumbamu for their food. 90% of azilonda and housemaids are Lomwes and they are still coming in large numbers in lorries zonyamula nthochi just to seek housemaid/guard employment in Lilongwe hahahaha!!! My housemaid and garden boy are from Thyolo and Mulanje respectively, you see? Munyerebwa ndi njala chaka chake nchino.

  13. Gift Nyika says:

    Chakwera ndi man wa nzeru, mulungu akusungeni ,okunyozani angotenga themberero chabe

  14. Abwana KP says:

    Amwene inuyo ndiye a stupid osati chakwera monga siukufuna kuti nkhalamba yanu yopanda manoyi yakanika kuyendetsa dziko? U must be very stupid

  15. maganizo wa maganizo says:


  16. Romento says:

    It is clear that APM is President simply for the glory and nothing else. He finds it difficult to understand that he is supposed to improve the lives of the people who put him in office. He is there just to enjoy the best accommodation, food, and travel that money can buy. And he enjoys the attention that he gets from frenzied DPP zealots as well.

    He cannot for a moment think of trimming his mammoth convoy and other excessive presidential perks and use the money thus saved to keep public hospitals running properly for instance. It is all about him, and no one else.

    Dr Chakwera did well to tear into him the way he did; but APM is not going to change. As long as he can keep enjoying the trappings of power, APM is happy. And voters in my home region, the Southern Region, will still vote for him simply because he comes from there. His job performance, or lack of it, does not concern them…

  17. CHIEF says:


  18. YAKI says:

    Chakwera has no experience , he is just talking things he does not know

  19. mache Joy says:

    boma amangosintha ngati siketi?? boma akulamula ndi Peter ndipo opposition inalipo even before Peter nde izizo sizachilendo koma apapa zupangika mwaumbuli zedi?? limbikilani nthawi ina muzasankhidwa osati kukakamila kuti Peter achosedwe mmmm muzinamiza ndipo olo atahcosedwa azalamulire ndi ena ndipo osati inu bambo Chakwela koma iwowonso azakhala ndi mavuto nde fosholo yopangila impeach izikhala pafupi coz mutopa chifukwa simuzapeza opanda banga ndi YESU YEKHA

  20. Amir says:

    Looting goverment ayi tatopanazo..time for change…people with vision take over..go chakwera

  21. mapapaya says:

    a chakwera nde Mtsogoleri wotsutsa. Amnzanu anatsutsa mpaka kupuma ndale. Inunso muchita zomwezo.Bwerani kwa Goliati muzidzati Kwachaaaaaaa!. Kamuzu.

  22. Prince Edward rsa says:

    The only problem is that some pipo just take things lightly backing muthalikas foolish leadership style, NIB must be desolved and malawi electrol commission (MEC)must be made an independent body,MBC must not use tax payers money

  23. Patriot says:

    MCP, PP, Soldier’s UDF, some Independents members, some DPP members
    Don’t waste much of our time, the country needs to move ahead.

  24. kkkk says:

    Abale gulu lanu lamtundu wanji losatha kuyamika? Nzanu apange ichi chosakoma pamaso panu, kodi mwayiwala munali momo munkangodzuza wanthuuuu, paja sitima imaphweka akamayendetsa wina.

  25. Mark Liwonde says:

    No matter what Chakwera and his MCP will never rule this country. What recommendations has he made??? A good critizer offers better recommendations.

  26. burning says:

    Kkkkkk,razalooo kuyendetsa dziko sikuyendetsa Assemblies of God church…..2019 ndikuonekatu uli pa # DPP,two UDF ,3 umodzi party.4 MCP yopha anthu

  27. malili says:

    Alomwe nonse musanapange comment muziyamba mwawerenga maccoment amene ali mbali yanu for instance out of 62 comments only 9 are for Peter nde muzichite rate. muone kuti muli pati? what is it that you are benefiting from this stupit government Ufiti chani???? ndarama ya kwacha mwaiona???? ma Doctors ndi aja mwakanika kuwalemba, A Saulos amati ma civil servants akulandira change iwo awapatsa ndalama Mwalandira ndalama zenizenizo ma civll servants anzanga??? makamaka a chilomwenunu Cement subsidy ikusiyana chani ndi ndi mudzi transformation ya Joyce? God is watching you and will fight for us as he has been doing. Malawi will be a testmony believe you me. A Chakwera God has placed you there for a purpose keep the fire burning face the devil head on we are totally behind you! read how many comments are yours do not be discouraged. We are also praying and fasting for our beloved country taphula njerwa pakwana we want to cross jordan now and see the Dpp and its Charoits perishing. I rest my case.

  28. Cool man says:

    APM ndi dhilu and MCP isamazinamize kuti ulamuliro ungazabwerenso ku central region kapena ku North apo ndiye angozinamiza and munthu wamkulu kumadikila kuti a president andithandize muphetsa ndi njala mkazi ndi ana chikufunika ndikulimbikila basi anakuuzansi ndani kuti dziko amayendetsa mmodzi, for the economy to improve its everyone’s responsibly, u need to contribute to the development of the country osati kukhala phwii kumadikila a president

  29. chilipaine says:

    State of the Nation chronicles all things…from the negative to the positives. It provides the people with an insight into what their government will do about the negatives. It provides hope, for that is the least a government can do. To coast past the issues and hope that “investment” will fall from India like manna from heaven is simply living in a fools paradise.

    But what else can really be expected from these criminals…all they know is to play with words…thinking that the country is too sleepy to notice their stupidity and lack of innovation.

    As for Mutharika’s friend at the American Embassy, just go home …Malawi would be better off without you…

  30. Bwana Chakwera tiyeni naye ameneyu, muuzeni chilungamo. Zinthu zikudula udyo, pano bread ali pa MK300.00 nanga tipumila pati a Malawi. Mbuzi imeneyi yopanda mano mkamwa.

  31. Uyu ndi Kape says:

    Dr Chakwera you are too good to be responding to the senseless speech the dull guy delivered

  32. Wadyera says:

    Hahahaha Chakwera you dye with jealousy while your friends are enjoy the fruits of being in power. Ask Honourable Tembo he has been on that sit for two decades without testing that Number One Plot. As far as Malawians are concerned, can not vote MCP into power lest we forget all the atrocities that were committed by your party. “Ngakhale atandi fiyira doom mkammwa sungavotere MCP munthu wamoyo! Usawi chiii. Your party did a lot of damages than good. MCP spoiled this country hence the suffering today. No house will be a good house if built on a poor foundation. Your party relied too much on donors hence the suffering today. We have enough resources to enable us feed our selves but your party MCP brainwashed Malawians that we can’t do without donors. DPP has a different Mind set. DPP led government knows well that with time we can stand on our own. Having one shirt which is your own is better than a dozen borrowed shirts. And you Chakwera if you failed to lead Assemblies of God do you think you can run the country. You stole a lot of Money from Christians which you bought houses in Lilongwe one of which you sold to the Asians in area 15 towards elections. You are a Cash gate master number one. To hell with your MCP.

  33. Captain Mediocrity says:

    So it is a great response because he mentioned things that have been relatively publicised by the media and govt???? The SONA simply set the tone for what should be discussed. Absolutely fabulous and the first state of the nation address I have ever actually paid attention to.

    What I would have expected was the leader of opposition’s thoughts on how best to address the problems or his strategy as to what key areas must be dealt with. Nit the same tired ” the president is asleep and he has no ideas”, I’m sorry we’ve heard that already and we get the point, now can you tell us more than what you feel about a party or its leader, this doesn’t always have to be a popularity contest, save that for your pentecostal church leadership elections

  34. Che Ngana says:

    Look At This Man He Has Fasted For 40 Days That Peter Should Miraculously Handover Power To Him On This Day Or Suddenly Died After The Speech.I Dont Blem You Only If You Have Known The Difference Between A Parliament Session And A National Adress.Did You Hear What Henry Mussa Said???Muzifunsa Zinazi Pena Mmangozionesera Umbuli Wanu.Na U Get Ashamed Of Urself??Ukunyozetsa Dzina Loti Abusa Iwe.Munthu Ozikonda Ozikweza Iwe.Unamwera Zikho Za Yehova Uzingoyaluka Choncho. Stupid And Thoughtless Chakwera.

  35. mona says:

    Noxy you are a fool ulibe mfundo ndiwe mbuzi ya munthu

  36. SONG says:

    This guy so called Peter, failed to run three ministries, Ministry of Justice brought bad laws of banning, Ministry of Foreign affairs he deported British envoy and ministry of Education academic freedom saga. How can he manage the country. He must go to american embassy and get his green card go to america and start teaching again. Don’t worst time here you have proved to be the worst president. If Muluzi run this country but did not have even MSCE what is telling us. That Professorship is for teaching and not presidence. Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, SA etc dont have presidents with professorship but are running the country prudently. Work hard Chakwera you are becoming state president shortly.

  37. Lord Mansfield says:

    Ife Amalawi Sitichedwa Kuiwala Paja, Chaka Chomaliza Cha Bingu Nkuti Zinthu Zitavuta Kwabasi Mpakana Zionetsero Kamba Kosokonekela Chuma Komaso Ali Busy Kunyoza Ma Donors Amalawi Tose Tisamaiwale Then Anatisiya Panabweja JB Zinthu Zinayamba Kusintha, Then Pachisankho Tinaiwala Zose Tinadananazo Ndi DPP Mu 2011 Muja Tukasankhaso Dpp Yomwe Ija Wth the Blood In Leadership (Apm, Chaponda, Kaliati, Jean, Goodal, Henry Mussa Ndi Mabolera Ena Omwe Aja Nde Lero Akanene Kuti Time For Donor Dependency Is Over, Its Just A Failure By Govt Coz Even Big Economies Like Dat Of Egypt, Rsa, Tz, Moza Even India Or Greece Stil Needed Donors To Resucinate Their Economies, Boma Lathu Liyenela Kupeza Solutions, Plans & Tangible Aultenativesosati Kumangoziombesa Makhoma Kuendetsa Boma Ndi Serious Bzness Anthu Tose Tudikila Inu Kaya Ndinu Alomwe Nanuso Musamangoikila Kumbuyo M’bale Wanuyu Zinthu Zaima Pamalawi Pano NO HOPE EVERYWHERE

  38. Telling the Truth says:

    It was totally wrong for Peter Mutharika to blame democracy and freedom of speech or expression.We have to point out what is going wrong and it is up to Peter Mutharika to answer and explain. Dr Chakwela was spot on. We want to know who killed Mr Issa Njaunju and why. As for donors it is obvious that they don’t trust DPP and that is why they cannot resume budgetary support.

  39. Noxy says:

    Chakwera doesn’t impress me.We don’t have intelligent opposition now.

  40. GRM says:

    MCP and DPP are both clueless. Chakwera is true that APM speech was clueless and showed analibe mfundo. Koma he is wrong to call it zero speech. MCP and Chakwera are clueless. If not stupid. How can they lost this opportunity to come up with a comprehensive state of nation address tackling our problems and possible solutions. Sivuto lawo. Nawonso sakudziwa. ZISIRU ANYANI ZIKUNDU SASEKANA

  41. Manga MM says:

    A chakwera perekani mfundo osati zimenne mukuduna inuzo ai. Mukuonetsa kulephera kwanu muli kunja kwa bomaeshiiiiii

  42. chakwera tsono wabvomereza kuti anthu ndiomwe adasankha APM…NDIYE MUNKAATI ADABERA CHANI???

    Just know satan will never rule us; donor money or not life will b possible okay? ??

    does it make sense for a God fearing country to receive money for bad policies? ?
    eg ; gays??

    Dont internalise politics kuti muzigulabe chikhamu chamagalimoto anu aja!!

  43. Sapitwa says:

    Is this the response I was expecting? His mind is still dwelt on Donor Aid budget. He can’t accept the reality that Donors for budget are gone. Tanzania, Zambia,Kenya and Zimbabwe have no Donor Aid Budget.
    What alternative solutions has Chakwera put forward for take it or leave it for a quick fix in the current situation? Zero because he doesn’t know. Do you think Donors will give Budget Aid to your government because if you Chakwera being power? You are day dreaming! Donors will pursue a wait and see approach to let you meet their requirements as their position would not change. Worse still, they would be very cautious in dealing with the government whose political party was well renowned for butchering and maiming its own people not long ago and this is fresh in their minds.Chakwera, it is you who has failed to instill hope by bringing alternative solutions because you don’t know them.

    1. Abdul razak muhammed karim says:

      U cannot compare those countries to Malawi, they are patriotic, have resources of which they use them for the betterment of their ppo, unlike here lots of resources but nothing being done just snoring at statehouse

  44. nam'bwibwi says:

    Maiko a anzathu anazindikila kuti upulezident sintchito yoti munthu wagwilagwila ntchito kwa zaka zoposa 40,watopa ndie wati ndikakhala prezident. Mapeto ake ndi zomwe tikuona Muthalika kulephela,uprezident ukufunika anthu oyangwayangwa ngati Chakwela oti mphanvu zidakalipo.

  45. madalitso says:

    A chakwera you will end up by insulting our president but you wil never voted into power believe me .think of jona after he refused the almighty to go into the land of nenive and preach wat happened take my words our lord is not a failure you will not succed. Let peter rule and hand it over to somebody you and m c p. No thats imposible .no way m c p can’t deliver malawians from any situation you are lying you wil agree with me come 2019 you will not win .come 2024 the mcp party itself will not allow you to stand as their presidential candideture. So you go back to pastrol

  46. napwili says:

    A APM ulesi, kukalamba,kupanda mfundo,kupanda mano,kupanda chilungamo,komanso matenda ampezekesa. Sikufunatu ai ndipo akuyesetsa kuti achte bwino koma sizikutheka komanso sizitheka ai.

  47. maiye says:

    koma enanu speech ya APM munaimvera nkomwe?

    a Chakwera so you think dealing with donors is easy stuff? inu ngati mbusa kukuuzani kuti mulore mathanyula ndi abortion for aid mudzalora? osamaphweketsa zithu because things are happening on the other side iyayi.
    Ndipo walemba speech ya APM ndi munthu wanzeru zake, compressing things for the wise to understand.
    zowerenga speech ya two hours ndi umbuli wa anthu osatha kulemba ma speech.

  48. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Well prepared, well articulated rebuttal, way to go leader of opposition. You have raised the bar so high, you make Mathanyula look so stupid.

  49. mwiithotho says:

    Inuu, mbusa omangosintha mipingo! What reasonable thought! Could he ever cook up? Foolish Malawians!

  50. Chrispine Ndhlovu says:

    I once said Peter does not have the charisma to move this country forward. He is too casual for a president. He takes things very lightly.

  51. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Mwa umphawi ndi umbuli adasankha olakwikaaaah!! Nthawi ya ku sadziwa Chauta amalekerera. We all saw how dismally Peter Mutharika performed when he was minister of education but we experimented on him. Tidya udzu a Malawi . Tidawerengera madzi amphutsi.

  52. malawi wane says:

    At a time malawians need to know what the government is doeing that it should employ health personels and teachers the malawi mntharika pretends to rule malawi as if he is in diaspora by just speaking for 25mins. Indeed mntharika has failed malawi. He is the prof of doom. He cannot speak on issues for fear of making mistakes. Bwana Chakwera, malawians have solutions. We can empeach mntharika. We have God who does it for us without any blood shade. Malawians should be praying for regime change. We should be climbing mountains praying and fasting. Our God has ayes and ears.He sees all their evil plans on malawians.Canally malawians we can also remove him but it will set a very bad precedent. Bwana Chakwera malawians are behind you. You are the only hope.

  53. Disgruntled Citizen says:

    Its only fools like the illiterate Dpp people who doesn’t see anything wrong with the leadership of the failed wamutharika just because he can make them drink a bottle of fanta and some bun in some tribal grouping like Mlakho wa Alomwe doing belly dancing like beaten snakes.Malawians have been reduced to paupers with this backdoor president aided by his crooked friend Saulos by manipulating votes.Malawi has totally gone dogs with this leadership of wamutharika.He seems to be clueless on everything.I wonder when will this country of sleepy people mainly people from the south who cannot see anything wrong and just supporting blindly because of their useless tribalism.Tribalism will never take Malawians anywhere.Start picking people out of policies.Blind loyalty will never change things in Malawi.It will be garbage In Garbage out.Repeating the same thing now and again will never change anything.

  54. Napwito says:

    How I wish Chakwera was our president: Comprehensive speech, factual……spoken in good American english….osati nyapapi who fails to speak chizungu even though wakhaka ku US…..lilime la chihlomwe ndi chizungu siziyanjana……komanso good looking than this moron this BIG nose and no teeth!

  55. HRAD says:

    zero speech indeed

  56. pat says:

    Stop being hater rather be a constructive
    Ur wrong Chakwera, on yr response u just showed anger, hate jealous & how desperate u are. Frankly speaking I can’t either see u to become a Malawi president, Open up yr eyes and know where zip up ur mouth.

  57. James ( Jak) says:

    A Chakwera Akuonetsa Mtima Ozikomda! Speech Ya President Muli Mfundo Zabwino Zomwe Tonse AMalawi Titati Tigwirane Manja. Dzikoli Lingapite Patsogolo, A Chakwera Adziwe Kuti Iwonso Alephera Kunena Zoona! Maganizidwe A Ubusa Awasiye Tsopano Omangodalira Kupatsidwa Basi!

  58. pat says:

    Was this a response to the President speech?
    Ur wrong Chakwera, on yr response u just showed anger, hate jealous & how desperate u are. Frankly speaking I can’t either see u to become a Malawi president, Open up yr eyes and know where zip up ur mouth.

  59. pat says:

    Was this a response to the President speech?
    Ur wron

  60. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    Is Cashgate dead? What of the billions Kwacha embezzled?

  61. mona says:

    Dr chakwera you are a presidential material muli ndi mfundo painu si grammer yokha yomwe ili bwino komaso mfundo zanu ndizogwira mtima
    How i wish you were the head of state osati mbuzi ili panoyi yopanda mfundo.
    God is good soon malawi will smile muli president bwana chakwera may God favour you sir.
    And give you long life tili pambuyo panu bwana chakwera

  62. nyasa reporter says:

    For sure we dont have s president in malawi. What a shame

  63. Zanako says:

    Achakwera this is not church business this is government

  64. vavlov says:

    The Malawi president is always lost; wonder what preoccupies him. Does he have sharp advisors? Why cant he use his deputy, Chilima who is a thousand times more intelligent and articulate than the president. I could be wrong but the Malawi president exudes dullness and is clueless

  65. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    It is said that a crisis should not be wasted. In other words, a crisis must be turned into an opportunity to:
    1. Clearly and honestly describe the nature and scale of the crisis;
    2. Clearly and honestly identify the causes/ sources;
    3. Design solutions ( short-term, medium-term and long-term) to address the crisis; and
    4. Put in place mechanisms, procedures and programs to prevent any recurrence of such crises.

    The leader of opposition was correct that the many ills of the country were not fully identified and, therefore, to that extent, their causes and solutions were not spelt out.

    An honest and detailed outline of the country’s challenges by the Head of State creates a national awareness of the issues involved and galvanises a sense of common purpose to overcome such adversity. The spirit of oneness the President rightly called for is easily strengthened when the people are convinced that their Government is fully aware of the challenges faced by the country in all sectors and related solutions:
    1. Increasing production in agriculture, manufacturing, construction, transport, tourism, mining, housing, etc.
    2. Improvements in social services (health, education, recreation, social welfare; etc)
    3. improvements in Govt. service delivery (registration of companies, encouragement of domestic investors, information dissemination, stamping out corruption, elimination of financial waste, motor vehicle registration bottlenecks, a cumbersome multiplicity of fees and charges; electronic payment, law and order and security enforcement to combat crime, etc). In other words, Government must be lean, efficient and deliver on the basics needed by the nation.

    4. A broad outline of fiscal policy and a coherent development strategy together with the related resource mobilisation efforts to achieve the socio-economic goals: low unemployment, poverty reduction, higher rate economic growth and income, low inflation, improvement in foreign exchange reserves, higher private and public investment, sustainsble public debt, etc.

    Some of these issues were mentioned, but an overall direction of the country is unclear. Where will the nation be a year from now, three years from now or five years from now.

    There is need for a clear overall picture of the key challenges, means of addressing them and set goals to strive for. Such an approach provides a nation with a sence of common purpose and galvanises a common resolve to be self reliant in overcoming the problems and strive towards a brighter future.

  66. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Inu Pitala ndi DPP yake sadzathekanso

  67. American accent Rivals says:

    Dr Lazarus Chakwera you are my man,I will definitely vote for you in the coming elections which will happen earlier before 2019 due to the imminent death of Peter muthalika,this President is not only clueless about our situation but he is also very Stupid,I wish if I could meet him in the street without his bodyguards so that I can punch his fat ugly face until he breeds to death.

    Our neighbours Zambia,Mozambique,Tanzania and South Africa are enjoying their lives,eating good food,their children going to good schools,wives do shopping,men afford to subscribe to DSTV premium for the whole year,why is it only Malawi that is suffering,languishing and gnashing teeth

    All this suffering is happening because of the Muthalika family and the Lomwe tribe.

    Our Grand father Kamuzu left us a lot of money and other stuff to sustain us (his orphaned grandchildren) in the future,came Bakili Muluzi he squandered a little but still felt pity for us and left a little bit .

    Then came what I like to call The Biggest Mistake in Malawi Presidency-The Muthalika Brothers.
    They Mercilessly root the already empty and thin Purse of Malawi finances until there was nothing,and we (the orphaned grandchildren of Kamuzu) started to survive on Cooking unripe Mangoes.

    Donors did their Intelligence and realised that the problem is originating from Chisoka village in Thyolo,so they agreed that Whenever the President of Malawi is a Muthalika never deposit cash into Account Number One.

    Now this Idiot of a president is trying to makes us all share the blame of our sinking economy,no way.

    You created the problem yourself by siphoning billions of government money into your offshore accounts and starching some of money in your bedrooms.

    We Malawians are genius,we know everything that you guys do,we are just polite but we are not stupid.

    Time will tell

  68. English Guru says:

    The only positive from the President’ address was that it only lasted 25 minutes, so at least he was kind enough not to waste too much of our time with his zero plan speech! Classic! In other words if he took longer than 25 minutes, he would have bored us to death, literally!

  69. Professional Analyst says:

    Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

    Thank you very much for a well prepared and researched response to the presidents national address in the national assembly.

    You have raised very pertinent issues which must be urgently addressed. Toppling the list are:

    1. 50 + 1 rule on elections

    2. Insecurity must be addressed

    3. 577 billion cashgate must be investigated

    4. Food insecurity

    5. Provide donor confidence

    6.Revamp economy

  70. English Guru says:

    ‘Donor age is not yet over…only that donors cannot give money to people they cannot trust!’ Thanks Dr Chakwera for summarising it succinctly. Donors cannot trust DPP, period!

  71. zaro says:

    Chakwera ndiwe mbuli yotheratu! Paja uli ndi PHD ya social studies kaya ndiya religious education! No weight in dat! U c’nt undastand economics! De prsident has said the very neccessary thngs! Lets jst wrk hard n put politics aside! Amayankhula amalawi nt only u palamentarians! Tatopa ndi ndale ife! Mbuli!!!…….

  72. Ppk says:

    That’s the state of the nation address

  73. Njolinjo says:

    You articulated point by point. That was a good response to an empty rhetoric SONA by the old man. Congrats!

  74. Andrew Obama says:

    You hit the nail bwana Chakwera. This government is clueless and yet keep talking of winning by landslide. Even chickens know all is not well in Malawi and the cause of it is the DPP. Keep telling Malawians the truth. The reason they keep critising you in because they are afraid of and Msowoya and the Mighty MCP. Rather than governing, they want to focus on petty issues that add no value to the plight of Malawians

  75. Shonai says:

    What can chakwera say.Keep on working with your deputy Mr Presdent.Malawians cannot be cheated these days.They understand the stuation and its origin.Chawera has no ayes and noplan at all.He is useless.He is only thinking about his vote being stollen.sindiye tuloto.

  76. Bwande says:

    Chakwera is now becoming of age. Objective criticism. I can’t wait for a day he will be my president. I will be proud for once to be Malawian then

  77. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Cardiac arrest is around the corner……mark my words.

  78. Che Bakali says:

    Is the abusa confused, lost touch, unwell up there or hungrey for the presidency? So take your time, there was once a big man Tembo but ask him how he ended like makala a mvunguti. He used to lead the party to court after every elctions but never yieded anything. Kaya ziyeserani mwina tsiku lina mkuzasankhidwa pa u second vice prisidednt, kaya!

  79. Asant'e says:

    That would be a genuine leader!!! But Peter Muthalika no vision!!!!

  80. jmc says:

    Kikkkk! Leader of opposition without a clue of how Malawi can move ahead without donors! I now understand that u dont deserve t lead Malawi as President. Honestly Pastor all u aspire for as leader is bring back donors so that u can carry on begging? Kkkk. Wt a sad position by u Pastor! Go bak to preaching..Go bak to begging from church membership! Running country requires serious minds who dont ealk usual paths of negging and begging. Wt does Malawi expect from pipo of this mind like pastor Chakwera as president. Beg and beg and beg!

  81. Mapazi asiyana says:

    Was this a response to a State of Nation address or a speech at a political rally? Seems to be so impulsive and prepared in a hurry. While the views of Dr Chakwera are respected,I feel it is wrong to accuse the president of failing to give hope to Malawians in his speech.The president painted a picture of what the situation is like. I totally agree with the president on donor dependence. Hope Chakwera had time to go through the comments made by some diplomats on donations especially Michael Nevin. Its time weaning started. Chakwera shouldn’t claim that Mutharika is clinging to power… When was he supposed to step down? It is this thinking of going to state house that is slowly taking away the intelligence from the reverend. Boot him out ndi vote not this silly propaganda of failing to provide solutions or alternatives. You are in opposition to help government take care of Malawians. You are paid for that. Galimoto akugulirani ija its because of that. Anditame anditame satithandiza Ku Malawi kuno. Ndiye mwati ma donors azikagula chimanga kapena chakudya kupereka Ku boma osati ndalama pothandiza vuto la njala poti boma lingathe kuba ndalama!! At one time,while in Soth Sfrica addressing the whites,Kamuzu said that “iwo amene amanena kuti wina asapatsidwe kanthu pa zifukwa zoti akhonza kuononga,amakhala anthu a njiru.

  82. nyg says:

    Am Sure APM z not a miracle worker bt 2 me he is tryn. Laza Shud Know Dat He Cant Make Malawians Think In Da Way He Does. APM z da only leader 2 hav assumed presidency wthout donor support. i aint a DPP sympathiser.

  83. selfish decision says:

    Indeed completely failed just imagine as I am writing there is not even a single nurse at 4B.
    I understand they are on strike what a cruel world to the poor.Its a shame nothing in a right direction and we claim that everything is right.
    Refute come to 4B at Kamuzu central hospital right now.Its a shame

  84. MaKopa says:

    Chakwera its your job to fire the President through impeachment not the speaker. This M1 has failed Malawians

  85. Happening Boy says:

    Those who said president had spoken well can now comment positively or negatively for the one who the speech was empty had spoken.

  86. what have you said says:

    a chakwera akunena anzawo, iwowo pamenepo anena kuti chani?

  87. Uncle Regan says:

    We still have a long way 2 go 4 us 2get 2 2019 i wud suggest these 2 guys shud resolve their polical differencies rather than fighting while we strugling. He z saying its a waste of tm but He was there and after listening 2 that zero speach he will go hm with money. Y can he bring forward his recovery plan n ask v government 2 try it. Tatopa ndikunyozani kwanuko conde tukulani dziko

  88. malawi says:

    Mr.Chakwera simungamvetse, APM is the leader who do things unusual. politics or laws can be changed, its not gospel please. report of malata & cement subsidy program can b presented by chairman of its commision, details of how can b given by ministers. if president should give full report of every project in one speach eeee! obama’s speach would be taking months to lead!! malawi is developing & one day it wil b imposible to give all details of everything on the ground in one speach…shame MCP, bwinotu a chakwera zosafuna changezi mungamadzapheso ngati MCP yadzana kkkk mpaka criteria 4 beneficiallies of malata program mu speach? stupid!!

  89. blessing lipengs says:

    That’s the soon to be the President of Malawi speech. osatizinazi ,Peter can’t afford more than 25 minutes speech reasons , has no Teeth 2 he is a sleep walking President. Kodi abale mamembers a UDF alipobe?

  90. innocent says:

    Mr chakwera pliz speak as you was a Pastor.

  91. lackison says:

    Peter ndi panja uyu

  92. Amfumu says:

    Go back to the pulpit and stop this canal language. Chakwera always sound bitter in his political language.
    APM won power through elections and not by appointment

  93. akuntinji anamuona says:

    The problem with you Mr Chakwera,you have been engulfed in the spirit of the position. Your analysis of Mutharika speech shows strong element of jealous.

    When somebody considers your background, we were expecting that you will live beyond party aspirations but to my surprise party ambitions have overtaken your integrity.

    I was expecting that you offer substance where you saw no substance. But the reality of your position seems you took a position of a marker. You are busy marking Mutharika speech instead of offering solution. This is another waste of resource apart from consuming allowances without conducting meeting.

    I think Malawians we have talked a lot and we have heard a lot, it’s time to move into actions that will transform our status to better.

    Please Mr Chakwera offer solutions that are implementable.

    If we are to fire the politicians, then consider yourself to be the first on the list for servicing opposition who does not offer solutions to our challenges is a burden.

  94. chatonda says:

    This is the leader who calls the spade by its name. This is the best response people were waiting for from the Leader of Opposition. True, the president was supposed to give reports on hunger, economy, drugs, education etc but alas, he came without this report. May be he forgot it at home. Keep it up Bwana Chakwera not the community college everyday.

  95. haward says:

    Chakwera has a vision and there is substance in what he is saying. A president a Peter sadziwa zambiri zakumalawi kuno. Chakwera deserves to be the president of this country osati matchonawa adangotutana ukoo ali wabooka malawi tiyeni, Goodsl, Chaponda, Kumpalume aaa mbola


    Zaziiiii! Mbusa wozerezeka,ukhalira mwano wako omwewo,ngoo! Suza lamulira Malawi,mpaka Yesu adzabwera

  97. The Professor says:

    This is a clear manifestation that APM and the whole DPP is clueless and I Wonder how many times did the person who prepared that speech repeat Standard 8. These are empty tins only good at making loud noise. Kkkkkkk even special prayers cannot work here. Anyway let us continue praying for them so that come 2019 they choose wisely. Vote MCP 2019!!

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