Chakwera says Mutharika must stop pussyfooting, let him revive Malawi economy

Malawi opposition leader Lazarous Chakwera is asking President Peter Mutharika for immediate action to get the nation growth again, accusing him of “pussyfooting around” while the economy was in the doldrums.

Chakwera : Time to create a new Malawi

Chakwera : Time to create a new Malawi

Chakwera podium in Nkhotakota  surrouded by MCP supporters

Chakwera podium in Nkhotakota surrouded by MCP supporters

The opposition leader is demanding genuine austerity measures, saying Mutharika’s government needs to stop pussyfooting around.

Chakwera addressing a political rally in Nkhotakota during the weekend said most Malawians are retreating into despair and placing their fate before God as the country’s economic fortunes continue to take a downward knock.

He accused Mutharika government’s failure to curb corruption it its rank and file, create employment and improve on public service delivery as some of the issues causing lamentable frustration among citizens.

“MCP will fix all problems which Malawians are facing. We have the solution and the clue, we will deliver on that,” he said.

Chakwera said come 2019 elections; MCP has put up a grand plan of action to stop rigging tactics by the DPP.

“The good thing is that we know these people well, they rely on rigging the votes to be in power. But let me assure you that come 2019 they will not be able to steal the votes again because we will be very alert,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said it is unfortunate that Malawi economy is off track and that the leadership is now awful.

“The government is punishing Malawians with punitive tax regime, on each and everything, this is the sign that all is not well,” said Chakwera amid ululation and hand clapping from the party supporters.

Chakwera’s remarks comes in the wake of comments by former Minister of Finance, Chikaonda Chikaonda—who is also group chief executive officer of conglomerate Press Corporation Limited (PCL)— that Malawi was in a make-or-break situation due to a myriad of problems, among them government’s runaway expenditures.

Chikaonda is quoted in the press speaking p during a graduation ceremony at Catholic University of Malawi (Cunima) in Nguludi, Chiradzulu that poverty levels in the country will remain unchanged, at least, for the next 24 years unless the DPP leadership starts appreciating its failures and admits the current mess.

He also attacked Mutharika government for spending millions of kwachas on political rallies in the name of development rallies when hospitals lack essential drugs and equipment.

He cited oxygen concentrators, which are crucial hospital gadgets and cost about K1.4 million each that are inaccessible in most hospitals.

“Dowa District Hospital needs seven oxygen concentrators, but they have one. On the other side of our expenditure behaviours, a public rally by government costs about K70 million and if you divide by K1.4 million you have 50 oxygen concentrators.

“So, just one public rally is equivalent to 50 oxygen concentrators…meanwhile patients in the hospitals are unable to get treatment because the gadgets are not there. We should have remorse for the way we have managed this nation,” lamented Chikaonda.


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Phela Endaba

Numbers 71 & 72 you do not know what opposition is all about in Malawi & you do not even know what scenario we Malawians are in. Do you want the opposition to be helping the failing DPP government, your beloved government? MCP has its plans and ideas to use when voted into power. Why should DPP win credit from peeping from the opposition? I thought you rejected the MCP? Be sane enough!


Boma ili nde eee lozikonda


So that means APM is a pussycat or pussy!Kkkkkkkkkkk!

George Kamanga

alomwe sangalalani ndawi yoti mudye zakuba yakwana.

I expecting to see your districts to be in great change with all what your fellow poorest lomwes need in their lives

George Kamanga

kufuna alomwe NDE ndibwino kufuna galu kuti akhale mutsogoleri wako.

Captain Mediocrity
So we should vote for you in 2019 coz ‘mukusungila’ the brilliant ideas??? These guys don’t have solutions, because their job as opposition is to keep the DPP govt in check. These solutions should be rammed down the govt’s throats NOW (if the solutions are really there) and be spoken about in the media as the brain child of the ‘mighty MCP’, wouldn’t that help Kamuzu’s party. This strategy is similar to the ‘rigging allegations’. My take….just like the rigging allegations where they have no proof, its the same way they will bark ‘we have solutions, wait for 2019’, when… Read more »
Robert Zingani

DPP! Moto!! Forever!! We like the Blue! Not u,ife tinazuka kale!

Robert Zingani

We don’t make noise to run the Government,mr chakwera! Ur not commanding other tribes to be involved in ur party only chewas so with that forget to be a President of MW!

Lungalunga pobadwa

Dpp has totally failed Malawians.If somebody cannot see this,then something must be wrong upstairs.Malawi has become a hopeless failed state with this clueless Pitala who imposed on himself to be our leader through rigging.Pano ndiye zamunyelera.come 2019 he will get 1 percent of votes from his goliati village people.




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