Chakwera says under Kamuzu there was no ‘Mulakholism’

With the cacophony of accusations levelled against President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government on nepotism and ethnicity favouritism, leader of the opposition Lazarus Chakwera has said founding president Kamuzu Banda w as a unifying pillar who never played a tribal card.

Chakwera and John Tembo at the function

Chakwera and John Tembo at the function

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe greets former presidet Bakili Muluzi at the Kamuzu memorial

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe greets former presidet Bakili Muluzi at the Kamuzu memorial

Chakwera speaking at Kamuzu Day events in Lilongwe on May 14, said Kamuzu’s principles should be embraced by everyone in the pursuit of unity.

“Throughout his rule, Kamuzu emphasised the fact that Malawi is one nation with united people despite cultural diversity. He said there is no Tumbuka, no Chewa, no Lomwe, no Yao, no Sena. He never marginalised people based on tribe and region or religion,” Chakwera pointed out.

Mutharika has come under heavy criticism from opposition in the way he has selected his cabinet and some public appointments. Critics accuse him of practising nepotism by giving top positions in government to people from his southern region, loyalists and his tribesmen.

They argue that the new appointments and cabinet has exposed rationalistic agenda of the DPP-led administration.

The previous DPP government led by Mutharika’s brother, late Bingu wa Mutharika, also faced widespread criticism on nepotism.

In his tribute to Kamuzu, the genuine Ngwazi (Bingu wa Mutharika was a copy-cat Ngwazi), Chakwera argued that because of his love for peace and unity, Malawi has relatively remained united, calm and peaceful even during the most contentious and troubling moments.

According to the Chendawaka Family, May 14 is Kamuzu’s official birthday. It is also a public holiday in Malawi which is set aside to celebrate his life.

, Finance Minister Goodal l Gondwe – who represented President Peter Mutharika – agreed that Kamuzu was a great statesman and that there are “too many” development projects that Kamuzu accomplished which he said are benefitting the nation up to this day.

“We are here in Lilongwe. That’s his creation. We were in Zomba before but he decided that we should be here. Now we have seen how convenient it is [to have the capital city here],” said Gondwe.

He also cited the M1 road, the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) and the University of Malawi as some landmark development projects that Kamuzu undertook.

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68 thoughts on “Chakwera says under Kamuzu there was no ‘Mulakholism’”

  1. Mbwiye says:


  2. Vitu Dunga says:

    Dpp Ndiyausilu

  3. kanyimbi says:

    We are better off now than during Kamuzu time. Nowadays people have Televisions and are building big houses which was not possible during Kamuzu time. Do not fool us. Zachamba eti?

  4. Pharula says:

    It’s very unfortunate that comments from our leader in waiting is so nepotistic that I tend to wonder given a chance he will nillate the mulhahhos.Do you expect any vote from mulhahhos? Please be mature.

  5. Kenkkk says:

    Ma, your first point I have already responded to that in my earlier posting.

    Your second point about quota system is not straight forward. Kamuzu had to wait more than 20 years to introduce it in 1988 why? He was too old in his late 80s or early 90s depending on which birthday you take and decisions were mostly being made by the likes of tembo and Cecilia. Just like Ben today !! This was done purely because most of the people threatening the govt and in exile were northerners. It is not because northerners were dominating everywhere, if that was the case why did kamuzu wait 20 years to introduce the quota??

    Bakili abolished the quota but who put it back? Of course Mulakho Bingu!!! Perpetuating tribalism and started the stupid tribal groupings which are too obviously divisive to the nation on the pretext of culture and thieving govt coffers.

    If bingu and dpp were not tribalists, why did they bring back quota which bakili abolished for the good of malawi unity and embracing academic excellence which benefits malawi. And what is the current dpp govt doing about it?

  6. cash gate says:

    Amene amatsatila DPP ndi munthu amene ali ndi nzeru zobwerela, sayang’ana patali komanso samaganiza mwakuya za dziko lake. Kumbukani Eviso Matafale, nanga Chasowa osaiwalanso anthu 20 pa 20 july paja. Ndizodabwitsa mukunena kuti MCP inkapha anthu, nanga DPP bwa? nanga UDF bwa? muziyankhula zinthu zolikonda dziko lanu. Umphawi umene unalipo munthawi ya malemu Kamuzu Banda ndi umphawi omwe tili nawo panowu ndizosiyana, umphawi wapanowu ndi woipa kwambiri chifukwa anthu akusowa chakudya chokwanila pamene nthawi ya malemu Kamuzu anthu ankadya ndikukhuta. mmidzimu munali ziweto zochuluka koma lero zinathaitha. Dziwani izi: umodzi, kukhulupilika, kumvera ndi kusunga mwambo, ndizokhazo zingathandize kutukula dziko lathu

  7. Mamu says:

    I am privilaged to have stayed from one party dictatorship state to multiparty system of government. There has never been a political party in power which has never showed nepotism. Let’s start from Kamuzu era. Kamuzu was nepotismistic. There was a time where by people in the south were killed and exiled because they had the southern accent. At the same time people in the central region were rewarded not because they were most capable but because the were homemates to Kamuzu. People in the North Were also sent back to North because they were northerners. Cashgate was also there. You remember there was an issue of 21million kwacha. You may say it was a small amount of money but how many were millionaires that time? The highest denomination was K100. Time of Muluzi it was the same thing. A person with an MSCE was given a ministrial post because he belonged to that religion. There was also cashgate during that time remember the Sam Mpasu issue? Came Bingu it was the same issue. Amayi did the same shocks of which we are feeling now. This government is also doing the same. Oponyos in the state house. For the northerners I can not say much but they are also nepotisimistic. They have not yet taken the helm of presidency but it can be seen from the trend. If a company has a northerner as a boss the subordinates are northerners again. Not forgetting Mzuzu corner in Universities. What Dr Chakwera ànd all politicians have to tell us is they want to forget everything and start a new. If that is the case I will forgive them and forget but if they will continue pointing fingers I would rather like to remind them that “He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.”. I see no one clean amongst these politicians.

  8. Kenkkk says:

    Kamuzu didn’t chase north teachers. He said every teacher should go to their regions. It was for all teachers. It just happened that the other two regions didn’t have many teachers in the north while the north had many teachers in the other two regions. So there were more movements of north teachers returning to the north than the other way round. In other words more north teachers were disturbed than their counter parts.

    As regards the death of the four ministers, just look where they were killed and it tells you who might have done it. They say a spy always kills better in a terrain or location he knows best!!! Yes the bulk stopped with kamuzu but who actually did the killing? Look among yourselves you dpp fools!!!

    Laz is right about mulakhos and tribalism, they have elevated it to a most disgraceful level ever seen in malawi. Kamuzu was more balanced, I thought you have been complaining there were too Many tumbukas, well kamuzu was not from the north but he made sure that tumbukas were well represented throughout his era.

  9. chefourpence says:

    chakwera iweyonso you are tribalistic usaBowe! Remember during the campaign you said MCP is only for the centre and north? What is that? During your tenure as President of AG, you appointed many Tumbuka and Chewa pastors into prosperous churches in towns. Galu iwe! Chifukwa umachinda ku North umakondera atumbuka and you are bent on creating a tribal divide between northeners and southerners to your political advantage: Satana! Umati DPP isankhe agalu inu mu cabinet? Asankhire mantha? Pa mtumbo!

  10. Ma says:

    Chakwera I dont agree with you here.

    1- Kamuzu chased all teachers from North to go back, where were you? Why only teachers from NORTH sent back? If this is not tribalism, then I need Chakwera’s special dictionally.

    2- Kamuzu imposed quoter syystem to sampress the Tumbukas saying they are are getting all places in UNIMA,,,,if this was not tribal tendences, am sorry Abusa, then you need to consult Christ to enlighten you.

    I guess 2 examples above are enough.

  11. Ganda says:

    MCP should be the last party to talk about tribalism in Malawi. I am not a fan of DPP or the Mutharikas but MCP in the Kamuzu days was the worst tribal chauvinists thinking the Chewas were the best of the tribes in Malawi….so shut up Chawera and present development ideas rather than attacking personalities….Only fools or people who were too young during Kamuzu days would ever think of voting MCP back into power. We saw the darkest of days in those days and I for one would never want the name of MCP in power ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. stanley says:

    Makolo anga anandiuza za nkhaza za kamuzu zonse pano kwasala kuti ndimuuze mwana wanga angazanamizidwe

  13. gogi says:

    kodi achakwera you think a malawi akugonabe? MCP ndi ya ku central komweko ife ayi mukamufune iya. THe more you celebrate your Kamuzu the more you remind us of his evil deeds. Keep quite and respect yourself. ma farm munkagawana achewa aja, ma promotion mumapasana mboma aja makolo athu anatiuza zonse. Never again MCP ruling keep on opposing or go back to church

  14. GRM says:

    It is not good at a funeral or remembrance function to say bad of the departed or let alone other people. OUR PAST LEADERS HAD SAME WEAKNESSES OF TRIBALISM. Bingu constructed university in his home village so is Kamuzu. Bingu constructed a palace in his village so is Kamuzu and Bakili. Bingu appointed his friends who happened to be Lomwes so is Kamuzu. Bakili appointed everyone to his cabinet and we accused him of being extravagant. HOW CAN PETER TRUST AND APPOINT OTHER PEOPLE WHO HE DO NOT KNOW? Let us be realistic. If i am chosen to be a president today i will choose my friends whom i know and can trust. None of them is from the north. This is not that i am tribalistic no. I do not have friends who are from the north.

  15. Denguzman. says:

    Only stupid and selfish southerners are the ones making silly comments against Chakwera koma one day mudzindikira whoz Chakwera. Believe it or not Chakwera ndi mbeu ya 2019 kudzalamulira dziko lino.

  16. how about Chewalism,?

  17. Shushe says:

    Reserved until chakwera read the history again.

  18. John K Black says:

    The Mwanza 4, “the crocodiles are hungry at night” you name it.

  19. Abiti says:

    In 7 years how many people have been killed by Bingu and his cohorts. And mind you in democracy with a reformed Police. How much was stolen by Bingu and his cohorts in 7 years? Bingu was 60 mwk billiona rich Yet he couldn’t afford a beer when he retired. How many companies will Mulli own now – MSB, Inde Bank, Mobile Company, Admarc. Basically Malawi would be owned by Mulli. I pity Malawi that wouldn’t not develop because we are so tribalistic, our thinking are party led

  20. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Mr. Chakwera, you have just started to burn the bridges you were building in the south, before you were even halfway in the process. And you have just rubbed salt in the wounds that were not completely healed.
    Most people in the south ( I can’t say about the north, because I don’t live there) know that Kamuzu was the specialist in tribal favoritism. Everything was Chewa, Chewa, Chewa! The sena, yao, lomwe, were marginalized to the maxi. He was even verbally abusive to the Maseko Ngoni of Neno: telling everybody in public addresses that they were naked; they wore no clothes (anali ma saveji).
    Only the Chewa were the real beneficiaries of his largesse. Southern tribes were non-entities. To top it off, he also killed many prominent southern politicians. Some of them, by picking them off, one by one like chickens, outside the borders of Malawi. Those who were not picked off, lived but terrorized lives daily.
    Mr. Chakwera: nothing you can do now will convince southerners that your party is a changed party. Changed from Chipani cha Magazi (The party of blood and death)!

  21. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    o’Chakwera: Bwana, are you kidding me?
    Were you living in a cave during those bad dictatorship years?
    Kamuzu perfected the art of favoring the Chewa, and his few cronies. They amassed lots of wealth, too. When people sang “zonse ndi za Kamuzu” they just left out “ndi abale ake, ndi Achewa)! Eighty per cent of the development was in the Chewa zone. Only that people could not point this out, for fear of getting fed to the Nile crocs. And you know it!!!
    These days, post-Kamuzu proto-dictatorship, we can all, including you, criticize those in leadership. Without fear! Thank goodness, he’s gone; for the sake of democracy.
    …that son of a gun! It’s unbelievable that an elder of the Church of Scotland, as he claimed to be, could be so diabolical.

  22. gavalanala banda says:

    Mutharika and his fellow Mulhakho cronies are just a time waster in Malawi.What can you get from the headless pea brained Nankhumwas?Saulos Chilima did a very bad job for rigging us these useless people who have also turned against himSome of us can’t wait for 2019 to shelve and forget these useless Dpp people.They are a pain in the neck.

  23. Adamson says:

    Enanu munali ana pamene kamuzu amkalamula dziko lino. Yemwe analipo ndiocepa lero angasapote mcp. Mwaiwala zanduna zinayi zija, solobala, mpakati, madinga, amkafuna kupha mabishopu akatolika onse anawagwira mpaka mkuwasowesa kwamasiku 5, mzambiri ndingatope nazo kulemba apa.
    Zingavute motani mcp sizalamulanxo dziko lino. Mviri yake inada kale. Malo moti arsofoleri ake akonze zolakwika mpamene akutukwana amzawo, shame on u.

  24. Tilibemau says:

    Most of the comments that talk ill of Kamuzu are brainless.You need to distinguish that Kamuzu was ruling in a one party state while your waste dictator Bingu ruled this country in a multiparty era.Imagine The party of thugs and killers-DPP was ruling during the one party rule what could have happened?Chipani cha manyi chankhanza chokondera tribe imodzi yokha.Stupid party with their stupid leadership.Cabinets full of one stupid tribe.Shame on you!!!!!!!!!! Just talk of development Kamuzu did very well indeed in 30 years.Mbuzi zosapota mfiti.Nanunso mfiti mukulemba zosapota the Chipani chakuba ndalama za ku MSB bank agalu inu..

  25. GOGO says:

    Chakwera was very young when kamudzu said that (teacher from northern regio must teach in northern region ike wise central and southren regions

  26. bookwormer says:

    But there was guleism .this so called retired pastor is becoming stupid each passing day.

  27. mada says:

    aaaaaa iwe..ukunama2..we the northenerz we are behind MCP not the initiators of cashgate..

  28. Apatu ndipasiwa sipopangila zandale

  29. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Those talking of teachers being transferred to there respective homes should understand that that arrangement was done becoz teachers of northern origin could not dedicate their job when in central and southern regions. This is unlike teachers from south and central regions but were in northern region. The imbalance of literacy is also linked to the conduct of teachers of northern region origin who hqd a scheme of deliberately making students from central and southern regions not to go ahead with education. Atapita kwao ndikumakawuzilanaso mayeso. MTUMBUKA SADZATHEKASO

  30. Okhrana says:

    Hehehe o Chakwera simungakhale wa nzeru, opemphera and odekha as your bro Chakwera MP, my beloved former principal of Domasi, kapena mwangofana maina, kupusa kuposa olishya ng’ombe onnanu

  31. henry says:




  32. commentator says:

    Nsinjiro mwachulutsa izi. Kamuzu anachita zinthu zabwino. Komanso anachita zinthu zina zoopsa. If you don’t acknowledge both, we won’t come out of the trap…

  33. Kapenandiye says:

    I think Chakrwera is very bitter with the south and Mulhakho. Had it been that there were no any other tribal groupings in this country, let alone his own tribez, i would understand. But how can u point a finger at someone when three fimgers are pointing at u. Lets talk of Kamuzus achievements without comparing to other leaders coz Kamuzu was worse in human rights than any Malawi leader, I think chakwera was not in this country during Kamuzu time or he was sucking his moms breast by 1992. I have followed ur speeches but they are not up to no good for ur future. Ur distancing urself from the southerners. This kind of speech eiiishhh if ur elected president, i dont know!!! Start crafting ur speeches to embrace the Malawi nation otherwise i see u failing misarably in 2019.

  34. nana says:

    Iiiii ndinadula card ndi mimba ya means wanga yemwe pofuna kukwera bus pa wenela.amunanga anagwidwa ndi msonkho wa k3 kwa chaka.chakwera unali kuti sungadzalamule mlw

  35. Yamikani says:

    If Bingu replaced Kamuzu and not ziazi, may be most of the Malawi’s dignity would have been preserved. Not going round and round, akuluwa a chiwiriwa ndiamene anawononga zinthu which we are failing to put back. I fail to understand as to why he is not ashamed.

  36. Chithumwa says:

    Ma coment aganyu kikikiki koma alomwe ndi chipani chawochi kikiki ayayaih!

  37. Tili Chenene says:

    As for me, Kamuzu Banda is not an angel either. He did much evil as well. On fact, I still hate his leadership style.

  38. Zolozolo says:

    Mr Ibu Chakwera bwerelani ku chalichi. Ndale simuzitha. Kodi aTembo sanachite handover history ya political existence ya MCP. Please make an appointment with Baba Tembo akuuzeni mbiri yachipani chanu. Chipani chanu we should take it to ICC. Musatiyese please

  39. Aristotle says:

    that’s the rise and fall of chakwera.inde munthu amakhala wabwino akafa koma za tribalism zokha ndiye ayi kamuzu kunali kudya kwake. not only tribalism but also regionalism.kodi atumbuka si aja adatiyendesa wa uyouyo?kodi si uja adawotcha muzi onse wa ayao kuja kwa kamoto coz chipembere waz a yao from that village?abusa chonde musamanamize amalawi! zinyozani alomwefe koma muziziwa kuti ife zimatikhuza mumtima ndipo ziwni kuti chizaone nchipande poomola!

  40. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Hestings Kamuzu Banda left Nyasaland going to where he went too for 40 years when people were speaking Nyanja , when he came back from the wilderness it’s the time he turn Nyanja to be Chewa. The truth is that the lake means Nyanja and the people they spoke Nyanja , in Zambia , Mozambique and Nyasalanda.


  41. Politcal analyst says:

    Who is a political advisor for this immature leader of MCP- Chakwera? Did you (MCP political advisors) really tell him to publicly declare his hate against the southerners? Most northerners suffered despicable atrocities under MCP rule….ranging from teachers to politicians. And now you declaring war against the southerners? What kind of a leader are you? You will need the votes of these southerners very soon in 2019. At that time, they will respond to what you have said today. Osazalira kuti akuberani mavoti.

  42. big testicles says:

    kamuzu anali big man. there will never be another. RIP

  43. chingolopiyo says:

    This man Chakwera is right, there was no Mulakholism, because all the people in the country except Kamuzu, were women, including the man who has run away to tendered God’s sheep was a woman. Gulewamkulu was the day, you wanted everyone kugula njira. Chomwe mukuiwala a chakwera ndichoti inunso muli ndi gule lanu la achewa lomwe Kalonga Gawaundi amayendetsa. Bola mulakholism, nanga ndi makadi, . Mufunse mizimu ya a Gadama, Chiwanga, Matenje akufotokozerani za Kamuzu.. Mufunse ng’ona zija zilufotokozerani. Mudathamangitsa aphunzitsi a kumpoto onse , ubwino wake uti. Nyumba zabwino zinali za kwa kamuzu ndi kwa kadzamira, akanakhala anthu anali bwino nthawi ya Kamuzu bwenzi anthu atamanga nyumba zabwino zomwe kuzizionazi. No man would buld a better house during Kamuzu, all we had to live in thatched houses that does not leak.

  44. madzo says:

    Kamuzu was racist he chased many teachers who were tumbukas from the centre.

  45. Student5 says:

    Kamuzu built mtuthama only for his relatives surrounded by poor housing for every one else

  46. Tiyanjane says:

    It was Johm Tembo and his niece Cecilia Kadzamila who chased teachers. Kamuzu who is half Tonga could be heard on mike checking with Cecilia: ‘what, teachers? Oh, ok’ in fact at that time, the big bwanas in MCP sent their childre n to sec schools in the north where best science, maths and english teachers had ended. When reality doned on them, the same people went down on their knees begging the north teachers to return to south.

    Today, were are seeing children of top DPP people taking all space in school in the north. Enanu mumangobwebweta za chased teachers pamene anzanu kuseli amawasaka ma teachers omwewo. Same with qouta animal which is many of you ignorantly applaud when the main beeficiaries are childrem from homes at Areas 43/10/12/ 9yambadwe/sunnyside/BCA. SHAME

  47. Stock says:

    ATembowo was chairman of 11 parastals munthu mmodzi. Inu munali ku states kapena. Please musatikumbuse zamakedzana tikulililani.

  48. Seba says:

    AChakwera Kamuzu build Kamuzu Academy in his village next to the Kachere Tree

  49. masache says:

    Malawians we are too sleepy all these stupid things can end with federalism

  50. Vikhumbo says:

    Kamuzu mukunenayo anali ndi sankho mumfuse Tembo anali ndi maudindo ambiri koma iwe Chokwera,reserve governor,chairman of all parastatal,press trust,interpreter,loading then president wa mcp,now its you mchewanso,Mcp ndiye ya sankho,ukati utele Njovuyaleme,belekanyama NGC ya mcp kungokhala ochewa enewene.eshh amvekere neptism,tribalism,munatizunza mokwana,mpang’ono chabe paja mwana adzalangidwa chifukwa chamakolo,inu mukulangidwa chifukwa cha kamuzu wanuyo ndi Tembo.kunali kukondera kokha kokha kunena kuti tidzilankhula chichewa,amafuna ziyankhulo zinazi zisadziwike part imodzi yongosonyeza kuti kamuzu anali okondera mtundu wa achewa so zisawawe poti ndife.

  51. Anaphi says:

    A APM mutimangirenso town yamakono ndi nyumba zabwino pa thyolo boma. Mulakho wa Lhomwe khethe khethe

  52. nyavizwazwa says:

    Namani, kwakucherani, only that the truth pains Chakwera is speeking about facts. There is no way katapila watenga ndi wina asafale ndi wina. no way.

    Ngati ngongoleyo alipilira inuyo kambani zithe. but otherwise there is a fact. Mulli borrowed the money why shod the nation pay for him when there is no medicine in hospitals.

    Those teacher defiled the chewa culture in the true sense they were supposed to meet the village heads in secret and in a diplomatic manner. Who would be happy for despisation, no body?

  53. Mucracker_2 says:

    It is very sad development that Apostle Chakwera has taken. Kamuzu was never a good person. He was a god and its not surprising that people like Chakwera continue to worship that little despot.
    Peter never formed Mulhakho wa Alhomwe, he found it existing, why should he suffer is it because he is a lhomwe? Peter has NEVER said anything evil of Chakwera and his MCP but you continue bashing him for reasons known to yourself. If Chakwera wants to run this country, he should come out and grow like a statesman and not be like Allan Ntata who is ever crying for milk.

  54. yohan munthali says:

    Even Kamuzu chased teachers from the north from the central and northern region. Abusa mwanama

  55. SENTI Chimoka says:

    Achakwera nthawi yoseyi munalikuti mukufuna muyakhule zotani. kupanda Mulakhowu munali ndani inu sibwezi mutantha ngati makatani inu

  56. Nyoni-nyoni says:

    Pafupifupi ma company ambiri akuno south astsogoleri ake were people from central, pano zinthu zinasintha simukumvesa, ndiye mulimbe nazo chifukwa zoti achewa muzalamulanso muno ndakayika, munatizuza kwambiri kuno, mateche ndi mapama anatikwana. Bwererani kwa mulungu a chakwera mulibe nthawi inu.

  57. alekekuba says:

    Kodi Chinyanja chimasiyana bwanji ndi Chichewa? Whatever reason Kamuzu had for choosing Chichewa as the national language, there was a genine need for a unifying language for the country. Whichever language was ging to be chosen the critisim would have been there.

    Kapena m’mafuna akanasankha English as the National language?

  58. Nganya says:

    inuyo a MCP if you were intelligent enough, you would use this day to go door to door, to undo the emotional and physical abuse kamuzu afflicted on people of malawi. this is not a day of celebrations, who in their sane mind celebrates life of a cruel monster? you should be talking about the dead dictator’s evil ways and prove to the people how you are a transformed party. Koma poti anthu ake simudzudzulika! Mpamene mumandinyansira

  59. Phodogoma says:

    Chakwera you were not a politician by then. If there was no Kamuism then why the Tumbukas were crying that time. Who chased the Tumbukas in Malawi? Who killed the big four and threw them at Thambani Turn off in Mwanza? Who punished us with chamwaka? Who punished us with Makhadi? Go to Kasungu just very close to Kasungu on the way to Malomo, you will find a village with very good houses over 50 of them built by Kamuzu.What did you do? what can if Muthalika thinks of constructing houses in Thyolo for relatives. Check your mouth as a leader. The very same Lomwe you are considering as dogs you will need their votes tomorrow or the other day. Fighting against the Lomwe means reducing your votes in 2019. You don’t know the Lomwes. They will punish you until you retreat in the field of the politics. If you will be the president of Malawi you will be the president of everyone including the Lomwe. However the way you are victimizing the Lomwe you act as if you will punish. If that mentality comes into the mind of the Lomwe achimwene mukazapeza vote kumwera mudzandifunse dzina langa lakuchibwana. Mark my words.

  60. Malawiana says:

    i have a question for Chakwera – anyone with his contacts, please pass on this message. What have you done or intend to do as an MP or leader of opposition that will benefit society? who cares what the stupid dictator kamuzu did or didnt do? what do you have to show for yourself. I hate this thing of praising this foolish man or the other, our society needs action for today. What is your solution to the rampant crime in the country? going to villages handing our R50k is not a solution Mr Fake Accent man. You know what I am talking about.


    Chakwera you are in for it. This is just the beginning of your true evil life in serving the devil.

  62. Tambala says:

    This Chakwera guy is so pathetic why Kamuzu chase teachers from north to go back to their region, Why in north there was no university during kamuzu regime. Why most powerful people in govt were from central like Gadama ,Tembo etc wasn’t that nepotism??? We respect Kamuzu because he is our founder of Malawi nation…nothing less or more peter choose people from south because that’s where he was voted most if next elections central and north give him votes definitely you will get large share of govt to jobs

  63. YAKUONA JUSABU says:

    Hon Chakwera is wright. There was KAMUZUISM during the time and it was a lesson on its own in Primary Schools.

  64. Justice Nyasulu says:

    This man so called Opposition Leader is a person with bunch of contradictions. Mulakho wa Alhomwe is not as you have said but rather a mere cultural grouping like Chewa heritage and Yao grouping. What about Kamuzu ordering Northern teachers to go back to their respective region. Is it not tribalism. Use your sense Mr. Man of God. Otherwise you are useless politician and you are becoming unpopular. No sense!

  65. mwiithotho says:

    Onama iwe wa Nyau! !! Wa kaadi a u membala. Ubwerere ubusa. If you a man enough. If you can MANAGE to act honestly before God Almighty!

  66. eric says:

    Nde bwenzi atumbuka atawathamangitsa. Musachulutse zokamba tangokumbukilani muthuyo. Nonse muli ndi zofooka zambiri. No president brings development but us the owners of the money.

  67. Moni says:

    Chakwera is forgetting that the whole nation was bulldozed to embrace Chichewa as a national language. Action speaks louder than words because up until to date we’ve all become Chewa’s through that nepotism. We had Chinyanja, a widely spoken language of the three countries of Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi, but because Kamuzu took his tribe as more superior, he made every tribe bow to Chewa’s through Chichewa. In his Kamuzu’s 17 member cabinet, how many were from central region? Among his trusted cronies how many were from other regions? Zero. To list just a few, the known people close to Kamuzu were John Tembo, Kadzamira, Chidzanja etc.. all from central region. The Manjamkhosi’s, the Chiponda’s, the Gadama’s, the Sangala’s, the Muwalo’s, the Gwede’s, the Kapanda Phiri’s, all from central region. In all the years the only prominent from the south were Gwanda, Bakili, Edward Bwanali and a little of Deleza. The North had only Aleke Banda and Chirwa. Wasn’t that nepotism? And I think it’s high time we stopped Chichewa as our official national language and revert to our previous Chinyanja.

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      Hear, hear! On the last statement. This will happen, when we get a very brave president!

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