Che Nkope moves to Times TV, Mbonela quits MIJ

Nancy vs Che Nkope comic-maker Nicolas Mbonela has resigned from Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) radio with his comic series now on television.

Mbonela: Che Nkope  now on Times TV

Mbonela: Che Nkope now on Times TV

Mbonela, who was, until his resignation Head of Programmes at MIJ Radio, told Nyasa Times he has secured a contract for the comics to be aired on Times television.

”We are on pilot phase, for a month now, but so far there is a [positive] feedback,” Mbonela said.

Mbonela disclosed he resigned from MIJ two weeks ago to prioritize on his studies. He is doing his bachelor’s degree at the Polytechnic of the University of Malawi.

”Nancy vs Che Nkope is a trademark I created and now people have a chance to enjoy their favourite comics on television.”

Mbonela said he opted for the name Che Nkope in honour of his late father.

”Che Nkope is a village in Mangochi district and that’s where my late father hailed. I decided to adopt the name for my comics in his honour.”

Mbonela joined MIJ in 2011.

Last year he successfully underwent a medical treatment at Milpark Hospital in South Africa after being
diagnosed with Carcinogenic shock, a condition in which the heart fails to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs.

Aside the comics, Mbonela also known as Nthumwi Nikodemo is a musician and was part of now defunct music duo, Atumwi which he used to perform with Piksy.


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37 thoughts on “Che Nkope moves to Times TV, Mbonela quits MIJ”

  1. Ishmael says:

    Koma nanga programme ya Zili pati?….nde saipanga redirect ku Times ko?Ndi yabwinonso kwambiri.

  2. Jamira says:

    program imeneyi ndi ya ma babies. simakoma,

  3. Wailing Soul says:

    Che Nkpe in its original creativity can only be succesful on radio. Unless you turn it into muppets, probably it would be funny. Something like Cookie Monstter on Sesame street. Or else you may run it more like King of the Hill or The Simpsons animated series. Otherwise, I bet it wont work this way. But I loved it on radio to bits.

  4. Welcome to times television for chichewa press 2 for english press 1

  5. human says:

    Kodi che nkope ndi nthumwi, ine ndimadabwa kuti unasiyilanji kuyimba – ndimangoti imeneyi ndi network unapita nayo. Wakumbukira one love? Good that you are well and kicking

  6. chris says:

    Have watched it but I don’t understand why you show a lady in a mini this not abusing women?

  7. Chicoalnd says:

    Nice Move!

  8. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good move bra we go for green pasture at all times cheers buddy,See my name

  9. isac x says:

    yes man takunyadlan ankope

  10. William Banda says:

    Mbonela is a good material for radio, he is very bad at stage shows, saw him in Lilongwe at Alakatuli function at Kamuzu Insititute for Youth, he was not impressive and was very boring and irrelevant. those wo attended the show will agree with me. the show was called Bwalo La Alakatuli organised by Matindi FM. The guys irrelevant.

  11. debola simon says:

    Comment zabwino zonse ntumwi

  12. kaya says:

    Its gud to hear. Nice shot!

  13. kalebe wanda says:

    Chemkope more fire

  14. Penjaninge says:

    Welcoming u wth all two hands

  15. Paina says:

    Takulandilani che Nkope

  16. Synoden says:


  17. Wisely says:

    Cardiogenic not carcinogenic,

  18. Wisely says:

    Cardiogenic not carcinogenic

  19. Mc never says:

    Zabwino zonse che nkope

  20. Nkalapwaga says:

    Congrats bulasa

  21. I’m far away from home but I have got some folks who send me some clips here & there. The only thing that has made me happy is that you had a successful treatment cos I just read it in Nyasatimes the time you went to RSA but I didn’t know how it went there. Big up!

  22. Nambuma Girl says:

    Didn’t you know kuti Zodiak inamizidwa mmatope a DPP. Zodiak inasiya ku bheba chifukwa ndi Supporter wa DPP. Remember May 2014 elections?

  23. isakisalaelo Mwanakaparamolo says:

    I totally agree with the observations made by Chimphamba Nedi. I have also watched Che Nkope on Times TV. The ideas are good. Really good. BUT, should be blended with actions and not just seeing a lady who at times seem not to be speaking at all! Find something convincing otherwise this will soon become boring!! Wakutsina khutu ndi m’nasi!! You are very creative but something is lacking somewhere somehow. Work on that one. Not just a lady who is doing something contrary to what we are hearing. I don’t know how you will do that but am sure there is room for improvement. Thanks to Nyasatimes that we have been able to advise you.

  24. Hoitty says:

    Koma this Nancy Nkope series is boring and not funny at all. The words pronounced and the lip movement do not match at all. Boring picture keep it on radio basi

  25. GN Phiri says:

    Carcinogenic shock? Mwatipinda, consult your medic dictionary again!

  26. We welcome u che nkope. Critics shall always be there. When we criticize u get it on a positive way coz we are your audience. Each day n each criticizim is there to direct you other wise we feel che nkope maka kaja ka nase koti wapeza mzungu, i like the hint that amuna akumalawi kulera amachita kugwilitsa ntchito mankhwala kkkk azungu amangoyiwerenga eti….. Ndakumvani man. Iwe ndi dhill we need more moral lessons in your clips. Welcome to a tv audience

  27. Tchende mbeu says:


  28. goes says:

    Zoona che nkope ndakufila

  29. jackkambewa says:

    Thats aplan of god brother wishing u all the best.

  30. Chimphamba Nedi says:

    Che Nkope! The comedies on Times TV are great for a start. Pictures, however, that show an unknown lady for Nancy moving up and down might become boring with time. I hope with time too, the clips shall much your body reactions in the car or at the Saloon. Otherwise, they will just be as good as listen to the radio. I have followed them sometimes. For how long?

    1. M'dabwitsidwi says:

      I 100% agree with u brother!!

  31. Chapolonga says:


  32. Patriot says:

    Wachita bwino. Ambiri ku MIJ analandira nawo ma K50,000 ku Sanjika in order to castigate JB. Nde mmalo motukuka palibe chomwe akuchitapo. Welcome to Time TV, imeneyo ndiye dhilu osati zina zija za DPP monga MIJ, JOY, ZODIAK, MBC.

  33. Gman says:

    Great things happen when God mixes with man

  34. chejali says:

    Times ndi dhillu

  35. Arthur says:

    That’s great

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