Chidaya beaten as MCP in-fighting reaches critical levels

The cracks in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) continue to widen each passing day and Administrative Secretary Potipher Chidaya’s beating on Wednesday might just be the beginning of a long violent spree by the oldest political party.

Chidaya: Beaten

Chidaya: Beaten

Chidaya was beaten by party officials at the MCP Southern Region headquarters in Blantyre during a meeting he convened to try and iron out the deep differences that have emerged in the rank and file of the party’s southern region chapter.

He was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital draped in his own blood after the battering.

Chidaya is reportedly in the intensive care unit (ICU) battling for his life together with regional director for women.

Ironically, it is the same hospital among several other public facilities his party president Lazarous Chakwera said in parliament recently was in disarray and dysfunctional yet it just served life of top MCP official.

For several months now, MCP Southern Region chapter has seen many resignations of the top tier to what they call nepotism and lack of direction by leadership.

Many positions that were given to the region in the National Executive Committee (NEC) in 2013 have since been withdrawn and handed to members from Lilongwe and Dedza, a development that has vindicated fears that MCP is regionalistic.

On the national front, just in the past three months, district chairmen across the country petitioned party leader, Chakwera, to call for a convention where his leadership is expected to be put under heavy scrutiny.

The party’s district chairmanship wants a new leader to replace Chakwera at the helm.

In trying to consolidate power, Chakwera has resorted to demoting or firing members from the NEC.

Latest and notable victims of this ploy are legislators, Felix Jumbe and Joseph Njobvuyalema.

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84 thoughts on “Chidaya beaten as MCP in-fighting reaches critical levels”

  1. Hodpital services for malawians so is Chidaya nothing to fo with mcp or dpp but taxpayers…ifeyo!!

  2. Alufeyo chidaya says:

    Thats a blue lie that chidaya was in icu battling for his life where did you get this info . Yes papa was wounded but he is home not icu as you stipulates tell people the truth the fact that he refused to talk to you reporters its not a grantee to feed people with lies watchout

  3. mbwiyache says:

    Sindimafuna m’makutu mwangamu muzimveka kwacha!! Ask me I was there during its regime, Were you there in the early 70’s,80s. Mwadya chamba I know Malawi Crocodiles Party(MCP). The party is so notorious and cruel. Kagwerin ukondi MCP yanuyo. Mwamwa doom eti?

  4. bdhhfhgs says:

    Mtolankhani wonama iwe, research more about MCP. I hope u are sent by DPP Do not fool us we are tired with the mess of DPP GOVT. If it was posibo to retrieve my vote for Munthalika, I would have taken my vote and give to Chakwera. What a shameful govt do we have.

  5. Isaac says:

    Achimwene a chidaya, imeneyi ndiyo congress timaidziwa ife. azanufe ayouth anativikira notes za std 8 mmadzi. ndiye makofi mwalandilawo sizachilendo, limbani mtima.

  6. youna says:

    Its very unfortunate kuti zatero koma I love this party very much. Ndikukhulupilira kuti there is an invisible hand apa.

  7. Mwethu says:

    Am sure they were DPP cadets who beat this dude…

  8. Chatsika says:

    Mwati Chakwera used to be a pastor? Politics powers can corrupt.

  9. New generation says:

    Inu a Kadakwiza(71) are you a true Malawian that you can say that Dr H Kamuzu Banda did nothing to this country? You are saying that because you believe in regionalism and racism otherwise we are enjoying saying Malawi is a peaceful country because of what him and some people mentioned did to this country. What you ‘ve said is very unfortunate to the nation and world at large.

  10. chilipaine says:

    Tam’tumani Mulli kuti amukumbutse mtola nkhani uyu zomwe amabisa mkabudula mwakemo…

  11. Good samaritan says:

    Go back in class and learn more of Malawi History. It seems you were not yet born when Malawi history was taking its shape otherwise you would have shut up.
    Baba a chakwera ! Chipani muwonongatu ichi. Mudaiwona mbalame yochenjera ikakola pa ulimbo? You better resign before it is too late. Wena Njobvuyalematu ndiwo nsanamira amenewo za chipani…. Ask your predecessor…… Mudali kuti ?…abongololo…..

  12. chimweme Jamali says:

    I am reminded of the zikwanje that came out at the MCP convention at Motel Paradise. MCP is the one with violence in its DNA

  13. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Akutumani????? MCP yomweyooooooo

  14. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi Congress Party siyingalamulenso chifukwa cha umbava umene Kamuzu Banda adachita polanda ulamuliro wa chipani kuchokera kwa anthu amene adamenyera ufulu wa dziko lathu la Malawi. Panali mugwiriza woti, Kamuzu akalamulira kenaka adzapatsa Orton Chirwa udindo. Koma mumalo mwake mbava ya munthu Kamuzu Banda adathamangitsa onse amene adamupatsa mupando. Ena Kamuzu adawapha, ena adawamana. Kamuzu Banda sadamenyere ufulu wa dziko la Malawi, Koma anthu amene adayambitsa Nyasaland Congress Party. Ulendo wachena Levi Mumba, Orton Chirwa, Chipembere, Chisiza. MCP yinapedza masoka pomanga ndikuzunza Orton Chirwa. Themberero adalipeza pamene paja.

  15. Nyoni phiri says:

    Mtolankhani opusa iwe, sudziwa ntchito yako thats why sunalembe dzina lako. Ife ndi nganganga pa chakwela

  16. Mapazi asiyana says:

    Tawafunsani a Kabwila atiuze kuti Ku chipani akuti bwanji za nkaniyi

  17. Prophet Bashiri says:

    In twenty years these wokala parties will all be gone. The MCP will still be here. Those of you who talk atrocities would have retired or died. Young Malawians today will not care olo about this propaganda.

  18. Dpp says:

    I hope this was not sponsored by this other insecure party.

  19. Winston Msowoya says:

    It is long overdue,this divisive Party must be sent to rest because it is the source of all the problems we are currently facing headway.Before Hastings Banda fired his most able Cabinet of post independence,the MCP was one of the most progressive party in sub- Saharan Africa.Since then,the Party had relegated into most barbaric state in an independent Africa.So what we are seeing today,is the manifestation of the crumbling blood- stained Party which had created untold sufferings of the innocent people of Malawi.I hope this in fighting would prepare the way to its final disappearance from political scene it has dominated for 3 straight decades.Afterall,it is the only surviving Political Party which fought for independence in Africa ,we now need new notions,ideals and directions.Bye Bye the Malawi Confusionist Party ( MCP).

  20. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Violence is the natural tendency for MCP. Habits, including the bad ones, are hard to ditch; and the party is just reliving its past.
    MCP has a lot of reforming to do. Malawians have been asking for this for the longest while; but to no avail. The party thinks it is supreme, like it was during the dictatorship, the hated proto-dictatorship.
    Malawians are still waiting for serious apologies, and compensation. Parties and governments in modern democracies do this all the time. And there is no shame in owning up to past atrocities. …if Germany could atone regarding it’s Nazi past, what of usipa (small) MCP?
    Replacing people or personalities in the party does NOT cut it. The Party needs a culture change. Big change.
    Perhaps Malawi should have just banned MCP as a political party, baasi (to be sure).

  21. KARU UNITED says:

    Shame, what happened to our principles of respecting the elderly? I am not MCP, but people like “Honourable” Chidaya have always & in unwavering manner served the MCP. Is this how you reward your veterans. This culture belongs to the MCP of Baba versus Mbuya, during the Motel Paradise convention days. Remember the Four corner stones.

  22. God knows says:

    Kumenyana for MCP means the party is getting popular so pipo are strategizng kuti Chakwera akatenga boma akhale pabwino. They know the party of the day. MCM MCP MCP MCP MCP MCP MCP MCP MCP MCP MCP MCP MCP

    DPP trying to divert peoples attention from real issues. If God says yes you cant control it. Just watch things getting out of your hands. Bolanso mai uja than BAMBO A DPP

  23. musova says:

    kodi inu simumadziwa kuti mcp ndi ya chigawo cha pakati basi

  24. Chingwe cha mbuzi says:


  25. sibweni says:

    We malawians don’t trust you mr chakwera why? Because some of your mcp family wants you out of mcp leadership because they don’t trust you,so you want us malawians to trust you? No way read your bible my brother chakwera of who can not be a leader,is it not the one who fails to manage his own family which is your case with mcp family which has so many problem that you as a head is failing to good mr chakwera, speaking out jerousy and anger to the current leadership will not take you to our palace

  26. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    galu wagule iwe mukamakangana kudabwe kwanuko chilichonse muzingoti dpp pamtumbo panu muchoseni chakwera muona zinthu zikhala bwino man aja ndiwoononga anavutika kwambiri

  27. mtochi says:


  28. sibweni says:

    He is our president and he needs to be respected regardless of whatever reason one can chakwera mind yuor speech. We malawians don’t trust you mr chakwera why? Because some of you mcp family wants you out of mcp leadership because they don’t trust you,so you want us malawians to trust you? No way read your bible my bother chakwera of who can not be a leader,is it not the one who fails to manage his own family which is your case with mcp family which has so many problem that you as a head is failing to good mr chakwera, speaking out jerousy and anger will not take you to our palace

  29. mdk says:

    Mwamenyana nokha uko ndiye mukunamizila ena kkkkkkkkk

  30. Tonde says:

    I would like to warn mcp for the mass exodus of its executive members ,as aparty expecting to running this country again thy are suppose to woe more pple than loosing members pls take it from me

  31. Konza Chapasi says:

    People do go to Malawi government hospitals to seek doctors assistance, they are told to go to buy some medicines knowing very well that all the hospitals have no food and medicines for any sickness .

    All those admitted in government hospital it is a matter of between death and life.

  32. amunamuna says:

    Something is fishy here. I can see the hand of the DEVIL DPP.

  33. mpungwani says:

    Things have fallen apart in once mighty MCP

  34. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    Usually, the published stories tend to focus on the nasty outcome of an issue. It would have been helpful if some basic background information was provided in order to ensure a correct perspective of what happened and why.

    For example, what triggered the physical violence? Was there an exchange of abusive language? If so, who said what first to who on what issue? The story is also silent on Police response and possible legal action. Has anybody been arrested following the violence? It would also be informative to have a brief outline of the MCP’s constitution and what powers it gives to the President, other office bearers, Committees and election procedures to various structures of the party.

    Without such background information one gets the impression that MCP lacks internal democracy, that the President of the Party is dictatorial and regionalist.

    If indeed the Party suffers from an internal democratic deficit and is regionalist, then it is unfortunate. No national party worth its salt can afford to have such fatal defects. If this is the case, the sooner the Party’s constitution is amended to ensure that policy decisions are made democratically without fear or favour, the better for the Party and the country. The country cannot afford to have a weak opposition party. It would be a clear passport for abuse of office by the party in power to the detriment of the country as a whole.

  35. VYOTO says:


  36. D.D. Phiri says:

    mabvuto a mcp mwati akubwera ndi dpp? koma a mcp ndimbwelera

  37. gulugnya says:

    When MCP was under obaba OTembo this party was very strong, but today it just like herds without herdboys. A shame to Chakwera.

  38. Anord Nsonga says:

    We are used to this kind of politics and soon or later somebody shall to confess that he was to inorder to destroy MCP.But frankly speaking they’ll not succee.d

  39. Che Ngana says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Kulibe Chipani Chimenecho Kummwera.

  40. mapwevupwevu says:

    Chipani cha magazi!!!!

  41. baby says:

    Anthu mwamenyana nokhanokha,tsopano a DPP zikuwakhunza pati?

  42. peter mshali ku salima says:

    if u r beating john tembos friend ,lazaro chakwera watch out mwamenyayo ndi friend wa baba a tembo kaya

  43. losco says:

    Ndizo ndale zimenezo adasankha Lazaro kulekana ndi kularikila uthenga wa Chauta .Dikila nkuyamba chabe kumeneku! Usova Lazaro?

  44. Chibanja tv says:

    Zimenyanani agalu inu mwasowa chokupha ndiye mwayambapo kuphana nokhanokha koma ziliko afiti inu, chipani cha mkhalamba zokhazokha ichi anthu akenso owopsya ndi ufiti mokuti mukamapanga makani anu aja sitidabwa nazo ife.

  45. Bololo says:

    Which many positions have been withdrawn? Which people involved? You journalists or let me say news writers can do better in giving us facts

  46. chipwete says:

    Chakwera is a very interesting father who is busy addressing problems for other people’s families while his own is on FIRE. Look at MCP memebers killing one another like dogs. Had it been that there are no drugs in our hospital Potipher Chidaya would have been died by now. Mark my words. He was savagely beaten.

  47. Chechumu says:

    The thugs who beat up Chidaya are the same guys who were campaigning for Noel Chalamanda and DPP. Alowa liti MCP?

  48. ngongoliwa says:

    The Chewa will never rule this country. They are failing to organize just a party, what more organize all the parties including that of Kamulepo Kaluwa.

  49. mwiithotho says:

    Nyau! !

  50. koma kumaneko says:

    Iweyoso mtolankhani walemba iziziwe akupatsa ndalama a dpp. MCP is growing strong each passing day a Felix Jumbe ndi Njobvuyalema mukunenayo wont help you mcp is for the pple anybody can be president not zapabanjazi iyai. zitsilu mwatikwana

  51. Beast Msonda says:

    I am still missing my beloved leader of our party, MCP, JZU Tembo. Not these power hungry hyenas we do have today in our party. MCP will have very few MPs after 2019 if these hyenas don’t stop this masanje type of leadership. Mark my words. JZU Tembo was the genuine leader of opposition in the august house, osati izi mukuti chani kaya za fake zi aaaa mwandikwana bwanji. Stop destroying my beloved party please. If you don’t stop, in 2019 MCP will share votes with DPP/UDF in the following districts: Lilongwe, Dowa, Salima, and Kasungu. Our only strongholds will be Mchinji and Dedza. The Northern region will be up for grabs while DPP/UDF will not give us (MCP) any breathing space in the whole Southern region beginning from Ntcheu going down South. Mark my words. And this will be a disaster for democracy. Please, mukuti paja leader wathu uja ndindani, stop acting childishly.

  52. chimunthu banda says:

    the writer of this article is evidently dpp’s agent. but your plans will never succeed. thugs!

  53. Sapitwa says:

    Ndiye MCP imeneyo kwa inu obadwa Dzulonu. Kumangoti MCP boma 2019? When they are in government as they dream, they will throw such people in the Shire River for crocks. That’s what they used to do beating people bad living the crippled. A youth awo aja ovala malaya ofiira aja ndi amene apanga zimenezi zomwe amapanga kale kutibula wanthu

  54. MWASUWA says:

    Kodi inu masapota, akutumani eti? mumalandira zingati? mumadyera mu chipani inuyo? tamusiyeni chakwera tidalitsike naye 2019.

  55. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Pamene MCP imayamba kuonetsa kuti anthu akuonetsa chidwi poitsatila ndi pamene zipwilikiti zimayamba kuti zichotse chidwi ochitsatila osadanda ndi Mulungu safuna MCP izatenge mboma kuyambila nthawi ya Gwanda pamene timati chaka chino ilowa mboma mpamene Tembo amamuukila kenako timati Tembo awina mpamene Chafukila Kayembe ndi anzake amamuukila ndinso apa kwa ife oitsata MCP palibe chodabwitsa mmene zatele zichitika mpaka ziwachotsela chikoka agwe chisankho aziti atibela. Musanamizile mboma ndi khalidwe lanu kukonda kubisa mavuto .Muthalika wavomeleza kuti dziko muli mavuto inu anenelanji zimuyhandiza kupeza njila zothana nawo pamene anu akukulilabe tikayandikila chisankhoi azaphulika kuti buuu nthawi yomweyo anthu kuthawa chipani. Ine ndimangoti mizimu yakwiya sikufuna chipani chokupha chilowenso mboma.

  56. devilsadvocate says:

    Iwe peter mat… Whatever you call yourself Pantundu panu nonse ACHEWA. Okhala kumanda kutsamira nthumbira kuluka Chilembwe ndi khonje.

  57. Thanduxolo says:

    …many resignations…? Tiuzeni mayina awo apa!

  58. Thanduxolo says:

    Kodi nchifukwa chiyani wolemba nkhaniyi mwamubisa dzina lake? Iyi ikuoneka nkhani yotumidwa kulemba utalandira kena kake ( mercenary journalism.

  59. Mbuya says:

    Politics is evil

  60. kesterkalonga says:

    Mcp sinasiye nkhaza zimene amachita ayoung pionear.chipan cholanda nkhuku osachivetera ife ayi Muluzi anatiuza kale.

  61. Kenkkk says:

    All the hallmarks of dpp thugs disguised as mcp. The aim is for mcp not to have a footing in the south. Too tribalistic dpp is, you organize yourself in the center without any problems from mcp but when mcp want to do the same in the south, you become angry and disrupt its plans.

    It is one Malawi and all parties should be able to go and organize themselves anywhere without being threatened or beaten up. What are you fearing since the south is your stronghold?

    You are really dpp thugs.

  62. Akweni says:

    These are DPP disguising themselves as MCP members. True MCP members do not fight each other. If these impostors are deliberately trying to frustrate your leadership, our president Chakwera, use dictatorial style on them it helps, osati akuonelereni because you are abusa, no!!! Muzimputa dala munthu wa Mulungu when he disciplines you muziti akunama kuti ndi mbusa? Even Jesus had to kwapula anthu omuputa mu nyumba yake. Shambok them, Chakwera this is the only language that DPP understands. Fotseki with your one-toothed old useless goat!!

  63. nobel says:

    Kkkkk that’s partisan writing
    Does mere admitting an MCP official signs Queens is functional? Your a dunderhead body. The more u deny these facts as presented by the mighty MCP

  64. The Analyst says:

    “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined. A house divided falls.” – Jesus Christ (Luke 11:17)

    “Beware . . . a small leak can sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin

  65. Pido says:

    He has put a knife on the things that held us together, and we (MCP) have fallen apart. The centre can no longer hold. The falcon cannot hear the falconer. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe pages 121 – 122. Chakwera, Nkhuku yanjiru siyiswa. Concentrate on your inside cracks other than expending your energies where your influence cannot be counted and where by making more noise you would be washing your dirty linen in public … young boy Chakwera …

  66. Lemani says:

    what is this happening in MCP? the way I look at the leadership of this party, the party that has bad record will not manage to sort out these internal wrangles unless the top leaders put aside their ambitions and allow the power from above guides them

  67. ben phiri says:

    A Dpp amenewo

  68. mbuyuni says:

    This story lacks information. We are interested to know what happened, how’s and who’s and finally why all this happened. Not only at at ICU.

  69. learnedmi says:


  70. Ngolongoliwa says:

    chonde baba chakwera sonyezani luso lanu, thetsani bvutoli mwansanga zinthu zisanafike poipa. you waste your dear time criticizing dpp when you have small chronic problems in your mcp. Apa tione luso lanu baba. Sure you can not ignore the south if you want to rule 2019. This region must be a priority if you want to win since Centre and North are mainly your sympathizers already, so do not concentrate there too much. You can have more mps but never become president coz of votes, think wisely

  71. ZZ Junior says:

    MCP ever since the kamuzu era, to JZU Vs Chakwamba. Always fighting. Too bad.

  72. Dishwash says:

    Zintchito za D Phi phi ma cadet kutumidwa kuti adziti ku MCP kuli mpungwe pungwe. Ife Bwampini wanuyo tatopa naye achoke! Achoke! Nanuso a Nyasa times munthu ali ku Lilongwe kunyumba kwake inu mukuti ali ku intensive care battling for his life when he was just treated as an out patient. Mpake Mulli adzingokutukwanani zankabudula.

  73. Mbwiye says:


  74. The works of dpp, but mind you dpp will never succeed in dividing mcp.

  75. Mgoloso says:

    Mwayamba kumenyana muli kunja kwa boma nanga mukazawina?iwalani zozalamula malawi,,,,,,,,,zimenyanani choncho,,,,,,pano bomali ndila APM ndife alomwe,,,,,,enanu muzingokhala nawo basi

  76. henz says:

    Thus changed MCP for sure. In the past Chidaya would be killed. H

  77. GADABWALI says:

    Alekeni akufuna apungulane achulukako. Chipani cha nkhalamba zokhazokha, chotsogozedwa ndi m’busa wadyera, wachinyengo and power hungry.

  78. WAMISALA says:


  79. Fenali A L says:

    Chidaya id canvassing for MUNLO. WHO DOESNT KNOW

  80. Dikisan says:

    Jala pamlomo ngat ulibe info. Simukunena bwinobwino what happened? Who did the beating? What made the southern to start the beating? Be clear we want to know!

  81. Prince Edward rsa says:

    dpps plans to disturberise the strong opposition but you never succeed at all using the stolen 577billion to disorganise the country.

  82. mapapaya says:

    A Chakwera muti bwa ? Wanuwanu wamenyedwatu apa. Mubwere nokha musove.

  83. Patriot says:

    Musadabwe Kasaila kubweretsa nkhaniyi ku nyumba ya malamulo.
    Anatumidwa ndi DPP anthuwo kuti aziti kuli mpungwe mpungwe ku MCP.
    DPP has financed some cadets to beat up Chidaya

  84. Gas machinehead says:

    Chakwera, please fix tribalism, nepotism and regionalism in the MCP before you start pointing at government and the State President. You have a lot of work to do boss to build the collapsing MCP. Ask JZU how he held the party together.

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