Kabwila christen Mutharika’s SONA a tweet while Musowa dubs ‘speech of points’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jessie Kabwila who is also the party’s Salima North West Member of Parliament (MP) irritated the government side in Parliament on Wednesday when she described the 25-minute State of the Nation Address (Sona) by President Peter Mutharika on Friday as a “tweet”.

Kabwila: Mutharika speech was just like a tweet or Whatsapp message

Kabwila: Mutharika speech was just like a tweet or Whatsapp message

A tweet is a post made on the Twitter online message service which has a restriction of 140 characters and nothing more.

In her response to the President’s address, Kabwila called the President’s speech “a shockingly short” like a Whatsapp message and trimmed down to an “empty” tweet that failed to satisfy Malawians.

“What they heard was what can be described as a Twitter message and at worst maybe a WhatsApp message not a State of the Nation Address,” she said.

Leader of the House Francis Kasaila accused Kabwila of making disparaging remarks against a Head of State.

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera who is also leader of opposition also described Mutharika’s SONA as “zero plan” speech.

But Victor Musowa, a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) MP for Mulanje Bale defended the President for delivering what he said was a” speech of points and facts” within the shortest time.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, there is a Chichewa saying that goes like kukhalitsa pamsika sikugulitsa kwambiri. Martin Luther King, Mr Speaker, Sir, once said, a good presentation and indeed a good speech is not measured by its length. Mr Speaker, Sir, you do not need to have the whole Bible of words to convince the people you are speaking to,” said Musowa attracting applause from government benches.

He said a good speech, according to Martin Luther King,   is actually measured by the quality of the content.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, what His Excellency is actually trying to emphasize and I have already emphasized is the ability for someone to rise above party colours, party politics and read the presentation from the President and see where we are today and see where we are going. Mr Speaker, Sir, being in opposition does not mean opposing all what government is proposing,” Musowa said.

He requested parliamentarian across the board to “rise and support the vision” that has been set by President Mutharika in order to developing the nation.

“In turn   our kids can in future come forward and say congratulations to our fathers and grandparents because you did a good job.”

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peter mano alibe mkamwa nde ayakhula bwanj thawi yaitali.abale vereni chisoni zanu wakwatila kumene


A MCP sazalowanso m’boma sitidzaiwala za nkhanza zawo ndipo a chakwera apite khosa zawo zikuwadikira anazibera zija sangakhale president kuchokera ku ubusa ayi ndipo makomenti awo siochokera kwa mtsogoleri ayi.

Peter Mathanyula

A DPP vomerezani Mr Ibu is a professor without substance. Nanga munthu kulankhula malovu mkamwa thooo ngati ku US sanakhaleko, zamanyazi.

Captain Mediocrity
I wonder if anyone here actually remembers what was stated in the SONAs of old. I sure don’t, and they were long and disjointed. Is it that the longer the speech and the more of it that we don’t understand, the better the speech?? By the way, this opposition of ours needs to go back to the drawing board. Raising issues as though they are the common folk who simply say “it was bad, it’s crap, waste of time”, are you seriois!!? Leave that to those of us who are outside looking in, this tactic of yours only loses you… Read more »
The Analyst

Inu ngati simukukumbukira ndi mavuto anu amenewo ndipo ife asatikhudze iai. Maybe you did not pay attention or didn’t even listen to it at all. Koma ife A DPP ndi UDF tikukumbukira each and every word said by the great APM in the SONA.

For example, he said . . . mmmm ….um…..I mean . . . . eeeeee . …. aaaaa… paja di what did he say? . . . eti nanenso cant remember . . .

I think nobody remembers indeed!!!! Not even APM himself.

Prophet Bashiri

Koma. DPP is a desperate gang.


Talking too much does not mean you are making sense. The most important thing is the content in the speech. We have seen people talking the whole day but doing nothing eg mama Joyce, but what did she deliever? I urge u Kabwira and your party to go for quality not quantity


Chipani cha abusa. Ngati mukulalata muli kunja kwa boma nanga mukadzatenga bomali, tidzakhala anthu ife?? Mai samalani polankhula. Zipatseni ulemu.

Zidura Ntengo Undigwere
Zidura Ntengo Undigwere

It seems Ms Kabwila-Kapasula is in a game of one-up-man-ship, with oChakwera, as to who will insult APM the most and the worst. Substantial criticisms of APM’s (boma ilo) speech could be done without the belittling.
This approach, if anything, is putting people off MCP; rather than attracting support. Is MCP really serious about winning in 2019?


Agulu inu, mumafuna adziononga khungu ngati hule lanu lakwa mkando lija? mukusowa mfundo zokamba apa.

Bambo a mwana

Points or facts wirhout action plan? Shame on u musowa another bootlicker. tchayajinge waka nkhufi panji kavintchende winu wangamukumbukaniko.

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