Chipuwa hints on quitting Wanderers, plays down Bullets link

Richard Chipuwas’ four -year reign at Mighty Be-Forward Wanderers may soon come to an end, in fact as early as before the 2015 soccer season kicks-off as the Nomads’ shot stopper plans to dump the Lali Lubani boys.

Chipuwa: I am a Nomad but need new lease of life-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere/Nyasa Times

Chipuwa: I am a Nomad but need new lease of life-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere/Nyasa Times

Chipuwa, who had been linked with CAF participants Big Bullets FC late last year, exclusively told Malawi News Agency Wednesday morning that he wanted other challenges.

It is understood that Chipuwa has made contacts with two foreign teams and Malawi Police team Blue Eagles, though the Area 30 out-fit have yet to make an official approach for the talented goalkeeper.

On the interest from Big Bullets, Chipuwa has few word:

“Big Bullets approached me on the possibilities to join them but they cannot afford me. I asked them if they were ready to start negotiations on what l want but they never came back. In short l would rather join a foreign team or any other local team apart from Bullets.”

Chipuwa noted that football was a short career and that it was better to make it big while still in top form.

However, he was quick to stress that he loves Wanderers and that if the team would meet his demands, he could rescind his decision.

Chipuwa came up through Zomba United, regularly frustrated some Super League teams with his skills before being persuaded to join Wanderers, in 2012.

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28 thoughts on “Chipuwa hints on quitting Wanderers, plays down Bullets link”


  2. Chitotoka says:

    A Chipuwa u don’t leave a team when there is money on the table. Think twice b4 u leap. Mind you

  3. Petros says:

    Anachoka JK mwini chikopa ndiye iwe nda?

  4. Barnet phiri says:

    Thats a stupid idea chipuwa

  5. Fwetseki says:

    Go well bwana bester agwira ntchito.

  6. Decider says:

    Iwe chipuwa ndiwe omvesa chisoni kodi ukupusa nd neba wovala magaziyo?zibwenz zonse zinakulola chifukwa ukumenya nyerere ndiwe ozindikila chabwino nyerere ili nd mbiri yama goalkeeper yabwino ukamapita ziwa kut amuna mtapo akuzakankhanso chikopa ku nyerere ndye pliz!!pliz usayelekeze kupanga mistake yokhalanso ku nyerere chifukwa watikwana ngat yona anapumisidwa iwe ndi ndani?

  7. Henry says:

    Kaya zayambikatu? Remember no smoke without fire. Its either bullets or Blue eagles ntchito man. Paja bullets kukubwela 150 ya airtel which is x2 plus 10 ya nyerere. bullets woyeeeeeee

  8. mphwiyo says:

    Ayise chipuwa uyangane za msogolo mpila umatha peza timu yomwe inga kulembe tchito. Enafe tilipatchito chifukwa champila anzathu ena angokhalila kupempha ntawonimu chifukwa samawona zammawa pita ku Eegles kapena ku MDF uzasimba lokoma

  9. Hebrews says:

    Bola army teams where you will be given a job as a soldier! Football is a very short period career but with a job at you side you ARE coverd! Think twice and think wisely!

  10. c ngoleka says:

    We have promised him to be a traffic police officer Daily cash, osakhala be backward.
    Chipuwa adziima pa nsewu kotolera pa area 18 ku Lilongwe.

  11. nginjo says:

    jst let him go we have had good goaltenders as wanderers he should not give us headche.we will find his replacement,NOMADS is not a one man team go!go!go!go&dont come back.

  12. Southner says:

    We have gud history interms of goaltenders in Malawi football,let him go where he feels is good for him coz football is not slavery, we have Bester Phiri waiting in the offing and this could be his chance to shine remember we had MG1,MacDonald Harawa,Valence Kanzere etc they are all gone but Wanderers as a team is still there.I will always wish him the best coz he’s done well for us.

  13. U still deserve to work for wanderers,otherwise kwinako mukangotherako akulu,discussion can be the best channel to take.

  14. chante osma says:

    i am nomads fun but bullets its a good future for you since is going to participate in african champions league, this is your opportunite for other big teams like orlando pirates to see you because they don’t have a good goal keeper since the lost of senzo meyiwa. other local teams won’t last you any where my brother. Wish you all the best

    1. figh says:

      U sound like u got a gud point but u full of nonsense ,,do u think bullet will come with anything after playing afri champion leg?,and don’t expect bullets player to play Orlando pirates,,,

  15. Minyamatu iyi..zoona ukusemphana ndi mpukutu wa BeForward?…Kaya bola ngati waponda mwala

  16. Mparestina/cfc fan says:

    Lyf is short,search while you are inform

  17. opportunist says:

    Tangobwerani ku BB basi

  18. Yankees says:

    Be Forward Nyerere live him to go bcoz atilemela ameneyu, Bester take ur Groves up and train hard, we had Vales Kamzele, Tom aido to mention afew all these were Good Goaltenders but when they left, Wanderers Forged ahead up to now Ndinyerere basi, watsanzika nthawi yabwino tasakani ana there is alot of good portentialy goal keapers who are relegated to premier division, wa Chikhwawa, wa Karonga, Kaja ka Mponela UTD, BT UTD ndiambili takambani nawo anawo, uyu apite ku Policeko paja kuli kuthyola ma Bank kumeneko kanjole kaja kawapoilitsa nangasi atenga ka skool, ndiye kamakana ma changetu!! Kk!

  19. Nyapapi says:

    Asathe mau uyu,pitani ku Blue Eagles mukufunako,ife a Bullets tilibwino kale on tht position

  20. Mr.Bambo says:

    Nani asala mbongo?

  21. ‘More haste,less speed.’Its indeed important 2 b ambitious bt u cant fly without wings.Lyf has stages.CAF z de only ladder 2 x-pose Chipuwa’s talent 2 foreign clubs. poyankhula, ‘kumalingalira mawa.’

  22. Google says:

    Be foward ilibe ndalama achokere mwana wa kwathu

  23. Kika Kanawe says:

    Where to?BB get ready to welcome him ,he is on his way to the Red Army Camp.More are to follow,BB ndi more!

  24. asido says:

    I wish many Malawian footballers know this that football is a short career. I don’t know what they think , many of them do not seem to be serious with their future. Drinking and Zikheba basi. Chipuwa get focused otherwise ambiri akuvetsa chisoni ma socials kupephetsa.

  25. GOAL SNIPPER says:

    chipuwa in search of greener pasture who doesn’t want agood life in this crazy world ,chipuwa deserves agood and better lyf mind u the guy is married now so he might need a fat brown evelop for him to survive

    1. Sautso lungu says:

      Putting your self on map is in your hands.

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