CHRR, Cedep plead for global support on Malawi flood ‘catastrophe’

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for Development of People (Cedep) have jointly asked for government to seriously consider committing more resources to alleviate the suffering of flood victims and also urged the international community to help Malawi with material and financial support.

Trapence: Call for support to flood victims

Trapence: Call for support to flood victims

This follows flooding due to heavy rainfall continues to wreak havoc in many parts of Malawi leaving at least 48 people dead and another 23,000 displaced.

President Peter Mutharika declared 10 out of 28 districts in the country disaster zones.

In a joint statement signed by CHRR and Cedep executive directors Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence respectively, the two human rights organisations have said they have  “learnt with sadness” about the  “catastrophe” and  also offered “heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.”

The two say there is no doubt that Malawi is  in a crisis that requires urgent and robust solutions in the best interest of the nation not only from government but also all key stakeholders including the civil society, faith community, media, international community and others.

“We applaud all stakeholders, both locally and internationally, who responded swiftly in providing various forms of assistance to the victims.  We also commend President Peter Mutharika for taking lead in government’s response to this emergency by amongst other things appealing for concerted, unified efforts from all stakeholders to ensure that all prevailing problems resulting from this catastrophe are sorted out.

“We therefore would like to join hands with the President and the government by appealing for increased national and global response to help in alleviating the problem at hand bearing in mind that human rights issues are at stake due to the catastrophe,” reads the statement in part.

They two groups advised government to continue “adhering to its responsibilities, roles and duties, as provided for by both domestic and international law, when faced with such crisis.”

They also asked for government to also come up with clear transparent, monitoring mechanisms to ensure that all resources meant for such purposes reach the intended targeted people.

“ It’s high time we all joined hands and complement the current government’s efforts towards a lasting solution in the best interest of the victims and human rights for all,” the two groups said.

The statement comes hot on the heels of an editorial comment by the Malawi’s flagship daily, The Nation condemning Civil Society leaders who organised anti-government demonstrations on Tuesday.

In its editorial comment,  the paper accused the civil society groups leader for “lack of sensitivity” , arguing that they should  have put their planned demos on hold to support efforts by government, development partners and other well-wishers in their response to the country’s state of disaster .

However, the paper stated that the prudent use of public resources by government is an important element of governance.

The comment further says the use of donor funds by National Aids Commission or any agency in funding programmes that have nothing to with HIV/AIDs, such as Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) and Mlhakho wa Alhomwe, was arguably wrong.

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25 thoughts on “CHRR, Cedep plead for global support on Malawi flood ‘catastrophe’”

  1. patrick says:

    Ndimaonatu ngati muyenda ncholinga choti muthandize anthu omwe akhuzidwawa, kani mumaenda pantendere okhaokha?

  2. mgebegebe says:

    inuyo mukuyenera kuthandizaso anthuwa osamagokamba zopusa, mademo za chamba, osamakanga za u geyi zanuzo bwanji. and u must be fired tatopa nanu, mulibe nzeru

  3. joy says:

    Muwuuzeni amene anakupatsani ndalama zopangira mademo kuti athandizeso.

    Tatiwonereni tianyamata topanda zeru.

    Kodi Trapence ndekuti unasiya kupemphera? Shame on you.

  4. abinte says:

    kodi bwanji a cedep ndi chrr osangopanga bungwe limodzi? akutha ndalama zathu zochokera ku ma wellwishers.timatcha

  5. osborné says:

    Small country with too much politics. I don’t see anything beyond what has been written here. Am sure if they had kept quit the same people commenting negatively would be the first to blast them.

  6. Katundumadzi says:

    Stupd NGOs u mean u dont knw wat de office of both de Presdent and Vice President r doing on dis? De mony u westd wit ur stupd demostratn bring t here so dat we shud supt dis ppo.

  7. phiri says:

    Gift Trapeze and Mtambo tatopa nanu keep quiet ur not wise in everything, gift close ur big mouth there are many intelligent malawians let the president do his job he does need ur pushing around, by the way u were fired at Malawi Revenue Authority for receiving bribes so ur not holier or clean urself.

  8. mtila zomba says:

    Mumuuze jb wanu uja abweze chimanga anasowetsa tigawire anthu akuvutikawa, komanso ndalama za ndege abweze tigulire mankhwala. osamangotisokosa apa

  9. Kes munthali says:

    Anyapapi inu mwatino muadyele ma donor dollar za disaster relief after mutawadyera za matanyula, ndani saziwa za inu a china trapance ndi anzanu a sembereka.

  10. Homohabilis says:

    Wat If NAC Donates Money For Flood Victim, Will You Demonstrate? Since NAC Money Is Meant FoR PLW HIV and AIDS. RUBBISH!!!!

  11. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Don’t jst cancel the trip, act to help the victims.

  12. supuni says:

    What are you doing with your stupid gay funding? Commenting on everything to appear relevant? Useless big mouthed trapence and his fellow dunderhead Mtambo! Shame!

  13. ma comment onse ali apa palibe comment ya nzeru, ma organization athu wa amalowa mbali zonse zomwe zikunkhuza mtundu wa a Malawi kaya ndi ma demo cholinga chake wanzeru anachiziwa koma inu ma youth cadet povuta kumvetsa,nkhani yangoziso ndi ntchito yaobe kupanga mwantchito yao,agalu inu muziziwa chomwe muyankhula osamangoti nyo nyo nyo.mwandimva,civic education ikufunika ku mwera ndithu

    1. yonayona says:

      my friend don’t cheat the nation here!
      What have these pipo contributed to the development Malawi?
      Uuuuuuh’ u better first understand the objectives of these cso’s!

  14. BalakaGuy says:

    Active subwoofer,what are you talking about,we have been telling you that the Army cannot condone the behaviour you have been shoowing to the soldiers,its time now to pay the price and other units have not showing their true colours,if they will,surely their will be chaos,and by the way do you have evidence your kapokola was killed by soldiers?you are just suspecting ,umenewo nde usilikali,usilikali does not mean being on the road and harassing people no,its about tactics when performing operations,you killed a soldier in Zomba and the whole country knew that it was you,now the policeman has been butchered while on duty,you dont know who is behind that death,mukuona kusiyana pakati pa inu akapokola ndi ma buffalo? Do you know there are Commandos and Rangers in this country?Nanga iwowo akayamba zawo muwatha?Had the soldiers used rifles,the entire people there would be dead by now,and that soldier you killed in Zomba was not armed,otherwise palibe chimene mukanapanga,olo pang,ono.Ndiye pitilizani kupikisana ndi asilikali,koma zinthu zikakuvutani mmesa mmayitana asilikali omwewo,kodi mitu yanu yasiya kuganiza eti?

  15. Phiri says:

    Ma local NGO more political, You need to combine all of you and register as a political party thereafter run front line politics other than making useless noise, to my side you bunch worthless fools and nasty lazzy beggers.

    1. Mhesha says:

      You’re just right. What they know is begging.

  16. CSOs apo mwafika bwino, apo mwangofikirapo. kukhala siuku osati zimene mumachita za mbwelera za nthawi zonse zija.

  17. Diso says:

    I hope they will the first ones to make donations please lead by example. Paja mumati mumaimira mtundu WA Malawi ndiye lero mtunduvuna ukuvutika uthandizeni. Tisamve tilibe ndalama za demo koma munali nazo. Tiyeni tione ngati a Malawi mumawakondadi

  18. james says:

    Yes. They should contribute something and not just make unnecessary noise.

  19. Piche Yakiti says:

    CEDEP zopangira ma demo koma izi osati NACgate

  20. Kadakwiza says:

    CSOs now you are showing maturity. Thanks.



  22. Kanyimbi says:

    AS organisations CHHR and CEDEP should assist in materials and not just asking the government to do tasks.

    1. Mhesha says:

      Gift and Timothy muyambe ndinu. Nanji iwe Gift kwanu ku Nsanje anthu akuvutika iwe ukusewers munsewu…..

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