Court fines PP’s Youth Director for ‘trespassing’ at Malawi Police

The Blantyre Magistrates Court has ordered People’s Party’s director of youth Chapitapansi Lemani to pay a fine of K10,000 for trespassing on police premises.

Lemani Chapitapansi: Fined

Lemani Chapitapansi: Fined

Lemani was arrested on Thursday last week and later released on bail for parking his vehicle at Blantyre Police Station without permission. He parked his car on a slot reserved for officer in-charge.

He was summoned to report at Southern Region Police headquarters on Monday and he appeared in court on Tuesday morning where he was ordered to pay a fine of K10,000 on the charge of trespassing.

Lemani claimed in an interview with Nyasa Times that he asked for permission to park his car at the police station, but was not told that the space he opted for was reserved for the station’s officer in-charge.

“When I returned I found that the police had deflated the tyres of my car and accused me of trespassing,” he said.

Lemani said he decided to park his car at the police station because he felt it would be safer, saying: “There is high insecurity in the country, so I thought the police would be the safest place to park my car as I was going away for a while”.

Lemani was once arrested last year on allegations that he led a group of assailants who attacked Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) director of field operations, Ben Phiri.

Phiri, who is also special assistant to President Peter Mutharika, was assaulted at Sunbird Mount Soche in Blantyre in March, 2014. He claimed to have lost K200,000 in the process.

Phiri later on dropped the case.

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24 thoughts on “Court fines PP’s Youth Director for ‘trespassing’ at Malawi Police”

  1. Che Ngana says:

    Mwana Akathawidwa Ndi Mache Amakhoza Kupanga Zopepela Ngati Zimenezi Mosavuta.

  2. MG 2 says:

    a pp nd agalu awa paja winanso anamenya truck driver miyezi yapitayi

  3. not myname says:

    Nthawi zina zimayendela khalidwe lanu mbuye chidule mbewu yomwe mnkafesa pomwe PPYD udaali utafika pa chimake uli ndifungo.

  4. Gerald Milinda says:

    Big up police,amakidwe child traffickers

  5. cheyo the real northerner says:

    Stupid greencardless Malawian. You are a fool. Is that a comment.

  6. Politics at its best

  7. ..... says:

    Lemani, apatseni olo K100,000 a kawalala amanewa. Munthu usayimike galimoto ku mpanda ya polisi?
    Polisi si abale athu.
    Lero amachita tuliza mfuti pothamangitsa ma vendors mu tawuni.

  8. Kwawawa! says:

    Zatsala ndikukhomelera basi ndi mwana wamnzanu amene mukuvutisayo please

  9. Kingman says:

    Trespassing is a very big offense. Why charging him only k10,000?Big up police asamaohweketse

  10. Odala says:

    Kaya ofuna security-nu. Ine I live in a grass thatched house living with rats. My only worry is rain. Zanu izo

  11. ngongoliwa says:

    AAA kulinso POLICE ku Malawi? Hanimatoziwaje.

  12. elson witness says:

    pali murandu wanji pamenepo ndale basi thawi ya ndale inatha mwaonjeza

  13. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Ikakuwona litsiro siikata. Pepani.

  14. Tit for tat is typical of Malawians. A very bad culture.

  15. lawrence kutaumbe says:

    ndipo 10000 chachepa ayenera kupatsidwa chilango chonkhwima kobasi

  16. Mwama Du says:

    Kodi ku Malawi kulinso police?

  17. Sindi says:

    Number one says Malawi Police is probably the worst Police service in Malawi. Nde kuti chani?

  18. Ice floe says:

    10,000 its too little money.

  19. Vinman Todzo says:

    You yield what is planted.

  20. Misuku boyz says:

    Mr Maurice give us news worthy for the nation to consume. K10000 fine what is it? Big cases taking long to conclude eg the Muluzi, Mphwiyos, Kasambaras cases. People what to hear these cases concluded and closed.

  21. Bizmugo says:

    Kulangidwa choncho,sanamange police kut muziimitsapo galimoto.

  22. peter muthanyula says:

    Zinazitu mumaziyambila dala, kenako muziti boma likukuzunzani. Why would any reasonable person park the car at a slot reserved for the OIC? Kufuna kutchuka basitu. Munakamutsekela, K10 pin yachepa

  23. Greencardless Malawian says:

    The Police in Malawi is the least safe place Mr Chapitapansi…better park your car at a market place where there are guards. These thieves called Malawi Police crap are a waste of space…they are there to waste our tax mny and steal and deamand money for services they already are paid for. Malawi Pilice is probably the worst Police service in Malawi

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