CSOs attack Mutharika over Malawi economy: Stop sleepwalking, fix or ‘rig’ it!

Malawi Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) have undermined President Peter Mutharika economic credentials, calling him to fix the country’s ailing economy.

The CSOs include Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Human Rights Defenders Forum, Centre for the Development of People (Cedep), Civil and Political Space Platform as well as human rights activists Martha Kwataine and Billy Mayaya.

Malawi President Mutharika attacked on fiscal incontinence

Malawi President Mutharika attacked on fiscal incontinence

CSO's dare Malwi President Mutharika on economy

CSO’s dare Malwi President Mutharika on economy

Reading the statement to journalists on behalf of the grouping, Timothy Mtambo of CHRR, and activist Billy Mayaya appealed to Mutharika to fix the economy, saying Malawians are going through rough times.

“It is clear that Malawians are going through tough times as goods and services are extremely difficult to acquire,” said Mayaya, the blame lies squarely and fairly with Mutharika who is the leader, they argued.

The accuse Mutharika of boasting on working to the country’s economic growth but his actions betray him.

“While we appreciate that part of the problem is the cashgate scandal, the current leadership is manifestly using cashgate as a shield or excuse from undertaking efforts to revamp the economy and restore the confidence of Malawians in the public goods and services. To date, the level of debt has doubled the pre-HIPC era of 2002.”

Adding that: “The population of ultra-poor Malawians has also increased, and so has the economic growth declined. These are some of the realities that should pre-occupy any responsible leader.”

The CSOs have since asked Mutharika to reduce his motorcade in this economic crisis period.

“Instead of meaningfully promoting fiscal discipline in the management of scarce revenue, the Presidency is maintaining a huge motorcade. While the President has a balloon motorcade, the Vice President has a motorcade of not less than 10 vehicles. This is unjustified extravagance and must be desisted.

“The implication of the present realities is that Government is not only pushing more accountability to the future generation to settle the skyrocketing debt but also that it is spending that which belongs to the future generation.”

The CSOs accused the leadership for failing to demonstrate the good intentions of the proclaimed reforms and condemned the Mutharika leadership style.

“We would want to see the President walk with all Malawians in tightening his belts as well as a consequence of the prevailing economic situation,” read the statement in part.

The CSOs also asked Mutharika to fix myriad of problems which Malawians are going through such as water and electricity problems.

Mutharika has been accusing his critics for failing to offer workable, thought-through solutions.

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Emmanuel E. Muyenza

Pressure bursts the pipe. Keep the pressure!

Some Idiot does not understand grounds for impeachment. Even if there were constitutional grounds, the legislator MUST vote for impeachment. The president has the right to apply to the constitutional High court for injunction for process. You see, this is no easy process to think of removing the President and VP from Office. Read about Bingu”s call for impeachment in 2005 which failed. You will see that this is no easy route. May be stage a coup and if you are not careful and it foils, you will be hanged for treason. Stage a Demo to remove him. It will… Read more »

APM has failed the nation its a must for him to resign or be impeached at the parliament. I wander what our MPs thinking about the APM leadership of mafia style

Today's Quote

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your parents, the ecology or the president. You realise that you control your own destiny.” – Albert Ellis


No man is an anthill

Amaliongo ali cheru! Nkhondo ibwere apa mukalowa mu nsewu kukachita za mavuvu kufuna kulanda Boma mwa upandu ikhala ya magulu othandiza Boma and ozonda Boma. Ulendo uno a Police salowerera konse. Azangokhala cheru kuletsetsa osati kutenga mbali. Ali yense wa shop yake ali kalikilili kinola zikwanje ndi nkhwangwa ndi mivi. Uyo ayetserere kuthyola shop ya mwimi adzachakachidwa ndi nkhwangwa ndi mic info zikwanje. Ma AK 47 ali kale kutsonkhanitsidwa mwa mtseli ndipo zidzakhala zoopsya pa tsikuli. This is what I have gathered from the reliable source who will counter the Demo and they vowed to make it unpeaceful! I have… Read more »
APM aphunzire mmene pulezidenti wa dziko la Botswana mmene amayendetsera dziko.Magalimoto ambiri amene amakhala pa ndanda wa galimoto zimaonga Ndalama zochuluka.Pitala asiyanitse ntchito za boma ndi za chipani chake cha DPP. Zochititsa manyazi zomve zikuchitika pa MBC zithe. Adziwe kuti u professor ndi utsogoleri ndi zinthu ziwiri zosiyana. Aphunzire kuti Malawi ndi dziko losauka chotero sibwino kumawaudza a Malawi za ukhumutcha(millionaire)pamene a Malawi ambiri akuvutika ndi umphawi. Mutharika adziwe kuti palibe investor amene angayambitse ntchito za malonda m’dziko momwe mulibe magetsi ndi madzi.Dziko momwe misika komanso ma shop ndi makampani zikupsa ndi moto tsiku ndi tsiku. Mutharika aphunzire kuti makani… Read more »
mulamu pelekani@gmail.com
Muntharika has tried to attract investors but failled. Which investors will invest in a natio. Without electricity? We are living in fast growing moden tid. Everything is datarizenation how can that function in Malawi? The man is hated abroad. He showed arrogate when he was with his brother and he thought h is a prof. He could use that status. How many prof. In western world or Malawi?People who have lived in Europe or America think they are better than those at home. Malawi law must change. The age of the leader and MPs should be changed. U can not… Read more »

Kwaine mkuthokonza inu mabungwe chifukwa mwaona momwe amalawi tikuvutikira ndipo zaka ziwiri zikuoneka ngati 10 choncho ndikugwirizana nanu kwa thunthu kuti akuluwa angotula pasi udindo chifukwa mwaiwo mulibe mphatso yautsogoleri

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