Donors give Malawi new tough conditions

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe lamented in parliament that discussions with donors to resume part of the aid ended up in tragic as a new set of tough conditions were slapped on the Malawi government.

Gloomy faces of Lawmakers in Malawi Parliament

Gloomy faces of Lawmakers in Malawi Parliament

These set of conditions, Gondwe told the silent House, were new and different from the International Monetary Fund strings that the government is tirelessly working on with the hope of aid resumption.

“They gave us lengthy conditionalities. Apart from the IMF conditionalities, they gave us a new set of conditionalities altogether and told us if met all of them by second quarter of the year, we would get the aid by third quarter of the year,” said Gondwe.

Gondwe said the government decided to go back to the donors to request money for crop seeds following government failure to pay to suppliers a K155 billion in arrears from last year’s FISP programme.

He said after the government’s failure to meet the conditionalities, President Peter Mutharika ordered the reorganisation of the national budget to include the seed budget.

The opposition Malawi Congress Party and People’s Party have urged the government to engage the donors to convince them open the aid taps as public sector services, especially in health and education, are increasingly collapsing prompting Lilongwe Rural South MP Peter Dimba to joke that if Malawi was a canteen, it could have closed shop.

On a lighter note, Dimba wondered why Mutharika’s cabinet ministers continue to be chased away from public places citing Jappie Mhango, minister of Information who was chased away from a funeral and Grace Chiumia, who was booed from a Gonapamuhanya function in Rumphi.

However Chiumia told the House that it was unfortunate that people were misinformed and when she tried to give correct information, people started “jumping up and down.”

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57 thoughts on “Donors give Malawi new tough conditions”

  1. atros says:

    Mmati mutani mpata wina kadyankalista impezabasi size yake. Muwuzeni Saulos mesa ndi katakwe woba ma vote……..akawabelenso ma donors wooooooh ……kkkkkkk. kwacha kumalawi lol

  2. Rodgers Banda says:

    Who knows, maybe DPP and its crew need medical attention or else it will lead to wars of roses. Why donors now? They can do without them for they are experts in running govt! Only crazy party will help them. Moreover they don’t take decisions from opposition.

  3. Jimbo says:

    The new conditions will not be revealed because they include recovery of ALL the cashgate money and the prosecution of ALL ‘cashgaters’. APM said that the donors have gone for good because he know he himself is involved in the cashgate. No progress in Malawi as long as DPP in government. MCP is no better because they refuse to acknowledge that Kamuzu was a failure. A government of national unity made up of true patriots is needed.

  4. Palikanthu says:

    Wait a minute, was it not this same presidency that stated in the Tweet/State of the Union Address that days of donors are over??
    So they what? Went to the drawing board to reconstruct the budget??
    Malawi of yesteryear, 51 years old but poverty stricken in the head, degrees kutapa kutaya mwa atsogoleri koma opanda luso lotsogolera.
    I dethrone every leader occupying the seat of honour but not being such in character and service in Jesus name.

  5. Fiona says:

    Kodi si dzulodzuloli Mathanyula was barking in Mangochi that we do not need donors? Kodi DPP njozerezeka chonchi bwa? Today this, tomorrow that, changing now and then. Even a newly-born baby cannot trust this government. Anthu timve ziti makamaka? Today you are going back to the same donors to assist you, they add extra conditions you are crying chwi chwi chwi!!! When you rattle publicly against donors, are you so stupid to think that donors don’t listen to your rattlings? From president to lowest cabinet member, you are idiots!!! I have never seen such a dull president and government in my life! Munkabereranji mavoti? Ndiizi mukubibidwa nazo.

  6. California King says:

    Tell Headless presented #Peter Muthalika #Fuck u….

  7. Wambali says:

    Oh! Shame,the problem with nyasaland the leaders are well educated bt in their minds its lyk they themselves to be rich and some hw some where to be reality our president peter mtalika is already crazy person dueto he iz over educated,bt if may be awhite people can be our president zitha kukhala bho.

  8. Ndizovuta kuzimvetsa kodi? says:

    Dear Mr Goodall & Friends,

    TRANSLATION: it is really simple. The Donors will not give you any aid until you successfully do the following:

    1. Conclude and arrest every single person who has stolen the public funds in question.

    2. Recover the said public funds.

    3. Reduce your careless spending

    4. Stop promoting and encouraging corruption.

    It’s very painful to watch you do this dance when we all know what the donors’ conditions are. It is painfully obvious that you are failing to successfully conclude the cashgate issues because most of the top brass is involved. You know this and so does the world. So, to watch you do this dance is very entertaining to us only because it prevents us from getting very angry. So, go ahead, keep us laughing while we watch this comedy show. One thing is very clear though, these donors have your number. They ate NOT going to give you aid until you sort out that mess. The ball is in your court.

  9. ndugumvwinya says:

    which conditions?

  10. samuel mkerela says:

    Nose ndiodwala kulibe muthu wanzeru kumalawiko nchifukwa chake tikufela moyenda muno basis muuzeni peter wanuyo ndicisiru wakuba kapena kuti mbava dectator

  11. Unenesko Nguwemi says:

    Even if you very educated without integrity you cannot manage the country.Our government is run by educated people but lack integrity.As such donot expect anything tangible things in Malawi.

  12. mtima wa nyani says:

    eetu glooomy naga akudziwa asowa pokololola. musakwiye onyoooooo

  13. Funzo says:

    Would a new condition be to demonstrate that parliament does not condone anti-semitism or xenophobia? Is this ‘Warm heart of Africa’ just a marketing ploy with no basis in reality?

    Some have stated that donors are not ready to resume payments because of their own financial constraints but UK, at least, is determined to contribute the UN recommended 0.7% GDP to aid so what is the Malawina government doing to have its share?

  14. atros says:

    M bendera asovetu basi. Lol

  15. Lord Mansfield says:

    The Problem Tinsankha Olakwika, Whthe Donors Stopd Surppoting Us In 2011 We Were Ruled By Bingu(with DPP& APM in the Cabinet) Ma Donor Tatinyanyala Mwangozso Bingu Anatisiya Anabwela JB Ma Donors Anayambaso Kutiganizla Then During Elections A Mw Kukaikaso DPP Pa Mpando Mosogozedwa Nd Bro Wa Amene Azungu Ankadanaye Uja Now Thy Hav Stopd Again Nde Tikuliranjino Kusaganiza Anthufe Tingopilira Until Time To Change Regime Shal Come Again Thats When The Donors Wil Come Koma Tisanamizane Palibe Dziko Limaimilatu Palokha Or Bg Countries With Economies At 1 Point They Stil Need Bailout Somehow Somewhere

  16. kennzo says:

    Aaaaa!! very funny, how stupit are these dpp fellors? How rubbish is this president? Last week you told us to forget about donors completely now you want donors?

    Dpp adimin is taking us for riede, today nor more donoers tomorrow we want donors?

    Stupit Peter and stupit are his followers may God judge them.

  17. KARU UNITED says:

    I fail to understand the position of the DPP government when it comes to Western “donors” today they will say, “time for relying on donors is gone” tomorrow “well, the donors have brought in new conditions” which is which?

  18. Sapitwa says:

    Aid Aid Aid mpaka liti? Why do u have to run the country on other peoples pockets? You wanted independence which you got in 1964. You wanted multiparty democracy which you got in 1994. What more do you want? Ulesi basi!
    Donors will keep on shifting goal posts because they want to teach you lessons to stand on your own and indeed you will because even if the new government came in, nothing would change anyway.
    Sitinati; tikhaula zotsowa zija mpka tidzazolowera.

  19. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Kudalira zaeni ndikumeneko amatha kukuyikira malamulo okhwima. Take Late bingu style Zero Budget we will be there. How have we survived the past years without donor aid. Mwana amasiya makolo ake kukakhala pa yekha kuzidyetsa yekha ameneyo ndiye mwana wa nzeru.

  20. Cardiac arrest says:

    Mathanyula, boma mumalifuna lija ndilimenelo, yendestani Bwana, Mwana alkali lira nsansi msemere

  21. ganganfuno says:

    Mwana wa mulungu wake utiyo zausilu usatchule dzina la mulungu wako pa chabe ulape

  22. Gadabwali says:

    Ths is indeed gvt of contradictions. Lero a pulezident akutiuza kuti “the age of donor dependence is over, let’s get over it…” mawa a minister akuti “the donors have given us a new set tough conditionalities…” Ndiye timve ziti? Ths is a sign of failed leadership, kulephera sikungapose apa!

  23. mbani says:

    effects of 577 alomwe alomwe

  24. Chidzukulu says:

    Mukalimbana ndi azungu mugwetsadi boma lanu. Azungu palibe achitepo. Mulungu akatseka chitseko amakhala atatsekula china. Sakasakani muchipeza. Mavuto akumalawi timawayambitsa ndife tomwe a Malawi. Please put the house in order first, things will change

  25. Umphawi says:

    This will take this administration down,

  26. Umphawi says:

    Still waiting to clap hands for this Administration, from the look of things I will waiting for a very looooooong time

  27. manyamula says:

    Guys siyani kulimbana ndi Joyisi muone mmene zinthu zitayendere.mukulimbana ndi mwana wamulungu adpp

  28. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Things fall apart.Widening and widening of the gaps the centre cannot hold.

  29. Masoambeta says:

    Anyani inu mumakapempha ndalamazo nazoni ku mahule.

  30. George Kamanga says:

    Galu wakuba sungasiye ndiwo pamalo osatetezedwa. DPP is full of agalu akuba it is difficult for donors to flow cash to you monsters, thieves, robbers, gangsters and criminals of high rank. Agalu inu a DPP ndinu opepera kwambiri

  31. Zambulo says:

    What are the new conditionalities inu a Nyasa. Nkhani yanui palibe chimene ndatolapo chogwilizana ndi mutu wankhani. Ife kale Chimangilizo chakunyelani apa.

  32. Eugene says:

    The donors have smoked out these thieves

  33. John Chisi says:

    The writer is a lier, The person who stood for the lighter moment was Hon Dzoole Mwale, not Dimba as mentioned , about Chiumia ,Dzoole Mwale was saying about Kamuzu Institute for Sports Issue not Gona Pamuhanya.about .Why you people are you writing false things , and mukulimbana ndi Chiumia. Why why ? Leave her she is working hard,humble and very friendly to others and now you want to pull her down Shame on you. Grace keep on praying those who are jealousy with you they finish them selves.I know God is always with you.

  34. The Patriot says:

    How tough are the conditions like justice for Chasowa, justice for July 20 massacre and the 577 billion MK Cashgate scandal? Is this tough? The donors also want bank reconcilliations , ks this tough? If you vannot meet the donors demands just resign! You have failed. There is no way donors can just give money to end up in stinking and corrupt pockets of politicians. Goodall should tell Malawians why the DPP government always finds it hard to meet donors demands when the PP government was abke to get donations within days of attaining power? Tikukuonani tu a Gondwe. We thought DPP learnt its lessons the first time but alas they are making the same mistakes as before!

  35. zambezi says:

    What are these specific conditionalities? But instead of the cretinous MPs asking for this information they are talking about MPs being chased away at funerals. What the fack??? Thisbis the contribution from the opposition? What a bunch of morons! This is an important issue and needed to be vigorously debated! Where was big mouth Kabwila? English major? The long word conditionality scared the poor educationally challenged MPs. Pack of no good primates!

  36. Happening Boy says:

    We are in bit problème together,, no blâme Game, all last govts did something remarkable, let’s join hands and do something like growing chamba and we move forward, anything That Can bring quick money. Otherwise those eating mangoes today, wafwenge wanandi. Let us accept we no longer have a Sharp finance ministre, the Guy Is Old, He Is used to cash book and ledger in a hard cover but today we,go by ict. Old brains.

  37. kanjipiti says:

    What exactly are these “lengthy” conditions? Do the donors want APM and his cabinet to stand on their heads or jump up and down for hours on end? Or perhaps the donors want the cabinet to smear themselves with chitedze once a week for 6 months?

    The truth of the matter is that donor conditions are not at all unreasonable for a Government that is really interested in doing right by its citizens. The DPP government is like a 5 year old child who wants to enjoy everything and anything without taking any responsibility. Just look at APM’s convoy – there are a number of vehicles that just burn fuel for nothing (a “dressing room” and toilet vehicle, and at least one spare VX – in case the other state of the art VX carrying APM breaks down).

    The other thing that irks donors is the reluctance by this government to stop loss of public funds and assets. IFMIS is still porous, and just today we have learnt that PVHO was involved in a massive vehicle disposal scam.

    As long as this DPP government is not willing to take responsibility for its actions, they should forget about direct budgetary support…

  38. nyoo says:

    nyasatimes give us the conditionalities in details why rushing with uncooked stories

  39. Thanduxolo says:

    It’s either ‘these sets of conditions’ OR ‘this set of conditions’!

  40. Blessings Kaweru says:

    Tough time for Mw

  41. Thanduxolo says:

    …to suppliers a K155 billion in arrears from last year FISP Programme… Chaka chatha tidamva kuti ndalama zolowa ku pologalamu ya FISP zimakwana K60 billion. Ndiye akuti ma arrears a K155 billion achaka chatha? Sindikumvetsa ndithu!

  42. Kenkkk says:

    What are new tough conditions? You are not telling us, ba dada Gondwe.

  43. Mr dimba inu ndi dimba lodzalapo nkhwani basi.

  44. Bright Mkosi says:

    Malawi government full of mbava sanvakukhulupilileni amwenye babwezani k577 bn

  45. mukharapwio says:

    Yes Yes Yes Donors increase the conditions,twist their arms hard until they pass air,these people are just jocking not implementing anything

  46. mogasa club member says:

    alekeni azungu, ali busy kulimbana ndi isis. inu gulitsani nyumba za ma cashgater kuti mupangile suppliment budget. half trillion ndi ndalama zambili boss.

  47. Ziliko chaka chake ndichino

  48. Zansete says:

    Koma zafika pa mwana wakanda phwala,Malawi kunvetsa chisoni.
    Kaya nkutani kaya?
    Chifukwa ayi ndithu,mpakana kudula madzi ku Zomba C hospital?
    A Malawi anzanga kapena dzikoli ndilotembeleledwa? Ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai.

  49. lackison says:

    Be open to forensic audits of $577billion , Aid will start flowing, and the president must stop talking childishly that donors period is over, how can he say that today and ask for aid tomorrow?confused guy

  50. Andrew says:

    Let us hear those conditions pliz, i heared u swearing dat donors hv gone to attend to dere problems

  51. molande says:

    The problem with our govt is that they don’t know financial management. They spend and expect EU to pay for their bills. How cud they buy cars when patients have no food in hospitals. I think donors have realised that this govt is not serious. They want to punish the leadership so that they could resign and for sure this will happen.

  52. Tina says:

    Donors go to hell already
    We are now counting on China now
    No strings attached

  53. Patriot says:

    DPP cashgate yanyanya.

  54. Jembe says:

    What a failed state and what a useless government we have. Shame on you Malawians who ushered this useless old man into the hot seat. Strangely, brainless people still supporting this stupid government despite clear signs of dunderheads being at the helm …

  55. Cocoon says:

    Stop Wasting and stealing money, you need to listen to people unsteady of just parting. Stop racism so embarrassing. You need a leader with vision. Take interest in Malawian, stop being selfish. Connect with the people in your constituents meet and respect people from all walks of life.

  56. matombodya says:

    The article is incomplete. What are the new conditions?

  57. WAMISALA says:


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