Donors give Malawi new tough conditions

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe lamented in parliament that discussions with donors to resume part of the aid ended up in tragic as a new set of tough conditions were slapped on the Malawi government.

Gloomy faces of Lawmakers in Malawi Parliament

Gloomy faces of Lawmakers in Malawi Parliament

These set of conditions, Gondwe told the silent House, were new and different from the International Monetary Fund strings that the government is tirelessly working on with the hope of aid resumption.

“They gave us lengthy conditionalities. Apart from the IMF conditionalities, they gave us a new set of conditionalities altogether and told us if met all of them by second quarter of the year, we would get the aid by third quarter of the year,” said Gondwe.

Gondwe said the government decided to go back to the donors to request money for crop seeds following government failure to pay to suppliers a K155 billion in arrears from last year’s FISP programme.

He said after the government’s failure to meet the conditionalities, President Peter Mutharika ordered the reorganisation of the national budget to include the seed budget.

The opposition Malawi Congress Party and People’s Party have urged the government to engage the donors to convince them open the aid taps as public sector services, especially in health and education, are increasingly collapsing prompting Lilongwe Rural South MP Peter Dimba to joke that if Malawi was a canteen, it could have closed shop.

On a lighter note, Dimba wondered why Mutharika’s cabinet ministers continue to be chased away from public places citing Jappie Mhango, minister of Information who was chased away from a funeral and Grace Chiumia, who was booed from a Gonapamuhanya function in Rumphi.

However Chiumia told the House that it was unfortunate that people were misinformed and when she tried to give correct information, people started “jumping up and down.”

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Mmati mutani mpata wina kadyankalista impezabasi size yake. Muwuzeni Saulos mesa ndi katakwe woba ma vote……..akawabelenso ma donors wooooooh ……kkkkkkk. kwacha kumalawi lol

Rodgers Banda

Who knows, maybe DPP and its crew need medical attention or else it will lead to wars of roses. Why donors now? They can do without them for they are experts in running govt! Only crazy party will help them. Moreover they don’t take decisions from opposition.


The new conditions will not be revealed because they include recovery of ALL the cashgate money and the prosecution of ALL ‘cashgaters’. APM said that the donors have gone for good because he know he himself is involved in the cashgate. No progress in Malawi as long as DPP in government. MCP is no better because they refuse to acknowledge that Kamuzu was a failure. A government of national unity made up of true patriots is needed.


Wait a minute, was it not this same presidency that stated in the Tweet/State of the Union Address that days of donors are over??
So they what? Went to the drawing board to reconstruct the budget??
Malawi of yesteryear, 51 years old but poverty stricken in the head, degrees kutapa kutaya mwa atsogoleri koma opanda luso lotsogolera.
I dethrone every leader occupying the seat of honour but not being such in character and service in Jesus name.

Kodi si dzulodzuloli Mathanyula was barking in Mangochi that we do not need donors? Kodi DPP njozerezeka chonchi bwa? Today this, tomorrow that, changing now and then. Even a newly-born baby cannot trust this government. Anthu timve ziti makamaka? Today you are going back to the same donors to assist you, they add extra conditions you are crying chwi chwi chwi!!! When you rattle publicly against donors, are you so stupid to think that donors don’t listen to your rattlings? From president to lowest cabinet member, you are idiots!!! I have never seen such a dull president and government in… Read more »
California King

Tell Headless presented #Peter Muthalika #Fuck u….


Oh! Shame,the problem with nyasaland the leaders are well educated bt in their minds its lyk they themselves to be rich and some hw some where to be reality our president peter mtalika is already crazy person dueto he iz over educated,bt if may be awhite people can be our president zitha kukhala bho.

Ndizovuta kuzimvetsa kodi?
Ndizovuta kuzimvetsa kodi?
Dear Mr Goodall & Friends, TRANSLATION: it is really simple. The Donors will not give you any aid until you successfully do the following: 1. Conclude and arrest every single person who has stolen the public funds in question. 2. Recover the said public funds. 3. Reduce your careless spending 4. Stop promoting and encouraging corruption. It’s very painful to watch you do this dance when we all know what the donors’ conditions are. It is painfully obvious that you are failing to successfully conclude the cashgate issues because most of the top brass is involved. You know this and… Read more »

which conditions?

samuel mkerela

Nose ndiodwala kulibe muthu wanzeru kumalawiko nchifukwa chake tikufela moyenda muno basis muuzeni peter wanuyo ndicisiru wakuba kapena kuti mbava dectator

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