DPP, Aford ‘ bad losers’ in Mzuzu poll

The Democratic Progressive party(DPP), and the Alliance for Democracy(Aford) including other candidates stayed away at the results -signing ceremony of by-election for Chibanja ward in Mzuzu.

NICE and MCP officials sign vote results on behalf of DPP, Aford who boycotted

NICE and MCP officials sign vote results on behalf of DPP, Aford who boycotted

The development then left the Ward- Returning Officer Lobo Tembo and the elections coordinator Victor Masina to negotiate with the National Institute for Civic Education and the election leaders the Malawi Congress party(MCP) to do the tasks for them.

The DPP Governor for the north Keneth Sanga and his candidate George Manda who boycotted the election result signing at the tally centre over allegations of fraud during voting, said his candidate and supporters would reject any results giving opposition MCP candidate Charles Mlogera the lead of 486 votes representing 39.1% win.

About 6296 registered for Chibanja ward.

The poll results also indicated that Gibson Chisale of Aford came second with 458 votes, Manda is third with 267 votes. Independent candidate Mike Phiri 16, Esmey Jere of Umodzi party 10 , and Ulaya Kaunda of Mafunde 5 votes.

The figures are for the whole of the three centers of Mbaweme CBO, New Jerusalem and Mundeba.

“ We will not accept the result. We told the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC ) during voting that there were a lot of anomalies . People were all over around the polling centre dishing out money. Others hunted for registered voters in their homes to vote for them. I reported this at the regional MEC offices in Mzuzu hoping to make a correct decision but was busy watching,” Said Sanga.

But MCP’s Director of Elections Alexander Mwakikunga has dismissed the claims of fraud as not true.

Tembo and Masina in an interview said no body logged an official complaint.

Sanga said by voting MCP councillor people have chosen for darkness instead of light.

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20 thoughts on “DPP, Aford ‘ bad losers’ in Mzuzu poll”

  1. Wilson Dickson says:

    As of now, mcp seems to be the best party. Good luncky my lovely party!!

  2. Sanga is very stupid with it’s DPP.
    Their president is failing to deliver.God himself will help Malawians by any means not the president of Mbendera and court.
    Malawi has no president at the moment.Stupid!

  3. Namisako. says:


  4. Idi Amini Dada says:

    kamuzu yemwe ankaphesa ma northerners anafa. panopo chakwela sangapangenso. kumpoto tiyen tizavoteld mcp or pp or udf osati dpp ikutizunzai

  5. legal b says:

    Msowoya, wakeup from yo slumber! By the way, how far did you go wit yo education? You need to go back to school and check yo IQ propery mutikhozga sonina!..

  6. kamuzu says:

    sanga ndi anzinzakowo …bwanji osangopita pa nkhatabay pompa yapa muzikakolopa nyanja apo ayi mwani tamec…coz ichi nchiyambi chabe 2019 nde muzalira bwa…

  7. Zoo for show says:

    Ndale zogawana ziko siziyenda mcp,udf,dpp zipani zoyipa kwa anthu akumpoto nanga aford adzavotera ndani

  8. Kenkkk says:

    Winston musowoya, you are a stupid fool. You are not even a northerner. The past one party mcp kamuzu era is gone, it went away in 1994. You should be worried about the current dpp atrocities, let alone also those under bingu which targeted the north.

    So please tell us something new not what we already know. This is new multiparty Malawi, amongst it is a new reformed, modernized mcp ready to work within a democratic environment which dpp is already tainting and abusing it.

  9. Winston Msowoya says:

    Candidly,the people of the North have gone out of steam to elect MCP candidate in by- elections.Imagine,this is the Party that unleashed unprecedented atrocities against our people during Banda’s reign of terror that lasted thirty solid years.This naked betrayal will indeed,visit the sleeping spirits of our fallen heroes who lost their precious lives for us. Indeed,the innocent blood of Dunduzu Chisiza who was murdered in the MCP Head Quarters in Limbe and dumped in his own Mercedes Benz which was driven to Thondwe Bridge and left there so that people could think Du died in an accident.Orton Chirwa was murdered in Zomba Prison by MCP thugs,Matupi Mkandawire former MP for Rumphi West was murdered in cold blood at Ndzeleka notorious death camp,just to mention a few,but the list is long.My fellow Northerners Wakeup and get united otherwise,your political future and that of your grand children and future generations,will end up in limbo.It is the Malawi Congress Party under Hastings Banda that ingnited tribalism and in turn,Northerners were repatriated to their region,as if that was not enough,the dreaded quota system followed.Please,do not be fooled, the MCP has hidden agenda .Learn from past blunders.The northerners voted massively for Bingu Muthalika in his second term,after few days he turned against you.How do you trust the MCP present leadership whose hands are drenched in blood of the Northerners.If you trust Chakwera because he is a Reveland,Banda was also a Church Elder,but he committed untold brutality against the people of Malawi,especially the hated Northerners.Wakeup Nyikalanders.Remember,once beaten twice shy.ALUTA CONTINUA,VENCEREMOS.( THE STRUGGLE CONTNUES) .

  10. phaka says:

    Warira nayo sanga

  11. Awina basi anzanu musalirw

  12. Kenkkk says:

    This is a very big victory for mcp. It has won where it was not expected to win. Other parties have won where they were expected to win. So only MCP is the real victor in these by-elections.

    Dpp thugs are embarrassed to admit that this modem mcp is different from the kamuzu one. They can’t find fault with it but keep on digging kamuzu era atrocities and heeping them on the new mcp. Kamuzu mcp is not the same as chakwera mcp, dig it you brainless dpp thugs who are now experts in committing the same kamuzu atrocities on us.

  13. brayan allie says:

    Kkkkkk DPP wagwanayo alikuti DAusi

  14. Tili Chenene says:


  15. Rift Valley says:

    Pepani Bwana Sanga. By voting MCP people have chosen Hope rather than despair which is the order of the day.

  16. getu maseko says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk koma a Nabetha! Ndie mwankwanitsaditu Dausi.

  17. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Innuendos, conjectures

  18. Alf says:

    Signs of times. MCP is sweeping northern region in 2O19 elections. By-elections can foretell.

  19. atumbuka si anthu says:

    and MCP are worst overall loosers in the polls.FACT!!

    .. (

  20. Nabetha says:

    Ask Dausi about this..he will plainly tell you that this is aggretalipal, spefocatical and agonophobic, meaning that this is unacceptable,unbelievable and disappointing.

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