DPP councillors close DC’s office in Chiradzulu

Operations at Chiradzulu District Council have come to a standstill following the closure of District Commissioner’s (DCs) Office by councillors belonging to ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Kaleso: Sticks to fiscal discpline

Vice Council Chair for Chiradzulu, Councillor Diston Mphero  said the councillors have closed the office because the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development was taking long to transfer DC Memory Kaleso as per their demands.

“We have reacted in this manner because the ministry is not assisting. Instead, the ministry has sent us communication insisting that would continue working as DC because she has not committed any wrong doing to warrant posting,’ he said.

Ministry’s spokesperson Muhlabase  Mughogho has confirmed that the ministry would not send new DC to Chiradzulu.

“Councillors are abusing their powers. They do not have the mandate to close the DC’s office. That’s crippling service delivery. I think they have gone overboard. As a Ministry, we always follow and implement government policies for the betterment of common person in the villages,” she said.

Meanwhile, in solidarity with the DC, members of staff  at the council also downed tools saying arguing they cannot continue working without the Head of the District Administration.

An Official who spoke on conditions of anonymity said they would only resume work when the matter is settled and DC is back in the office.

“Kaleso is been victimized just because she is following procedures set by government. Kaleso is there working towards protecting government resources,” he said.

In the afternoon, clients who came to have their passport forms certified were sent back as there was no one to assist them.

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Masozi Mwenifumbo

Good show Madam DC and Chiradzulu DC staff. That is the way to deal with corrupt
politicians. But is is the Chiradzulu Police doing? Take speedy action against those
greedy and unprocedural Councillors. They have indeed gone overboard. Let unite
and love our country fellow Malawians!!!!


I don’t think it is fair to blame DPP for unruly behavior of Councilors. We need to sit down and reflect if indeed these Councilors are representing us. I don’t see any value addition of having these Councilors. No need of Councilors beyond 2017. These people have failed Malawians big time.

mike Jones

kwene uchewa ndi matendadi kodi achewafe tinatani,umbuli kapena njala or nsanje kapena ndi matenda .enafe tinaphunzirako koma abale kuchititsa manyazi


This is not a presidents job we have ministers. . Directors and at the council there is Full Council Committee. To deal with this…..chilichonse president.

Prof. Peter Mutharika
Prof. Peter Mutharika

Councillors are elected officials and we trust that they represent the wish of the people. It does not make sense to have an appointed DC more powerful that the people. The DC should therefore address the demands of the Councillors/the people or else resign.


sick ass nigga

Umbuli ndi matenda. Kusawerenga ndikunvetsetsa mmene dziko likuyendera ndi cancer yomwe ikutha Malawi. Work up! These councilors are a good example of disgruntled failures who believe that local people can well be served by victimizing the public servants. I believe in mutual engagement and dialogue but Councilors from Chiradzulu are so pathetic. They think they are untouchable. I salute Councilors from Thyolo, the President comes from there but are somewhat sober. Elsewhere NGO failed to provide support to the Chiradzulu District Council because they believed that these councilors will not only sabotage but also frustrate progressive efforts. BELIEVE YOU ME… Read more »

The meaning of the word ‘Barbarians’ — “Crude, uncouth, ill-bred persons lacking culture or refinement”. This definition 100% befits the DPP ‘councillors’ of Chiradzulu district.


Really Mr. President, is this how you want to run the country, with everyone behaving as they please? The behavior of your councillors at Chiradzulu is, to say the least, savagely; Please do something urgently for the sake of Chiradzulu people.

wolamula ineyo

I order the police to arrest the councillors and the Chief Justice to sentence them to 7 years imprisonment for abusing their office. I am not the president of DPP I demand him to fire them so that they operate outside the mighty DPP if such is their behavior. Are they her employers? Or the Chiradzulu Ministers are part of it? Angopsyepsyerezera those vicious dogs kuti iwo asawonekere

Humphrey's Nthara Jnr
Humphrey's Nthara Jnr
DC’s please show these guys what you are capable of doing, show them that when they say Boma they actually mean your office, show them that you are the ones in-charge of the whole district affairs, show them what it means to be called Bwana Mkubwa , these pliticians akuwonjezani. Min. Local government please give back the powers which befitted the DC’s back in the days. this is so bad, as i said last week the Dc’s office is the eye and ear of capital Hill or should i say the president himself, these Councillors have undermined the OPC and… Read more »

Chiradzulu Police arrest the councillors for disturbing piece

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