Dziko Radio now goes live in Malawi: Mtumodzi CEO

A new radio has hit the airwaves in Malawi, called Dziko FM, with former presidential spokesman Chikumbutso Mtumodzi heading the private broadcasting station.

Mtumodzi: Fired

Mtumodzi: Dziko FM boss

Under Chule Holdings, Dziko FM is being listened from 104.3 FM.

Dziko FM was on July 2013 fully gazetted by the government Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) as a national radio station following the issuance of a license in 2009.

According to Mtumodzi, Dziko FM is broadcasting “via satellite live from Malawi’s Capital Lilongwe.

He said: “Dziko FM will strive to provide the most accurate and balanced, objective and clarified news programmes targeting all spheres of life and all sectors of people in the society regardless of racial, religious, political, tribal or any other inclination without fear or favour, affectionate or ill will.”

Mtumodzi also said the radio’s pride and priority would be to endeavour promoting harmony and diversity while contributing to an inclusive, cohesive and culturally-diverse of the Malawian society.

He pointed out that the station will pursue the principles of democracy, access and equity, especially for people and issues not adequately represented in other media outlets.

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28 thoughts on “Dziko Radio now goes live in Malawi: Mtumodzi CEO”

  1. Umunthu says:

    Chiku, you are my man. Don’t worry with these guys who are “very” negative about you. They are afraid of your openness. After using you in their era, they are sxared. Kkkkkkk. ALI MMADZI

  2. Thats nice and I will join you so pliz send me your contacts.

  3. w.moir says:

    better than politics

  4. Mbola says:

    Kodi mukuti azikumverani ndani? Fokolo zanu mxiii!

  5. BINGOO says:

    A chiku bola osapanga za ndale. All the best

  6. mulanjeboys says:

    Mumangomuona eti. he is the owner.

  7. golingo says:

    A country of dogs and hyena!!!!! Who r the owners of this radio!!! They must be very foolish and stupid for entrusting this idiot by the name mtumodzi to run the station!! This youngman has ni morals!!!!! Uyuyu amayi ake anawapanga zoopya!!! Even their family knows!!!! He is a foolish man!!!

    Uyuyu chinachilichonse choipa amapanga!!! Tamuoneni mutuwo ngati tchende lambuzi!!!! Pa nyo pako!!!!!! Pa chilomwe timati nyapapi or mwanatchende!!! Or mwananyini!!!!!

  8. brian says:

    Wishing you all the best.the sky is the limit.

  9. mtila zomba says:

    Ife timamvera GALAXY FM. 100%, pure christal clear, classical superior and vibrant reception.Galaxy fm the voice of malawi.

  10. Chulu says:

    He he he! Koma pa Malawi, ma Radio stations mbwee ngati zipani.

    Where will all these radios be getting revenues from. Scrambling from the few adverts from companies which are struggling due to this AUTO-PILOT run goverment with captain Petulu busy enriching his Mulkho cadres!

  11. King bwai says:

    Ndiye ndizimvera radio iti mmene achulukiramu ma radio mu? Bola kumangowerenga nkhani pa nyasatimes

  12. zebe says:

    Surely God has his own ways to get rid of bad people from positions. This Mtumodzi guy was untouchable in the previous governments I am now glad he can now talk of principles of democracy, access and equity. Never expected this from him when he was at statehouse

  13. chalombanthu says:

    Honestly Mtumodzi has guts unlike viola. Since hos removal @ Ministry of Information, nothing seems to work at this rotten ministry. Govt thot by removing him the guy will perish. Look now. Sazasaukanso ameneyu. 1day they wil still craw to him to have his radio and its listenership. Great progress.

  14. ezekiwe utwag says:

    Avoid biaseness otherwise its a positive development.

  15. Chisale says:

    Zabwino zonse. In this forest of radio stations, the only way you can survive is to ask the question: as a tree in this forest, do I have unique flowers that no other tree has so that the bees come to my tree and not to those other trees? The answer to this question is what will put you in or out of business. Once again all the best.

  16. ujeni says:

    Transparancy please! who owns it

  17. chibanja Mzuzu says:

    Dziko FM, Dzimwe FM why cant u chose another name to avoid confusing listerners.

  18. MCP Propaganda says:

    Congratulations Boss!

  19. Wanex banda says:

    Paja tima radio timeneti timangoveka mu Lilongwe mokha eti?

  20. Patriot says:

    Galaxy 2.
    Ncha DPP ichi mxiew

  21. Chipokababoli says:

    ???? CEO??

  22. Chabecheker says:

    Stick to what u say in your objectives and never use the radio as a political tool or else it will demise sooner than later

  23. aphiri says:

    Mtumodzi cant be a good manager. U know it always political

  24. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Chule? Just because named theirs Tiakalulu then you follow suit and name yours Chule. Ogo! Waah! Hakwe! Isii!

  25. Kika Kanawe says:

    Ok,that’s better.But where is JOY tv and the other broadcasters who were issued with licences?

  26. Nineveh says:

    You can claim all that Chikumbutso but your own track record as a journalist already gives the radio station a not so good image. Much will also depend on who owns it.

  27. Chiswamphika says:

    Great move but who owns it?

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