Dzuka Malawi: Who will save Malawi from ruin, greedy politicians

Malawi is a nation that needs serious soul searching. 52 years after independence we really have very little to show for it, we have a nation full of poverty, full of hyenas and with the worst type of greedy politicians.Dzuka Malawi

Our politicians drive the most expensive cars, claim the highest rates of salary, benefits and even duty free status while hard working small scale businesses as skinned alive by corrupt and greedy MRA officials and other agencies such as Immigration and Department of Road Traffic.

We see one company MOVESA dominate corruption, we all pretend to justify it instead of questioning if this is the value for money for the country. We are disgustingly corrupt and hopeless about it, we seem we accept the status quo.

Look at Immigration Department, people go to work every day, if they put heart to it and processed even just 100 passports a day, those ugly waiting scenes outside could not be there. But our corrupt, fantastically corrupt systems accept that as the norm.

Look at hospitals, if Nurses and Doctors started serving patients at 7.30am at OPD nobody would be at a queue and they would be having their chats by 10.00am, but we accept it as normal to stay at hospital whole day just because doctors and nurses were busy chatting.

The opposition one has nothing to write home about. They are busy reshuffling shadow cabinet, busy beating each other and chasing each other at rallies and for Reverend Chakwera his most remarkable protest was the need for his new Toyota Prado TX. Since he got it, good salary increment they are now busy developing a protest movement not a Government-in-waiting.

Imagine if Chakwera had opted for a cheaper Toyota Corrolla for his official car, he could have scored simple votes with the majority Malawians now suffering from high taxes and customs duty that is stifling small scale trades living on cross border business. You even wonder if Anti-Corruption Bureau exists.

MCP should rebuild its structures, hold fair elections across the country and call for national convention. Real leaders who want to solve problems call for conventions and challenge their challengers to a vote, that’s democracy. If Chakwera wants to be a strong and legitimate leader let him call for elections across the MCP structures and set date for convention, it will be one of the best parties. There is history in MCP, Gwanda Chakuamba despite all his defects used to call convention every year to silence John Tembo, of course he lost one and was out of the party. Viva Democracy.

If you look at  the other opposition, Peoples Party. Its spokesperson ken Msonda decides to mock Dr. George Chaponda exile years as being a “kapilikoni” or a traitor for having run away from Kamuzu Banda’s killing machine. The value of human freedom and dignity should have seen Msonda being asked to resign from public office. But we are a nation that accepts mediocrity as normal and never want to confront it. We are good at resting in our bums until its too hot. Msonda’s remarks about Dr. George Chaponda, in whatever context are an insult to those that were ejected from their own homeland by greedy Banda and cohorts.

Malawi belongs to all of us. If you do not think one tribe or people or anybody is worth to be Malawian, let’s start with you, leave my motherland alone, go wherever you can.

Look at the UDF. A party,  a former ruling party in its own shadow. No direction, no relevance and as prophesised kutha ngati makatani, swallowed by greed, run by personal comfort and now almost extinct like dinosaurs that kids born in the 1990s think UDF was there before the MCP.

Then we have the ruling party. The Democratic Progressive  Party. Nothing  progressive and no visible democratic credentials inside the party system. The fight is obvious, a beautiful manifesto, strange implementation criteria of priorities.

If you ask people of Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya and Zambia where they will be in five years, they will tell you the personal and national direction. For us we have no idea, no direction.

A nation which glorifies  convicts and defend them. We defend criminality, we condemn the poor hyenas and clap hands for libidious politicians and others looting our state coffers. We plot sex attacks, circulate gossip against innocent people and even plan laughable assassination plots.

We are still pursuing Dr. Cassim Chilumpha for a fantasy case we created that he wanted to assassinate Late Bingu wa Mutharika when we all know its politics. We are trying hard to drop Dr Muluzi case because we tainted with politics, yet we have cashgate cases we don’t want to pursue.

Our priorities are wrong, our souls are full of greed, jealousy and hatred. Our thinking is myopic and no vision and no direction really as to what we want to be in next five, ten or twenty years.

Dzuka Malawi, we have been short changed by ourselves, our choices. We clap hands for useless leaders and cry when they reap us all. Dzuka Malawi we need to start talking of our country in real terms, what we want ourselves and our country to be. We are in ruin, we are faced with greedy bosses in and out of Government. From next column , how to improve each department.

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Winston Msowoya
Malawi where it is today,primarly is because of the failed leadership based on ethnicity and tribal affiliations that have gutted our nation for 52 years of independence.The so-called leaders,as soon as they are catapulted to power by the people’s votes,the first priority is to amass unprecedented wealth and grab absolute powers and finally,render the national Constitutions null and void.In Malawi today,there are bloody simpletons who strongly believe that Banda brought CHITUKUKU in the country.What chitukuku? In fact,he was the genesis of CORRUPTION in Malawi.Soon after Self-government in 1961,the British colonial government offered Nyasaland 5million pounds(Br.Sterling) then,one of the strongest currencies… Read more »

God had given you Dr JB to save this country from economic collapse. Unfortunately, people, for whatever reason that has nothing to do with good governance, decided to defy God’s plan and voted for something else. Lero ndi izi. mukulira. So what exactly do you want. You think MCP will help this country? Forget! MCP is Malawi’s foundation for poverty. Nobody wants to talk about what Malawi has missed in Dr JB. All we hear is Chakwera this, Chakwera that, DPP this, DPP that. Malawi is doomed. If God cannot save you, no one will save you.


Munamuona mwenye ali corrupt or in Cashgate scum. They are very corrupt free community hence noone questions their riches. I am fade up osamanganso Indigenous Malawians okudya ali phee kumatiwalira ma galimoto opuma. Usilu a Malawi.


Our biggest misfortune is that fate elected a hyena into presidency. Every thing else is an effect of this


It’s not that complicated, the government in power (DPP) has failed to govern period! Let’s not find excuses.


Why singling out Chakwera for a cheap corolla and yet ministers, advisors, etc are driving in VXs? So much mixed feelings in this article and somehow misdirected. Much as I agree on many points, attacks on Chakwera are misdirected and irrelevant. MCP politics are in no way connected to the deteriorating standards in Malawi.

And I quote: “MCP politics are in no way connected to the deteriorating standards in Malawi.” Are you sure? I don’t agree with you. MCP politics has betrayed this nation a lot. MCP was supposed to bail Malawi out of this fire we are in, by defeating UDF, DPP and PP governments on ballot paper. But how can a party that is at war with itself defeating any other government on ballot paper? And here are you blind supporter of MCP saying “MCP politics are in no way connected to the deteriorating standards in Malawi.” Really? For your information, MCP… Read more »
Well, you can’t blame MCP for failing to defeat UDF, DPP, PP, etc. Blame the blind voters who are hell bent on voting along ethnic lines than policy. Another point to consider is the credibility of elections and our constitution. We saw MEC warehouses being set ablaze, election results announced at dawn within the high court premises by a questionable judge. You can’t say MCP didn’t put up a good fight. But rather the mindset and the set up stood against MCP’s way. Almost in all political parties there are squabbles. The late Bingu fail out with many of his… Read more »

Honestly, I like the way you have argued. However, I still have some questions for you. But let me keep them for tomorrow.


well spoken with articulated information, Malawi’s problem is not Poverty but its leadership which has misplaced its priorities.

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