Exclusive: List of Malawi UN trip delegation

Exclusive: Nyasa Times exclusively publish some of the names that make an over 100 delegation to United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Mutharika welcomed in New York by strongwoman in Malawi government, Patricia Kaliati

Mutharika welcomed in New York by strongwoman in Malawi government, Patricia Kaliati

According to local newspaper’s estimate—based on an average of four categories of external travel allowances in government—Capital Hill may have spent over $940 000 (K564 million) on the trip on average.

For a trip outside Africa, daily allowance for the President is $500 (about K285 000), a Cabinet minister gets $400 (about K228 000), principal secretaries (PSs) get $300 (about K171 000) and any officer below the position of director and below gets $280 (about K159 600).

That amounts to an average of $370 (K222 000) per day per person; hence, arriving at the K564 million estimate for the 121 people over 21 days.

The key event of the UNGA — UN Summit for the Adoption of the Post 2015 Development Agenda — will be held on September 25-27. The General Debate of the 70th UNGA will be held between September 28 and October 6.

Here are some of the names:

President Peter Mutharika

First Lady Gertrude Hendrina Mutharika

Peter Mukhitho -Director General State Residences

Mr. Benson Malunga Phiri -Special Assistant to the President

Lt. Col. Gilford Golden Chafikana -Aide de Camp to the President

Mr. Owen Maganga – Presidential Guard Commander

Dr. Ross Constain Kingsley Magomero – Presidential Physician Passport

Mr. Paulosi Norman Chisale -Director of Security Services

Ms. Thoko Mkwezalamba -Security Officer

Mr. Fabbiano Luciano Mitengo -Presidential Valet

ADVANCE TEAM (18th September to 9th October, 2015)

Ms. Lindiwe Chide -Executive Assistant to the President

Mrs. Rhoda Chimera -Special Assistant to the First Lady

Mr. Felix Malasha – Deputy Director of Finance

Mrs. Memory Mlotha -Principal Housekeeper

Ms. Elieha Chisala – Lady-in-Waiting

Mrs Hellen Nundwe -Household Manager

Mr. Dabble Disi -Special Assistant to the President

Mr. Gerald Viola -Presidential Press Secretary

Mrs. Annette Kasito -Administrative Secretary to the President

Mr. Andy Chikwapula -Security officer

Mr. Jimmie Dzimbiri – Chef

Ms. Judith Mphepo -Waitress

Mr. Wakisa Mlenga -Security Officer

Mr Chisomo Kachiwala – Security Officer

Mr Jafali Ntaja -Photographer

Mr Ben Mwaliwa -Security Officer

PRESIDENTIAL GUESTS (18th September to 9th October, 2015)

Noel Masangwi, M.P.

TA Kabudula

Mr. Richard Tedwillie Makondi – DPP

Mr. Lajabu Lameck -DPP

Mr Louis Ngalande -DPP

VIP (20th September to 9th October, 2015)

Dr George T. Chaponda, M.P., Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Dr. Goodall Gondwe, M.P., Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development

Joseph Mwanamvekha, M.P., Minister of Industry and Trade

Henry Mussa, M.P., Minister of Labour

Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano, M.P., (Date TBC) Minister of Education, Science and Technology

Dr. Peter Kampalume, M.P., (23rd to 28th September 2015) Minister of Health


Mr. Harvey Chigumula -Chief of Protocol

Mr. Warren Gunda -Director Political Affairs

Mrs Quent Kalichero – Deputy Chief of Protocol

Mrs Gloria Bamusi -Assistant Director Political Affairs

Ms Dorcus Mwango -Principal Foreign Service Officer- International Cooperation

Ms. Tamanda Chibwana -Foreign Service Officer- Protocol

Mrs. Stelia Salimu -Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Mr George Mkondiwa -Chief Secretary to the Government

Mr. Nicholas Dausi – Chief spy, Director General National Intelligence Bureau

Mr Chimwemwe Mazabuka Chipungu – Principal Secretary for Safe Motherhood

Mrs. Mervis Chilakata – Personal Secretary to Dausi

Mr. Charles R. Nkhanga – Spy

Mrs Susan Chowe – Senior Secretary to the Chief Secretary to the Government

Mr. Edson Mwamvani -Reporter (MANA)

Mr. Patrick Ndasauka -Cameraman

Dr. Bright Molande – Director of Information

Mr. Mgeme Kalilani – MBC

Mr. Wilson Kuntambila Cameraman

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166 thoughts on “Exclusive: List of Malawi UN trip delegation”

  1. Rasta says:

    Wa dem lidrz fi d kontry bin so gridy??
    Me c da falatic przdnt n kam wit dead book fi a lenient jajn, u r comitn suicyd b4 im IMPERIOR MAJESTY, samalani aMalawi ndi atsogo abodza. Uyu wamkulu mutuyu mnzeru alije.
    Tikayende panseu Amalawi!!

  2. boston mlotha says:

    GOD knows

  3. thumbwe man says:

    Kweni and another big delegation left on the 18th September, check list at KIA

  4. thumbwe man says:

    Nyasa the list goes on…….Kweni and her 8 entourage but husband left, kkkkkkkkk.

  5. hisbolla says:


  6. Baby says:

    Bingu was right that Malawi is full of cry babies, most of them crying about anything like a chicken. Ask Abiti Cashgate she will tell you that she was travelling with the whole North, including kondowole. So what the fuss here?

  7. gevins says:

    haters go away and rot in hell..just imagine atakhala abale anu! think b4 u talk nosense

  8. Munyane says:

    no one from north or centre

  9. Olikonda dziko says:

    I think todays journalists are not professional,why exposing the presidential security? Rubbish!
    As a malawian please focus on your development,tamalimani bax zinazi sizikupindulirani. Ine zanga pheeeee
    muzaupeza wanu mpando u will know wat it means.

  10. Charter says:


  11. Ngwenyama says:

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii koma kweni imeneyo handshek

  12. Chigumu says:

    All this is happening coz of Mbendera’s mistake. While Cryng, he declared APM a winner knowingly wht exactly de truth was. u wl never ever hav peace of mind mbendex, repent!!

  13. Jak says:

    Tamva! What Next! Kodi Bwanji?

  14. Milion says:

    Aaaaaa samalan ndalamazo zikuphan becoz mulungu sangakondwele nazo zimene lichita bomali

  15. YESESI,,,,,,,,, Now i believe that in Malawi there is no security…Mr President becareful

  16. Luke says:

    Koma akumbukira kutenga makondomu?? handshake ya kaliati bwanawa saiwalanazo a first lady? bola musatenge nazo matenda ndi vindalamavo!

  17. the truth says:

    honestly this is a bleach of presidential security protocol, no matter malawi is not at war why exposing the security of the president. i think current malawian journalist settings do not add up.

  18. Chakhulukwenda says:

    The Federal System is the only system that can correct this situation.

  19. ras says:

    Damn nothing postive in Malawi… Just hating all day long……. Jah guide.

  20. vin mongu says:

    koma handshake ya kaliati yokhayo ndi super. mpaka bwana kuimbira muluzu

  21. Sis zee says:

    Nanga a bwana Mgeme kunja mukungopita nokha anzanu ma reporter a ku mbc sitimakufuna? Dyani 11 million mulungu amaona, munapita kunja posachedwapa apa mwapitaso

  22. Roots says:

    See the list from Foreign Affairs. it is 6 and not 4 as mentioned by the Minister kkkkkk

  23. mphatso says:

    yaaaaaaaaa chi list.chief of protocol,deputy chief of protocol i thought one should have remained hahahahah malawi

  24. Konyapapa Nyapani says:

    koma yaa,ndalama zanthu zitheradi konko

  25. After all this plander you tell us that the gvt has got no money to pay those in civil service. How long will I cry for my beloved country?

  26. Newton chimoto says:

    Idon think they are going to play ,they will bring something good,mwina tileke kupanga import ndi ma toothpick omwe frm china.

  27. Chokani says:

    he goodness is that ambiri mukuchita phokoso pano simudamvotere APM, so ndinu oluza. What do you expect from failures? Tionane 2019 tidzaone mwamuna ndani.

  28. Ashley says:

    What Nyasatimes has done is to publish ‘some’ of the names thereby the list is more than this. Mrs. Kaliati on the list is not there but she is among the delegates eating my tax while
    I am starving for electricity and water.

  29. Chinena says:

    Alomwe kusatha chizungu. These are ‘SOME’ of the names. Anyapapi

  30. Chinena says:

    USA can not give a grant of K9bn to Malawi govt angogula zakudya. Akadapereka ndalama alomwe akadazitafuna zonse. They can only give cash to a clean MCP govt and they had said this before last year’s election. They don’t want US tax-payer to fund thieves

  31. The Most Concerned says:

    Does this list Count to 111? Go get the full list of 111 delegates & publish it here for Information, USA has given a Grant of K9,000,000,000.00 to Malawi Government.

  32. Tony kanyenda says:

    A dunderhead president how can he take such a bloated delegation like this , no wonder why he is leading the poorest country in the world into oblivion, a pathetic person he us

  33. ShOCKERE says:

    All of them Atumbuka.

  34. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Palibe nkhani apa Jealousy chabe some of these have been sponsored.

  35. Peter Kamcholoti says:

    With the whole government goin to the UN summit who will ran the country, this just shows how irresponsible our goverment is,spending money on petty unnecessary expenditure that will bring malawians no benefit at all. Total useless

  36. bambucha says:

    the list is not complete. Kaliati is there. but not on the list

  37. GRM says:

    This Government is behaving as a father who is jobless and tells his family to feed on MK500 vegetables every day when he every day eat Mang’ina at the bar. WHAT A FATHER!!!

  38. Chinena says:

    Mutharika must go asanakwiyitse Chauta nkudya kalesta ngati wina uja. You can not make poor people suffer in malawi and expect no revenge from their God. Malawians are silent yet prayerful and they have a living God that does avenge for them. Watch this space

  39. Agaru Inu says:

    Ndiyeno Agaru inu, anthu amenewawo akukwana 100?

  40. mamamma says:

    Poor Donors, we don’t have to tell them. Their Ambassadors are reporting all these irresponsible decisions. Surely, I wish I could shadow their meetings just to see if anyone really objects to these poor decisions or they just sit there clap hands, and say yes bwana. People are dying. Things are worse, and you guys sit round the table discussing nothing for the development of the country. Someone wake up and say, for the sale of the poor this is not on. Come on! Someone got to do something.

  41. Gameover says:

    Alomwe Alomwe apa ndiye ndi Tcholo yonse amene wasiyidya adzifunse kuti ine ndidalakwanji

  42. peter mutu wa talika.... says:

    Apa nde Malawi wagwera muzenje basi….T/A akukatan?????

  43. chatonda says:

    The List is missing some names like those of Kaliati, Mary Shawa and over 50 more others. They are here with us in New York. Give Malawians the whole list. We met two days ago and there are over 115 people for sure.
    We stay here but they are behaving as if they are our bosses all of them. They have no manners whatsoever. And worse still some ministers are asking the Embassy here to pay for their accommodation yet they were paid back home. Please help to rescue the country from the pangs of selfish and nepotistic dunderheads that we have received from home.

  44. thugga thugga bbay says:


  45. MLOMWE says:


  46. apundi says:

    ndithudi a malawi anzanga, maka kumwera kumavotera mutharika chifukwa ndi wakumwera, ife sitivota choncho ayi, bingu tinamuvotera ulendo wachiwiri uja kuona momwe anagwirira ntchito, ulendo omalizawu sitinavote, tinadziwa kuti alakwitsiratu nchifukwa chake ankafuna pitala kuti akhale pa mpando. mzimu wa Mulungu udatidziwitsa kuti sipakhala bwino. taonani ndizinthu izi. eni ake ogwira ntchito ma civil servants akuvutika mwantu wagaru. i decree and declare pitala safika 3 yrs.

  47. Kaboola DZ says:


  48. Malawian says:

    Peter Mutharika Mulungu akulange, ndiwe mtsogoleri wa nkhanza, wodzikonda ndi osalabadira kuvutika kwa anthu.

  49. Chakwera the Coup Leader says:

    Dr Chakweras (paja alipo awiri tsono) and Jessie, are these the facts you held press conference for? How many people are here? what about those people that are mentioned here but are in offices in LL now? Komatu ngati mumangomva coup apa ndiye anyamata opalasa fumbi ndi anzanu anganya apa ndiye mwazichotsa zoipa ku toilet opanda tissue. Taiyambani ya impeachmentyo muone zomwe anaona Puluzu akulimbikira za Section 65 Number One!

  50. ALLAN says:


  51. nyoka (malambule) says:

    vachimbwi vekaveka. Mr cadiac u did a very gud job by aresting Mbingu plz come & arrest peter as well.

  52. Zebede says:

    Why all these people? Have we transferred govt admin to USA. As a country we really need to standardize and critically scrutinize numbers of people to be included in any local and foreign trips before a trip is undertaken. This means that parliament must be mandated to scrutinize and approve names of people to be included in such foreign trips before such trips are undertaken. It’s pointless to cry over spilt milk so they say. The president is given too much freedom to pick anybody he wants and this must stop, otherwise Malawi will continue keeping arrogant leaders coz of such loopholes. Remember that too much power/freedom corrupts. My suggestion is that parliament, which approves national budgets, must also be in a position to approve such foreign trips with a view of controlling expenditure. Seriously some kind of system has to be initiated to stop this malpractice of financial extravagance. Even the local trips by president in most cases involve very huge numbers of people around the president and all at the expense of govt. Very costly at the end of the day.

  53. Make Bebe says:

    Agalu inu mwatitola eti, mukuona ngati kunjako ife sitifunako mxew chauluka chizatela mwamva, mitu yanu

  54. Newtestament says:

    Eeeeeeee!!!! surely not business as usual.Tafika pamenepa?

  55. hastings says:

    those that voted him shud nw repent

  56. Mwethu says:

    It is in our culture that when you are being welcomed courtesy demands that you look into the face of the person welcoming you, smiling at least. But this picture of APM and Akweni speak volumes of the loathiness that I think APM has for many Malawians, he doesn’t think of any malawian as a person worth of his presence. He pretends to love this country just because of the post he is holding but I am sure he will not stay or live in Malawi once his rule is over. He thinks America is his home. DPP ministers better watch him in the way he greets and treats them, they will be in for a shock 10 years down the line.
    And am sure Akweni felt the cold shoulder based on the appearance of her face as well.

  57. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    The other delegates may be sponsored, but there is also a top up money that the government pays to the delegates this can not be denied. mind you those people are our colleagues and we hear more and we see more than you may think we don’t see. The delegates, security is just too large a number. Please next time think of reducing the numbers further.

  58. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    Countrymen, as a law abiding citizen I feel duty bound to condemned this behavior by those that we entrusted with power during the May 2014 elections. If what is indicated here is true, then our country is hopeless and Malawians still have some serious thinking to do if one day we will get out of the trap of poverty that we are all complaining about. I personally feel that our leaders could have done better on this trip. My only fear is that someone could just be lying to us. May be this is a fake list. I just can’t believe that Government can do this. But, I repeat, if this is true, then Malawians have along way to go. We may have to think of quickly calling for a Constitutional Conference to complete the review process and change systems. Can government publish an official list just in case the one we are seeing is not true? Otherwise, I very, very, very worried with the future of this country. I am on 0888435629 just in case someone wants us to discuss this matter in depth. I feel that a Constitutional Conference is long overdue (that is: if this list is authentic. Kent Mphepo, Blantyre, Malawi.

  59. Akatswiri says:

    Mukuliranji lero?

  60. DRAKE says:

    We have always complained that the State House is eating a lot of Malawis budget allocation, look at the number of people on this contingency. The President must lead by example and we request the opposition to advocate the reduction of Budget allocation to state house and there must be only one state house, the President must only use the Lilongwe state House. SANJIKA MUST BE TURNED INTO A HOTEL, the Zomba state House should be turned into a Hosipital and Mzuzu should be a Government GUEST HOUSE. In a time when the Kwacha is depreciating and Civil servants are not being paid in good time how can a knowledgable President do this? this is total rubbish and a recipe of arrogance. The oppsition knew about this and they have done nothing to prevent it, they should just keep quite.

  61. Baba wa boy says:

    Since when was Goodall Gondwe an MP? this shows that this story is not true.

    And you have people you call SPY, what are they spying on in America?

  62. Manindo Chisale says:

    this list is only 55, so what’s the beef?

  63. the patriot says:

    Add to this the cost of the chartered plane. This one trip could fund a whole ministry for a year.
    But, why Malawi!! Why!! Why do we allow this? We can stop this if we want to, but we don’t. It takes just a little bit of action and all this will go.
    Instead of just referring to the Karonga residents in the usual nepotic “aTumbumbuka ndi obvuta” terminology, let us borrow a leaf from them and do what they have done at national level. That’s all we need. Let’s go and camp at the gates of Sanjika and LL state house. That will stop our esteemed president from ever leaving the palaces for any place.
    It can be done.

  64. Limbani Maxwell Teputepu says:

    Why exposing presidential secret officials in this social medium publication..responsible journalism is what we need.

  65. RoyK says:

    Poorest country spending highly on tax-payers

  66. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Malawi Lero

  67. sapitwa says:

    The problem we have in Malawi is having opposition parties that become reactive when water has already been spilled. I have a strong belief that if the opposition passed motions in parliament to discuss issues aimed at scrutinizing and protecting on public expenditures, we could not have these repeats. The opposition has cried foul first with JB , APM in 2014 and now again on the expenses for the same distnation. In all these occasions, it has been crying and crying yet these issues were not raised in parliament in the last sitting.
    I thought in a situation like this, the list could have already been scrutinized in last parliament sitting/or if we have a committee looking into these issues, they could have justified and approved the list before adopting it. The money does not belong to Mutharika, it belongs to Malawians and I believe the opposition is there to maintain a watchful eye mainly before things happen not after they happen.

    1. You are wrong says:

      Sapitwa, when the opposition blocks the budget, you accuse them of sabotaging development and sit phwiii when they are under attack.

      Blame yourself, for only reacting on Nyasa Times instead of taking action!

  68. Basikolp says:

    The Government has become so irresponsible that it does not deserve any more donor aid! We allowed the stupid DPP government to steal the elections! MPs must vote for Mutharika’s impeachment

  69. Peter Failure says:

    Lord Have Mercy on Malawi.

  70. Fwetseki says:

    Why Publishing Some Of The Names? We Need All The Names Here You Always Lie To Malawians Just To Fulfil Your Propaganda. Is This List Equal To 115? It Doesnt Even Reach Half Of It Stop Lie

  71. Mtavu says:

    List no one from the north

  72. captain says:

    Those who are saying the list is less ,know that TA Tengani and ngolingoliwa are also there but not mentioned, kuli anyamata Ena Ku statehouse omwe sanatchulidwe apa , ndi ambili anthu apitawo

  73. Zatonse says:

    ADausi konko, mpakana personal secretary wa Dausi konkoso???? for what reason koma Ndalama ya Malawi nde Yabookatu apa? koma Tinene kuti mutu wa aPresident athuwa umagwira koma? Ndimatendatu awa akufunika ku Mental ku Zomba

  74. donnex says:

    this is Cashgate Latest Version 2.0

  75. all-i-can-say says:

    Surprised the country is poor. Greed and lack of seriousness in running government affairs. Everyone for himself mentality. Look at delegations of developed nations. Thin! Ashamed to be Malawian!

  76. Joyce mtila says:

    Komatu if the list is anything to go by then the figure is not 120 as is being potrayed in the media. Amalawi nsanje izatipweteka ndithu.

  77. palibekanthu says:

    This shows how poor we are in our mind. This type of trip you can not pick pple like viola, Dausi, Annette the list goes on.
    Ask them when they come. They do not even attend the meetings, they spend their time in hotels, shopping taking photos. Check their Facebook pages each and every minute they are updating their profile pictures.
    This behaviour has put Peter on the spot light. pple thought he would do things differently but eiish.

    Just imagine, secondary school teachers from Chanco, poly Mzuzu not yet posted reason no money. The junior doctors the same thing, but to go to New York money is readily available. I just plead with you Peter to come to your senses, otherwise you are not wishing yourself well. How can you be fooled like this. Last year you made the same mistake, this year doing the same thing.

  78. blue says:

    Atumbuka munya

  79. blue says:

    Atumbuka inu last year munatengana nokha nokha lero chakuvutani ndi chani. Anthu 100 ndi okhawa. Osalemba zoti ku agriculture kwadzadza atumbuka bwanji. Kapena out of 13,DHRs 11 were tumbukas. MBPs for tumbukas Plan international John Hopkins world vision world bank.

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      Whithout a Tumbuka, John Hopkins would not be in Malawi. The chap brought John Hopkins to Malawi, since it has grown, you have made it a National thing.

      Tumbukas initiate things, enanu you come in zothaitha and complain about not heading such projects.

  80. Suraj says:

    Those who have ever been to UNGA and other International meetings know that this list is nothing compared to the delegation lists of other countries.

  81. Kacheta says:

    Ambuye titengereni Munthalika tipume ife mavuto tikuwaonawa.koma aMalawi ndife mbuzi za wathu ndithu

  82. Koma inu mumadziwa kuti ma president ena ma special agent amapita 6 months b4 time????????? No story here.

  83. Bandung Cincau says:

    Utsiru eti? Anthu ena ali pa list pa sanapiteko. I know of 3 people from Foreign Affairs who were removed from the delegation list last minute. Infact there were 4, but surprisingly, one was secretly told to go. Kkkkk MAlawi woyeeeeee!

  84. John says:

    Nobody said the list in exhaustive. it only gives ena mwa anthu amene apita nao. Muzimvetsetsa. Pa 56 muonjezere chief Ngolongoliwa, Dr Shawa, Dr Charles Mwansambo, Collins Magalasi. Most ministers have gone with their secretaries too. I have in mind George Chaponda, etc. Kwinaku muonjezere nokha.

  85. After all, the UN is part of the occult agenda. Any way paja mu manifesto yanu munanena kale za NEW WORLD ORDER. No wonder you go there with your fellow satanists. Mbuzi ya munthu iwee

  86. nthandalanda says:

    Kudya money Dausi. Kudya ndi ka babie ka new new. Mapwevupwevu at its best.

  87. kambwali says:

    Mpaka lady in waiting. .. ukwati chani? Nde ma mc achina joe manguluti, chukepo lungu , Dj Duffy Chikakuda mukanawatengaso

  88. bushiri vs salanje says:

    aphunzitsi, a polisi ndi asilikali mukuona? anthu opepetulidwa inu shuwa. you are the poorest people in malawi yet you are the most important.

    kaya, bola ine chuma ndinapanga kale, pano ndikungodyelela. i bet muli ndi zingongole ndi katapila zoti mubweze mawa pa 25. anzanu pano akudya ma prawns, lobster, caviar ndi t-bone steak ku america……hehehehehe

  89. Tonse tidzafa – dnt frget that!

  90. mtumbuka1 says:

    I’m not coming back to Malawi as Long as the idiot stays put. He can carry on and destroy the country and when he think he is done he will tell us…to shit with him!

  91. QueenB says:

    Ndiye America ikuchita kudziwa kuti uyu ndi spy….Kkkkkkkkk! Ofunika kumuponya mundende!

  92. Mulhomwe says:

    Foolish president. Educated savage. APM you are a good proof of an educated savage. Purofesa wa nsete basi. Ndi Getu chakocho. Ba dyani uzatifuna tsiku lina

  93. Iwe Mutharika ndi amnzako usamangodya kumene uliko wamva. Ubwere kuno mtchona iwe uzakonze dziko wamva. Kunyasa nkhope ndi mtima womwenso. Munthu wokuba iwe ndi amnzako onse omwe uli nawo kumeneko. Mufere komweko musabwere kuno.

  94. Zondiwe says:

    Nigeria Africas biggest economy has 22
    delegates to the UN sumit whilst Malawi the
    poorest country in Africa has ova 120. Demeti.
    China has 15 delegates. 5 politicians and 10
    CEO from pvt & govt companies.
    Zambia has 25 delegates. 10 politicians and 15
    CEO from pvt and govt organizations.
    We are a sorry state!

  95. Naphili says:

    Even this thug Noel Masangwi is there what for? Get rid of this shit government| But then there is nobody to do that is there| The most powerful woman in Malawi Patricia Kaliati really, whats so powerful about this loudmouth illitrate woman? I am ashamed to be a malawian sometimes. Koma ndiye think of the future your future and that of your children|

  96. saindi misale says:

    I like your observation Peter 27. What is the so called House manager going to do in US when she has left behind the house she manages at Sanjika. Zalowa masanje. Bubblegum austerity measures. Shame on you guys. On this one, you have lost yet another big chunk of voter Confidence

  97. Benson T Phiri says:

    These people ought to be kidnapped by boko haram as they will be frying over Nigeria territory or Alshabaab in Somalia towards Kenya.

  98. List Ya ma spy 60 adzadza kumeneko says:

    Tifunseni ife

  99. MaiMai says:

    Mnzanu Ralph kumsiya mundende inu going to NY? That’s unfair! So Dausi wapiti ndi personal assistant (PA)? Eeeeh kuopa kugona pa mphepo. Mai Dausi basitu Dausi akudya kanyawani ku NY!

    pATRICIA PAJA NDI WA A Chaponda nkale! Zikomo nonse a DPP pasiranani matenda a Bomawa.

  100. MATAKO says:

    We will continue to communicate our concerns to the donors and foreign missions not only in Malawi but also abroad. This is disgusting!! this president must be shot if not a coup must take place the only way Malawi can be rescued from thieves like Muthalika. In America to waste hard earned resources. Even countries with money do not bring the entire village of stooges to a place like New York especially at a time when the country is going without medicines. This is very sad. We are trying to get media houses to interview Muthalika may be he can explain why he needs so many people to travel with him.

  101. Geoff Earl says:

    Who is the spy Charles Nkhanger? Surely they are supposed to be secret.

  102. The only Deomocrat left says:

    Impeach Mutharika and get rid of the criminal then tie him against a tree and send him to join Master Sargent Doe in hell.

  103. Patrick Mputeni says:

    Total nosense. Where is investigative journalism? I have seen four of people on the list at Foreign Affairs in office today. Kusokosa konse kuja munalibe hard facts? What a petty nation Malawi has become? Dorcus, Tamanda Gloria and Salimu are in office and go and see them tomorrow.

  104. Spider Web says:

    I now believe that the President that i voted for is clueless on the equation to govern this country. Its a shame that our children will continue to suffer because of our stupidity, poverty mentality, selfish attitude, our week government system and low citizen power. Malawians, we are good at commenting on social media like i have done with no action. Our civil society is also sick, i cant recall when they were last the mouthpiece of Malawians truely without a hidden agenda. This government is rubbish and its sad my beloved Malawi will remain to be poor. #Welcometoamerica

  105. m'malawi says:

    some are not supposed to go pliz the media tell us the fact some have been paid for by UN

  106. Brazilian Wax says:

    Much as Malawi does not have to miss at an international stage, it is prudent to be responsive to prevailing circumstances when making decisions. As it stands socioeconomically, Malawi is on a precipice hence it is negligence of highest order to have such a plethora of entourage. But this in not surprising. It’s a classic example of how we Africans handle our affairs; lack of focus. Few months ago Malawians unanimously held mass demonstration against the South African government on xenophobia attacks. Little was said if not deliberately ignored on why people leave their countries and trek to South Africa for economic opportunities. President Zuma was branded all sorts of names for calling a spade a spade and not big spoon. It is not uncommon to hear from African leaders to blame socioeconomic woes on the continent on slave masters. What a scapegoat. Sometimes we tend to blame slavery. Yes! Slavery is evil and should not have taken place in the first place. But, do we sometimes reflect why the whites were able to capture us during slavery and not vice verse? It’s the issue of focus. The whites were more focus on how to use their resources and hence able to come up with sophisticated weaponry they used to conquer us while we were still reliant on the bow and arrow. The aforementioned was just for us to reflect on how the decision we make either push us a head or backward. I do hope if Malawi was prudent in the way we use resources we would be somewhere. But alas! Leadership eludes us. May be we genetically belong to the dustbin.

  107. Alungwana says:

    Our taxes! I plead with donors to continue holding aid if this is the use of the monies

  108. Here is a big question,who would listen to you,if the day before you were begging and 2 days later you take a trip fur away, three times the amount you were begging the day before. What would reasonable people say when 5 days later they see you begging in new clothes at the same street with a smile? If they white people don’t say that you are crazy son of a gun,then you are lucky. In my own opinion I would say we have a crazy kind of a government.

  109. Peter says:

    Lord have mercy

  110. fela says:

    the list is not complete,i know people who have gone to NY but they are not there.two of them are francis mphepo and dr magalasi.today the minister of information was busy defending the president but its not a secret that the delegation is bloated.the problem is with the president,too self and very weak to govern.

  111. ras mafuta says:

    hahaha a malawi mwapititsa spy ku america, akukapanga spy chiyani kumeneko makamaka?

  112. Pitala Ai Wayitola Malawi says:

    Kodi a Dausi mukupitira za ntchito kapena macheza nokazi oniake….kikiki

  113. Bingo says:

    may u all fall in indian ocean pobwerera kumeneko angulu inu…

  114. VW-gate says:

    Kodi a Dausi kunja mumafunako zedi nanunso? Kikikiki.

  115. MRA STAFF says:

    Alhomwe heavily infested entourage. This is very sickening. Mxiiii

  116. bondera says:

    Nanga kaliati patricia paja anali advance party

  117. GRM says:

    Chiphwando cha DPP. Even this list is too huge to me. Fifty six people for what?

  118. MRA STAFF says:

    Did you this:

    Nigeria Africas biggest economy has 22
    delegates to the UN sumit whilst Malawi the
    poorest country in Africa has over 120.
    China has 15 delegates. 5 politicians and 10
    CEO from pvt & govt companies.
    Zambia has 25 delegates. 10 politicians and 15
    CEO from pvt and govt organizations.
    We are a sorry state!

  119. Karonga Boy says:

    After Knowing All This,malawians What Can U Do?What Action Cn U Take!Anthu A Mantha Inu Zitsiru Zachabechabe.Mulankhula Zizizira Basi.Koma Mukanakhala Kuti Timawonana Mitima,APM Akanakhala Konko Ku States!

  120. Henry Kamanga says:

    Mbala zobela odwala mchipatala.

  121. mtumbuka1 says:

    Funny enough. Serious waste of money but some stupid and unpatriotic Malawians will still vote for this moron come 2019 and one wonders what kind of people are southerners who can not differentiate between useless and useful. Upon his return, some useless women will be dancing for him at the airport wearing some stupid dpp zitenjes cerebrating their tax money which was well spent by peter and his lomwe friends in new York, how bizarre!!

  122. MCP says:

    Kkkkkkk bola apa, Kamuzu ankatenga nyau kupita nazo kunjako, zinkayankhula chizungu? Mbumba kumazimata card loti illiterate kkkkkk koma ziliko ku Malawiko kkkkkk ife kunja kuno tili pheeee

  123. Koma uprezident ndiwabwino,a APM aphunzila kusamba.

  124. Navumbo galado says:

    Impeach the bastard

  125. Ben phiri Wapanga resign says:

    Mwaiwala kaliati ndi team yake ya ministry of Gender. Malawi army, police, ministry of trade, ministr of Finance, Collins magalasi, Francis Mphepo etc etc etc. zovuta

  126. stephen says:

    my foot

  127. chechamba says:

    Mrs Nundwe is tumbuka an inlaw to Timothy Nundwe aka Sibweni

  128. Miccateez says:

    Eee eee,America, tikutaaimatu, wir Dausi siprgirutate teee, kkkkkk, Marawi pa ser0,,,,,,,,,, pakamwa as Bwat0 eti,,,

  129. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    Give us a full list of 115 people please.

  130. Wellcome mpaka manja awiri kugwira nkono umodzi a Getu chenjerani nayo mayi nzanuyo.

  131. Souja says:

    Who dont want to go to New York,its fun though though whether you are from the north,south,center we go to the same shit hospitals,kaya ndiwe mlomwe ulipira fees yodula.sizinati more is coming!!

  132. Matlakatlaka says:

    List sikukwanira iyi. Chithunzi cha Patricia Kaliati chilipo akumulandira Pitala koma iye pa list po palibepo. Mutharika wandinyasa monga anandinyansira Kamuzu. Mwangotengana ma southerners nokha nokha komanso azimayi wosakwatiwa etc etc. Tionana

  133. Mphalapala says:

    Ngakhale 56 ndiambiri koma atola nkhani athu akuyenera kunena mtundu wa Malawi zoona. Nanga za 111 people zija mumazitwnga kuti?

  134. captain says:


  135. Not impressing all uselless

  136. Mukavu says:

    dzikoli likupita kuti?

  137. John Zenus Ungapeke Tembo says:

    So this is what you call 115 ?? A malawi munatani exagerating issues . Kodi kukhala otsutsa ndi chiphinjonso eti??
    Dikirani nthawi yanu izakwana .mwina 2064

  138. Dr Mbewe says:

    This really shows that peter and his dpp are a big disgrace. How can the poorest country on earth be governed this way. Shame on peter

  139. pk says:

    mtumbuka ndi gondwe yekha

  140. Yohane Dikisoni says:

    Ma Miss achuluka and there is no doubt kuti chisembwere mu ma hotel mo ndi chosayamba ndithu. Chindanani koma musapasane matenda ndi mimba. Mukatha kudya pakati pa utsiku kuzemberana basi. Nanga SECRET SERVICE kapena kuti GESTAPO kapena kuti NIB kapena kuti NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE apita angati ndipo ananyamuka liti? Ndalama za misonkho asakhwi inu mwazipezerera ndithu. Tiona ndege igwere konko mufe anthu adyera inu. Ananchidwe inu eti? Dziko likukukanikani kuyendetsa koma inu kumangoyenda ndikumachita zosakaza ndalama

  141. Max says:

    That is less than 60 .. Ena ali kuti?

  142. hisbolla says:

    I know all the regional chairpersons for dpp women not mentioned. My chief, ie my TA not mentioned. Alipo ambiri.

  143. MKWAPU says:

    Uk usa give us the list because u have it

  144. Malawian!!! says:

    What type of leadership is this?

  145. Patricia Kaliati says:

    Lhomwe lhomwe lhomwe oooooooyyeee!! Alhomwe kututana wa ku UN ndalama za misonkho yathu. Mzafa imfa yowawa…

  146. Peter27 says:

    Koma ndiye eeeetu eeeey!
    Chief secretary nayenso watenga wake secretary???
    Ku NIB kokha kwapita Bwana Dausi, secretary wake ndinso wina kambuchuchu…? Kwasala ndani nanga?
    Director wa political affairs akukatani anthuni uko? Kukankhalanso misonkhano konko? DPP WOOYEEE!!
    Chief of protocol ndi deputy wake wonse apita… Aaaaaaa abale zoonadi inu?
    Why does he need presidential guests there when he is also a guest? iiiii ili ndiye boma boma lenileni.
    Did you check the ADVANCE TEAM? What do those people even do? Lady- in- waiting…? Waiting for what? Household manager? I thought the household has been left behind here in Malawi? He is staying in an expensive hotel for chrissake!
    Thats it, I can’t read this anymore. I will end up having a heart attack.

  147. Willie Chimseu says:

    oooooh kodi


    kkkkk what’s the difference between a cameraman and a photographer?
    The list is not complete. What about the chiefs and people like that.

  149. Nkhawa biiii says:

    This list is for 56 people. Where are the rest? We have been told now and again that there are 111 people on this delegation. Can you provide a complete list please. Otherwise, people might think that you have been peddling lies.

  150. pyola says:

    No mtumbuka no mchewa

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      Attaching everything the government does to tribes is abominable.
      So, apparently, if all tribes were “equally” represented, the size of the delegation would not matter any more?

  151. Ngalande akukapanga chani kumeneko munthu woti samatha chizungu. Ameneyu akanangokhala azinyenga zibwenzi zake zija lol. Hahaha ndiye ndalama wazipezerera ndithu. Amutenga chifukwa amapanga za umafia ameneyu. Councillor wopanda ntchito wachabe chabe. Ntchito kumangowopseza anthu misewu yaku Limbe basi. Mukugwa pa mpando anyapapi inu mu 2019. Dyeranituni basi

    1. Wachidwi says:

      This is 2 much mpaka ndiokolopa omwe?i think no government officials remaining in malawi all have moved to USA.

  152. Eishi koma ndiye likukumwe la anthu, onsewa akukatani adausi akukapanganso za uspy kumeneko? Misonkho yathu abale zomvesa chisoni

  153. Andrew Fatch says:

    56 is what i have counted wherr r u getting the bloated figure.The other people r security why all this fuss.Koma chiphulika.

    1. Big Men says:

      not on the list are Mary Shawa, Magalasi, Thorncroft, the ten chiefs, concubines etc…………………

  154. kk says:

    Mwaona zimenezo? Yhis dude must go

  155. Pitala Ai Wayitola Malawi says:

    And Mr Goodall Gondwe you’re very happy to be party to all this madness, zoona at this time when Malawi kwacha is at its all time low of K850 to a British Pound?

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      Did he tell you he was happy? When will Malawians learn that if a president asks you to do something it is a command, You should not say no!! that is Protocol.

  156. katswiri says:

    Mafumu ndi azibale anu alikuti? Including asing’anga

  157. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Azimayiwo show their pictures too. Tione kuti tizachinde ndani

  158. haward says:

    Enawa akanatsala mpaka office yonse kupita

  159. Wa BB says:

    Tamva zikomo

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