Federal Republic of Malawi? Try national referendum

It has pleased our leader of delegation, Chief Apostle Professor Abiti Joyce Befu, MG 66, to appoint Assistant Chief Apostle Innocett Mawawaya, A3, the delegation’s communication and PR manager and adviser on national reconciliation and cultural literacy. The appointment has been necessitated by the need for our delegation to maintain a regular and positive media image. In case anything happens to our Interfaith International Prayerhouse (IIP), Assistant Chief Apostle Mawawaya will defend the delegation and the IIP to the last Kwacha in our bank accounts.referendum2

All stubborn journalists, atheists, and other notorious investigators will be given something for fuel, which the Nigerian media call Brown Envelopes while Malawians proudly call the practice Chipondamthengo or Maloji (Logistics), and other fancy names.

Participants in and promoters of Chipondamthengo are many. Some journalists, some private companies, some political parties, some government departments, some NGOs, some religious institutions, some private schools and some private hospitals are active funders. Of course, some journalists in Malawi are principled, but these are, sadly, extremely few. Innocett Mawayawaya has a gigantic task ahead. But we have the money, real US dollars, to pay and buy anybody from prayer house to State house.

We spent the just ending week at Mzimba Boma where we checked in Malopa Gondwe’s Hotel, resting, listening to ourselves and digesting the things we had heard as we travelled up and down Mpoto.

A number of Mpotoans we have met have asked us to explain the difference between secession and federalism. Innocett Mawayawaya, whose real home state is Mzimba, but has cheated all the way, in school, at work, in banks, all over, and now claims to be related to Traditional Authority Chimaliro of Thyolo, used his eloquence and knowledge of Mpotoan languages to convince people about the disadvantages of secession and the advantages of federalism.

“Secession means dismembering Malawi into several independent countries with their own governing systems to follow,” Mawayawaya told the men and women we met at Mzimba Boma last Wednesday.

“So, if we choose secession, Mzimba, Nkhata Bay, Chitipa, Karonga, Rumphi and Likoma will become countries?” one female Mzimbian asked.

“It means Malawi might as well disintegrate into 28 countries,” Mawayawaya emphasised, “and all of us will lose our Malawian identity. For our 28 countries to be recognised internationally, it will take time and no serious country can take us seriously on making that kind of decision.”

“Nanga federation; I thought Kamuzu Banda broke the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland because it was ‘smelly’?” an elderly male Mzimbian asked.

Federation is basically decentralisation. Kamuzu destroyed that the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland because Nyasaland was not benefitting anything from that system…. Federalism involves devolution of political and economic power and decision making from central government to small governing units within the same country.

In addition to national laws, there will be local laws,” Mawayawaya said. “For example, the people of Mangochi and Machinga might decide to adopt Shariah Law but be subject to national laws at the same. Federalism is probably the best form of participatory politics. It allows people to exercise self determination, particularly in countries divided by ethnic-dominated politics and politicians. Fedulo njiwemi.”

“What has prompted people to start talking about secession and federalism today, 50 years after independence?” A youngish Mzimbian working for Radio Yabanthu asked.

“As a journalist, you should be the first to know that the talk of federalism is not new in Malawi,” said Deputy Chief Apostle Sheik Jean-Philippe LePoission, SC (Retired).

“I have never heard about that debate,” the Radio Yabanthu journalist admitted.

“Just go and interview President Bakili Muluzi. He will tell you about the federalism campaigns during the early years of his administration,” Native Authority Mandela said.

“Why is it that it is only Northerners and PP members that are advocating secession and federalism?” The youngish journalists went on.

“That is not true. What is true is that some Northerners and some PP members are asking for secession of the Mpoto from Malawi but some Centreners and some MCP members are asking for a federal system of government. Sometime back we heard about Mangochians declaring their land an Islamic Republic,” A3, said, adding: “The best is to have a national referendum. Ask people to say whether they want the status quo or a change to federalism. If they choose federalism, we will rename our country The Federal Republic of Malawi.”-Source: NPL

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23 thoughts on “Federal Republic of Malawi? Try national referendum”

  1. lawrence says:

    Tigawane bax federal yomweyo anthuwa mwatipondereza mokwana viva Mpoto

  2. jona says:

    amene akuti fedral siyabwino, pathako pa mbuyake, ntumbo wako wamva, ife tikufuna fedral apa

  3. Nkhondo ayi says:

    Tiyeni tivote. Akumweranso tivotere yes! Ndiyeno tigawane. Tidzayamba kugawana maudindo ku chintchito. Kenaka ma universities and so on and so on!!!!!

  4. Kenkkk says:

    Very strange way of explaining secession in the Malawi context. 28 districts forming 28 countries? Very scaremongering but that is what Peter is aiming to scare you all
    Malawians by his district option of federalism which he seem to like. Each district becoming a state so that no region can claim to be a state. This will obviously make each district very difficult to secede to be an independent state, not viable at all!!

    The Secession most of us are talking about is north becoming its own independent country, so too centre and so too south. Completely three separate states each with its own president and govt. And each a member of OAU.

  5. Even federalism Mpoto will still lag behind like Malawi after Ngwazi broke the stupid federation of Rodesia and Nyasaland. We could not compare Nyasaland to Rhodesia in terms of development, that is why Malawi is still lagging behind in development.

  6. Mccarthy says:

    Viva federalism, that’s only way to deal with nepotism and thieves.

  7. I think the oppressed regions must decide its own fate whether they want secession or federalism. The Southerners wants unitary system because from it they benefit a lot. They don’t want to rotate the presidency among our three regions. Peter Mutharika wants to make sure the presidency of Malawi remains in the Southern region. This man has vowed to fight anybody who wants federalism either through corruption and assassinations if that person refuse bribes. The Congress of Nyika People will only enter into Federalism if that Federalism has strong provincial governments, rotational presidency among our three regions, and point system just like in the USA where they have electoral college. In order for a party to win the presidency it must win two provinces out of three. Peter Mutharika is living in the past and his ideas of enslaving other regions is the precipitation of other two regions to seek secession. Peter Mutharika is compared to Bashir of Sudan that did let the Southern Sudan go because he refused on the idea of rotational presidency between the South and Northern Sudan. History of Sudan is going to happen in Malawi whether Peter Mutharika likes it or not. Northerners are tired of this unitary system that has kept them slaves for the past 50 years of Malawi’s independence. He can bribe the Goodal Gondwes and Vuwa Kaundas but this will not deter Nyika people to fight for their own freedom. We are sick and tired of the quota system that has been slapped on our children. They are being punished because they are Northerners. What kind of a president who appoints 75% of his cabinet only from his tribe and region? He says his region has merit people compared to other regions. This is an insult to other regions and their tribes. What kind of nonsense is this? Peter Mutharika has already divided Malawi. His brother, Bingu wa Mutharika started this process. I hope he is in hell now, face-to-face with all the people he has murdered. The Congress Of Nyika People has not ruled out the armed struggle. Our people have suffered for too long, and they are tired of eating the crumbs from the table. Nyika people can do better if they are on their own—we don’t need Southerners. Peter Mutharika, The Congress of Nyika People, are saying you must let our people go. We will not rest until Nyika people are free and their Nyikaland is free from occupiers. The struggle of Nyika people must continue until final victory.

    Eddy Banda, President of The Congress of Nyika People ([email protected])

  8. Kennedy nali says:

    Whether or not fedral will occur, its matter of time, the dpp era will end its dp forever. Bad mouth today but wait for the next 15yrs or so.

  9. nabanda says:

    I feel it would be better for those only who feel that they have been affected by the type of our governing system should be the only ones to decode just as it was ku Magalande. So this will mean only the northners and apa central to decide their future. Not every Jim and Jack.

  10. Langizo 2014 says:

    Kodi atumbuka munakhala bwanji.Does it mean tizingomva zainu basi? When some thing is not in your favour then it becomes an issue.By the way mwangozazana kuno ku Blantyre.Munagawana nyumba za housing ku Nkolokosa, Chitawira, Chinyonga and you claim kwanu kosatukuka.Go to mzuzu mukatukuleko nokha.You hav monopolized all the jobs.Mukagwirira ntchito ku nyika Republic kwanu konko.Yamitudu izakhalapo basi

  11. godobaman says:

    nonse amene mukuti fedal ndiyabwino minyero yanu mwamva anthu ozikonda ngati inu

    1. kadamanja says:


  12. wakukaya says:

    Federalism is here to stay,You like or dislike.

  13. Plebian says:

    Why do all people from the south reject federalism? Why do people from the hate Tumbuka? Why people give us Presidents who are Thieves? Why only people of the are well misinformed about federalism? Why do people from the south have the largest population?

  14. 12 TWELVE 12 says:

    AMALAWI VS ATUMBUKA tiyeni nazoni kick off time 2014 After jb the big fish james nyondo kamuzu chibambo john chisi lost may polls.
    YOU THE TUMBUKAZ REUNITE AND FIGHT HARD COME 2019 mene yachepera dzikoli tiichepesebe mbuzi zaanthu wozikonda inu

  15. Za federal ife atonga sitikufuna kama atumbuka ndiwozikonda kwambiri please I said noooo!federal


  17. Johnt says:

    What did you say secession is again?
    We have to know the difference between where the whole country secedes while retaining its structure and Dissolution where new several states gets created.
    Until we define first what we want to became of mother Malawi, please don’t give people definitive explanations that are one sided and scary! Imagine Nkhata-Bay becoming a,,,,,what did you call it? oh Jah….Country. You have to understand what that word “means” in Malawian context otherwise, you are unknowingly creating a whole paradigm shift way different from the intended.

  18. JAYJAY says:

    osatolapo nzeru apa ndekuti iwe ndi amene uli ndi vuto mmutu mwako.it’s well understood here more over Kamuzu broke the Federation of Rodesia nyasaland and …………but here it’s about federation within one country.it’s so different from that of Kamuzu.

  19. Ba Chatola says:

    Nice one indeed. Wakumva wamva. Federalism is better and goes with the current realities.

    Viva Federalism! Viva Malawi!

  20. Mbanangwa says:

    Abinte, it means you have not understood any wisdom and intelligence in this article, the very things that are happening in your own country and how some quarters are interpreting the same federalism and secession ? Kikikikiki.

  21. abinte says:

    levi zeleza manda we knw u wel.palibe chomwe ungatiuze chanzeru.

    1. Malunza says:

      Abinte you are the one who is foolish and ignorant not zeleza. You are a dunderhead or may be a Lomwe.

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