First Lady at Zokonda Amayi Macheza: ‘Women key to Malawi development agenda’

First Lady Gertrude Mutharika says genuine women involvement and participation in various development efforts that the country is undertaking, is, what is required to fast track the social and economic development of the country.

A cross section of women and Fitsy Lady at Zokonda Amai Macheza event

A cross section of women and Fitsy Lady at Zokonda Amai Macheza event

A cross section of women and Fitsy Lady at Zokonda Amai Macheza event

A cross section of women and Fitsy Lady at Zokonda Amai Macheza event

MBC Director General Aubrey Sumbuleta symbolically presents a donation to Madam Mutharika

MBC Director General Aubrey Sumbuleta symbolically presents a donation to Madam Mutharika

Madam Mutharika said this on Wednesday night at COMESA Hall in Blantyre during the annual Zokonda Amayi Macheza event organised by Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

The event held under the theme ‘empower women, empower the nation’ was created from MBC’s popular Zokonda Amayi programme aired on its Radio One channel where women from across Malawi call in to pass greetings to each other and share tips on how to take care of their families.

The First Lady said the theme should remind and call everyone to action to improve the social and economic status of women as a key factor to the social and economic development of the country.

“Women are in majority, about over 52 percent of our total population and they have a special character and talent that when involved they add a lot of value and bring tangible results . It is therefore absurd to believe that this country can attain meaningful development without their strong involvement and participation at all levels,” said Madam Mutharika.

She explained that her Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust is currently championing girl’s education under the bursaries and girls’ hostels projects as a deliberate effort to ensure that the country creates a socially and economically empowered generation of women.

“We have launched the girl’s hostels project and construction of these hostels in a number of Community Day Secondary Schools is underway. We are also getting school fees sponsorship for needy girls and this year we are expecting to find sponsorship for over 300 girls,” she said.

The First Lady commended the MBC management for adding value to the Zokonda Amayi radio programme by making it a vehicle for women transformation both socially and economically.

Director General for MBC Aubrey Sumbuleta hailed the First Lady for gracing the event saying it demonstrates high level commitment to the MBC cause.

During the event MBC and the Zokonda Amayi Macheza group donated up to 50 bags of cement to Beautify Malawi as part of their contribution to the Girls Hostel project.

Apart from dining and dancing with the First Lady, various women went away with different prizes including a fridge provided by Madam Mutharika.

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23 thoughts on “First Lady at Zokonda Amayi Macheza: ‘Women key to Malawi development agenda’”

  1. chinguwo wa chinguwo says:

    Malawi first ladies:
    1.Anne Muluzi
    2.Shanil Patricia Muluzi
    3.Late Ethel Muntharika
    4.Callista Muntharika
    5.Getrude Muntharika.
    three male president 5 first ladies …..what equation? first lady womalizayo ndiye ndi mpini.

  2. levelheaded says:

    Which 50-50 campaign are you talking about here? The one which discouraged us in DPP ? Bingu tried to push for this 50-50 and at the end azimayi kukula ntima thoo. Kumamukuliranso ntima Bingu mkumayambitsa tuvi ta tidzipani tanu. Ntchito ya azimayi ndi mdzipindamu basi mudzitipanga ma blowjob tidziwupeza.

  3. Chodziwadziwa SC says:

    Seodi White anagwa nayo…she indeed wanted to be the first lady. Just wait for sometime Seodi and continue flirting with the politicians mwina iweso ungakakhale ku state house. Koma first lady wake uuuuhm…zero pa ten

  4. Mzungumbuli says:

    You only know the depth of a well by the amount of water it holds. This tells me how shallow getrude’s brain is. She is not innovetive hence her concept is childish and rediculus. She neen to go back to school and start may be form one at Ludzi Sec. School.

  5. ndikutelo says:

    Eya mukunena zoona a Dim a kuti yemwe akanagwila ntaji ndi Seodi White komano akazi ngati Seodi makani eeeeeeee kumuuza kuti; tatembenukani, ayamba wakufunsa kuti section yanji m’mLamulo APM aone ali, iya ndie bola nurse Getu ndiponso ali ndi kathupi kabwino mmmmmmmmmmh!!

  6. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    If you have no interest in somebody’s activity just remain quite. This is the only way the first lady can interact with othe women to discuss issues of development in the country. BRAVO Women. next time we men are going torganize ours with ATATE A FUKO La Malawi APM or SC.


    kodi azimayi simungapemphe a BEAM akukumbireni ma water harvesting structures kuti mvula ikavuta tikolore basi ndi njalayi ? Hede kuvina basi ndi a first lady

  8. Katakwe says:

    Thanks the first lady that you were part of the event for Zokonda Amayi hosted by MBC Radio One. Just as a reminder this program was started during the reign of His Excellency late Ngwazi Dr. H Kamuzu Banda – DOF, Mchikumbe Number 1, Nkhoswe ya Amai m’Malawi. Kamuzu was to showcase the interest of women across Malawi. Please remind your husband that Kamuzu left a mark on both social and economic development of Malawi. One of them it is this replicated event you attended. To say that Kamuzu did not develop this country, it is a mistake that our leaders need to avoid of despising their predecessors. Create your own yardstick and we will measure you on that! We honour late Bingu for what he did and respecting what his predecessors did.

  9. Kavuluvulu says:

    Zowona.Za ziiiii !In Malawi,anybody can a Director General these days.Even people like A ubrey Sumbuleta and Brian Malopa.

  10. nakonyani says:

    Please madam president,go and tell the president that women out number men hence need to be given an opportunity too in decision making position. With your husband’s mindset we are not anywhere close to achieve the 50/50 campaign.

  11. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    I will say this again. Behind the fall of every man is a woman.

    For 51 years women have been carried on board but Malawi has miserably failed to develop. These creatures belong to the kitchen. Period!

    Just imagine a whole congregation of women spending precious time at comesa hall doing nothing but gossip. Making phone calls and choosing songs for a DJ to play instead of wasting their energies in real development work.

    You will never hear such nonsense as zokonda abambo. We creatures are blessed, we deal with the tough issues like development itself and making babies. The only tough issues these creatures deal with is delivering babies that we worked hard for.

    I would like to encourage my fell minded men to stand against women empowerment at all cost lest Malawi continues to fail to develop. Imagine all the productive time these women lost at comesa hall.

  12. Dididid says:

    Kenako timve kuti matumba a cement waba ndi Beam yakoyo… Ife tiri ana tikati chibimu timamenya pa chiboda ndekuti kabungwe kameneka komenya pa chiboda eti???

  13. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    James chapter 5:1-5 states about the economic hardships in the last days. Let us not blame the govt and its president amalawi. The bible says, Silver and gold are mine”. Last year, a certain man of God prophecies that, president Peter Mutharika would go under economic turmoil then it will stabilise and the country will criticise hi then it will stabilise”. This time Malawi should remember the prophecy. When God speaks, it comes to pass. Its time to pray for the president and the nation. Siyani kulozana dzala focus on God.

  14. Mpumulo wa bata says:

    What the heck was this???

  15. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    Cleanliness is nearest to Godliness.Keep it up.Imagine in USA just a plastic throwing leads to deportee.Really this is good Genesis for Malawi.Lets appreciate where is due and give constructive criticism at the right time.

  16. Aimed at says:

    Malawi smells, and I mean smells!!’ Can Getrude tell us what plans she has. I doubt if this addresses the Limbe, Chinyonga, Blantyre Mkt. and Chilimba smells. The only place on earth that smells like this is the toilet and some places in India. I think one way of beutifying Malawi it to get rid of the Mayor of Blantyre. He is a shame. In Blantyre and Limbe even if you close the windows of your vehicle the smell still finds you…. And it is very awfull smell. And you are talking of a country led by a whole professor, let alone who was in the USA. This country is coursed! We do not have ambitions in Malawi. Chase all those living in houses in the city centre….. Especially Indians!

  17. Dim a says:

    Seodi White wanted to be the first lady but now it is Getrude. Mulungu amakonza !! Zikomo kwambiri

  18. Mo says:

    What is it in that wheelbarrow?construction material?

  19. kusowa says:

    Zaziiiiiii tazinkani mukankande APM magwelu usinini utomuyabwa kapena nditi utomuning’ina . Asanayambe kunamu ndi kukalipila anthu kuti ngwe ngwe ngwe!!!!

  20. thako lambeta says:

    Key aswel to malawiz fall. Ndawonera pa Peter ine

  21. Zambulo says:

    Beautify màlawi. Kikkkkk

  22. TONDEWADULA says:

    thats good. enjoy

  23. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Za zii! Zopanda mchere

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