Free the student arrested on freedom of speech charges  – Malawi President Mutharika asked

Civil society organisations mother body and the media have ganged up to urge President Peter Mutharika come out clearly and condemn a student who was arrested on Friday in a minibus for participating in a debate on the status of economic, political and social landscape.

Khanje: Freedom of speech should not be compromised

Khanje: Freedom of speech should not be compromised

Media Institute for Southern Africa (Misa) the Malawi  chapter described the arrest of 19 year old Patrick Semu at the order of an ordinary ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) woman cadre as unacceptable in democratic Malawi.

The media watchdog’s chairperson Thom Khanje said the Republican Constitution clearly gives every Malawian freedom of expression, saying criticising the government or the president cannot be an offence.

“These are dictatorial tendencies that Malawians voted out in the 1993 referendum. There is nothing wrong in critisizing the president or the government,” said Khanje.

He then asked Mutharika to come out clearly and speak against the arrest of the Dae Yang University student.

Police said he has been charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace following a heated debate in a minibus in Lilongwe that ensued after the offended lady in DPP full regalia boarded the public transport.

Khanje said everyone has freedom of expression as enshrined in the Republican Constitution.

Human Rights Consultative Committee executive director Robert Mkwezalamba questioned the impartiality of the police for rushing to arrest the young man on allegations brought by a woman in full DPP attire.

He echoed Khanje’s views that the arrest was illegal because it is against the Republican Constitution.

The lady in DPP colour is said to have been irked after some people questioned the wisdom of following a party that is party to the current food shortages and high prices of maize in addition to the ailing economy.

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16 thoughts on “Free the student arrested on freedom of speech charges  – Malawi President Mutharika asked”

  1. gifty says:

    this is not a police state ukatengela za k u Zimbabwe ulephera this is not america nor zim but mw watch.

  2. Chance M says:

    That is not fair When We Have Freedom Of Expression @the Same Tym Whe We Have To Respect Our Friend’s Rights!

  3. icho says:

    a mcdonadi ndiosazitsata…..kumafunsa
    mukuoneka ngatitu ndinunso azomwezo

  4. omase says:


  5. Mc donald hendreson says:

    every right goes with responsibility.if am excise my right does i not violate other pples rights?what does the law say about this?

  6. Gie says:

    That’s bushit busy arresting others jst coz they are expressing themselves? Release my fellow thot full Malawian forthwith

  7. The major problem in Malawi its because we have a Kwere Kwere President who has been out of Malawi for over 40 years and whe Malawians voted for freedom of speech in 1993 he was not here,”MATCHONA SAVEKEDWA UFUMU PAMUDZI” Amalawi kusamva, Maka maka ku Chigawo chaku M’mwera umbuli njala ndi Matenda zinafika povuta, Lero akuti alibe Problem Anthu akudya Madeya, He was getting paid huge of USA dollars when he was working in USA and He got nothing to do with your fucken Malawi Kwacha, Ameneyo mtsogoleri wa Nkhumba kapena Anthu? Ambuye Mulungu imvani kulira kwa Mtundu wa Malawi.

  8. don’t forcf matterrs other wise matters can force u.. zeru zayekha anathyapa nguli mu safulia

  9. Mtumbuka weniweni says:

    Thom Khonje. Freedoms of expression or whatsoever should go with responsibility. Not stepping on other people’s toes just because you want to exercise your rights.

    I know some people would want to anger the Police or should I say provoke? To incite the July 20 kind of response. That’s why Police is being proactive to block anyone who wants to breach peace.

  10. Emmatuwa says:

    Free him please nothing done wrong to discuss about our Economy in this country. Police & the woman should arrested too we don’t want kapilikoni here in Malawi .

  11. Alungwana says:

    Free him NOW!

  12. Lets take our country back says:

    Mathanyula and Saulos can call the citizenry all kind of names but if we do the same it’s a crime? What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

  13. wadabwa says:

    Is this why you have mounted road blocks every square mile . Malawi resembles a police state . Why arrest a young student what if he was your son ?

  14. sadden says:

    Apitala chonde mukapepetse kwa TB Joshua ndithu!Anthu a Mulungu musawaseweretse.

  15. sadden says:

    Apitala muzadziwa liti kuyankhula?Nzoona mulibe problem bwana koma ife tikufa ninjala chimanga kulibe Ku Admarc, Ndalama zikusowa katundu wakwera mtengo Tingogulitsa dzikoli Ku Tanzania bwana

  16. Kenkkk says:

    Our own North Korea. Barbaric regime.

    Malawians should condemn this thuggish behavior of this dpp woman together with the corrupt bootlicking police. Are we returning to kamuzu Banda old mcp days?

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