Gagging! Malawi Police summons reporter Chimjeka over ‘ stories’

Malawi Police in administrative capital Lilongwe on Wednesday summoned award winning Nations Publications Limited (NPL) reporter Rabecca Chimjeka reportedly over some stories she has been doing pertaining to cashgate and widespread timber business involving some Cabinet Ministers.

Reporter Chimjeka: Gagged

Reporter Chimjeka: Gagged

Chimjeka, a former Nyasa Times senior investigative reporter, was summoned to Central Region Police Headquarters in Area 3, according to inside sources.

“She was summoned this morning, on issues to do with cashgate. Some individuals are restless with her aggressive reporting on the matter.

“It is believed the police just wanted to silence her by intimidation. Rabecca was visibly shocked; but reading in between the lines, I could tell that she was indirectly told off the case as it seems things were going to expose some real big fish out there,” said the source privy to the development.

There was no immediate comment from the journalist while her Lilongwe Bureau Chief Sam Chunga, who apparently accompanied her to the Police, could neither deny nor confirm the development.

Chunga declined to comment on the matter when contacted on Wednesday .

National Police spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo, who is currently in Blantyre, expressed ignorance of the development.

“I don’t know anything, in fact am still in Blantyre and I haven’t received any update or communication,” said Manjolo.

Rabecca recently reported on timber sales involving some Cabinet Ministers, a development that is said not to have not gone down well with some prominent figures, who alleged to have threatened to deal with her, according to sources, who asked for anonymity.

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64 thoughts on “Gagging! Malawi Police summons reporter Chimjeka over ‘ stories’”

  1. Kenkkk says:

    BigMan, what you are talking is not compatible with what the police are now saying about the reasons for summoning Rebecca.

    For you any journalism critical of this govt is flawed and unprofessional.

    Police should divorce itself from political influence and interference. These dpp people are killers or intended to kill this lady but they couldn’t afford another bad publicity following the murder of Issa. For that reason they told the police to warn this lady to stop the investigations.

    If they have nothing to hide or if this lady’s investigations are not true, why don’t these dpp gurus come out on the open and deny or even better still sue this lady and her employers?

    So you dpp thieves, just sue but not kill someone for what you consider as lies. Just sue, not kill. Simple.

  2. Rift valley says:

    Can Insppector General Kachama please stop this nonsense. We do not want Rebecca to end up the same way as Chasowa through staged accidents. I do not think the police are doing this on their own. This must be on instructions from the Cashgate addicted DPP Gurus. APM must know that development parteners are folowing up these slips in good governance and their reluctance to assist Malawi grows day by day. By the way, do you think you will succeed in muzzling the media? Good luck!

    Please keep up the good work Rebecca. Malawians strongly support you all the way.

  3. Bondera says:

    Atolankhani miseche basi nayeniameneyu

  4. kambwali says:

    Beki asakupusise

  5. Chinthu says:

    Kodi inu a DPP mupha anthu angati?

  6. John says:

    Rebecca anali ma hope anga awa. koma kupupuluma.

  7. City shooter says:

    To me who wat DPP is composed of is strange to see dis happening: brutal killings and it has already started, kuopseza atolankhani, kugula atolankhani ndi ma MP omwe etc same old DPP

  8. ndadabwa says:

    Peter will not intervene because its him and his people like Ben Phiri who are involved in the stealing of tax payers money.

  9. Samarakunjuta says:

    Federalism will sort you out!!!

  10. Samarakunjuta says:

    Federal government is the answer to all these bull sh*t!!!!
    I vote federalism!!

  11. apundi says:

    samala rabecca angakuphe anthuwa sali bwino ayi. kodi nthawi ya amayi kunali zimenezi

  12. Kasungu says:

    This is stupid and unbecoming in civilized society like ours.

  13. Ya anyone involved in malpractice must be exposed so let the lady alone. If you steal from the public purse you’re likely to be exposed in one way or another.

  14. chatonda says:

    Nobodu has won any battle with the media and Peter should intervene to stop the police from creating animosity with the media. A Pen is more mightier that the gun remember?

    Rabecca, please do not feel intimidated by the silly guys but rather keep it up with the good job. This can help flash thieves out if we had the willing government to address corruption.

    I am waiting for your next article which should also mention what the police wanted from you so that they can stop.

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    May I have the of the police office who interrogated her, please.

    If police want more information they should not interrogate people at gun point or hostile atmosphere like police cell. This amounts to intimidation.

    Another sorrowful moment awaits us.

  16. CB says:

    “government kills”,koma yekhayu tisiireni chonde alomwe inu.


    There is NOTHING good about Malawi Leadership. Everyone is corrupt. The Mutharikas dynasty is worse in the Malawi Kingdom. God bless Malawi!!

  18. Uchindami says:

    Limba mtima chemwali. Osabwelera mmbuyo. Asatanawa alipodi ndipo ndi oopsa kwambiri koma osagwedezeka! Gwira ntchito yako ndipo ukuyenera kuwaulula kwambiri kuti amve mbebe!

  19. This Is Malawi says:

    ‘To deal with her’. Any difference from muzamva zothaitha.

  20. zingati zanu says:

    My take is that she can assist the police in their investigations. Where the media can play their role based on the information they have. The story doesn’t show any element of arrest and that’s why her boss is quite. bwanji kodi phuma. A malawi mumafuna kuti atolankhani adzimangidwa on petty issues and yoi enjoy the stories. Am sure Kachama is and has been a media friendly cop to stoop so low. Wait for the truth but don’t sensationalise her ‘meeting’ with the police. Zanu ndikupatsani. Paja ndizingati?

  21. ndaona says:

    Walakwitsa chani, nkhanizo ndi zoona kapena zabodza? Kodi tikhala bwanji a Malawi kumagwila ntchito mwa mantha? Aaaa zandikwana tsopano so which profession will enjoy immunity on its own?

  22. Hoitty says:

    Peter Mutharika please emulate your colleagues in Tanzania and Kenya who have shown their willingness to fight corruption by arresting trying and convicting corrupt cabinet ministers. Bingu was the only president who arrested Mwawa a minister on corrupt charges. That was before he realised the goodness of corruption and became very corrupt himself.

  23. Where are we going Malawian’s?

  24. Where we going Malawian’s?

  25. Mtavuma says:

    So you want to kill Rebecca now? You PEOPLE are very evil indeed

  26. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi is cursed

  27. Senior Citizen says:

    Freedom of expression iz being violeted here. Tisamve mukunama kut azimangirila mutawapha mayiwa. This is how st***ty the government is like of his who summoned university lecturers. Our president is just a damn of ru***sh

  28. Senior Citizen says:

    Freedom of expression iz being violeted here. Tisamve mukunama kut azimangirila mutawapha mayiwa. This is how st***ty this government. Our president is damn of ru***sh

  29. BigMan says:

    Where does it say reporters cant be summoned to the police? The fact is there is no professionalism in malawian journalism, no ethics at all. If police is investigating a case, a reporter cant just find out information and go public with it because it potentially can inform the criminals about the police investigation and plans. Some reporters will literally write ” police officer x was seen yesterday at organization B talking to blah blah blah…..”. No wonder this Nyasatimes graduate was called to account at Area 30.

  30. Mkonda Malawi says:

    Malawi need courageous journalist like the Ralph Tenthani who believed calling a spade by its name.So are ministers gods not to be exposed on dubious deals?We need all of them arrested for destroying Malawi because of their greed.The police should stop intimidating this woman.Let her work in a free environment exposing these thieves.

  31. john says:

    zofuna amalawi izi! iya! zoti peter anabera mavoti sindigwirizana nazo ayi, munamuyika nokha pampando munamuvoteranu. lets just keep on dancing to the tune of dpp up to 2019.

  32. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    They should not cut off your fingers , keep on writing , expose these crooks they never thought that the pen and the paper are more powerful than their criminal acts. Expose all their crooked activities.

  33. Khwethemu says:

    Muyesere dala kumusowetsa. She is a gud journalist. Keep on writing sister Rabecca. Thats wat Malawi needs. Courageous journalists. We will support u.

  34. The Real ujeni says:

    DPP thugs want to kill her, I think its best to change nationality, Malawi is being run by dogs with rabies.

  35. makarios makarios says:

    Musayambetu Apa Apolice,tisamvetu Apa Zina

  36. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Zikavuta l will hire a good lawyer for this beautiful Rebecca by the way are you single t andipatse nanbala tipange hire ka lawyer kachanguchangu

  37. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Welcome to Nyasaland. AS the name itself says NYASA LAND.

  38. Mbewe says:

    munthuyu adakali mbeta……..please ma batchala mwayi ndi umeneu

  39. OBSERVER says:


  40. How many are they going to murder
    Why our policemen behave like robots enough is enough

  41. Cashgate1 says:

    I also have the list, Here are the names of those that are plundering our natural forest:
    1. Noxy Masingwa
    2. Kalyatii
    3. Namkhumwi.
    4. Muulliii
    5. Muntha

    You already know these thieves…… only that the courts needs evidence.

  42. Professor Seyani says:

    A Chaponda can scheme anything. That man is cruel

  43. Joseph Banda says:

    I guess Malawi is moving towards real democracy. Uyo walakwa afunsidwe ndiamene aikidwa kuti atelo.

    From 2004 to 2012, cases were staring from the news reporters, colluded with ACB officials (of that time), then to courts (of the appointed people at that time). Some innocent Malawians suffered and no reporter has even written that some of these people are innocent. YET when it comes to journalists, then fellow members back them up.

    At least when some of you visit the Police and get questioned, DO NOT GET VISIBLY SHOCKED. This is what your fellow innocent people have gone or are going through. If this reporter is innocent, we have now professional Police and professional and Independent courts, they will set her free. LET THE POLICE ALSO DO ITS WORK JUST AS YOU WANT JOURNALIST TO BE LEFT TO DO THERE JOB.

  44. mona says:

    Malawi kupusa, munthu wa nzeru kumavotera dpp zoona

  45. teps says:

    hunting imeneyo

  46. wakummawa says:

    A police ndalama zomwe amalandira nndi chifukwa cha ntchito ngati imeneyi. Pali be nkhani apa..

  47. henry vegas says:

    she beta come back alive we will expose whoeva put hands on her

  48. captain says:

    Sitinati Awa Ali ndi ma issues ndi ma donors tilira kuti nfwee . Makamaka aziphunzitsi munathandizila kuonjezela ma figures povota paja mudziwanso

  49. Elias Nali says:

    where is freedom of expression a birthright of all ?

  50. BLACKBAZUZU says:

    Manifestation of the killer party’s DNA

  51. BLACKBAZUZU says:

    The true colours of the killer party we know. DPP is best known by its DNA. A praise is as good as a curse to the devil.

  52. MKWAPU says:


  53. Kenkkk says:

    Yes we know you dpp thugs. You will soon kill her.

  54. Diphwiphwi says:

    Tisamve kuti wafa. Mukumva AGALU INU?

  55. akusipikana says:


  56. hisbolla says:


  57. Midnight 6 says:

    Let then kill her. I think Tenthani was not enough for them. Lomwe government at its best

  58. Please says:

    Please God help this Nation.

  59. sir bentby says:

    mupha angati? truth is like a viable seed, no matter how deep you slot and burry it, it will sprouts out,

  60. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:

    Musamuopseze ayi. Mwaba nokha musalire. More will be revealed. Simunati. And if anything happens to her you (politicians) and your police dogs will be ISILed.

  61. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Rabecca, expose them. They have given you enough energy now

  62. Walila Mvula says:


  63. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Stupid dogs of the stinking DPP hungry for innocent blood! Mulungu akukanthani posachedwapa.

  64. haward says:

    Aaaaa zowona koma, boma ili koma kuwopsyeza anthu paja ndiye kuvota tidavota amalawi kumeneko kuyika ma mafia pampando angotipondereza tiri dwiiiiii

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