Gay fears murder if deported to Malawi from UK: Gets removal directions

A Malawian gay asylum seeker in the UK says he fears he will be killed if deported to his home country following a politician public appeal to kill the LGBTI people.

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The Malawian who spoke to Nyasa Times from his detention centre in Oxford, said he is facing deportation to Malawi – because he doesn’t have enough ‘proof’ of his sexuality.

The former resident of Wolverhampton, Chiyembekezo who asked for his surname to be shielded, told Nyasa Times that his boyfriend is in England and that UK Hom Office has issued him with removal direction and that his flight is on this weekend.

“My claim for asylum was refused because they say my case is not provable that I am gay. But I am proper gay with a recognisable boy friend,” said Chiyembekezo, 25.

He told Nyasa Times that he fears he would face jungle justice for his sexual orientantion in Malawi following comments made by Ken Msonda, spokesperson of the opposition People’s Party in response to the government’s decision to put a moratorium on the anti-gay laws, after an international outcry over the arrest of two gay men in December.

‘Arresting them won’t address this problem because sooner or later they are being released on bail. The best way to deal with this problem is to kILL them!’ Msonda wrote on Facebook.

‘It is pathetic to see our media houses parading these dogs on TV and newspapers hiding behind human rights — human rights my foot! The devil has no rights!’

But now the Malawi Law Society – an umbrella organization of all lawyers in the country – has said Msonda’s words constituted hate speech and called on the Human Rights Commission and police to investigate.

‘This irresponsibility takes an unacceptably different turn when political leaders and opinion makers take the lead in inciting actual violence against fellow citizens,’ it said in a statement.

‘Calling on members of the LGBTI community to be killed is hate speech and is not protected by the Constitution. It is in fact criminal.’

And presidential spokesman Gerald Viola told a local radio that President Peter Mutharika wants gay rights to be protected awaiting review of the laws.

Campaigners in Malawi say homophobic legislation is driving gays underground, making them hard to reach with information that could protect them from Aids.

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38 thoughts on “Gay fears murder if deported to Malawi from UK: Gets removal directions”

  1. macd says:

    kodi ku UK akukakamilako ndi chani kwenikweni… friend has just graduated from the university of birmingham with a masters and hes back…i asked him why he came back pamene ena akulira nkuwe kukana kubwera kumudzi kwa amawo he told me that he was fed up kusuka mbale

  2. mwati Hau? says:

    Amwene kunodi anthu akuphani. Mukamabwera muguliretu coffin….


    Ukafika let us know….. make some noise…. you will soon meet your fate…………. If your gay masters are sending you home….. what a hell are you saying.

  4. PROFESSOR says:

    Mr President why u backing the gays, instead of saying gays must wait the review of the law, u saying they must be protected while waiting for the review of the law……so pls dont be a puppet for the so called white people and thier rotten gay rights.

  5. Okhuzidwa says:

    okufa saopa kuula,still we are ranked the poorest in the world ndiye tingaope chani ofuna aziphedwa agalu amenewa coz sikuti miyoyo isitha chifukwa tikunyengelera agaluwa.Nsonda relax tithana nawo amathanyula amenewa

  6. Davis says:

    atangoyelekeza kumkoka msondayo, ativa. pheeyutu sikupusa, muona mkwiyo waa malawi. kodi mulipo angati okonda nyasinu? muti mutisakazile ufulu wa ungwiro tilinawo, tangodziwulurani muone zotsatira.

  7. fatsani says:

    Brave nsonda

  8. Funzo says:

    Many gays do not engage in anal sex despite what many posting here believe. Further, it is not a choice that people make so would you criticise or even wish death on someone who has, say, size 8 feet.

  9. Mathanyula Opanda Mano says:

    Stupid! Gay ndie chiani? bwela udzachekedwa kobibilako ndi mpeni.



  11. Mockd says:

    Hail Msonda!!!! Only that some of us could not be with u in court to support. Koma u r a true son of Malawi. BRAVO!!!!! Iyi mbuzi ikut ikuopa kuphedwayi nde idzaphedwadi nanga si malemba akutelo. Visit religions’ data base, the holy books, I repeat, THE HOLY BOOKS……..

  12. Mbusedye says:

    ukunama….akutulukila kuti umanama…..umaona ngati wapeza yolowera…wailila kuti ntoooooooo!!!!!

  13. Maliseni says:

    Takuona khope utipeza tichita nawe monga mome aneneri abala anaphedwera. Malawi cannot accept gayism.

  14. selfish decision says:

    Don’t worry about these creatures the so called gays the real coz of choosing to be gays is they have problems in their bodies of infertility.They can even fuck a stone so just leave them.
    Bibles says the opposite sex not what is happening. Shame on you and those who support gays
    Abambo wanu ndi abambo wanu anakwatana nkuberekapo inu a gay

  15. Mayi says:

    Tangobwerelani ku muzi angazakupheni ndi ndani? Palibe ozakuphani koma za gay izo kuno nde ayi. Kuno muzakwatire mkazi muzizabereka ana muzasiye mbeu. Nokha munanena pa times tv kuti mungotipha za gay simungasiye. Nde athu popelekelapo ndemanga ndipamene akuti apheni simunasogoza nokha. Koma palibe amene angakupheni muchitidwewo nde kuno tikuti ayi muusiye ku mangalande konko.

  16. dowa boy says:

    they first the chop in malawi.kill the gay is all we will sing

  17. dowa boy says:

    i totally support gays to b killed.brave nsonda

  18. Ramsy says:

    kill the gay! kill the gay! singing. We are behind you msonda. let them try to arrest you, they will see how malawians can breathe fire.

  19. Nosu says:

    Taking advantage of the gay topic now to cheat the British on asylum seekers. Just come home my brother ww will help you. You need just to be delivered basi. Gaysim is a demon

  20. Leo says:

    Fu********k you all gays, fuck all those who support dis stink marriage, fuck america, fuck all pastors who accept dis sinful way, kodi amanu akadakwatirana okhaokha bweni inu muliko? fu******ck you all poor Malawians who support dis sh****t

  21. Kachapila says:

    Wonders shall never end,Trapence u’r the devo.Mukayerekeza kupanga kalikonse kwa Msonda muputa mkwiyo wa ife tonse.

  22. Mark Saoneka says:

    This evil in Question is not a right but one of the worst sins before God, they have case to answer on judgment day so just leave them and any move to curb them will be proved futile.

  23. Bmw says:

    Just give them your ass so they can fuck you in the ass. There’s their proof.

  24. johnM says:

    This guy is just running away from poverty. More gays are killed in the UK than in Malawi. How many gay people have been killed in Malawi? In the UK lots of gay people are killed every week

  25. Tomtom says:


  26. Christian says:

    Malawians let’s just rise up all together a kill self diclared Satanists(gays) even those hiding behind human rights.

  27. chikhadzula says:

    Kuno ambute muphedwa, ingobwelani basi za deporte musaname leli that cz ur gay nde musabwele. Noooo dnt cheat azungu. NO room 4gayz in Malawi. Let msonda bi arrested u ll See wgatqmalawianz can afford To do. Trapence, mtammbo inu ndi amathanyula timakudziwani..

  28. mphalata says:

    Anything to stay in the UK. Tiyaluka nazo. Mpakana kuzitcha u gay. Ena ndi aja anati akuopa bambo awo akagwilira mwana wao

  29. Hamu says:

    For sure you deserve it my friend better go to USA.

  30. Dalibunga says:

    The prospect of tough economic life in Malawi awaits him. That’s what he’s afraid of. Then there is a very interesting point. He could not prove he was gay enough. His recruiters should have drilled him comprehensively how to be a complete gay. Sorry my brother.

  31. C Banda says:

    How do we know that this asylum seeker is a genuine homosexual? There are plenty of deceitful, false claims made for asylum made in the the UK based on sexual orientation. For example, ANGELINE MWAFULIRA said that she is bisexual in order to avoid deportation in 2012.

    When you look at Angie’s immigration history (see link below) then you see that she, her husband, and two children entered the UK in 2006 on tourist visas. When those ran out she applied for a student visa, but it was denied. Living in Nottingham, the family then dropped off the Home Office radar until 2009, when she reappeared and applied for asylum. She said that her husband Mtende had run away and left the family, and she did not know where he was. She claimed that since her two original kids were used to the UK and could not speak vernacular, and that she that she had borne another child right there in the UK, then the family (sans Mtende) should be allowed to remain. The UK authorities repeatedly rejected those claims, plus another that she was bisexual, and had a lady partner. That claim seems odd when you consider that Mtende is clearly back in Angie’s life.

    Angie continues to remain in the UK as an asylum seeker, outwitting the authorities in their attempts to deport her.

    Angies’ immigration history and references to her sexual orientation can be found in this judgement from a judicial review of her case jn 2012.

  32. pamajiga says:

    Tithana nawe kumene bcoz you do not deserve to be alive. Wa satanic iwe……olo akubisa a Nyasatimes wa. ….I know you quite well only that I can’t mention your name. Koma zikandizeramo ndikutchula. Kuteroku unayamba ku Lilongwe zija ukupitiriza? CHOKA SATANA! ULIBE GAWO MU MALAWI.

  33. Fingo says:

    Iwenso ndiwe chitsiru aphedwa angati ma gay here?
    Ingonena kuti ukuchita manyazi coming back home coz ulibe chili chonse.

  34. Aggie says:

    I find this humorous. The gays courageously come out and say..’either give is our rights or kill us!’ Msonda comes out courageously and answers..’kill them!’ Msonda then gets blamed for hate speech heh heh. Anyway, this guy Chiyembekezo should get deported without fear, malawi law society will protect you. There are many gays in town timangowayang’ana. When have you ever heard that munthu waphedwa or kumenyedwa in Malawi because they are gay? aunt tiwo and partner were one pair out of 16 million population who got unnecessary attention when they went further by getting publicly engaged. This was not a societal fit. I don’t know where they get the media attention from. Let us pray for rains and other crucial things.

  35. Chilunga chimawawa,ngati mukulimbana ndi Sonda which means mwavomereza za ma gay.Mulungu bwanji sadayike Yohane ndi Symon mu munda muja????????

  36. Nkosana says:


  37. lackison says:



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