Goodall wants Malawians abroad to send more money back home

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe has said Malawi needs effective domestic resource mobilization to develop successfully.

Gondwe:  Wary with low remittance

Gondwe: Wary with low remittance

Gondwe said this in Lilongwe during the high level forum on development effectiveness which was held under the theme ‘Towards a transformed and self-reliant Malawi’ and attracted participants from the academia, cabinet ministers, Civil Society Organisations, development partners, among others.

The finance minister said the African Union (AU) has adopted a broad view of domestic resources that is not only looking at tax revenues, but also pension fund assets, mineral earnings, international reserves, Diaspora remittance, stock market capitalization and private equity.

Gondwe said: “It is only proper, therefore, that African countries such as Malawi should now start developing policies and legal instruments that are aimed at creating a favorable environment that would ensure efficient and effective mobilization of these resources for development effectiveness.”

According to Gondwe, there is no doubt that Malawi has adequate domestic resources with potential to finance its development programmes and become a middle income country just like Botswana and Kenya.

He therefore took time to explain some of the challenges in domestic resource mobilization in Malawi which according to him include having a narrow tax base, having an under-developed stock market among others.

“Domestic resource mobilization in Malawi has the following  challenges and these include; having a narrow tax base, an under-developed stock market, limited pension fund assets, low Diaspora remittances as well as high levels of unemployment,” he said.

Head of Department for International Development (DfID) in Malawi , Jen Marshall commended Malawi for making strides since she attained her independence and for carrying out reforms in the public sector.

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92 thoughts on “Goodall wants Malawians abroad to send more money back home”

  1. Apo iwe na gogo wako pitala mukawa kuwalo kwa chalo ich mukatumanga ndalama zilinga pa mwezi? Dog dog dog dog

  2. God is Good says:

    Ise yayi vikwenera wene ndalamaa, nase tikudokera nge tingaryamo munkhombo zakung’azima, nthumbo lende na gontho vimankwinya mankwinya.

  3. Zuze says:

    Goodall cries that there no more money to cashgate.

  4. mbani says:

    watondeka mdala writings are on the wall

  5. mphatso says:

    look at how we suffer at mwanza boarder when you try to bring in stuff ndiye bola kutchona

  6. goodson ndovi says:


  7. Charter says:

    You want to cashgate our money eti?

  8. Ntakataka says:

    Okay Mr Gondwe, how about going home and enjoy your retirement

  9. all-i-can-say says:

    Tadzioneni dzimbava. Mwakhuta mtoliro eti? Agalu achabechabe just wasting our time. Who would want to hand over hard-earned cash to these bandits? Kagwereni uko a galatiya!!

  10. Gerturude says:


  11. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    @ 1.1 “Kanthu Ako!!”: I support your view, totally.
    Some of the arguments here against the government, and the ruling party of the day, do not make sense whatsoever. That is regarding Minister Gondwe’s call for more remittances from those outside the country. The Philippines is but one example of a country that thrives thrives on this practice. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of at all.
    Just to repeat what has already been written:-
    Remittances go to individuals, like one’s relatives, and NOT the government. As such, that money is, by and large, not amenable to manipulation for corrupting practices. Except by the receptor herself or himself. Sure, sometimes the money goes missing, or gets diverted to other spurious “uses”. But do not blame the government for that!
    Please, let’s get real; and advance arguments relevant to the subject at hand. Rather than vent frustrations aimlessly. Do not use these excuses when you have nothing to send back home. Those who have the extra money, DO send it for building houses in the cities and even in the villages; and for tuition fees etc.

  12. Sailota says:

    Really? Nepotism thoooo. Uzanani ku chipani chanu zimenezo. U think malawi is one tribe? Be patriotic and we will also, otherwise, let us all be proud that malawi is the poorest country in the world.

  13. San says:

    Two words: dual citizenship.

    PS: when one carries out simple cost-benefit analysis, there’s little to no incentive whatsoever to send money back home. Think again.

  14. Kenkkk says:

    The usual money from the diaspora to help their relatives will keep on coming but any additional money requested by this corrupt govt will not be entertained.

    The current climate in the country is not conducive to investment or development.

  15. Kenkkk says:

    The usual money from the diaspora to their relstivesvwill keep on coming

  16. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Did Mutharika send a single dime to Malawi during his 40 years plus in diaspora? He came out of bues starting riping where he never sow, him and his cronies. U just pocketed MK9 bn from MSB. Enjoy partying…

  17. kholowa mkabudula says:

    …kupusa eti? Osamuuza Pitalayo abwezeretse ndalama wabazo ndi zomwe mchimwene wake amaba ku MSB mkumatsegula ma account kunja kuno bwanji? Zopusa basi?

  18. Malawian In Diaspora says:

    Hi Mr Gondwe,

    I am in the diaspora, and our household income is £42,000.00 per annum. But because your government is rubbish, I can never send any money except asking mwenye to deposit a few kwachas into my mom’s account (for her to buy maize) while I put the equivalent into his over here.

    Why? Because I hate DPP. I am not patriotic to your administration and never will be.

    Good luck!


    Malawian in the diaspora.

  19. Makhuwira says:

    Pitala should bring back our money he stole from poor Malawi . Foolish idea .

  20. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  21. Che Bwanji-bwanji says:

    Yes,we are ready to help back home. But one question Mr. Bwana, why does it cost so much for one to get a police report from home country Malawi. You charge $300 dollars for what???
    Please,sit down with your cabinet and sort out this kind of day cheating!!! We are ready to help if some of these things get solved!!!!! Secondly, let all Money gram and Western Offices print the receipts instead of writing by hand. Our old parents and grandparents get cheated!!!!

  22. vavlov says:

    Malawi banks are shit. You can have your money in a USD Malawi account, but cant withdraw USDs when you want to. They insist in giving you in Malawi kwacha equivalent at very poor rates. So whats the point of repatriating our money to Malawi?

  23. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    Tell me who has bought MSB??? Peter Mutharika. But no tambala has been paid. The plan is to pay for it out of futuristic profits. Thom is simply a conduit. If you think Malawians don’t know……you are cheating yourselves!I could be mad…..

  24. straight Talk says:

    I cannot do that msdness. Do away with ur country and I have my money with me here as am considering denouncing my citizenship. Ndatopa to be associated with deaf leaders. Shame on u and ur president.

  25. Aron says:

    To hell Goodall with your idea

  26. fkr says:

    Unless we get a handle on our population growth to a maximum of 2 children per family we are doomed anyway. The diaspora will not be able to afford feeding the millions of jobless youth in the next 5 year’s. Just drive around and look how many children are running around.

  27. Do as you say says:

    A Goodall zanu munasunga kuWashington , gratuity ndi pension yaku I. M .F
    Why should you encourage others when you are doing the opposite ?
    Kuno you survive only on the Ministerial salary, that is why you are Mtharika’s poodle.

  28. c says:

    Mapwevupwevu government full of crap!

  29. mtumbuka1 says:

    Hell no! With peter mutharika and his dpp family at the helm there’s no even a cent that is safe. We are not funding any mapwevupwevu Or beautify Malawi crap. Change the government first. By the way,where are the proceeds realised from the sale of Malawi savings bank? Huu?

  30. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Goodall Should know very well that Malawi is not an attracting destination where people in diaspora can save or deposit their money. The political leadership is full of economic blunders. Politicians abuse banks and who will have confidence in such banks for safety of their monies. Secondly, Malawi is one of the countries using the most obsolete and archaic monetary policies in the world. You have abused poor farmers with your low exchange rates from their meagre tobacco income. Make your noise and you will just finish your saliva….no one will deposit money there!

  31. ngung'unde nsaku says:

    Mr Goodall…you want me to send money so that Mukhito and his boys will use that money to buy guns and knives to go and kill innocent people, the same way he killed Chasowa, the July 20 victims and now Issa Njauju? You must be raving mad Goodall. I used to respect you Goodall but your continued mapwevupwevu with these Mutharika boys has left me wondering if you have any iota of integrity and respect. I am not sending you a dime…

  32. George phiri says:

    Sending money??? The same money that when you go back home you cant access in the currency you remitted? I remit dollars but when am in Malawi can only convert to kwacha at a low bank rate. Is it fair?

  33. So that u also increase your base for stealing our money.

    Uproot the cause of financial mismanagement first! Poor old man full of greed and good at hand clapping n bootlicking fool!

  34. ISSA NJAUJU JR says:

    What a load of Rubbish, this Government irks me and do my heading all the time. There is no Minister in this government who speaks sense and I cant stand you.

    Tell us who killed Issa Njauju then we will talk money otherwise you don’t deserve my money and Malawi will ever belong to that lowest position on the list of most impoverished people on earth. Take a blame and resign honorably, stop wasting people’s time, Malawi needs to move on without you loads, bunch of thieves.

  35. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    He thinks we are in diaspora to raise fund for DPP. We ran away from cash gate mentality and kusolora. I will send my money when I see it fit not because an old man like Gondwiiii has asked me to. Stupid DPP government.

  36. Patriot says:

    So that they can have more mapwevupwevu banquet for dining and wining unlimited.

  37. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    I thought we are the same people who scoffed at Joyce Banda’s migrant labour policy. If we can export our 500,000 unemployed people and at the end of the year each one of them brings home US$1,000 we’ll be talking of US$500 million which is almost double what our tobacco rakes in. But unlike the tobacco revenue which unfortunately is further reduced by importation of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and farming machinery the migrant labour remittances is free of associated raw material importations. Kenya and Uganda for instance grosses over a billion dollars in forex earnings due to migrant labour remittances from Asian tiger economies and this is about a third of their total forex earnings. And these two countries are black and English speaking just like us. Why cant we? AMalawi pride izatipha.

  38. Balamanthu says:

    Not in the current cirumstances.Too many thieves in government and Goodall doesnt know left from right.Amalawi ake opusatu adzitumiza ndalama kunoko.For what purpose? For what return ?

  39. mzimwale says:

    Cholinga mudzasololenso? Ine ndiye given that chance to be in diaspora and with your new measures in effect I will just renounce my citizenship until DPP gets out of government

  40. will says:

    if we keep on cashgating nothing will coming out good in this country. if we keep on shielding those who have mismanaged our resources and never bring them to book we’ll cry and never make progress. HELP MALAWI OUR LOVING GOD!

  41. Uuuuuuu says:

    You are true patriot. Your government sent us to gain further knowledge and we will do all what we can to do that. More so we will continue to write proposals to the same azungus and will fund us and as such more foreign aid will come. Please do not forget to fund those medical graduates who are to be sent back home for they are a treasure to the country as they will be able to manage complicated cases who would have otherwise costed the country a lot to treat them outside. We do not need to loose them to other countries because the government has forsaken them.
    Civil servants now can enjoy working within the country. Do not listen to NGOs who are calling on your government not to increase salaries for civil servants and also those trade union leaders who only advocate for junior staff and not there supervisors that are like politicians. They think in doing so they will be voted for when they go into politics

  42. 5555 says:

    Did you send remittance while you were at IMF?? SATAPU!! Why are you still working and you want to die in Government

  43. chulu says:

    Honestly, I would love to have a foreign currency account in Malawi but the bank charges are ridiculous. Internet Banking charges are laughable!

    Banks in UK charge nothing. NO bank charges. No monthly internet banking! Banks in Malawi are stealing from people.

  44. Kadyamkena says:

    How I wish, unfortunately I won’t do it again. Ndinu mbava, the exchange rate is just too unrealistic. Imagine a
    Dollar being exchanged at MK400. This has just happened to me last week.

  45. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Put your house in order then you will rip the benefits. Advise Malawians in Malawi to work much harder and not to wait for handouts. Life is equally harder in diaspora.

  46. phodox says:

    Please Dr Mboshombosho why are you holding maphwevupwevu all the times and everywhere. You mean you can not do without mapwevupwevu. Look around you. All mapwevupwevu, I am told that you do finish that soft drink at every meeting/press briefing. I THINK you were in problems over the two years under Mai Namaloko. undiluted soft drink on your table. That is proceedings realized from sale of our MSB bank.
    Anyway keep on SMILING over your bottled mapwevupwevu.

  47. bullshit says:

    If you want that to happen, then start dealing with insecurity and make Malawi a conducive environment for people in diaspora to invest in. No way someone who is safe and secure in foreign country can start thinking of investing in Malawi as the crime situation has got out of control. Sort out dual citizenship issue as most people who are earn higher have got citizenship of those countries they are earning a living. Thanks very much

  48. bozwell makaranga says:

    Unless you wage a concerted war against nepotism, tribalism and corruption Malawi is heading on a ruinous path.

  49. MKWAPU says:


  50. all-i-can-say says:

    These fora are just a waste of time, Mr Goodall
    Gondwe. What we need are actions not empty words and endless discussions. It’s pointless and a waste of resources. The development blueprint called the budget is where you should be spending your energy getting it right. I don’t understand how development is asynchronous to the country’s budget. Only in Malawi. You old madalas have run out of ideas and it’s time you go rest and let the energetic young minds lead the way. Otherwise you are wasting opportunities for our country to move forward.

  51. nophiya says:

    Dr Mboshombosho, you spent most of your time abroad, how much did you send?

  52. ndaona says:

    Adzabenso, nde akapezeka adziphedwanso ofufuzawo?

  53. ZOZO says:

    They are broke ass niggas.They have nothing..

  54. Why????? Zomwe mwagulitsa bank zo sizinakwane?

  55. Muzawadyere agaru inu forget muisova noka pano the whole world knows DPP is the main cuprit of cashgate

  56. Please gugondwe says:

    First of all ask your friend to close his foreign accounts and bring back the tax payers money . 92billion and 577 is in foreign banks. This is what we know as of today. The extent of the theft will never be known. That’s selfishness. Your money is hidden in foreign accounts then other peoples money to be sent home. Ma bank ndi awo mukugulitsawo mufuna makobidiwo muwapange anthu zanseri then pa mawa pano you come out and say the president said, he had the final say.Fix the mess first.

  57. Zimvere says:

    Anthu okalamba and opanda mano mukufuna mudzabenso? Mmaso mwa azimbuyanu.

  58. Mzimbamubi says:

    how much did he sent when he was abroad? go and rest ur time is over!!!!!!!

  59. Don’t lie. The problem with Malawi is not resources. It is THEFT! KUSOLOLA. CASHGATE.

  60. XXXX says:

    Your colleague Big Head and Big foot Chaponda doesn’t like Malawians in Diaspora to remit funds home.
    He even challenges them that he imported a 16 year old left hand Mercedes Benz to Malawi.

    Malawians in diaspora need investment opportunities in Malawi not consumption.

  61. Nachipanti says:

    Inu a Goodall munkatumiza ndalama ku Malawi mmene munkagwira ntchito ku World Bank? Pension yanu mumalandilira ku Malawi kuno kapena komwe ku America. Osatipusitsa apa anthu adyera inu. Mutofuna kuti Mapwevupwevu apitilire basi… Mukhaula and muona Vikwenukwenu!!

    1. jj says:

      Gondwe bought estates, while he was working abroad. and this was during Banda’s days. He build a house in Mzuzu. So if you have money, which it appears you do not have just do your thing, kulimbana ndi ena bwanji.

      As for pension countries like UK give you a choice, you can either get £ through British council or get it in the UK.

      You are just showing you have nothing to send.

  62. Che Squareroot says:

    As a country Malawi is already doing good in local resources mobilization through MRA and several other agencies. However, Malawians are not benefiting from the resources as Government is continuously mismanaging the same. Too much self enriching among our top people and unrealistic priorities. Tsiku lina muzalira ndithu a Malawi si anthu opusa!

  63. jack Phalombe says:

    End corruption you will develop a country otherwise will be a song

  64. Tholaluthuli says:

    Bola kutsithana ndi amwenye [email protected] than sending through Western Union

  65. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Now you see, the epitome of emptiness, shallowness, & all trivia we associated with clueless Joyce Banda is bak. What is happening with this idiotik professor? Mpaka painting a cell with party colors? The man needs to grow up. We cant afford keep living in the past. Its like che JB who kept on saying i was abused by my first husband……so what kkkkkk. If peter wants sympathy, he should get it from his wife. After all what Pitara and midnight six did was tantamount to coup. Anakabweretsa zisokonezo. Mpaka usintha dzina la maliro to Daniel Phiri kkkkk. Usintha date of death cholinga to circumvent justice as enshrined in constitution. He deserved jailed that guy. Kamuzu went to Gweru prison did we cerebrate! Koma moya ameneyu satithandiza.

  66. Sapitwa says:

    Resolve the Dual Citizenship then we will invest a lot.

  67. CONGO MAFIA says:

    If you can’t manage MK1000 even if you are given MK1000 000 it will end up into mismanagement too. What donors are expecting from Malawi government is to see proper management of national resources as little as they can be. From there trust can be restored and loopholes can be compensated with donors support and diaspora remittances.

  68. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Ndalama zibwere nanga Gondwe akudya chiyani look koma iye alikunja amatumiza?

  69. Joseph says:

    Can you believe the nerve this guy has? So stealing gvt funds is not enough for you, now you trying to go international? How will Malawians be like come 2019, I mean we are already the poorest, how further down can we go? Is there not a shot way to get there? Like….. I dont know, a heart attack may be……?

  70. Nancy Banda says:

    The government should seriously consider addressing issues such as absentee voting, dual citizenships, banking laws and other diaspora concerns so that they feel fully included. Corruption also needs to be eliminated. You can’t continue to have 20th century practices and attitudes and want 21st century results.

  71. Kokholiwa says:

    People will bring in money if you have just exchange rates. Not this fake gaining power of Kwacha only to milk people who bring in money while the prices at the local market keep on going expensive

  72. central says:

    Now you want Disaporagate!! Your appearance/outlook shows you are a dangerous thief !! These days you are always busy thinking of who next to rob next!!

    Chimbamva chakufikapo chomene!! Umandinyansa ndikakuona masiku ano bwanji!! Mwana wa satana iwe!!

  73. HILL says:

    Iwe ADA GONDWE go and rest. You are dead in your head

  74. Diasporan says:

    I would be more than willing to remit but the government needs to create the necessary environment for me to do so.

    Here is my rant: I bought a piece of land in Lilongwe from Lands department and was forced to pay for it quickly or I lose it. The government promised to develop the area so that it is ready for house construction and other related projects in two years. Here I am five years down the line waiting for necessary amenities mainly roads to be developed so that the area is accessible for construction. But the government has done nothing and there is no hope they will do so soon. For fear of equivocation, I’m taking about area 46 behind area 3 on the Likuni Road.

    If I were to remit I have to do so with the view that I am investing. Mr Gondwe, push your other ministries to do their work and in future you won’t have to plead for remittance! People don’t remit as a charity! They do so for their own good but indirectly benefitting the government and local employment. Here is just one example why there is less injection of diaspora remittance in Malawi. There you have it!

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      Someone that understands what its about. Not all these fools talking about cashgate.

      Problem is majority of people living outside Malawi live hand to mouth and are illegal immigrants,living in fear.

  75. walunji says:

    bullshit. for what?

  76. Jelbin mk says:

    Whatever we can do will not bring about change or wealth if it is not efforts to root out rampant corruption which you Mr Gondwe and Peter are masters

  77. big chimbly says:

    Gondwe has outlived his usefullness to the country. Its high time the government should let this humble gentleman retire.HE can still be contributing to the nation but outside the governement…my view….

  78. Van de Kaithazi says:

    Failled economist of doom.

  79. John says:

    We need policies and action and not just talk

  80. The Real ujeni says:

    Dual citizenship is one answer to that. Keep on wasting time, asians with dual or multiple passports don’t give a damn about Malawi. Give dual citizenship to black Malawians born in Phalombe, nsanje, dowa, Rumphi dual citizenship and see Malawi progress.

  81. Loliwe says:

    kutha ma plan a Goodall.

  82. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Stop cashgate, corruption, nepotism, favouritism and you will have the answers. Stop telling lies to the nation. Hewe povos are not amused that telling lies is business as usual with the Malawi government. Mulibe manyazi? Most Malawians dont feel they belong to the country anymore. It is YOUR country. Musova

  83. Amos Osmund majozi says:

    Okey that’s good thinking Goodall but we kind of lost trust in recycled politicians to manage our finances. Sort out all cashgate issues first. Otherwise you won’t see any diaspora remittance through those corruptly aquired bank’s. Never.

  84. Achimidzimidzi says:

    All remittances will be paid through New MSB and FDH Bank.

    Mwayiwonera patali.

  85. Zabwino says:

    Kodi ndalamazo sizinakukwaneni. Probe all cashgate cases then u can ask that if not no way.

  86. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Goodall must know that people have lost trust in him and the whole DPP government after the dubious and secretive sale of MSB. You will pay for this

  87. limzy says:


  88. Samarakunjuta says:

    So that they can have as more mapwevupwevu as they can???

  89. phwiyonaire says:

    Efficient and effective mobilization of diaspora remittance. Sounds good, but then, so what? That u should cashgate, mismanage,and squander the resources? Until we root out the real problem causing us to be poor, nothing we do will yield lasting results.

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      You do not remit the money to Government. In fact we are already doing that, people send money home to build houses, what is being advocated is more people should do it.

      The benefit for Government is availability of forex, and demand for Kwacha, resulting in a powerful kwacha.

      Where does cashgate come in?

      Umbuli AMalawi utipha.

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