Govt, ACB under fire for failure to recognise Njauju on anti-corruption day

Government has come under severe criticism for its failure to recognise slain Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate affairs Issa Njauju.

Mtambo:  Why ignoring Njauju?

Mtambo: Why ignoring Njauju?

Timothy Mtambo, human rights activist and executive director of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) said it was a great mistake for President Peter Mutharika, the ACB director and other speakers to fail to recognise a person who was the third in command at the graft busting body yet Njauju is believed to have been killed because of his work at ACB.

“Not even a minute of silence, this was shameful,” said Mtambo.

It is reported that top government officials ordered that Njauju death should not be mentioned, claiming the issue has been highly politicised but Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu has refuted this, saying Njauju’s case is under investigation.

Police have since arrested two people in connection with his death in July including a police officer.

But Mtambo said the failure by Mutharika and other officials to highlight his death shows the government is not serious in bringing Njauju killers to book.

Political scientist at Chancellor College Mustafa Hussein said the government’s successful order not to mention Njauju on the day clearly shows that the government interferes with ACB activities.

“If the government continues to interfere in ACB activities then the public sector reform programme is meaningless.

“This shows the ACB does not fully enjoy independence, it is influenced by other powerful actors. Njauju was a very important person at ACB who occupied a very important position therefore it was indeed a surprise that a minute of silence was not oserved in his honor,” said Hussein.

The body of Njauju was found near presidential villas just metres away from the gates of Kamuzu Palace.

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20 thoughts on “Govt, ACB under fire for failure to recognise Njauju on anti-corruption day”

  1. chiku matiki says:

    shame we are killing aserts that can bring this country to the next step innocent people who hold the truth to be known are killed while the government is silent pitala watch out you are under heaven and above heaven there is GOD


  2. Brilliant Blessings says:

    Oooo My Malawi

  3. Nabiyeni says:

    Whatever the case, let God be the judge. Sooner or later chilungamo chidzaoneka. Mzimu wa munthu ndi odzodzedwa cant just die like a chicken and ends there. Mulungu ali ndi dongosolo.

  4. Independent Montana says:

    Seriously, Mtambo you need to grow up. You said “it is believed” meaning there is not enough evidence. It is not yet known why he was killed and don’t bring childish things on serious things

  5. Mtumbuka Waku Phalombe says:

    Akulu Akulu Inu Mukumabakila Boma Likalakwisanu Mukuoneseratu Umbuli Wanu Poyera! Kodi Taganizan, Zingatheke Bwanji Wapolice Kumangidwa Ndi Anzake Omwe Ogwiranawo Ntchito Chifukwa Akuulula Kuti Akuwazwa Amene Anapha Njauju,atauzdwa Ndi Anzake Pamowa? Kodi Zinayamba Zathekako Kuti Wapolisi(cid)wamangidwa Chifukwa Pofufuza Wapeza Umboni Wamunthu Amene Napha Munthu??? Muziyamba Mwafufuz Musanakomente Mbuli Iinu!!!

  6. Toshi says:

    Peter munthalika knnws something lnu akanakhala kuti his lnnocent mukanaona kukamwa kwakukulu kaleko mmene akanalnkhulira koma there’s God in heaven am telling you aday of judgement will come.

  7. thinktankmalawi says:

    This is nonsense …..always finding fault in this govt…

  8. Prince Edward rsa says:

    They killed him just bcoz Njauju did not salender the 577billion investigation report which was later handed to germans after afew days nicolus dausi and his pipo break the offices to steal the report .

  9. Prince Edward rsa says:

    How can a civilian go near president villa and bary a dead body pita muthalika is the one who used agalu apolice to kill njauju.

  10. Bob says:

    What happens in this country is very pathetic. Just shows we have brutes running this government and its parastatals.

  11. Mr.Bambo says:

    Ku Malawi always looking for trival,so if the President or whoever spoke on the day made mention of Njauju or a minute’s silence observed,what would we as a Nation have achieved?Mtambo you are so silly kuzolowera kupanga provoke anthu basi.

  12. Malilime says:

    Peter ndi anzake a dpp adachita kupha Mr Njaunju koma 1 day zidzaululika

  13. Angel of Doom says:

    Malawians have nothing better to do.

    Njaunju died, what else did he do? How many people knew him before his death? If he had died a natural death would Mtambo be calling for his recognition?

    The man is dead let him rest in peace.

    Find your political mileage elsewhere.

  14. Phyuta says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Basi mukakhala kumangoganiza dzochita confront Government !! Think development sometimes!!!! I think chimutu chachikuluchi mwadzadza madzi. Mulibe nzeru !!!

  15. nobel says:

    It’s not only shameful but also disheartening that a minute of silence is observed to football players ; what more a person who died on line of duty? This surely vindicates the thinking that the ACB boss was murdered to cover up some skeletons in the cup board. The president surely is remotely controlled

  16. akuntinji anamuona says:

    I don’t think it’s necessary. This minute of silence ritual doesn’t make sense and somehow is the worship of the dead.

    Mr Mtambo let Njaunju rest in peace. You can observe such silence in your office. Don’t blind us as if you have good motive behind your action of digging Njaunju grave.

    If you want more minute of silence to be observed then you should die first, then you will probably appreciate our silence in your grave.

  17. YAKI says:

    Awa ndi achitsiru chilipo chimene amayamimira zonse kwa iwo nzoipa basi chonse palibe chimene anachita mmoyo mwawo cholozeka mdziko muno

  18. Mashamase says:

    Ndiye inu mupanga bwanji

  19. Truck says:


  20. TELEMU WAGWA PHiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    Akuziwapo kanthu ABOMA koma tsiku likubwera Nsomba yikulu izaziwona

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