HIV vaccine tests in Malawi for UNC project

After success in conducting Malaria candidate vaccine for children waiting approval from World Health Organization, the UNC Project in Malawi is planning to carry out tests of HIV vaccine.

Vaccine awaits WHO approval

Vaccine awaits WHO approval

Professor Francis Martinson the UNC Project Country Director, disclosed that the study only awaits an approval of their application by the National Health Sciences Research Committee.

He said once the committee give a go ahead, tests will be carried out in areas where there is high HIV prevalence and that trials will target close to 20 adults with low risk of HIV.

With all support, Martinson said those participants will be followed up for the rest of their lives to see how the vaccine behaves in their body.

He offered hope that once the results of the study brings out positive result, there is possibility of trying the vaccine to those infected with HIV Virus.

Prof. Martinson made emphasis that this HIV Vaccine study aims at adding force to existing tools for fighting HIV prevalence.

“HIV prevalence remains at 10% for quite some time now, so we need more tools to force down the prevalence. That is why the issue of HIV Vaccine comes in.” he said.

He explained that the vaccine which is not an infectious agents, once introduced in the normal body will trick the body to produce antibodies that can be ready to fight and kill the virus so that the body does not get infected.

But he urged people to be part of the trial process “Everybody needs to do their portion. You need to be part of the process.” Urged Prof. Martinson

“If we test the HIV virus in your country is easy to do a vaccine and the chances that the vaccine will work better in your country are far better than if we go and test those vaccines in another country and bring the results here.

It is always good to participate in some of these things so that you reap the full benefits of the results of these studies” explained Martinson

The UNC Project country director hinted that many SADC region countries where HIV prevalence is very high including South Africa, Botswana and Zambia are also participating in this vaccine.

“In these places people have higher chances of being exposed to HIV virus. The Vaccine is being tested in these areas because they are people who will benefit most with the vaccine.”

UNC Project in Malawi was also recently involved in trials for malaria candidate vaccine for children (RTS, S/ Mosquirix) which will soon be recommended by World Health Organisation. The Committee for Medical Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency has already made a positive opinion of the vaccine.

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19 thoughts on “HIV vaccine tests in Malawi for UNC project”

  1. Maximum Prison says:

    Hahahaha . UNC Project a Project full of Tumbuka’s especially the nurses just because the head nurse is a Tumbuka. And the data people are Tongas because the former Manager was a Tonga. Hey. Talk of Cash gate, they have enriched themselves with research man ranging from the Professor, the Administration Manager and the Finance manager who have built mansions using Projects money. With a a mansion in area 10 for the country director and a mansion in area 44, a lodge in area 6 and a flat in area 6. Hahahahahaha!

  2. palasi man says:

    The research should have help those who are infected osati iwowo azipanga benefit from it,komaso ena tikudabwa paka we love our professor sakukondera pa post yake izo ndiye bodza lalikuru ndiye kuti iweyo ndazibale ako ali pa unc amakukonderani kwambiri,NGO yanji yolembana ma families.Apapa let’s talk about research yomwe akufuna ayeseyo kuti ziyenda bwanji komaso kunthandiza kwake kukhala bwanji? Osati zopembeza munthu ayi thus why ti ma dollar angokutengerani mukuwona.

  3. johnpeter says:

    Guyz mdulidwe ndi Dilu kadulitseni ndiwaulere

  4. Sambaukwatiwe says:

    Tsanzira china chili chonse! Osauka alibe mau. M’dulidwe uli mkati, katemera wa HIV akonzekere

  5. Maria says:

    Instead of having only the information of what the vaccine might do, can people be given full information of the possible side effects and how they might affect the individual so that they can make an informed choice. Yes , the country HIV status might be rising but if the side effects of vaccine that might possibly work are not known, they might be compromising the quality of life of those taking part despite fact that they don’t have virus. Amalawi tiyeni titseguke mmaso limodzi by finding out all we can before accepting things. And can they also clarify what their strategy would be if something goes wrong with the vaccine in the people taking part?

  6. nkrumah says:

    Poverty is a creterion westerners are propelled to use Malawians for risky experiment. Why can’t they carry homosexual Barack Obama

  7. Mwanafyale says:

    Kanani izi. Musadzati sinnanene.

  8. You doubting Thomases are full of shit. Why are you clinging to the virus? Kunja kuno they have developed many HIV vaccines already including a pill known as Truvada which works as pre-exposure prophylaxis. Bakhalani kukakamira ka virus kanuko. Whenever they propose HIV prevention methods to you, you wanna resist. You’re only happy when you hear that so and so has died from AIDS. You snakes! HIV AIDS will end! You better believe it.

  9. Nantukusinya says:

    Malawians i wish u cud see wat am seeing.i can see mzungu decreasing the population of africa through these vaccines. Some of the effects of these vaccines is paralysis and death.this is happening because the vaccines are live viruses that the babies unrefined immunity has to fight against and when it fails to fight ur child will die or become paralysed.i wont talk of more effects u can search for more info.let me open ur eyes on this hiv vaccine test.everybody knows hiv has no cure once they inject this virus into our babies body the immunity wont be able to fight it because if it were to be fought there coudnt be hiv positive people.azungu asatipusitse ndi science yabodzayi a malawi

  10. Big Punisher says:

    So Malawians have become the guinea pigs to have Hiv vaccine test on them as if they are the only people who likes bonking alot?

  11. Chigumbuli cha ku nyanja says:

    Thanks to brilliant researchers, we have had enough of of this HIV thing, we need to treat it as we did we leprosy. To hell with HIV.

  12. KALOWERE says:

    People, comment when you have all the facts. Prof. Martinson is not a white person, he is a black man.

  13. Rejoice Kachana says:

    What wrong has proff Martinson done here kuti mumunene.Perekani ndemanga yogwirizzan ndi nkhani osati zina.Pfoff we love and we wish you long life your overstay at unc is benefitting some of us a great dear.Proff is the father and founder of UNC Tidziwe centre.We dearly love him and wish him long life.We dont want a malwian on this post too much favouritism…we still owant our Proff martison to continue.LONG LIVE PROFF MARTINSON.GOD BLESS YOU

  14. Wayawaya Dezodezo says:

    Pajatu Amalawi Simumamvetsetsa akuti research ndiye mutengekenazo muziona…

  15. Che Nkope says:

    Africa is a dustbin. Experimenting on humans? Why can’t these whites carry these tests in their own countries? Malawi wake up!!

  16. Why do in poor Countries says:

    Poor people in the third World are guinea pigs. I really do not trust these researches. Taking advantage of lawless and corrupt Africa. Africa should open their eyes. Look what these pole did in West Africa with Ebola. Used Africans to do research, once discovered the vaccine they took it back to their countries. The vaccine was meant for them only not Africans . Survivors of Ebola donates blood and where does this blood go, in their countries. When will this stop? Africans, third world citizens though poor but are humans. Stop manipulating us because we are poor.

    People were also once infected with syphillis if not Gonorrhea , using them for the same thing.
    This vaccine will only promote promiscuity. For those 20 people to show that the vaccine is going to work that means they will have to be exposing themselves HIV. So it’s ok for those 20 to have hiv, what about their partners. The solution is total abstenence. If desperate please use animals not people.

  17. Sititiriti Venda says:

    Good news. Would be glad if we heard this coming from a Malawian researcher as Head of UNC Project. This Prof. Martinson has overstayed his welcome at the Project. When will Malawian doctors/researchers be empowered? Are they that bad?. Aaaaaarrhhhhh!

  18. questionaire says:

    I thought john Hopkins project already did these tests on people, did the professor check with john Hopkins to see what they found out if the vaccine failed or is still under trial.To John Hopkins we need an update on this otherwise people will never volunteer again for your test.

  19. zagwazatha says:

    Maganizo abwino koma pakufunika kuwauza bwino anthu chifukwa ena sitimamva bwino mmalo motion tichepetse muliliwu tiyambanso kufalitsa mkumati mankhwala apezeka. Civic education in a proper way is needed.

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