Housemaid wins K5m in Airtel Tisanje promo grand finale

Salima based pregnant wife Ruth Makowa on Friday became an immediate millionaire when her number appeared among three lucky numbers to have won K5 Million (USD8,928) each as grand price for Tisanje Promotion.

Do not judge others; let God be the only judge.

Presenting the cheque to the winners

Airtel Public Relations Manager Edith Tsilizani mingles with winners

Airtel Public Relations Manager Edith Tsilizani mingles with winners

Airtel has been giving out K50,000 to luck winners  in weekly draws and K100,000 to lucky numbers making the total number of K50,000 and K100,000 winners to 412.

Ruth Makowa from Chikwawa Greenbelt in Salima district is one of the three Airtel lucky customers and lucky customer from central region to walk home with K5 million grand prize money in the final draw of the Airtel Tisanje Promotion on Friday.

Three winners, each from one region emerged ultimate winners and shared the MK15 million evenly.

“Am very thankful of this prize money. I have just stopped working as a house maid because am expectant. This money is going to help me start a big big business!” said Makowa.

With the final draw done, Tisanje Promotion has given cash prizes worth MK41.2 million.

In his remarks, Airtel Money Country Director Francis Matseketsa said Airtel is excited that its promotions are instrumental in changing lives of people across Malawi.

“We are committed to growing the bond with our customers. We are happy to be creating meaning and purpose out of this bond through promotions like Tisanje.

“In as far as customer satisfaction is concerned, our commitment is always guaranteed” said Matseketsa whilst applauding customers for their overwhelming support throughout the promotion and promised for more exciting offers from Airtel.

Among other things, Matseketsa said Tisanje promotion had increased recharges, Airtel Money registrations and transactions by an average rate of 35% and subscriber base growth by 3%.

Since its inception in August this year, Tisanje has made 300 people win K50 thousand cash prizes and 112 people win K100 thousand cash prizes daily.

Masekesa disclosed that the promotion has raised subscription base by 3 percent.

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14 thoughts on “Housemaid wins K5m in Airtel Tisanje promo grand finale”

  1. Mzungumbuli says:

    Osaiwala, limodzilimodzi la magawo khumi mudze nalo ku nyumba ya Yehova, ndipo Mulungu adzakudalitsani kotero kuti mudzasowa nazo malo.

  2. Nabanda says:

    Osayiwala kupereka chakhumi if you are a really christian

  3. nkhakamila says:

    i like the number 3 are a good adviser

  4. womenslib says:

    I hope she realizes that’s not enough to sustain her for life unless she starts a business

  5. The Analyst-cum-Patricia Kaliati says:

    Of what use is the detail “pregnant wife” in the story? If a bald man had won the prize, you would you begin the story by saying “mzibambo wina wa dazi wawina 5 million”? This is gender-based violence! We should all desist from it – physical or psychological, knowingly or unknowingly.

    The detail that she is a housemaid is very relevant coz we all know how much housemaids receive per month. And you are making us create a picture (in our mind) of the significant life’s transformation, therefrom. Koma the “pregnant wife” detail is purely tasteless!

    Sometimes less is more if its relevant. And more is less if its irrelevant!

  6. Attention Seeker says:

    Congratulations to the lady.

  7. mtochi says:

    Thank the analyst for educative advice and I like your quote too

    1. The Analyst-cum-Patricia Kaliati says:


  8. Villa Libra says:

    If you are especially interested in Lucky Numbers, you may be interested to know about my FREE little webpage that aims to come up with your own personal “Lucky Numbers”. Who knows – it could work: you never know your luck. As I say, it is completely free, and just for a bit of fun, so please look out for “Villa Libra Lucky Numbers” if you want to check it.

  9. Hansou says:

    Congrats to the house maid on winning the ultimate 5mill. But please she needs to be advised on how to invest that money PLEASE, PLEASE!!

    And do that before these modern day prophets waltzes on the lady!!! Amudyera to the last penny!!!

  10. The Analyst says:

    Tsono a housemaid tikulangizeni!

    “That money talks, I will not deny, I heard it once: It said, ‘ Goodbye.'” – Richard Armour

    Your relations will now come begging thinking that you are now the solution to each and every money problem for each and every one of them – amalume, aunt, anganga anu, even amfumu akwanu, azibale amamuna (wakupatsani mimbayu) e.t.c. Also you will soon realise you have more friends than you need. But listen . . .

    “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” – Bill Cosby

    Langizo lina: Musazinamize kuti mwalemera or musalore wina aliyense akunamizeni kuti mwalemera! As such tisamve kuti you have relocated to Area 47 in Lilongwe or Nyambadwe in BT or any place of name; and are renting a house. Joseph Mkasa is there for all of us to see! Also, musagule galimoto yoti muzikwera basi ai! A car is a liability.

    Defer the gratification and first build up a solid financial base and all these things – 55″ plasma screen, a car, an upright double-door Samsung or LG fridge, decent housing and furniture will gladly come to you. Put simply: do not confuse wants with needs.

    Otherwise . . . its more painful to be poor (when you once had money) than to be poor (when you have never had money before).

  11. Tete Zirimushe says:

    Praying for wisdom and guidance. I hope you work as a team wth your husband (if you are married) No spirit of division or pride. Be submissive to your husband but be wise. Do not allow him the spirit of control and manipulation. Above all be prayerful, invest, work hard and enjoy the fruits. Remember that 5Million is just a seed. Plant it as you have said(business) Water it by working hard then the fruits will come. Enjoy.

  12. Thanduxolo says:

    Langizo langa:musalola ndalama kukufunthitsani mayi. Lemekezani abwenzi lanu koma musawapatse mpata woti adzilamulira ndalamazo. Angadzayambe kukadya ndi mashude ena.

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