HRCC censure Malawi Congress Party over racism attacks on MP Bisnowaty

The Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) has asked Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to denounce insults and racist attacks its law makers hurled at legislator David Bisnowaty before Parliament rises, failing which the human rights umbrella body and its 97 network members, will conclude that MCP is a racist party.

MCP Members in parliament

MCP Members in parliament

HRCC also says the main opposition party should not only be raising issues of the past of United Democratic Front (UDF) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), but also be prepared to be reminded of its brutal past.

The rights committee said this in statement issued in reaction to MCP legislators’ racist slurs at the Lilongwe Central law maker.

“HRCC calls on MCP leadership to make a pronouncement to the nation and denounce this attitude before parliament rises failing which, HRCC and its 97 network members will conclude that  MCP is a racist party. If racism is serious offence in soccer, why should it be condoned in our institutions of governance. This must stop forthwith,” reads part the statement signed by its Board Chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba.

Mkwezalamba said by insulting the law maker, MCP is communicating that the over 50,000 Malawians who ushered him to parliament were blind and that MCP can do without them.

He also took trouble to remind MCP that over 3000 Malawians were recently repatriated from south Africa over such attitudes and that countries that have gone to war was a result of words like the ones MCP hurled at Bisnowarty.

Mkwezalamba further said Malawi has enjoyed peace and would not want to lose it just because of a few misguided and undemocratic MPs.

“HRCC knows full well that Hon Bisnowarty has lived long enough in this country and has experienced our history which can never be erased even if we intimidate those that seek to reflect on our past to develop a sound future,” he explains.

He therefore called on MCP to be prepared to be reminded of its past and playing a defensive role with impunity.

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65 thoughts on “HRCC censure Malawi Congress Party over racism attacks on MP Bisnowaty”

  1. DOBO says:

    There are so many human right abuses in this country.There more racism actions than words.Many Malawians are suffering racism.This is just a minor issue arisen from provocation.Let HRCC tell the whole world that MCP is a racist party.No body on planet will successfully fight racism. It has be there for centuries. Jesus Christ came across it. Europeans claim to fight it just to blindfold Africans who are suffering masive racism through out the world. I for 1 will deeply regret if MCP makes apologies to this.Please, MCP don’t dare making any apology if even it can cost your party chances to win the election. The tuth is more valuable than winning election or money. Whether apologizing or not, racism of all forms will be there for ever and the main victims are Africans.

  2. Munthu says:

    Fwetseke iye simzungu? Asamayankhule manyi! Shupiti zake!

  3. Iam very disappointed with the party I have been supporting under Chakwela not Kamuzu Banda. But if there are Mps of MCP who are racists then I draw off my support. During muzu he never allowed racist. White people lived very happy life than Malawians holder of European citizenship. I ed as a citizen of the country I am living despite my colour. But I meet racists from those who dont like blacks. Not MPs. How can we have MPs who representing people to be racist . Chakwela must do something. As a pastor he should know that. Bisnowaty is a Malawian and love Malawi more than a Malawian born. I know this because I am in he same situation even if I am a Malawian born. I have all the benefits of this country. There are blacks minister and MPs here. We blacks cry and say whites are racists against us but we forget what we are ourselves. We are hypocrites. People like him want to see Malawians to have better lives and Malawi to be a better place to live in. But stuip ignorance of some Malawians dont see that or they are afraid of him and jealous. The white people you are insulting are the same people you go to beg. They have helped you since indepedence and they are still doing it. Shame on you. Now Chakwela must do something otherwise he is going the votes to other parties. Chakwela got money from whites in America to start the church. You take their money then insult them. Read Donald Trump what he said about we blacks. Its time to question ourselves.

  4. Kenkkk says:

    Some of you people here talk through ignorance. I personally felt the wrath of kamuzu and I was in exile until 1995 when I returned home. While in exile my family in the north was constantly being harassed by special branch then and myp because of me.

    Actually some talk of tumbukas being chased away is distorting history. It was each teacher to their region of origin, so chewas, lomwes, tumbukas, etc moved back to their respective regions. It just happened that there were more north teachers in the other two regions than centre or south teachers in the north. Of course the target was tumbukas but the announcement for repatriation and actual movement was universal. Of course the instigator of all these is the person most dpp thugs want to be leading mcp so that they can easily trounce mcp. Of course the other person who Carried out nkhanza and feeding the crocodiles is now a top official in dpp, kupitiliza nkhanzazo as you can see nowadays since dpp came to power. Of course st the end of the day the president is the one accountable. Later on as we know north teachers returned again to the centre and south because the other two regions were hardest hit by the repatriation of north teachers.

    So despite its human rights abuses of the past which have nothing to do with the new mcp leadership, I have not yet been convinced that any other political parties in Malawi are better than mcp. Mcp remains the best party and only hope for Malawi to progress.

    MCP boma.

  5. S786 says:

    When this europeans do one mistake u guyz take it lightly. When it cums regarding Indian or Pakistani Muslims. U guyz easily insult the whole race. Calling them weird names. When it comes to the Israeli/ palestian issue. Many of u guyz defend apartheid Israeli terrorists who oppress Palestinians in Palestinian lands. The media in Malawi also supports apartheid so does da government. #saynotoracism. #saynotoapartheid. #FreePalestine

  6. Mwawanthu mweee!!!!! says:

    May be some of you were not yet born. Ask and you will get answers about this party called MCP. Brutal party.

  7. Bright Mkosi says:

    Kodi Bisnowaty ndi mzungu kapena wakuda bwanji chilungamo ku wawa ndipo ma comment amapeleka amkagwilizana bwanji ndizokambilana zatsikulo timavaso ndiye amathandiza mcp mnjila zi na akufunika apepese iyeyo

  8. Hehehede says:

    Shame on you MCP chipani cha nkhanza

  9. Funzo says:

    This is deeply shameful. Why weren’t apologies called from the MCPs at the time? This business is bad in two respects: the comments were xenophobic and anti-semitic. Why should donors return if this behaviour of MPs goes unchallenged?

  10. kenkkk says:

    Sapitwa,stop your nonsense and shameful lies. If Kamuzu failed in 30 years,what have you udf and dpp thugs achieved or improved in 21 years? Instead of improving on the infrastructures that Kamuzu laid such irrigation and many others,what have you done? You should by now have spread irrigation to more parts of the country instead of corruption and thieving of govt money to self enrich yourselves.

    You have failed to improve or maintain most of the things Kamuzu did.

    The country is now worse than in Kamuzu days, is that progressive development? Very retrogressive. 21 years of being ruled by thieves has seen every fabric of development collapsing in all sectors be it medicines, food,roads,airports,education, civil service, finance, human behaviours,etc.

  11. What’s up MCP. Nelson Mandela Rubbished these Mindsets.
    This can not be Condoned. Late 1980s Tumbuka our Uncle, Aunts etc were chased to North their Home Land.
    It has again began.
    I will never be a Politician but this is Unfortunate.

  12. james makawa says:

    mcp will never bounce back chakwera u r just waiting time and money go to preach chakwex

  13. Palibe chopepesa apa, mzungu walakwa basi, azipita

  14. James kotoki says:

    Real bullshit.DPP has killed so many people in the so called democratic era and nothing has been done.This guy is indeed a white that’s not racism it’s a fact,why are you people out of your mind?are you too dull or thick headed.

  15. kenkkk says:

    Tribalism is discrimination and racist as well, so you dpp thugs must also be condemned. Any form of racist behaviour is unacceptable.

  16. Pension Nenereko says:

    Kupha Chasowa and Njauju si khaza!

  17. This activist is so blind indeed ,what are you doing with S.Africa when it smoked more Malawians in their county? Did you conclude that it is racist nation? Iwe ndi mbuzi yeniyeni ,Do you know what is happening in Israel on Palestinians?
    MCP don’t apologize to this blind man this Jew wants to change Malawi into his native home politics.Akuti ma civil servant asamapite Ku ma workshop iwe unditukwanitsa choka.This is Malawi not Israel. Shut your mouth and expect to go in 2019.

  18. Fisi ndi fisi sadzasintha anthu amene tsankho too much thats why even when voting amangovotera label osati ntchito za munthu coz of tsankho

  19. Chimwemwe Banda says:

    Regardless of what MCP members think of Bisnowaty, the Lilongwe electorate clearly favoured him over all other candidates. Here are the first four from the 2014election:

    David Yokav BISNOWATY —INDEPENDENT —38.23%
    Chimwemwe Mazabuka CHIPUNGU —DPP —20.41%
    Nertha Kate SEMPHERE —MCP —16.95%
    Nankhoma Grace CHAMDULA-JERE —PP —5.40%

  20. Independent MP says:

    Mr Mkwezalamba maybe you did not follow the story well. Just to assist you understand what triggered the anger from MCP point of view is that the MCP legislature simply stated that during MCP erra there was bumper yield people were not sleeping on empty stomach. Why did Biznowatty connect this to attrocities he referred to? Now you say MCP was wrong to also remind Biznowatty of his pat. This was an issue of reminding each other of the past. If anything, Biznowatty should be the one to apologise because he was out of order.

  21. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    I tell you! If this verbal savage and racist assault involved DPP or UDF, dire consequences would follow the perpetrators. Those parties would reprimand the abusive MPs real quick.
    (I can’t refer to PP, as there is no such entity any more – they are leaderless and irrelevant; and it’s like the whole executive jumped off the cliff.)
    But as for MCP? What do they do? Akungonjoya pano, kucheza, kumwa “Green” ndi kudya zanoninoni (They are probably enjoying the notoriety, and undoubtedly, basking in Bisnowaty’s agony.) This party does not know how to atone for past criminal activity, that included murder: they are probably actually proud of it – the history.
    The perpetrators need to apologize to Bisnowaty, in Parliament, baasi (to be sure).
    Where is Mtabo, the CSO man, and his buddy on this issue, BTW?

  22. WAKALEKALE says:

    Mcp Yakupha,yang’ona,yatsankho,yamwano,yakuba,yozikonda Etc,etc.
    Muiwale Zolamuliranso Mumaona Ngati Amalawi Sakukudziwani.
    MCP NG’OOO…..!!!

  23. Okay says:

    kungoti ambiri amene amapanga phokoso ndi ana.sadziwa mmene MCP idathamangitsira Atumbuka 1989. No wonder MCP is nonexixstent from ntcheu and down South. Talk about MCP in the South, we wa Kongelesi ndipo anthu amathawa.

  24. Lord Mansfield says:

    Palibepo Nkhani Apa Amkwezalamba Koma Madzi, Magetsi, Njala, Kwacha Kugwa, Cashgate, Njauju, Mankhwala, Ma Fees, Fuel These R Ma Issues Osati Za Mzungu Uyu Ayi Amanyozedwa A President Ya Green Card Inu Mwapeza Nkhani Ndi Opusa Kaya Bisnowaty Amaikila Kumbuyo Boma Pamene A Mcp Mapanga Conderm Za Mavuto Amene Boma Likulephela Kutitandza Zina Zili Mu Mndandanda Nalemba Instead Akunena Zakale Ife Tikuvutika Lero, Kamuzu Anapangapo Mbali Yake Kaya Zabwino Kaya Zoipa Koma Maboma Apano Ayenela Kusova Za Mavuto Athu A Lero Wthout Compromise Or Counter Argueing TATOPA IFE kwawo kapande ngati ndale zapamalawi Sukuzidziwa Amanyozedwa Atumbuka, Ayao, Alomwe, Chewa Kiyese Akanyula Iwe Nde Akusekelere Ndani?

  25. Lazaro says:

    MCP is a party of murderers, nyau dancers. They will never change. Bisnowaty was voted by 50,000 people onsewo angakhale opanda nzeru. Mbuli inu.

  26. NVM says:

    Thank you Bisnowaty for yr service to the nation of Malawi. Thank you for the Ebola screening equipment you gave to the government to screen on all our borders wen we had no money. You are a blessing to our nation and your country Malawi. We love you.

  27. Mzungu Malawiano says:

    If reminding him where his village is, is racism then he was racist as well by reminding MCP of its past. Kupepera kwake kumeneko chifukwa chake mungobetsa our land to foreigners mtownmu while locals are suffering. Entertain the mzungu, worship them and remain miserable for the next 51yrs. Stupid HRCC.

  28. Chisomo says:

    Curse a Jew and you will be cursed. They are a choosen generation. Address issues not races. The words Kwanu ku Yudeya can bring curses on whoever uttered them. God cannot be mocked.

  29. chipsyenthe says:

    Ndi nkhaninso iyi? Is he not a Mzungu? Wasnt his company involved in clandestine quotation at Kamuzu Central Hospital and denying repairs thereby punishing Malawians the same he represents in parliament? I thot u cld write to condemn that? A Mkweza wasn’t that an issue worthy condemnation? ? Paja mumadya za azungu eti?

  30. Sapitwa says:

    When we say an old garment repaired with a new patch still remains the same old garment is like MCP patched with Chakwera and Kabwira. This pathetic party can not rescue Malawians from the current challenges we have. They failed to really improve Malawi when they had no opposition. Countries we see highly developed today the likes of Singapore, China,Indonesia, North Korea were all Dictatorial hence their high Development. MCP government received millions of Dollars of Aid over 31 years but look at the poverty that has spilled over to the other 21 years? The Agriculture that they boasted for was non existent. We were going hungry and this is the fact! We could have had commercial farming all over the country with fully fledged irrigation system. There was plenty of land untapped then with just 3 million people. We could have been like Zimbabwe or South Africa if MCP’s leadership was really geared to agricultural focus.
    University Education was planned to have a limitation; they did want to have many educated people to avoid to be challenged. No modern hospitals like Med Clinics where they went to when sick. No good hotels and tourism strategy that could have improved the country to the same levels with Thailand or Mauritius. This party failed Malawi and there is nothing they can do any different now in a Democracy with this arrogance!They had every opportunity to develop this country but they messed up. DPP has now bagged weak points to use for campaigning against MCP:
    1. Don’t build people free housing
    2. Don’t accept other citizens in this country. Racists!
    More to come.

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      Sapitwa: auze! anthu amu Chipani cho Kupha awa. Onama. Kuti Kamuzu anatukula dziko lino; chamba eti?
      Akuyesa kuti tingaiwale zakale ife? Olo kuti ife ndi ma kape?
      Sazasintha kakhalidwe amenewa. Asa!

  31. Mashamase says:

    Stop race ,let’s talk Njaunju first

  32. The Patriot says:

    HRCC , why spoil the press relaease with senseless ultimatums? Granted, MCP may not apologize and you call it a racist party, so what?
    Next time we want a press release on Kaliati for bad -mouthing Kabwila, nanga mwayamba ma Press release eti?

  33. puludzu says:

    Mkwezalamba watengako chake chithumba akatele ku boma. DPP has money to spend on useless propaganda kukanika kulipila madzi ku Zomba central hospital. Cry my beloved Malawi and taxes given to ungoverned govt. Eshi politics simankhwala aku chipatala we the citezenaly needs drugs in hospitals not cheap politics.

  34. zambezi says:

    Laz Chakwera is an empty suit. A moral man should condemn these actions but a man of the cloth keeping quiet???!! I have lost all repect for Chakwera and I have never liked the murdering shallow MCP in the first place. This is the last nail in the coffin.

  35. Happening Boy says:

    The change Is There but remind This mzungu to talk relevant issues not foolish arguments He rose ip for, That Is not only childish but foolishness. Everyone knows Malawi had enough maize during Kamuau because of several factors which sans elders Will agree to. Let us agree the as a nation we have failed. Kamuzu time had food or maize in all admarc dépôts. Bisnowaty contribution to This item was misplaced, change your attitude.I know Chakwera Will make a statement but the mzungu also should not be overzealouss.

  36. Kes munthali says:

    I party that is renowned for killing human beings can not respect a human being. Palibe zachilendo apa this is the dirty demonic satanic Malawi crocodile party we know.

  37. dennis says:

    Ndiwe wabodza no2 mcp ndi chipani chokhacho chimakonda anthu umbuli ukipo one party system and multiparty ela is different so don’t back bisnowaty he is a foreigner you can’t get any sit in his country even you stay 30years ask those who ate there I was there who is ablack person in white land ask your self be careful you need to travel and learn or see do you remember Samuel Eto they call him soughts of names cause of completion

  38. obanda odala says:

    Akukumbutsa zakale bwanji pamene nkhani ndiyakuti bwampini ndi alomwe azake adakudzula dola za boma. Adaishosha yekha ameneyo. Amamukumbutsaso komwe adachokera the same as he did to remind mcp of its past.
    Mwina anaiwala kuti ndimuyuda nanga?

  39. Dr Kwapata, LUANAR says:

    Amu bungwe trying to bootlick the white so that you shud be seen relevant and get that bloody money. Mxiiiiii

  40. Blessings Kaweru says:

    I totally agree with hrcc

  41. innocentphiri says:

    They must also reminded that kamuzu banda was not a malawian he never speak any local languages.

  42. mack banda says:


  43. A mcp abisala mbatata anthuwa sadzasintha! Simukuwona kumbuyo kwao kuli thewera ya ma youth,gulu lawo ndi kangandiwamba.

  44. themba says:

    Azinyiza kamuzu ife tisekelele kuti ndimzungu

  45. Bwitibwiti says:

    HRCC you are right,its ashame

  46. Will poor man benefit says:

    Mcp party of thugs and hooligans. It will never change

  47. Concerned citizen says:

    I totally agree. Such behaviour is not Aacceptable.

  48. Rev Golong'ondo says:

    I think the causation factor is not being addressed by HRCC. Address the cause and not the result.

  49. titakhuta tinatero says:

    Zazii a HRCC mwasowa zochita akutumani eti. Imeneyi ndi nkhani, ndi zawo za Ku Parliament. Kumenekuja or kutukwana palibe nkhani. Kumenekuja nkopangira malamulo osati zanuzo.In kawonani mmene puyrndera dziko basis. Mukakapereka ppetition amangokupatsani ndalama nkukakhala pans I that’s y mukati peace demos anthu sabwera. Osalowelera za Ku Parliament. Zazii.

  50. Malawian!!! says:

    I can’t wast my vote in 2019 for this so called party, it’s better not to vote. A party of savages.

  51. Malawian!!! says:

    Look at them!!! They think they can take over government with intimidation. Shame on them and this nonsense must indeed stop. What is PHD after all? M mmmmmmh!

  52. dungulinya says:

    Well take it a step further MCP. Start championing indigenous rights and u will get the votes. Amwenye ndi onwera asamkhale oposa Eni dziko

  53. james subili says:

    Chipani cha mcp mmanja mwawo muli magazine sichingasinthe

  54. The Analyst says:

    . . . How come Kamlepo saw that something was amiss and took it upon himself to rebuke it yet it right there and then, and Chakwera didn’t?
    . . . Does one have to wait for a reminder? Or you feared you would embarrass your MPs? But are they not an embarrassment already?; to themselves, your party and the country? Its regrettable you chose to remain neutral. Thus it tells us, you sided with them, coz . . .

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” – Desmond Tutu (South African Social Rights Activist)

    . . . Know that what your MPs did is an embarrassment to Malawi coz Parliament is looked at as a representation of the views of a country’s people. Everywhere a Malawian travels to, is greeted with questions of cashgate or/and poverty. Check around!
    . . . Now we have to add racism to the list of insults? All because you chose to remain neutral hence failed to reprimand your primitively insensitive MPs?; who don’t appreciate the importance of resisting from careless talk because of savagery, ancient mindedness or lack of exposure?
    . . . As a ‘leader’ you Chakwera, failed your duty here. And you failed all Malawians!

  55. Rev.Dr.Chakwera says:

    Ife a MCP tinazolowera nkhanza,chipani chathu mchamagazi ndipo ine ngati pastor ndalamula kale Jessie kuti pamene anzake ali busy kutukwana mu israeliyu komanso Feona Kalemba wakuntchitsiyu ife a MCP ayi …kkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  56. drogba says:

    I’m yet to hear what chakwera will say to his fellow Nyau cult members, who have reminded all of us once again that Kongelesi is a party of sulphur, fire, death, darkness, hailstorm, crocodiles. Chakwera and his cohorts MUST KNOW that there’s no room for rascism, prejudice in this country. I propose the Speaker and the police IG also do something on these misguided bunch of ignorant zealots of MPs. We need an open apology from the Kongelesi MPs, Chakwera and Kongelesi as a party. Bisnowarty is a Malawian, I repeat, he’s a Malawian after legally obtaining his citizenship in this country. We are good together you people. OG Issa is a Malawian also, that is why he’s a MP in Chiladzulu. There’s is another white lady in Rumphi who’s also an MP. We are proud living peacefully with these as well, we are all God’s creatures. Boundaries were created through hate but all this land is God’s. Chakwera, show us your guts, speak on this

  57. Dr Kwapata, LUANAR says:

    Also Bisnowatty shud censure his tongue. Bidnowatty in the first place is antagonizing malawians especially civil servants. Much ad racism is not gud this bisnowaty idiot shud learn to give credit achievements to un comparable development under MCP

  58. Byron says:

    The problem with MCP officials is that they think the party is for the center and Chewas. They are forgetting that northerners formed that party and invited Kamuzu whose father was from Nkhata- bay and mother from Kasungu, to lead them in their struggle against British colonialists.

    A country can not develop with that kind of mentality.This party will now make people revisit its history of atrocities and if not careful might fail to convince the electorate in 2019.

    Honourable Bisnowaty is as good a citizen as those MCP lawmakers and has shown his love for the country, why can’t he be appreciated? He is a citizen as well as a prominent investor who employs fellow Malawians and yet the so-called “real citizens” can’t employ others or create jobs bearing in mind the fact that their party was in power for more than three decades. They were just stealing the money from taxpayers without putting out real development. SHAME ON YOU MCP LAWMAKERS.

  59. Oliver Twist says:

    Ayi ndithu mawu nsatelo inu. Ifetu kwathu mkuyamika zedi kuti deleli tsono tili nganganga pambuyo pa obaba o Chakwera! MCP sidapiteyi ndo Ngwazi Dr. Kamuzu Banda. Njamoyo zedidi. Ndipo ndili ulankhula panopa mosapsyatila ayi kuti kuno kwathu ku Malawi, Ufulu omwe udabwera ndo Baba o Kamuzu, situfuna wina adzingolankhula ngati za chiphomphwa. Tidauvutikiratu ufuluwu. Kwachaaaaa!!!! Ufuluuuuu!!!!! Ife tonseeeee!!!!! Mtendeleeeeeee!!!!!!! Tsano mkuuzeni kuti ngati muli utumidwa ndi mabungwe akunja kuti mnyoze MCP, ndithuuu, mugulitsa dzikoli. Ife sutufuna yayi. Tili m’madigiritu ife, nsatinyozeyi. Ma polofesala, kaya m’madokotala, kwao mkuchipinda kwa MCP. Kapangani ndale zanuzo koma mdzalila zedi, tsiku mlimodzi. Kodi suja Idi Amini Dada odathamangitsa omwenye ku Uganda? Nanga obaba o Namgabi pa Zimbabwepa? Lero Uganda sodatukuke? Nanga Zimbabwe sodayambepo utukuka? Kaganizani bwino nsadathe mawu. Okuluokulu odati: chikumbutsa nkhwangwa, mchisanu!!!!

  60. matombodya says:

    It is said that our MCP can do this. Where is their morality. Iam convinced that Chakwera is not a pastor anymore. The fish rotting from its head. As a former pastor he should not have condoned this. MCP must apologise indeed

  61. Clive says:

    Shame! Kusayenda ndiye vuto komatso school ndiyofunikila kwambiri!!Apologise not only to Bis…. but to all Malawians,i wonder who vote for those ignorant called themsalves MP on my foot

  62. Kenkkk says:

    I agree with the hrcc against racists remarks but the tone is the usual giving of stupid ultimatums. You can communicate better.
    Laz should censure those mcp mps who shamefully abused David.

    Mcp doesn’t need to behave like dpp thugs who throw all sorts of insults including racist ones to donors for refusing budgetary support, for telling dpp to stop corruption and for telling dpp to instil good governance.

  63. Joseph says:

    This party can’t change! Shame!!!.

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