I will hit back, Mutharika warns critics: Malawi President appeals for ‘cease fire’

President Peter Mutharika has said his silence should not be mistaken as weakness and has since warned that he will start hitting back to his critics.

Mutharika: I have a right to reply to lies

Mutharika: I have a right to reply to lies

“They continue saying I took the whole village to the UN despite my numerous clarifications on the matter. How can I take the whole village of 4000 people fit in a 12 seater plane,” Mutharika said.

He said his critics are deliberately doing this to provoke him so that when he responds, they say he is becoming increasingly intolerant.

Mutharika said this Saturday in Zomba Chisi where he went to campaign for a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate.

“I have a right to respond to all lies, am exercising my right, even the Bible says when someone slaps you on one side, give him the other side to slap you but it doesn’t say what you should do when he slaps you the third time,” he said.

Mutharika alleged the opposition is ganging up to block in parliament the continuation of the cement and malata subsidy programme.

“You will remove the programme, over my dead body. I will veto it,” he said.

He said the economy is down on its knees because of the looting at Capital Hill infamously known as cashgate, the aid withdrawal that followed the looting of the money and floods that devestated some parts of the country.

“I am not blaming anybody but this is the reality. We are working round the clock to reverse the situation. I know that these economic problems have pushed up drastically the cost of life, bear with us, be patient. Very soon the country will be in its feet, give me time please,” said Mutharika.

He asked the opposition, civil society organisations and the media for a “ceasefire”, saying the war of words are misinterpreted as lack of peace in some quarters.

“Donors and investors are keenly watching us,” said the President.

He said Malawians should stop fault finding describing this as ridiculous and irresponsible.

“We need to work together to sort out problems affecting the country. This is our country, avoid pointing fingers at one person for all the problems,” he said.

He said it was unfortunate that some people were pointing fingers at him for persistent and endless blackouts despite Escom and government clarification that the blackouts was as a result of low water levels in Shire river.


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77 thoughts on “I will hit back, Mutharika warns critics: Malawi President appeals for ‘cease fire’”

  1. Palikanthu says:

    Allowing Gays in Malawi as Aid conditionality is a losing strategy. No evil move will make Malawi Prosper, turn to God for Counsel, APM you are off to the deep end and you can’t swim and your advisors have no life jacket, cry my beloved Malawi APM has sold us and changed our name to Sodom

  2. James kotoki says:

    I have said it again and again that this man is not educated as he claims.If someone says you took the whole village to the UN doesn’t mean literally the whole village of 4000 people you idiot.which school did you go to Mr President?

  3. George Kamanga says:

    Galu owe wachabechabe nena za ndalama izi: K577 billion or K92 billion kuti anaba ndani??? or K61 billion yomwe Galu uja anafa (bingu) kuti anazipeza bwanji kapena mabizinesi anji omwe ankachita kuti apeze K61 billion?

    osangokuwa paliponse galuwe (APM). ukhoza kubwebweta paliponse koma a Malawi akudikira mayankho kuti Ababa ndalamazo ndani??? usanamize anthu kuti ukhonza zinthu. unawonako kuti mbava kapena chigewenga chopha anthu chimakhoza zithu. kwake kupitiriza kuba ndi kuwononga miyoyo ya anthu osalakwa. APM ndi Agalu anzako my DPP kwanu kuba ndi kupha a Malawi osalakwa. chitsiru chotheratu owe ndi one okusatira ndinu Agalu a chiwewe.

  4. Hancy says:

    Guys leave the president alone, cant you see anapeza empty coffers.Muli inu mukanatani.Do you think its easy to run govt.Even if we put all the heads of Ngos together ,they can not run a govt.This is serious business.

  5. Afera says:

    No one should worry about his threats, the dude has no muscle to do that. He cannot even hurt a fly. Tiye nayeni, he is the most soft spot in the DPP and has no ammunition to fight back. Sanati alira ngati mwana. If it were Bingu yes, not this baby boy of a man.

  6. Chigawaneni says:

    Mr President, borrow a leaf from Dr Haswell Bandawe. Threats have no place in democracy, otherwise, try autocracy and dictatorship which Malawians said NO to in 1993. Be ready to learn from one’s critics for the sake of Malawi.

  7. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    It is said that a tall tree is the one that gets most buffeted by the wind. As President you should expect criticism some of it will be warranted, some of it will not be warranted. That is a job hazard.

    The solution is not to “hit back”, if “hitting back” means punishing the critics in any form, that would alarm people. It is scary for a head of state to threaten “hitting back” at critics. “Hitting back” conjured up images of arrests, torture, “disappearances”, exclusion from government benefits or programmes or any government action that is intended to stifle freedom of speech. “Hitting back should also not mean rebuttals that push accountability away from Government to some other source. In fact, the use of the expression “hitting back” is not appropriate
    Rather, the President’s response should be a level-headed, cool, unemotional approach on three fronts:
    1. The Government should accept that all the problems the country faces ( of current or past are its responsibility to assist in solving. Identify the problems as clearly as possible, as regularly as possible.
    2. Outline the programmes currently (or plans in the pipeline) underway to address the problems. Present approximate timelines for the programmes that wil address the various challenges.
    3. Communication about government plans to address national problems should not be mostly revealed at a party’s political rally. These are problems that affect all people, regardless of party affiliation. Do not politicise them. Therefore, non-political, non-party oriented fora should be used to disseminate such information: newsletters; non-political business visits by the President, ministers or other officials to targeted affected areas to discuss and exchange views with the people on the challenges they face and how government can be of help.

    Such non-confrontational constructive approaches will go a long way to unify people and encourage their cooperation in developing ” patience” and give government “time” for the programmes in place or planned, to begin to produce results. That is a productive way of “hitting back” at the critics. Those critics that distorting facts do not deserve any wastage of time for a response.

  8. mavuto says:

    Mr President. I am one of the persons who like you as well as your late brother. Please don’t bother responding to useless cries from very dull sector of our country. We voted for you in 2014 and for that reason you just have to serve us to the best of your capabilities. Those whining are just disgruntled and would want to cap[italise on your reactions. The best thing as what others of good will are indicating is for you to mind your business as head of state. Even if they make noise they remain common citizens while you remain as the President of Malawi. Is that clear Prof. W2e love you and we dont want to see you wasting time responding to calls by idiots.

  9. Mtundu Wanga says:

    12 seater plane? That this mean he only went with 11 people? Now this is a lie! This dude can’t be taken seriously! And what if the other 378 went commercial flights? The 12 seater plane argument doesn’t hold any water!

  10. which citizens? those who voted him who are in majority as per the rules of elections we are not making noise but those who voted for the losers. zipangani but we ready again 2019.

  11. choka phiri says:

    APM dont repeat same Word your brottet was usuing when he was critized. This is everywhere and common to all leders in the Word. If you are a sensitive dont be a leader. Do you know hon much critcs Obama has got? Does he say he Will hit back
    ? How are u going to hit back? U should be educated but acting like not.Shame.

  12. Jorberg says:

    Mr. President my advice to you is simple. There are 17 million people in Malawi and those criticizing you are very few. We the majority are better judges. We are aware of the good job you are doing in Malawi. This is probably the reason why the majority are silent. Don’t waste your time responding to those critics because they’ll capitalize on any mistake you make in your responses. If I were you sir, my response would have been Malawians are better judges. Don’t worry, continue doing your good job you’ll carry a landslide victory in 2019.

  13. Tonde says:

    That is a Malawian for you Mr.president what he knows best is to criticize leadership, to get free things, to get paid without working, to despise everything Malawian and praise everything foreign, laugh at silly jokes made by whites and Indians, produce more children, nepotism and crying instead of finding solutions to his problems.

  14. The Patriot says:

    More fire CSOs, and all government critics! You are doing a good job of being checks and balances for the arrogant DPP government!
    As for APM, all articulate Maawians pity him! He became the President of Malawi by chance and after being voted by only 36% of voters and largely by one region. Both North and Center rejected APM by a landslide! 64% of Malawians did not vote for APM!
    My advice to APM, do what your late brother did in his first term in office and you will answer your critics fair and squarely. SOLVE the problems that Malawians are facing and that will “hit” your critics hard!
    Otherwise warning your critics that you will “hit” back in Malawi means many things in Malawi , your excellency , Sir. Otherwise if the Patriot et al find the same fate as that of Chasowa , all eyes will be on you sir.
    Komanso bwana, lest you forget, a Malawians cannot be defeated by one Man. History has two examples of leaders in the past who played the “tit for tat” game with us. Both of these two esteemed sons of Malawi are six feet under!

  15. mbwiyache says:

    Leave the president alone, Malawians voted for him. Dikirani 2019 nanu ngati tingadzakuvotereni. Muwasamale aMalawi masiku ano si adzana aja. MCP siidzalowanso m’boma mpaka kale kale. DPP Woyee.

  16. Kandapako says:

    Mr. President, I thought you knew English. When they said you took the whole village, it was figurative….not that you took 4000 people.

  17. Philbert says:

    threatening the citezens that voted for you into office just because they are complaining about the situation simply shows that you have failed. since you got into power what you do is digging jb. feteleza sakuoneka pomwe chimanga chikukula, aphunzitsi omwe anamaliza course ayamba kuiwala ma skills a ntchito.

  18. chenene says:

    The idiot responds to every jim and jack maybe that’s why he lost all teeth in his entire big mouth….idiocy! You stole votes so that you should be insulted!!. You are getting paid for being insulted so shut up because the insults are for a good cause. If you cant take it, leave the office. You will fight back? Haha we will fight you even the more which will lead you to your early demise!

  19. Blunt Truth says:

    The truth Mr President is that since you became president in May 2014 the economy has worsened and poverty has increased. Malawians are disappointed.

  20. Robin Hood says:

    “Rise and Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions”

  21. Munyalika says:

    Pa Tanzania pompa apa Magufuli is working and things are moving ur busy finding faults for JB u wl never threaten Malawians and stop these threats forthwith ur in for it thats the problem of being voted with 36 percent 64 percent of malawians dont like u malata subsidy is useless we will get rid of it over ur deadbody mungopasana nokhanokha a dpp lets wait and see who is who agalu inu

  22. the patriot says:

    NAnkununkha Sadziwa @ 50, the professor did say he will turn things around in a short period of time and he certainly has. Only that it is in the wrong direction.

  23. Sapitwa says:

    Mr I recognize that you are just like any ordinary person like me and you can become angry at times. The issue is not about the anger, but how you channel it to something beneficial to your people.
    People are angry with:
    Power outages and they don’t want to hear the reasons without a solution. Tell us the long term solution and the most urgent solution.
    Lack of drugs,food, personnel and adequate beds and beddings in our hospitals. Don’t tell us about cash gate as the reason. We already know about this. Tell us instead what solutions are there already to quickly resolve this.Money set aside, special personnel set aside, operational procedure implemented etc all to deal with these issues and close the chapter.
    Dilapidated schools, lack of education material,low standard of education etc. Tell us the urgent solution with time lines.
    This is how we expect you to handle our problems. Surround yourself with the people who can really work and fire all your deadwoods.
    You wanted to become the President promising to take people’s problems on your shoulders to resolve some urgently and some as time goes on. We voted for you and wear a brave face and body and go to work. Forget about your critics because thus what that job is all about. Wake up and work! This is a friendly warning! If your shoulders are not broad enough than you thought, then throw the towel in surrender and let Chilima steer the ship. We will respect you for that.

  24. Apm mukukalipira ndani, anthu a Dpp amsne abwere p msonkhano wa,campaign, zoona. Surel you ca.n hit back but nkhanu ya malo kuno ku tyholo ndi mulanje maafika nago pofi. Chum konzani, ndalu konzani reducs cost of doing polifucsp, thereafter go to ur littls corner in za kamuzu palacs pray !!

  25. Kanyimbi says:

    Mr President, “Akulu ndi mdambo mozimira moto. Komanso mfumu ndi ku dzala.” If you are declaring a war do you think the opposition will run away? By the way you were also a victim of this ” I will fight back syndrome” by Kamuzu Banda that’s why you and your brother were in exile. Please withdraw this statement. I am one of the people who voted you into office only because I was hoping to have a leadership style of your brother Bingu Chitsulo cha njanji.

  26. “Kubangula chokweza” I think Kamlepo is wiser than this guy.. Kamlepo reminded his fellows in the house that; this budget in place has no looting unless if this government want to tell us that DPP is also looting rt nw at capital hill.

  27. musova says:

    Muziona try & error government

  28. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Zochitika za awa osakhalanso ngati professor olo kuti adayendako maiko akunja. Mbwerera zokhazokha. Choncho mudzipangitsa anthu kuti adziona ngati school ilibe phindu pamene ogodomala uli iwe. For how long should Malawians be patient? I thought during campaign you said it will not take long before you turn things around?

  29. chindime says:

    I will hot back!!!! Sound much the same as i will smoke you up, zoyamwira izi

  30. Dowa Boy says:

    A good leader accommodates critics, for how long will APM keep on pointing a finger at PP cashgate? How about his brother’s plunder of Malawi economy? We are suffering Mr. President, we want change!!!!!!!!!!! You are not giving us any hope at all………you say you will hit back ……that’s total waste of time…we want to see our economy improve!!!!!!

  31. Eye Witness says:

    Matchona akuti chani kodi? This guy doesn’t know Malawi. Should we call Zainab Badawi to let him know this?

  32. Machinga says:

    Kodi Online media houses have you been hacked by Mathanyula I can’t view some of you comments. Are you on all on Facebook??

  33. Machinga says:

    What I thought you took 115. You actually took 4000???? Komanso Mathanyula!

  34. Machinga says:

    I have never seen a president who threatens people like Mathanyula. Those days died with Kamuzu Banda .That is the problem with Matchona, they are so much out of touch. We refuse to be muzzled, we will continue to point out your flaws buddy so get over it.

  35. Nhuma says:

    Indeed you took the entire village to USA. But then they are simply telling the truth Sir. In fact you already responded to these allegations and we all heard you saying “that should not be our business” You said because even before you became president you were boarding planes now and then. So, did you really take the entire village? If Yes, then you will respond and fight back. If No. enjoy your peace bro all is well.

  36. Midfielder says:

    Zauchitsilu uli mu opposition iwe ndi ma bootlickers ako munkati chani? Ziipire galu kugunda mbuzi? Usova! Ngati uli ndi mau in response to Civil Society kapena Opposition osangonena bwanji?

  37. Mphembedzutsokonombwe says:

    How long should Malawians hold patience? Leadership is about action. Fast action a dressing the critical needs.

  38. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Go ahead undermining your elects and you will die like your brother bingu. You signed for the homosexuallity laws, first mistake.God is very angry with you and you have put Malawi on fire. You are threatening us that is second mistake. The son of GOD is extremely angry with your attitude.You have no faith in God, third mistake. You believe donors can give you more of what you want than God. His anger is upon you. How is Zimbabwe surviving without donors. Mugabe has faith more than yourself. He doesn’t want to become answerable to the sins of hi people. But you peter will be responsible for the sins of all Malawians. Repent or soon you die.

  39. ngulenjet says:

    I think there is sense in what APM is saying but can he start by saying this to himself and His party members and MBC. Then all of us will believe him

  40. Kudambwe says:

    Really you wonna start a fight with us ….. Really ? Wachepa!

  41. Gertrude says:

    Will not be muzzled by some stupid president self expression is My God’s given right

  42. Mrs Malawi says:

    Hahaha boma lokuba kwa Chakwera. You will not rule this country pracefully until you confess.

  43. Kent says:

    He must have been reading Nyasatimes

  44. Ogo says:

    What you seem to forget is, we are your masters, and you as our employee you can’t speak like that. I we , your masters need an explanation from you the employee than you have to give it ..not threaten your bwana as to why he wants an answer and explanation for what we (your bosses) feel like is irresponsible on your part.

    The problem with idiots like you is that you fell like you are superior and you forget we hired you and we can fire you.
    Stupid idiot!!

  45. Mansfield says:

    So, water level only goes down when DPP is ruling? Right before them, we had electricity and fuel.

  46. Mathanyula says:

    Your brother ” Daniel Phiri” used to threaten us with the same. Remember he used to say he will smoke us out not knowing that cardiac arrest will smoke him first.

  47. Mathanyula avuta pa Nyasalande says:

    Here we go again, don’t talk to us like we are Moyenda or whatever her name is. We are not your children. We are responsible for your paycheck we demand respect!!!!!

  48. Counter Attack says:

    It is unfortunate to even think about hitting back at critics. Do you realize that the whole country is critical to your presidency. The worst is what you don’t hear because it doesn’t make to electronic media. People even call your balls by their name. Just dare send your boys to the bars, markets, barbershops and many gathering places, and if they come back and tell you the truth, I believe you would do the right thing by hunging yourself. Listen, the whole village can not hate one person for no reason at all, it might be that person is stealing from their gardens or from their houses. In this case sir, you stealing from everyone including those with nothing, yes, you are stealing their nothing’s.
    I am always wondering why we still pay taxes under your rule. Definitely you have nothing to show what these taxes are doing. This is what we call “taxation without representation”. Therefore you need to shut up because the country is to show you where you came from.

  49. Kholowamkabula says:

    Madzi akungomka ku ocean onsewa achepa? Enter nuclea!

  50. MR TIRED says:

    Mr President, there is no justification or the limits of intolerance. The highest office in the land comes with its own attachments…you should have been warned.

    Criticisms will always be there, your decisions to respond to those criticisms already shows your level of ignorance on what comes with the territory and worst your levels of intolerance. Unfortunately, when you are president, you need to keep your mouth shut on trivial issues. If you know the truth and you are sure people know the truth …what are you trying to justify and to who? Villagers?

    We are just tired of you and if you are too shallow to accept criticisms..then you are in the wrong job. You should know better you being a professor in an American University, you should know that there are certain things that are spoken by people and you don’t need to respond or justify their ignorance but if you are well learned and you argue with an ignorant individual, you appear more ignorant because of that. SO SHUT UP!! Tatopa nanu bwana..this is just going to worsen the situation you are already in. First look within DPP thee are people who think you are not good enough and a waste of time… Oh Dausi has no clue either so who would tell you. STOP BEING ARROGANT>>ZITAYAMBA CHONCHI NDI MALEMU AKULU ANU>>SIZINATHE BWINO..If you feel people are being unfair on you..then FUCK OFF BACK to the STATES where you have more of your interest and are sending and taking money to..SAD INDIVIDUAL UR.

  51. Charles says:

    Who is a better economists a proffesor or a mandasi vendor, for me suprising mandasi as kwacha was STRONGER NOW ALI NDAKI MADZI

  52. chikhadzula says:

    Your excellency hit them hard, anthu ena amabugwe mukuonjeza kwambili kumachita manyazi zinazi tsopano.Tukuonanitu musaone ngati muchenjela, malata subsidy yuthandiza anthu osawa.

  53. ANTI-GAY says:

    Choka iwe waswa malamulo, waloledza yakumbuyo

  54. snelia says:

    Ndakumbuka mau amalemu Bingu ,mzimu wawo uuse muntendere anati olo rustic akokedwa ndikukokedwa kenaka ndi kufika pamapeto ndipo amaduka.Mau amenewa analankhula chifukwa cha anthu ake amabugwewa pamodzi ndi atolankhani.Ndiye bwanawa akayamba kukuyankhani muva nawo kuwawa ndithu.Njoka yofatsa ikaluma ndikumanda basi .ndangoyikirapo ndemanga kuti mawa akayamba kuluma musazati ndi dictator Ali ndi all the backings’

  55. palibekanthu says:


  56. MMalawi We Niweni says:

    Mr President please be serious with the affairs of running this country. You are so kin on small issues yet you have a big country to run. Use your brain to sort out issues of: food shortage, education, hospital crisis, forex shortages, list goes on. Put the parastatals leadership/management to task for them to deliver but the whole of the president is busy defending them and do you expect them to perform? You have not gone to Chisi to compaign but you shld have felt sorry for failing to run our country and instead use your brain to find solutions to our huge problems. Mr President this is how you are failing us Malawians: 1. You and your minister of finance are all enjoying your retirement but at the expense of us Malawians. 2. The same DPP inner cycle of Chaponda, Mwanamveka, Henry Musa, Kaliati,etc who destroyed your brother are the ones misleading you and you just listen to them. 3.Your so called minister are all non performers and are not reporting to anybody because you their boss is on retirement. 4.Civil are being paid nothing/change left by a messenger of FAO from PTC and you expect them to perform,hence rampant theft in civil service. 5.You have no cru on how to turn economy. 6.You don’t listen to others like your Vice President but only the
    Chapondas’. 7. 8You have no experience of what your people are going through in their day to day lives. 9. You can’t differentiate between Party and government issues. 10.You are nepostic in running this country.
    Mr President please come of your retirement, running country is serious business. You are playing retirement game but on expense of Malawians lived

  57. namagetsi says:

    The problem in Malawi is that so and so is the first the first Malawian to become so and so but what do they do with their degrees or masters? Nothing!Nobody is interested to develope the country including the president! Poor Malawi!

  58. Njolinjo says:

    You have nothing to offer, just pack your bags and head to New York.

  59. namagetsi says:

    really mr president?

  60. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Mr Ibu mukuti chani kodi??

  61. Antoni apaphata says:

    Kodi so zija achimwene awo ankapanga zija izi

  62. palibekanthu says:

    Mr president just announce the names of pple who accompanied you. That is the only way to stop from speculating. Do not tell us that you will hit back, you want pple to fear your hopeless remarks. Borrow a leaf of wisdom from Tanzanian president who is not money hungry. He does not pple to go places like nkopola Lodge for simple meetings. What do you do? You will go to mangochi for useless meetings like abolishing JCE. All this open the gates of looting. Be careful, you can be first president to die before you impregnate Getrude.

  63. Clementine says:

    You must hit back Papa otherwise they will take chances for your silence.

  64. Zambulo says:

    Tiyenazoni màlemu style ànd tionenso grànd finale màlemu style

  65. kukhala says:


  66. matchonisa says:

    You can go ahead but take care, you gonna be smoked out of state house. Ask Hosni Mubarak, Ben Ali,Gadafi etc.

  67. Victor Jumbo says:

    I think the best way for the president to hit back is to release all the names of people who went for the UN from Malawi whether they were funded by government or Not. As for blackout, the people have a genuine complaint as they have suffered enough for such a long time. If hydro electricity cannot be relied upon then it is better to go Solar. Our country is blessed with the sun. We can use solar panels to generate electricity to all houses in Malawi and is cheaper to maintain than hydro power stations . After all people are just paying too much in electricity bills than they actually use. No benefit at all. To sort out this mess doesn’t need donors but needs a strong leader who loves people and look after their well being. There are a lot of Big Sharks in Malawi today who prey on the poor, giving out loans with very high interests rate. Skimming the poor while the government is watching especially the president who promisedto look after all Malawians. Instead you are busy touring the world with 120 people all from your village. Shame on you.
    Victor Jumbo

  68. The Analyst says:

    Izizitu zongoti “I will hit back at critics” zi sizitithandiza iai.

    . . . As a leader you are accountable to the people who declared you their president. As such if the people think that you the captain are sailing the ship in the wrong direction, are they wrong to advise that you are heading in the wrong direction?
    . . . Or you think you alone are the master of the sea hence need no map or campus or advice? Should the people keep quiet and all perish or be lost with you at sea? Noo!!
    . . . We need you to be more of the professor that you are and less of a random vendor from Ndirande or Tsoka or or Area 25 or Taifa market.

    “It is wise to direct your anger towards problems-not people; to focus your energies on answers-not excuses.” – William Arthur Ward
    . . . Also, its high time you grew or wore a crocodile skin; whereupon a stone just bounces when thrown at. But if you continue to wear this toadpole skin and water, feed and grow your heart on people’s criticisms, you will just invite unnecessary stress to your heart hence trouble to us all.
    . . . The issues you are referring to are long gone, yet you still remember them? Anger tu is a process that builds up overtime and manifests itself later. It is therefore always wise to remember that . . .

    “The word ‘anger’ is only one letter short of ‘danger’.” – Elliot Larson. And we are afraid!

    Otherwise, we all wish you well; regardless.

  69. JIHAYE says:

    So the President can veto a decision by Parliament? Huh. Mr President if you cant stand criticism, the you should not have stood for office. You want credit when things go well but if things are below expectation, you do not want to take the blame. Threats and emotional response to critics wont help matters boss. Just improve things and you will silence the critics. If people like Mourinho get sacked then know that people want results and not promises and assurances. If you cant withstand the heat, leave the kitchen, siyilani anyamata izi.

  70. jailos says:

    Enough is enough…..

  71. Antoni apaphata says:

    Paja akulu awo ananenanso kuti
    – I am not Jesus
    – I will meet you in the streets
    Zayambika. Moto kuti buu

  72. master says:

    we have a very large Lake Malawi from Karonga to mangochi, 41% of the land in malawi is water, but we lack the same water, something must be terribly wrong with our heads here, Israel a country which 70% of the land is a desert can even export more than malawi on agricultural products zimakhala bwanji kodi? this country is indeed cursed basi!!!!! no inovations!!!

  73. Mato says:

    Rubbish…rubbish. …rubbish….rubbish…rubbish…how long will the country’s economy get better. Talking rubbish…as long as you’re eating fatty foods and sleeping in a massion house. No need to think of poor people in the country. Rubbish Munthalika.

  74. Truck says:


  75. Jen says:

    Is this man really a President???? What an idiot!

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