I will hit back, Mutharika warns critics: Malawi President appeals for ‘cease fire’

President Peter Mutharika has said his silence should not be mistaken as weakness and has since warned that he will start hitting back to his critics.

Mutharika: I have a right to reply to lies

Mutharika: I have a right to reply to lies

“They continue saying I took the whole village to the UN despite my numerous clarifications on the matter. How can I take the whole village of 4000 people fit in a 12 seater plane,” Mutharika said.

He said his critics are deliberately doing this to provoke him so that when he responds, they say he is becoming increasingly intolerant.

Mutharika said this Saturday in Zomba Chisi where he went to campaign for a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate.

“I have a right to respond to all lies, am exercising my right, even the Bible says when someone slaps you on one side, give him the other side to slap you but it doesn’t say what you should do when he slaps you the third time,” he said.

Mutharika alleged the opposition is ganging up to block in parliament the continuation of the cement and malata subsidy programme.

“You will remove the programme, over my dead body. I will veto it,” he said.

He said the economy is down on its knees because of the looting at Capital Hill infamously known as cashgate, the aid withdrawal that followed the looting of the money and floods that devestated some parts of the country.

“I am not blaming anybody but this is the reality. We are working round the clock to reverse the situation. I know that these economic problems have pushed up drastically the cost of life, bear with us, be patient. Very soon the country will be in its feet, give me time please,” said Mutharika.

He asked the opposition, civil society organisations and the media for a “ceasefire”, saying the war of words are misinterpreted as lack of peace in some quarters.

“Donors and investors are keenly watching us,” said the President.

He said Malawians should stop fault finding describing this as ridiculous and irresponsible.

“We need to work together to sort out problems affecting the country. This is our country, avoid pointing fingers at one person for all the problems,” he said.

He said it was unfortunate that some people were pointing fingers at him for persistent and endless blackouts despite Escom and government clarification that the blackouts was as a result of low water levels in Shire river.


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Allowing Gays in Malawi as Aid conditionality is a losing strategy. No evil move will make Malawi Prosper, turn to God for Counsel, APM you are off to the deep end and you can’t swim and your advisors have no life jacket, cry my beloved Malawi APM has sold us and changed our name to Sodom

James kotoki

I have said it again and again that this man is not educated as he claims.If someone says you took the whole village to the UN doesn’t mean literally the whole village of 4000 people you idiot.which school did you go to Mr President?

George Kamanga

Galu owe wachabechabe nena za ndalama izi: K577 billion or K92 billion kuti anaba ndani??? or K61 billion yomwe Galu uja anafa (bingu) kuti anazipeza bwanji kapena mabizinesi anji omwe ankachita kuti apeze K61 billion?

osangokuwa paliponse galuwe (APM). ukhoza kubwebweta paliponse koma a Malawi akudikira mayankho kuti Ababa ndalamazo ndani??? usanamize anthu kuti ukhonza zinthu. unawonako kuti mbava kapena chigewenga chopha anthu chimakhoza zithu. kwake kupitiriza kuba ndi kuwononga miyoyo ya anthu osalakwa. APM ndi Agalu anzako my DPP kwanu kuba ndi kupha a Malawi osalakwa. chitsiru chotheratu owe ndi one okusatira ndinu Agalu a chiwewe.


Guys leave the president alone, cant you see anapeza empty coffers.Muli inu mukanatani.Do you think its easy to run govt.Even if we put all the heads of Ngos together ,they can not run a govt.This is serious business.


No one should worry about his threats, the dude has no muscle to do that. He cannot even hurt a fly. Tiye nayeni, he is the most soft spot in the DPP and has no ammunition to fight back. Sanati alira ngati mwana. If it were Bingu yes, not this baby boy of a man.


Mr President, borrow a leaf from Dr Haswell Bandawe. Threats have no place in democracy, otherwise, try autocracy and dictatorship which Malawians said NO to in 1993. Be ready to learn from one’s critics for the sake of Malawi.

Dr Haswel P. Bandawe
It is said that a tall tree is the one that gets most buffeted by the wind. As President you should expect criticism some of it will be warranted, some of it will not be warranted. That is a job hazard. The solution is not to “hit back”, if “hitting back” means punishing the critics in any form, that would alarm people. It is scary for a head of state to threaten “hitting back” at critics. “Hitting back” conjured up images of arrests, torture, “disappearances”, exclusion from government benefits or programmes or any government action that is intended to stifle… Read more »
Mr President. I am one of the persons who like you as well as your late brother. Please don’t bother responding to useless cries from very dull sector of our country. We voted for you in 2014 and for that reason you just have to serve us to the best of your capabilities. Those whining are just disgruntled and would want to cap[italise on your reactions. The best thing as what others of good will are indicating is for you to mind your business as head of state. Even if they make noise they remain common citizens while you remain… Read more »
Mtundu Wanga

12 seater plane? That this mean he only went with 11 people? Now this is a lie! This dude can’t be taken seriously! And what if the other 378 went commercial flights? The 12 seater plane argument doesn’t hold any water!

mkandawire mwenyikhwinechanya

which citizens? those who voted him who are in majority as per the rules of elections we are not making noise but those who voted for the losers. zipangani but we ready again 2019.

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