In praise of Mutharika’s moving UN speech despite gaffe

President Peter Mutharika presented a moving speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York which had substance. I always follow live UN speeches on the webcast and this year was the third time watching APM – Peter Mutharika as he is fondly called – delivering a speech at UN. Last year was his maiden speech as Head of State but previously he addressed the UN as Foreign Minister representing his elder brother, late president Bingu wa Mutharika.Loose cannon

The delivery, this time around, might have contained a gaffe that government intends to put 15 million people on ARVs–that’s a whole population of Malawi– but President Mutharika has arrived on the international stage if his speech at the UN the other day is anything to go by

The speech contained the right words on the right issues that the President is comfortable with and here is why Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) promulgated at the turn of the century have been a failure as after fifteen solid years, Malawi could only achieve a measly four out of eight on offer.

And this is largely the story for many African nations and so the crisp new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) need new focus and new execution method. President Mutharika articulated what needs to be done from the point of view of Malawi.

He called for global investment in education and need to respect human rights – which is very key.

APM droned on and talked of our Cashgate and linked it to human rights, arguing unless the vices of corruption and bribery are decisively dealt with, no human rights can be guaranteed without proper service delivery to citizens.

In summary the speech was solid and coherent as it struck the right notes.

Let us face facts squarely in the eye, Malawi needs her presence and take her place at the world stage.

For all the hullabaloo that has ensued after reports of a bloated entourage to UN that contained dancers and drummers, Malawians were never against their President being at a world stage.

All Malawians are pissed off about is funding sycophants and hand-clappers for a jolly ride and shopping in New York.

In all fairness Mutharika delivered where and when it mattered and it was worth it. That’s my President, our leader.

“Full enjoyment of people’s human rights could not be achieved in a society full of fraud, corruption and theft of public resources. These vices must be dealt with in order to protect people’s human rights and ensure delivery of expected service from their government,” President Peter Mutharika.

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Mika Kumbire

I am neither a fan of Thom Chiumia nor Peter Mutharika. But several non Malawians called me to commend Peter Mutharika’s speech. Several people also called me to congratulate me on Joyce Banda’s speech during Nelson Mandela’s funeral. I am having a feeling Nyasa Times might be coming back. They are calling a spade a spade although the term has racist origins.


One question if I may ask. What is the reality back home? Does the speech match the practice and realty. There is need to translate words into reality then there is the desired change

When people who did not vote for DPP talk ill of APM, it’s understood. Of course we vote every five years. They will have their chance to once again vote for their losing president. A certain leader of opposition recently held a rally. It was attended by those people who voted for him last year. Surprisingly, they had the audacity of thinking that they now have a winning formula. Little did they know that their gang comprised of only those people who made him fail. Politics of stagnation and subtraction. Ndangodutsamo tionane cha mma 2018mu campaign ikayambika. Meanwhile DPP is… Read more »

Thom Chiumia, why nganya, why?? This is just pure rhetoric. A classic example of senile old African men masquerading as national leaders. They know how to speak but they are very bad at implementing what they preach. They are a confused lot!!!

Chilungamo Chimawawa

He will put 15 million people on ARV kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




some comments in here show that most Malawians are not patriotic, full of hate and jealousy. politicking all the time and never appreciate anything


The speech of APM at the UNGA might have been fine rhetoric, but that was all. Words are cheap and easy to come by; actions speak much louder than words. Let’s now see some action please. We are tired of words, words, words…….This President is a man of fine words but his actions are nowhere to be seen. Poverty and misery reign in Malawi and the future looks bleak indeed as long as APM is at the helm of the good ship Malawi.

Rodgers Banda

Human rights can’t be enjoyed in countries like Malawi where a family of presidents are corruptly enjoying 92 billion, takes millions to spend on people shamelessly dancing and hullabalooing for him. The country is running nose down. Donors are just laughing in their sleeves. Such are fit to be forced to resign.

Brian Kamanga

Bwana Thom Twee Chiumia. You may wish to go back to the speech. The 15million were a global coverage of those on ARVs and not just Malawi. I know you may have missed it just like many who feel they have a right to criticize Malawi at every turn just because their masters are not in charge. Wishing you all the best and regards to the Pay mistress.

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