Independent CCAP established in J’burg: Simwinga says church not affiliated to any Malawi synods

The new Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (Johannesburg CCAP) says it is set to provide an alternative prayer environment for Presbyterian Christians and aspiring Christians in Johannesburg.

Simwinga: CCAP  Johannesburg is not affiliated to any synod

Simwinga: CCAP Johannesburg is not affiliated to any synod

It says that it wants to be the church that is devoid of politics, patriotism, cronyism, nepotism and favouritism.

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times and signed by its Board Member Atupiye Simwinga, it notes that hypocrisy is increasing amongst Christians and Christian leaders as such, they decided to be unique by being independent and therefore not affiliated to or aligned with any CCAP Synods in Malawi or elsewhere.

The Johannesburg CCAP was officially registered in May 2015 and celebrated its 1st anniversary on 30th August 2015.

He said that its aim is to ensure that it promotes a culture and practice amongst Christians that allows for the Holy Spirit to flourish and that people experience and partake in the work of God irrespective of status or origin.

The statement further said Johannesburg CCAP aims to ensure that members understand the importance of keeping a healthy relationship with God.

The Church believes that “it is only through such a healthy relationship with God, that members are guaranteed of salvation and eternal life.”

It calls on the members to take responsibility for ensuring a healthy relationship with God by exercising a prayerful life that is evidenced by their steadfastness in their trust and belief in God.

Quizzed why they have gone independent while the Blantyre, Nkhoma and Livingstonia Synods of the CCAP also operate in South Africa, Simwinga said that they believe that Synods are counter-productive on issues of nation building and that they “are advancing a Malawian scenario in South Africa.”

He did not elaborate.

Simwinga claimed that Synods came later and simply inherited some prayer groups that were already on the ground.

He further said that attempts to unite these congregations belonging to the three synods were unsuccessful as some were unwilling to surrender their congregations into this unity arguing that their presence in South Africa are “mainly for financial and political purposes”

Johannesburg CCAP with about 120 members has no church minister but has a Board of Trustees (eight from all congregations in Johannesburg) and is run by Elders and Deacons.

Simwinga disclosed that the leadership has the powers to hire and fire a pastor.

In its first year of existence, it has opened two Congregations, one in Springs (Johannesburg East) and the other one in Yeoville (Johannesburg Central).

Johannesburg CCAP is reported to have partnered with the Church of Christ in Johannesburg among others to share and learn from each other on issues of mutual interest.

A CCAP Church minister who refused to be named said while it is mandatory that any CCAP congregation be under a Synod, “a possibility of a formation of a new Synod cannot be ruled out” adding that, “coming up with a new Presbyterian body with a new name is also another possibility.”

CCAP in Malawi has in recent years been rocked with financial mismanagement, territorial, political and ministerial challenges.

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29 thoughts on “Independent CCAP established in J’burg: Simwinga says church not affiliated to any Malawi synods”

  1. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Mr John,

    Anyone who so adamantly misleads from believing in the Gospel Of Jesus Christ finally meets, either in the way Saul of Tarsus who met Jesus Christ face to face on the road to Damascus and repented, or in the way Bar-Jesus met Jesus Christ through Paul’s own declaration and judgement that Bar-Jesus’s eyes were going to be blinded for a season, revealing the power of the Almighty God of Heaven. But know that God has in Christ Jesus forgiven you, hence do not provoke Him so that He meets you with anger, for it will not well with you! May He still show mercy to you and appear to you speedily SO THAT MANY MAY LEARN TO FEAR HIM MORE AND LOVE HIM MORE FROM YOUR EXPERIENCE!!!!

    1. John says:

      As a secularist and a humanist, I frequently find my knowledge of matters religious is superior to that of people who consider themselves religious. Take, for example, your assertion that Saul met Jesus face-to-face on the road to Damascus. Your claim is false.
      Saul, who later became known as Paul, never met the mythical Jesus during his claimed life-time – and for the very good reason that Jesus never existed.
      Not one of the so-called synoptic gospels was written during the alleged lifetime of the mythical character Jesus and nothing at all in the way of written literature was produced during the alleged lifetime of the mythical Jesus either. Nothing whatsoever.
      Christianism was a very minor jewish religious cult which was adopted by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 Common Era as the official roman state religious ideology.
      Before that date, only very few people followed the largely gnostic religion of this minor sect of jews. After the Roman Empire imposed this new belief system on the whole empire, it eventually became part of the official state ideology of the former British Empire, which is what explains why you and so many other simple-minded individuals across the former British Empire still believe in this religious nonsense.
      Meanwhile, back in Britain, people – including people who belong to the Church of England – are all gradually abandoning this former imperial religious ideology belief system
      Why do people like you continue to be fooled by a former imperial/colonial belief system?

  2. kukhala says:


  3. Ndalama zatenga malo my mpingo

  4. ROCKFORD says:

    Simwinga isn’t saying the truth here. He started a prayer group in 2013 in his house every Saturday with the blessing of Berea CCAP and every Sunday they attended services in Berea until he lost his job where he was working and couldn’t transport the prayer group and then he turned prayer group into a congregation and convinced any one not in favor of the ousted Revd who hence is in Blantyre in Nkolonkoti. Atu is a good manipulator and soon the same group will divide. They have to be affliated to South African Presbyterian Church in the long run. There is a dark cloud hanging on this group. Internal fightings are already happening because nobody approved this article to be in the news paper. God have mercy.

    1. John says:

      There is no god and – so – there can be no mercy from that non-existent quarter.
      What you are describing is pure human folly by purely human men.
      Men who care more about money and power than they do about their fellow human beings.
      You should stop all contact with such money-mad and power-crazed individuals.
      Remaining in contact with such people only encourages their excesses.
      Put a stop to your contacts with them – for your own and others’ peace of mind.

  5. Fotseki says:

    Ambuye…ndiye church name should not be CCAP—-this means Church of Central Africa……and Central Africa—means Malawi…………………..kikikikikik……CCAP —Church of South Africa Presy……. ( CSAP)….kikikikikikiki

  6. Let Us Pray says:

    The good news is that the Synods you are criticising to-day have survived the times and will continue doing so in Jesus Name. I strongly believe that in within these Synods, there are some strong Prayer Warriors who tirelessly petition the Lord to keep these Synods running otherwise they could have already collapsed by now if we look back to the 18th centuries when these Synods came into existence. So for the Johannesburg development, kaya? If your aim is to confuse God’s flock, I am afraid you will end up being confused yourselves because there is NO WAY you can win by fighting against your parents. That is my prophesy.

  7. Kauzimbi Kaumphawi says:

    Chamdera 2 yo ndi Chimwemwe Mhango ndithuuuuuuuuuuuuu, that’s his language tikakumana kukagulu kathuko ndamuwona uyu ndi Mbavadi, Crook lotherathu. Wati user mokwanila iwe pita pa Jozi pakopo ife tisala ndi Synod yathu unatipeza uzatisiyaso.

  8. Bima Matheza says:

    Why use the name CCAP?. Business ya pa Malawi coz Major 1 is doing good in RSA. shame

  9. St Michael says:

    When did South Africa become Central Africa? Another pile of bull shit!! Maina onsewa!!

  10. golo says:

    This is the way to go brother . The CCAP hierarchies here in this country is too insensitive to its flock especially the younger members . If the CCAP is divided in this country taking each other to earthly courts it just shows its devoid of the holy spirit .And its always going in the wrong direction allo wing politicians to use it during elections as we saw with Blantyre Synod elections

  11. Wiseman Makawa says:

    Believe me guys Chimwemwe Mhango is behind this do called group akuthawa Synod kuno wachimina ndi iyendo watuma writer kulemba to taste the waters secondly sort of publicizing this mpingo. You don’t know that guy, eeeeeee as fo me I know him inside and out. Azipita Chimwemwe u crook wake akspange ndi ma tsotsi anzake.

  12. pa says:

    What rubbish! you cannot just copy a trade name without following copyright laws or indeed franchise rules. CCAP my foot!!!!!

  13. Chamdera 2 says:

    Go Simwinga Goooooh!!!! We Salute you man of God. Courageous, Godly and Truthful. Not affiliated to any synod! This is a very wise move any dedicated Christian would take, in spirit and in truth. God does not recognize Synod nor does He recognize the name of the congregation. God recognizes righteous people. What would we ultimately gain to be under a particular Synod which is full of hate-speeches, nepotism, cronyism, political affiliation, patriotism and favoritism when in actual sense God does not know us? Christians MUST wake up now and realize that Synod is not the kind of SALVATION that the bible speaks to us about. With all due respect, let synod put his own house in order first before invading the innocent churches. Mukuona ngati zimatisangalatsa C.C.A.P kumakhala pa front page ya ma nyuzi paper ndi ma Head-lines ochititsa manyazi anthu akulu akulu ovala mikhanjo kulimbanilana maudindo, kukanganilana ndalama, miseche, kulodzana maufiti, kukondela pochita zithu. Shame on you who still thinks synod is your salvation. Mulungu akukhululukireni, dragging the name of God into disrepute.


    This is a new turn when u want to go to church now

  15. Anord Nsonga says:

    Kkkk well what a news anyway cause the bibles calls people to do God’s job as it says there are few workers in the field. Hope no one will be judged for this considering we are living in the last days whereby people will have the rust of earthly treasures. All the best.

    1. John says:

      The bible is a work of fiction – and not very good fiction at that. Shakespeare is better.
      Even when it was initially written down – well after the events it purported to describe had already allegedly taken place – they were predicting then – around 2,000 years ago – that they were living in the so-called end days.
      They got this fact wrong then and religious idiots have continued to get such assumptions wrong ever since.
      The only time you can truly say we will live in any end days is when the Sun begins to run out of fuel, and that is scientifically projected not to be for a further 2 billion years, at least.
      The gods no longer exist – and never did – and there is no contemporary evidence to support the claimed existence of Jesus.
      So, stop worrying your head about non-existent things and start living a real life with real purpose.
      Stop giving money to religious charlatans who grow rich and wealthy at your expense.

  16. Ya_smoothDJ says:

    The genesis of this Simwinga church goes as follows; our bretheren in Jozi have a church which is affiliated to Blantyre synod. They have resident minister sent by Blantyre synod. As the congregation grew so was the welfare of this minister prompting some overzealous church members, mainly from the north to propose ministerial rotations meaning Ministers should come from any of the Synods (Livingstonia, Nkhoma, Blantyre) irrespective of church affiliations. This idea was hatched by nepotism, tribalism and regionalism tendencies by our dear brothers from the north. Wakwithu adye nawo. So this Simwinga Church is a product of rejection and frustrations.

  17. John says:

    He is right to say all church businesses are run by hypocrites.
    They are also invariably staffed by charlatans and hucksters too, who only care about how much money they can fleece their stupid flocks for.
    Anyone silly enough to give these con men money deserves to be taken to the cleaners all the way to the bank.

  18. Said enough says:

    When the intentions are good that is ok but in many instances people start churches driven by egos and that can be dangerous. And there is a category of Christians that cannot be led. They always want to lead I hope the brother does not fall in that category of having appetite to lead just for the sake

  19. chololo says:

    if u dont want to be under synod,better change the name to church of south african presbetyrian.csap

  20. Guantanamo says:

    The cheapest business venture that requires the least protocol in the world this day, needing no financial capital is to start one’s own church. Any person can wake up one morning and call him/herself: pastor/ Reverend/ bishop/ apostle/ profet/ evangelist/ without breaking any civil law. It is a career most abused. U can’t start a clinic without first being a trained in medicine; u can’t start a legal firm without being trained as a lawyer. But with a church we hv seen people who were once occupants of a ward inside Zomba mental hospital setting up a flourishing church. It beats me, how come a laity, a mere church member, un-ordained, without any calling, start a church? And, believe u me, he will have large following!

  21. Che Shaibu says:

    I think there’s something very special in the letters “C.C.A.P” Everyone opening a Church from the year 2015 wants to use the letters CCAP. For example Chimwemwe Mhango’s Christian Church for All Presbyterians (CCAP). Why cant you guys be creative enough to come up with your own new nice names for your Churches than copying the Synods acronym?

  22. Ali says:

    Kufuna money

  23. Elder Sage Iv (ochita) says:

    How can you start a church without a constitution, No doctrine, No liturgy, No ordained reverend/pastor? This is just a satanic manifestation to mislead gullible CCAP faithfuls in the land of gold.
    Just call it simwinga ministry, and proceed to rip off those blind loyalty ‘believers’ the way Bushiri is stripping them of their cash. It looks its easy going to enrich oneself using religion that side

  24. Wasalipa says:

    This should be an eye opener to the denominations that have abandoned the core objective of their existence. Pastors should be accountable to firstly God and their congregation and not to some hierachy that do not have touch with what is on the ground.

  25. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Go on brethren, preach and teach Christ Jesus to all nations and all creation, for every Holy Spirit-filled Christian has been given the authority and power to a witness to Christ Jesus from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and unto unto the uttermost parts of the world (Luke 2449; Acts1:8)!!!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………And may every believer in every Church take hid to seriously and meditatively study Revelation (staring with the SPECIFIC MESSAGES TO THE CHURCHES OF CHRIST IN REV1-REV 3, and know what the Holy Spirit says to ALL THE CHURCHES, AS IT IT WRITTEN IN REV 2:7, 11, 17, 29,3:6, 13, 22, “HE WHO HAS AND EAR, LET HIM HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS TO THE CHURCHES!!!!”, so that we should all repent from the sins written in Rev 2-3, and do what is commanded IN ORDER TO OVERCOME!!!” AMEN!!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!! AND AMEN!!!!!

  26. Guanta says:

    Everyone says so when founding a ‘new’ church. Guided by the Holy Spirit, devoid of nepotism, corruption, political affiliation, etc. Tiziona!

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