India-Africa summit: Mutharika to negotiate credit for water supply

Malawi President Peter Mutharika  leaves the country on Sunday for India where he will attend the India-Africa Forum Summit that will take place from October 26-29 in New Delhi, reports said on Thursday.

India reaches out to African continent in resources race with China

India reaches out to African continent in resources race with China

The three days gathering -expected to attract 34 Heads of State and Government from Africa and other continents -provides a platform for African leaders and the Indian Government give a new thrust to the age old partnership that was forged during African struggle against colonialism.

This will be the third such summit ever since it started in 2008. The latest summit was in 2011.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr George Chaponda said Malawi is looking forward to negotiate for another line of credit that will go towards improving the efficiency of water supply in the country, and also enhance the capacities of the Community Technique Colleges among other important issues.

“Malawi will lobby for continued benefits from Rural Technological Park (RTP), in terms of enhancing rural access and connectivity, rural water supply and sanitation, development of rural enterprises and small scale industries and use of new and renewable energy technologies,” Chaponda said on Thursday as quoted by the official Malawi News Agency (Mana).

He told Mana that Malawi will also confirm her desire to continue benefiting from duty free Tariff Preference Schedule offered to Least Development Countries and the country will under this arrangement be eligible to export to India 94 tariff lines duty free.

Chaponda further said under the India-Africa partnership, Malawi has benefited in a number of ways one being selected to host the India-Africa Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development (IAIARD) and RTP which aims at building capacity in areas of micro-finance, financial inclusion, value addition, enterprise development among others.

He said to date; the Government of India has extended USD 156million about (MK 85billion) through separate Lines of Credit which are offered in the country.

India has offered Malawi grants totaling USD 10million about (MK 5billion and donated USD 1million about (MK 543million) towards the flood disaster which the country experienced earlier this year, according to Chaponda.

The Indian-African Forum Summit provides an opportunity for Malawi to enhance trade capacity with the world’s oldest democracy. The summit will be held under the theme “Partners in Progress: Towards a Dynamic and Transformative Development Agenda.”

While there, President Mutharika is expected to meet the Indian Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, AFP reports that India’s presence in Africa is dwarfed by China, whose bilateral trade topped $200 billion last year — more than the GDP of the 30 smallest African economies combined.

Yet economic winds blowing across the Indian Ocean have warmed considerably, with trade swelling twenty-fold from about $3 billion in 2000 to $70 billion in 2014, according to government data.

From Punjabi farmers leasing Ethiopian fields to a telecoms magnate running a Malawi mobile network, Indian entrepreneurs have led the charge in Africa as politicians scramble to follow.

Keen to be seen as friend not predator, Delhi plays up a shared history that China lacks, citing 16th century maritime merchants who plied Africa’s coastline and the joint fight against colonialism.

As with China, Africa’s abundant natural resources are a draw for India, which imports 80 percent of its oil needs. Major African exports to India include minerals, metals, gemstones and chemicals.

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18 thoughts on “India-Africa summit: Mutharika to negotiate credit for water supply”

  1. orangiza says:

    koma agaru amenewa ndiye andikwana kwabasi .kodi boko halamu arikuti akuchedwa kwabasi .angopanga yake ija tingo yiwarako za garu ameneyu

  2. Allan Z Ntatha says:

    Koma tafika popempha a mwenye zoona??

  3. benjnes says:


  4. Bandawe says:

    If this country will pay for these loans we are committing future generations then it must be shared fairly amongst regions and districts

  5. Nyapapi says:

    Zikachitika mumvera kwaife. Azodiaki tafufuzani apita angati agaru amenewa, agaru adaona malemu Nga Ntafu. Ndipo muchite kunenerera ngati mpira. Atetenthebwe basi.

  6. Robert Zingani says:

    Wawa!! His Excellency the State President, Professor Peter Mutharika,ur indeed a caring and visionary leader!! We love u ! that’s why people of Malawi gave u power!! DPP!! Boma!!! Until and beyond 2025! Boma!!

  7. Mtumbuka says:

    Kugwira ntchito anyamata…tiyeni nazoni ena azichedwa ndi tindale tawo. Global fund, china development buffet etc uku tapha kale…zikuwapweteka

  8. mtate mike rsa says:

    You said you are not baggers now wat is this.the failed lomwe government

  9. mtate mike rsa says:

    Wat a nosense

  10. musisipala says:

    CSO s should start burking. The president should arrange a trip for them to go to Geneva and have fun

  11. Ambuje says:

    You are taking too much debt, the country wont afford to pay it back.

  12. Benson T Phiri says:

    kodi Madzi ake atii omwewa akungodutsa mu shire wa kumapita ku zambezi to indian ocean, tiberenitso kawiri mwenzi umodzi .apa tingatukuke bwanji ma dolars kubwera angopitirira.Tivutika ichi chiyambi .Zofuna Xathu.Osandituma INE ndidachita water engineering pa UNISA with Dis

  13. Indiana Mathanyula Pitala says:

    Now I have been to India. 60% percent of Indians in addition to being racists shit in the open, they do not have toilets. Potable water is scarce like it is in Africa, I would say even worse given their teaming population. Then there is the gang raping of women including children. So what the shit is Mathanyula and Chaponda going there for? Get our stupid engeneers from Poly to get the water from Mulanje or whatever place to Blantyre. Likewise in other districts water should be channed from nearby rivers. As the Danes to help, they very good at it, have been there. A goverment full of shit alwlays wasting money.

  14. net says:

    Fruitful meeting

  15. Caterpillar says:

    Indeed go and negotiate for purchase of tractors mudzagawanenso akabwela. But before you charter the next jet to Delhi please ensure that Ministries and Departments are funded for the month of October otherwise just shut down the civil service just like the Americans do when government is broke,

  16. anthoroki says:

    Mupitenso anthu 200.!!!!!! Mawa mudzidzamenya ma tebulo saying you don’t need our money because you are rich…over my dead body!!!! Represent us there…I wish you all the best bwana APM. Next time just slap this Journalist. Mafunso enawa muziyankhila pagulu? Zowona? Atumidwa amenewo.koma UDF bwana itayeni….ikibe future…I mean tsogolo…

  17. KARU UNITED says:

    India & the People’s Republic of China, historically, are not the best of friends, so our leaders may wish to be reminded of this, these two countries relationship is like that of Tanzania & Malawi, since the days of Kamuzu. Then, in Malawi, willing able bodied men were enlisted to train as militia men /reservists, just in case!

  18. Malume says:

    Let’s wait for the travelling numbers….

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