Indian doctors conduct over 300 surgeries in Malawi

A group of 28 Indian doctors left the country Wednesday, September 16, 2015 after conducting a total of 310 life-saving surgeries and seeing over 2,000 out-patients at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe.

Kalinde, Hilton exchange flags

Kalinde, Hilton exchange flags

Hilton presents an Indian scuff to Kumpalume

Hilton presents an Indian scuff to Kumpalume

Kumpalume presents a certificate to one of the doctors

Kumpalume presents a certificate to one of the doctors

Organised by Rotary Club of Lilongwe, (RCL) in conjunction with other Rotary clubs in India, the 10-day operation also saw the visiting doctors saving the life of a three-day old baby. The baby did not have veins in some parts of its body and the specialists reconstructed the veins to keep it alive.

Apart from saving precious lives, the doctors left behind all the equipment they had brought into the country for use at the government referral hospital.

The equipment, which came in 105 boxes and weighed 1,400Kg includes supplies for surgical endoscopy, ear microscopes, eye lenses, eye scanners, gynae equipment, plastic surgery equipment, dental filling materials and many other materials worth millions of Kwachas.

The doctors also made an offer to train 10 specialists from Kamuzu Central Hospital for a period of two to three months in India and treat 15 Malawian patients with heart problems in their country.

Health Minister, Peter Kumpalume, who was guest of honour during a farewell dinner was all thanks to the visiting doctors for their gesture.

Quoting Mother Theresa, the Minister said: “It is not how much we give but how much love we show in giving that matters. Through the services you have provided over the past 10 days, you have touched lives of many families. On behalf of government, I wish to thank you for what you have done.”

The Health Minister also hailed the visitors for renewing their offer to train 10 Malawian doctors in India.

RCL’s immediate past president Sophie Kalinde, who was sitting in for current club president Chris Kapinda described the work done by the Indian specialists, who are also Rotarians as ‘Extraordinary.’

She hailed the Health Ministry and staff of Kamuzu Central Hospital led by hospital director Dr Jonathan Ngoma for welcoming the doctors and providing them with all the necessary support to perform their duties.

Speaking on behalf of the visiting contingent, past president for Rotary International, Rajendra Saboo, whose organisation provided funds for the trip asked the Health Minister to send 10 specialists from KCH to study in India for a period of two to three months with all their expenses in India paid for.

“We would like to add something more on what we have done. We will be happy to receive 15 Malawian children who did not have a chance to receive heart surgery. There is also a 20-year old girl at the hospital with a swollen face resulting from an infection which has been eating away bones of her face. We will be prepared to provide whatever treatment is required to bring her back to normal if she comes to India.”

Saboo also made a fresh offer for the Health Ministry to send 10 specialists from KCH to India for specialist training for a period of up to three months at their (Indians) cost.

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25 thoughts on “Indian doctors conduct over 300 surgeries in Malawi”

  1. Kanyimbi you are right. When there are no medicines in the hospital u find medicines the same medicines missing are in private clinics.? Because the same doctors who work in hospitals own private clinics. These is good for India, but Malawi government could encourage 300 Malawians expertise in UK to come home and contribute to their nation. These doctors were once sent by they government
    But their choose to stay. We have to give back to our nation. I know these Malawian at the hospital they will send their relatives and n qualified. Instead of qualified.

  2. Therere says:

    Let us be positive when commenting, these people a good job to the country, why are you negative things about India?

  3. Meynard says:

    I think MaiMai you are missing the point. Palibe dziko limene kulibe mavuto. That’s why we are thanking them for coming here. If you have no point is better to shut your pile hole!!!

  4. manuu says:

    a number 11 nkhani yake mwacomenta inu nde yitinso????learn to appreciate ena akapanga zabwino.zamihau basi munawamva aku India atanena kuti kwao kulibe mavuto???za ziii!!!

  5. One of Malawi’s problem is simple and can be summarized as follows. When the ruling elite fails, the country also fails. Produce and retain more specialists and health care workers than for these people to come and assist you. What they did is commendable in the short term but we need to be able to do some things on our own. Forecast on the country’s needs and work towards that. This can be in electricity generation etc etc Simple….

  6. benjnes says:


  7. ndege says:

    Thank you.

  8. khalupa says:

    If someone leaves his problems behind and decide you help you….that’s love.thanks Indians.

  9. Kapolo wa Mulungu says:

    Thanks for helping our people while politicians mind less about them.

  10. Sakhwi says:

    Achita bwino. Koma a Malawi muzamva liti? Nkhani ndi yoti muphunzitse anthu athu kuti mawa musazadalire thandizo lakunja.

  11. Malawi wa Lero says:

    May God bless you Indian doctors. Wow! You have indeed reached out and touched many souls with your visit.





    GOD BLESS !!

  13. bright says:

    continue in doing so, most of us we depend on you indian people

  14. MaiMai says:

    Amwenye! The problems that are in India cannot even be compared to Malawi am surprised with these visiting Indians showing as if India is better off than us????? India??? Poverty??? Sicknesses? ? Hunger? Iiiiiiih unspeakable. One child from one Indian family was feeding on dog milk due to lack of food from family, Google you will find it…also so common male Indians marrying female dogs from the temple these are true stories. Every 30 seconds a woman is raped in India heeeee!

  15. Geff Chimuliwo says:

    Thanks a lot well done Job Doctors from india

  16. Edoms says:

    Thanks for saving lives

  17. chiyipilawachaje says:

    I agree in all totality with bwana Kampalume ” it’s not how much one gives but the love in the giving. Thank you doctors, the rewards are in heaven.

  18. GRM says:

    THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!! Amwenye koma awa osat akutibera a cashgate. When they are in Malawi they call themselves Malawians of Indian origin, if they go to Britain they call themselves Britons of Indian origin and when they go to India they call themselves Indians based in Malawi or Britain. Who are them? Mbava

  19. Cecilia Mapila says:

    Let us hope the equipment left behind will not be stolen and sold. Full marks to Rotary Club!

  20. Mac makuluni says:

    Gvnt has heard itself send that poor 20yr old girl to India for better treatment.Thanks v organizers God bless u Doctors.

  21. Ndafakale Mpomba says:

    Thanks Drs for the help

  22. Joseph says:

    All good news. But now that they are gone, so is their expertise! Its like giving people fish for food instead of giving them hooks and teaching them how to fish,,,,, thats a skill that lasts forever and it leaves people independent! But i guess DPP would not want that huh.

  23. Kanyimbi says:

    After all this good will, the equipment will vanish without trace and find themselves in private hospital typical of Malawi health workers.

  24. Bololo says:

    This is commendable. Making a difference to people’s lives.

    1. Edoms says:

      Thanks for saving malawians lives

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