Instant Millionaire! Airtel hands over K5m cheque winner in Tisanje promotion

Salima based house wife,  Ruth Makowa, on Monday became the first person to receive a K5 million (USD8,928) cheque from Airtel Malawi for emerging the winner in grand draw of Tisanje Promotion.

Mrs Makowa pose with a dummy cheque from Airtel after emerging the winner

Mrs Makowa pose with a dummy cheque from Airtel after emerging the winner

Mokowa in wide smile

Mokowa in wide smile

Airtel Malawi on Friday identified three lucky customers from all the three regions of the country and Makowa emerged the winner in the central region.

During the ceremony which took place at Salima Community ground, Makowa could not believe that she could  become an instant millionaire just like other millionaires who are swimming in riches.

Accompanied by her husband who works at Green Built Initiative in Salima, Makowa spoke with difficulties as joy had engulfed her mind. Emotionally the lady was over the moon.

“This money is going to help me start a big business of course I will seat down first with my family and think how we can use the money, I am also thinking of buying a land to build houses for my family relations,” said Makowa.

Speaking soon after handin gover the check, Airtel Malawi Sales Director, Elias Imaan said, Airtel has spent K41.2 Million in the whole promotion.

Imaan thanked customers for standing with the company all the time and everyone who entered the promotion.

“Expect more surprise from Airtel, we believe in giving back to our customers,” said Imaan.

Airtel has been ditching out K50,000 to luck winners in weekly draws and K100,000 to lucky numbers making the total number of K50,000 and K100,000 winners to 412.

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6 thoughts on “Instant Millionaire! Airtel hands over K5m cheque winner in Tisanje promotion”

  1. wasoka says:

    mpikisanoyi mmangowinitsana nokhanokha. Mpikisano ku airtel kukanika ndikuwinako maunisi omwe.

  2. levelheaded says:

    Collins dictionary translates the word millionaire as The one who has not less than a million us dollars which is K568,000,000.So how can you call somebody with a meagre K5,000,000 a millionaire.

    1. The Analyst says:

      Do not be fooled by America and their biased dictionaries or stuff. These people are so arrogant they think the US is the only country on earth. Other countries are just the rest of the world. They think that the U.S Dollar is the only currency that exists yet almost every country or a group of countries has their own. As such you and I should not allow to be colonised and think along these narrow lines. You can be a millionaire in any currency because a million is simply an arithmetic figure for 1+ 999,999. Whats different is what a millionaire in kwacha can afford relative to a millionaire in US dollars. And this is simply explained by relative value of the two currencies.

      Refusing this colonisation of mind will quickly realise us that the lady in question is a millionaire.

  3. zondwayo says:

    All those plans with the 5MK!Hahahaha
    Be careful lady, you will regret ending up in misery.

  4. peter muthanyula says:

    Akuti amange nyumba for relatives. Za ziii zenizeni. Muzafa osauka amayi inu

  5. The Analyst says:

    Is this not the lady we advised not to try to please everybody uja? Do you now hear what she plans to do with the money? Buying a plot and building houses for her relations! And if we knock on her door after a month, am sure we shall also hear the plans she has for her friends! Bola mukanamanga nyumbazo and rent them out, not kuti abale anu azikhalamo iai!

    Tinanena kuti musalore munthu wina aliyense akunamizeni kuti mwalemera!!! You see now? You now have become the Messiah to each and every financial problem of each and every relation? I think some people are used to being poor! Tidanena kuti . . .

    “I may not know the key to success but, the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” – Bill Cosby

    The idea of being nice to one’s relations is not a bad one (after all we live in extended families); koma we suggested kuti for you to sustainably help them, you must first establish a solid financial base i.e. a constant healthy cashflow from some investment. And part of the money from the investment, mukhozano kumamanga nyumba za abale anuwoooooo!!!! After all sikuti abale anuwo akugona pansi pa bridge panopa iai! Money tu is good friends with patience and am afraid, you seem to have none.

    But if you reverse the order . . . am afraid you will hear the money speak – “goodbye” it shall say. And back to square one you shall be 5 to 10 yrs from now. Trust me, its much more painful to be poor if you once had money than it is if you never had money before.

    And you tell me kuti you are yet to consult your relations on how to use the money? Seriously? Are you sure all this time simunaganizebe?

    “Opportunity is a haughty goddess who watses no time with those who rae unprepared.” – George Clason (in The Richest Man in Babylon)

    And are you sure there is a business expert among the relations you are to consult? Somebody who can establish a meaningfully sustained business venture? I doubt! Would you go to the bread maker to inquire about the stars? Noooo! You would go to the astronomer!

    I can see a lot of chaos here. And nothing good comes out of chaos.

    Many people do not realise that its easier to find money (inuyo ndi mboni) than to keep it.

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