Job cuts at MACRO up to 50% of staff face chop: NAC aid cut repercussions

The Malawi Aids Counselling and Resource Organisation (MACRO), one of the country’s oldest providers of HIV and AIDS services, may be forced to retrench at least half of its workforce by June this year as a result of a 50 percent aid cut from National Aids Commission (NAC).

Kumbweza Banda:  NAC board chair

Kumbweza Banda: NAC board chair

This development will drastically affect thousands of Malawians who rely on the organisation on HIV and AIDS services especially voluntary counselling and testing (VCT).

NAC was, early this year, stripped of its long time status as Malawi’s principal recipient of Global Fund due to failure to meet funding criteria and its beneficiaries, such as Macro, are feeling the pinch.

Macro executive director Kibble Ngalauka is quoted on a local blog ( owned by a local journalist that the organisation has issued a memorandum informing its staff members of what it calls ‘massive retrenchment’ following the aid cut.

“NAC has told us in writing that come June, 2015, it will only provide 50 percent funding,” Ngalauka told the blog.

NAC board chairperson Mara Kum’bweza Banda was not available for comment on the issue.

After NAC was stripped of its status by Global Fund, Action Aid, World Vision and the Ministry of Health were identified to be recipients of the fund under the new dual financing requirement which needs to have two recipients one from government side and the other from civil society.

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35 thoughts on “Job cuts at MACRO up to 50% of staff face chop: NAC aid cut repercussions”

  1. No tribalist lomwe. says:

    The best was to avoid the misuse of funds at nac. Otherwise this means the world has gotten the news as truth and saddening 4 a new g/ment to commit such a blunder. However its no worry to hiv/aids patients as funds shall come thru other orgs. Boma makani pena sathandiza.zamanyazi

  2. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    This will indeed affect many fellow Malawian but God is always ready to sustain His people.

  3. ganimunthu says:

    What about fundraising efforts. You want you do not have a fundraising strategy. It’s long time you stood on your own.

  4. Jonjo says:

    This will not affect the provision of VCT services since almost all hospitals/health centers offer VCT for free using the available providers. Nowadays it recommended that health providers provide PITC (provider initiated counseling and testing) depending on the status of the patients/clients during the time of visiting the hospital/health center. To me this has made organizations like MACRO absolute it terms of HTC/VCT provision since it available in all facilities and outreach services in the country. MACRO should focus on other interventions other than HIV/AIDS if it has to survive Global Fund issues.

  5. Achimidzimidzi says:

    NAC kusamva.

  6. republic of chewaland says:

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  7. republic of chewaland says:

    zikatheka za fedulo, muzikalipilila pa dedza road block ma border pass pochokela ku kabula mukafuna kukaonelela mpila ku stadium kawawa. border pass ina muzikalipila pa kasungu mukamachokela ku chikangawa. 24 hrs only. clear-clear!

  8. Muziganiza Kaye says:

    You mean Timothy Mtambo yields that much authority? Hhmm! So the non-tumbukas are only Mtambo’s chola boys and girls? Hhmm! That is how it reads when one looks at tribe and not at issue! Well, congrats Mtambo for having been crown the ONlY powerful voice

  9. GEZZA says:

    Kodi nde a BEAM osesawa tingowasissiya! We are waiting wanthu timatcha liti! Atule maudindowa pansi basi!

  10. popapo says:

    Why are people singling out Timothy Mtambo as the causer of Global Funding change of heart to fund NAC, yet the lady Kwataine and others from the centre and south were both commenting on the misuse of funds at NAC. Joint CSOs were presenting the issues as they are but Timothy Mtambo, myamata wa pa Fort Hill is to blame. District and region of origin at play that is Malawi.

  11. cash gate says:

    Zonsezi Ndi Kupusa Kwa Pitala Ndi Mkazi Wake, Anthu Odzikonda Ngati Awa Sindinawaone, Kuipa Mtima

  12. Chibanja tv says:

    Victories for Timothy Mtambo and his cronies, yes you can not talk about him as he belongs to your clan but is the main player in the whole scenario.

  13. mtichimwitsa says:

    Getu apa wasangalala

  14. Maximum Prison says:

    Akachotsedwa ntchito alembedwe ndi a CSO. Mtambo ukumva? Its not the government that suffers is the common person! Musova! DPP did not stop World Global… from funding but you stupid people with your stupid reporting and the so called stupid CSO! DPP will go on till 2019 while you and me are still suffering! because of un patriotic type of reporting and stupid comments!

  15. sabiti says:

    Akalembedwa ku BEAM, Mulakho, NIB makani aja pamenepo ndalama munamwera bibida za Aids

  16. samson says:

    the Malawi NGOs are now happy i hope enawa muwalembako ntchito m’ma NGO mwanumo….,.

  17. MCP GVT says:

    Our Dpp our massive strikes. Our dpp our NAC-gate. Our dpp our floods as punishment. Our dpp our parastatal CEOs threats. Our dpp our job retrentchments. Our dpp our…

  18. Tatyata says:

    That is the expectations of Malawian’s,pulling down syndrome at it’s best,who is winning now? I cry for my beloved country Malawi!!!!!

  19. Piche Yakiti says:

    The new global fund recipients should take responsibility in funding MACRO. It does not help to have 50% employees going home due to NACs inefficiencies. It could have been different if Global fund had said no more funding to Malawi. So Actionaid and World Vision, please bail out MACRO. These employees have families to take care of.

  20. yohane says:

    Don’t rush to cut jobs you can seek government assistance and donors. If it come to worse then you can cut few workers to down size your operations.

  21. Mwama Du says:

    Bamusi and Manganya woyeeeeeee

  22. Boyd Kilembey says:

    The wages of arrogance. Zofuna izi!!!

  23. zenizeni says:

    Ikatha ntchito tisamukira ku state house,mlamu apita kwa bamusi period

  24. Nac,macro munanyanya kulembana atumbuka okha okha zakhala bwino mudzibwerera kwanu munationjedza chonde bwererani federation isanayambe chifukwa simudzaloledwa kugwira ntchito kumwera kuno ,thus one of maravi state cönstutetion here in southern region

  25. emwazi says:

    Let the retrenched staff be absorbeb by the organisations led by Mtambo, Trapence, Sembeleka and Kwataine, pliz don’t let the staff who will b retrenched suffer, b kind and find them something to do, chonde ndagwila mwendo wa aliyense payekhapayekha. Get an injunction or something to stop the retrenchment!

  26. mesho says:

    Aids mmene munayambira muja kuwaUza Anthu okumva anamva cut the jobs but the funding must be there

    1. yohane says:

      Mesh you are idiot. We are playing for the govt to create jobs and you are advocating job cut? Wake up next time it will be you.

  27. Iwe kumbweza bweranso uzaname kuti all is well. Iwe gertrude aunt Tiwo mutharika, bwerani muzatukwanenso anthu omwe ankati mubweze ndalama za NAC

  28. Vyachalo says:

    Kodi boma ili tsopano tikupita kuti?

  29. chim says:


  30. Tinkanena says:

    Mr Mabvuto Bamusi come on air to comment on this development. Onani inu ndi banja lanu mupitiliza kudya ma sausage Ku state House pamene ma banja a anzanu are in danger of being condemned to a life of bonya meals. How do you feel If I may ask?

  31. zilimmalunje says:

    Indeed allwill be fine. Including job cuts

  32. amfumu says:

    Alliance one also has written his employees informing them of retrenchment from March 31 to June 2015

  33. Prophet Justice says:

    The multiplier negative effects of arrogance and impunity of the DPP regime and it’s functionalities (Mulakho, BEAM, Dausi, Colins & Bamusi),

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