Kachaje to launch an e-book Dec 27: ‘Life by design not by default’

Malawi’s renowned entrepreneur, motivator and trainer, Henry Kachale will launch an electronic book on 27th December titled ‘a life by design and not by default.’

Henry Kachaje: Life by design not by default

Henry Kachaje: Life by design not by default

In an interview Kachaje said he wrote the e-book in memory of his mentor teacher and motivator the late Dr. Myles Monroe.

Monroe together with his wife died in November in a plane crash, he was a motivational speaker, writer and ordained Pentecostal minister.

Kachaje credits his achievements to the wisdom he got from the books he read written by Dr. Monroe.

He said that Dr. Monroe told him that he should die empty, having become everything that he is capable of becoming.

“Today I can honestly say that I have become what I am because of the influence this great man had in my life, he challenged me that I am an original and I don’t have to die a copy of someone else,” Kachaje said.

The book has been specially written for professionals who want to maximize their purpose whilst here on earth.

According to Kachaje the e-book has over 30 principles and scores of planning templates, the book will be sold at MK3, 000.

He said everyone interested can pre-order the e-book through his email account at [email protected] and make it a tool that will help transform themselves into great success they were born to be.

In a preview on the book written by Kachaje he wrote “set goals that are specific, clear, challenging but achievable measurable and record them”.

“Successful people don’t only decide what they want, they also choose what they have to give up creating room for what they want, “reads part of the preview.

Kachaje has a specific mission in life which is to inspire, train, motivate and challenge fellow Malawians to discover, develop and deploy their full potential leading to a the realization of a prosperous and successful Malawi.–Mana

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14 thoughts on “Kachaje to launch an e-book Dec 27: ‘Life by design not by default’”

  1. chakhalira says:

    A Sean Mwanza, bvuto lanu lawoneka kuti you do not know this boy known as Henry Kachaje. To start with he is NOT a boy as think he is. Please ask other people who know him to tell you who he is or preferably ask other people to take you to this man for a chat. A Bambo, this may not be a waste of your time.

    The problem with most of us Malawians , including a Sean Mwanza is that we are very lazy people to read books that may give us some knowledge. In the Book of books we find this wise saying ” It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of Kings is to search out a matter” Zimene mwanena a Sean Mwanza shows total poverty in the head.

    Tangokhalani chete if you do not want to learn more.

  2. Amin Kambani says:

    I like the way Henry Kachaje write his inspirational articles.I have been reading about everything he writes and has changed me so much and iam looking forward to buy your book.Its invigorating and rewarding to know what is happening back home economically.Keep it up Henry.

  3. Mulhako says:

    This is the book worth buying-i admire this guy.He is one of giniuses in our country.COme to KA we need this book….Cz man.

  4. The Tech Guy says:

    Great! Just make sure the book is DRM Protected to avoid sharing|piracy. It must be used by the buyer only and on a single gadget, if possible.

  5. innocent says:

    Common sense is not common and the obvious is not apparent as we think, look at Malawi at 50 years and crying for rain when one third of the country is water! We need the Kachajes of this world to wake us up! Congratulations and continue the good work!

  6. kukhala says:


  7. Sean Mwanza says:

    What has this boy kachaje achieved in life? He is only a day dreamer and a wishful thinker . He lives in a tiny house, drives an old ragged car. Yet he speaks and writes as if he has made it in life.
    His wife can’t afford a visit to a decent saloon.
    Start motivating yourself . Transform yourself first. Live what you say and the world will listen to you. Otherwise keep quiet

    1. amalume says:

      Do u really know Henry? Get yr facts straight before opening yr mouth.

    2. Zagwa says:

      Typical Malawian mentality! So to you achievement is an oversized house, an off-budget posh car and a wife who goes to an expensive saloon? No wonder even educated Malawians are willing to steal public funds just to look like achievers.

      1. Michael Ganda says:

        This is poverty mentality. You will die poor if you think achievement of wealth is not success. Countries and people that have achieved are demonstrated by what they have, not what they dream or wish. I would not call living in a tiny house in zolozolo success or indeed driving an anglia success as poor zagwa would want us believe

    3. Mute Gama says:

      @Sean Mwanza. Is living in a big house still fashionable these days? The eighties perhaps. Find something else better to personally attack this gentleman, from your large house, of course!

  8. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    These motivation things should be introduced in the primary school curriculum.Mere dreaming in positive thinking is useless.Most Malawians do not have work ethics.Chimene alota iwo ndikuba basi.Drill some work ethics into these youngsters than just withering from drinking some cheap satchets brewed by some inconsiderate Indians destroying the lives of youthful Malawians.
    Mere reading these books of American motivators will not change Malawi.Politicians shud change the mindset of dipping their filthy hands into public hands and teach these lazy bums of working their asses 24/7 and the end they will become anything.Finally distribute some Napolean Hill books in every house hold and even interpret some into local language if they cant understand the queens language.Free handouts should also be stopped which these crooked politicians dangle to some lazy Malawians.We need to sweat blood to change this tiny impoverished country.We need to hang all cashgate thieves,forfeit all the illgotten cashgate properties and start a new Malawi.No immunity even to our corrupt former and incumbent presidents.We need to see them dangling on ropes at the civo stadium.Mwamva Mr Motivator Kachaje?

    1. Zagwa says:

      I agree entirely. To sum it all up, Malawians need a mindset overhaul! Look at what is happening: the mature are thieves, the middle aged are condoning theft while the youth are not serious on anything (happy to be drinking satchets and watching fake translated movies). We need to pull the plug NOW. Otherwise our systems are crumbling tikuonelela! Case in point: No water in Blantyre. You mean no one saw that coming. The same will happen to Lilongwe if trees are Not planted in Dzalanyama and along Lilongwe river banks. let’s get rid of this failed generation of leaders. They have failed…PERIOD.

    2. Fisi anakana tsatsi says:

      …brewed by some inconsiderate Indians destroying the lives of youthful Malawians.

      This flowed reasoning is what is failing us Malawians big time. No Indians ever knock on youthful Malawian doors, coerce them to walk distance to pubs and force them to take money out of their pockets to buy sachets. These youths who spend most of their time with their CONSIDERATE parents seem not to have the right advice and guidance regarding use of alcohol. Blame the parents not the Indians. Otherwise, you should also blame the inconsiderate manufacturers of Panga knives since thieves are using them to hack inconsiderate house owners at night, then blame the creator of big stones, because thieves use them to break down doors with, then blame who ever manufactured rand cruzers, did we not just loose some souls over the week? People, lets learn to take blame for our flaws and not always find scape goats. That’s called responsibility and is a sure way to start solving ones problems!

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