Kaliati put ‘spin’ on First Lady absence to meeting Malawi ex-president addressed

Malawi’s Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati has put a positive spin on the country’s First Lady, Gertrude Mutharika, abscence at  a First Ladies meeting during the UN General Assembly because one of the panelists was former Malawi president Joyce Banda.

Speaking in New York  with Nyasa Times on Monday, Kaliati said Mutharika delegated her to attend the meeting because on the day  the First  Lady  had two seperate meetings with the leadership of two organisations that have agreed to provide support towards the development of Malawi through Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM).

Kaliati: First Lady  does not wish to be dragged into innuendo mongering.

Kaliati: First Lady does not wish to be dragged into innuendo mongering.

“The day she is said to have boycotted the meeting of First ladies, the Malawi First Lady secured two very important deals for the development of the country,” Kaliati disclosed.

According to the gender minister, on the day Mutharika met with the President of Delivering Hope, an American charity, who pledged to provide an aircraft as his contribution towards BEAM.

On the same day Mutharika, Kaliati said, met with an expert in the problem of autism who also agreed to provide technical assistance to Malawi to enable the country deal with the problem.

“As you can see, on the day she is said to have not attended the First Ladies meeting because of the presence of Dr Joyce Banda, our First Lady had very important tasks for the country,” said Kaliati.

The Gender Minister said Mutharika is a respectable woman who does not wish to be dragged into petty gossip and innuendo mongering.

“Our First Lady’s demeanor is that she does not want to be dragged into small talk that does not help the country,” said Kaliati.

The minister said she does not understand how Mutharika could have avoided the First Ladies meeting because of the presence of the former president of Malawi.

“Sometimes we should feel ashamed as a country when to bring on the international stage the petty politics that some people practice in Malawi,” said Kaliati.

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81 thoughts on “Kaliati put ‘spin’ on First Lady absence to meeting Malawi ex-president addressed”

  1. nswati says:

    unduna olowedza ndi choncho siuziwa chomwe chikuchtika kkkkkkkkkk kungokwera nawo bora uoi lhomwe dzaimitu

  2. Akuzuli says:


  3. kadamanja says:

    Sanalunkhule chilomwe mayi uyu ku USA amvekere on behalf of mayi Muntharika, ndatumidwa kuti iwowo sabwera, ali kumsonkhano wina wofunikla kuposa uwu, ooh sorry she has boycotted coz Mama JB is here. kkkk

  4. Mbanangwa says:

    Gentlemen, these United Nations meetings are not as formal as you my think. Many people do attend, it is a huge hall hereby some of these aforesaid big names do not even bump into each other. what is this fuss all bout? I was in Ethiopia recently, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Mlinda etc were all present , more than 250 deviates . Even Getude Mask did not even matter!

  5. cynk says:

    the protocol braking dogs. kaliati kkkkkk shame on u. unganene kuti za JB ndizosathaniza dziko la malawi. nchifukwa chake tikufuna Fedulo kuti tithane nanu amphawi adyera kukamwa ngati kuthako kwa getuluda

  6. Merekidith says:

    This is a disorganised Govt. So many spokespersons and so many cooks, in what capacity is kaliati making this statement? apa nde boma laBOOOOOKA!!!!! Is Peter muthalika really in control???

  7. vindere says:

    Mr Hubert, you have shown yourself that ur the dumbest person on earth. How can a President or first lady be always delegating Minister of Gender to speak for them. Do you mean that they don’t trust their communication/ Press officers whom they appointed themselves.The fact that ur a lomwe or a yao does not mean that u have to defend where their’s no defence. Stupid fool.

  8. Grey says:

    Is she the minister of Gender kapena Information?

  9. Issa Kabudu says:

    More fire – time and time again, our ex-president must work towards government development, schedule her routes accordingly, avoid any bad publicity and be desclplined, she can bounce back even as an opposition leader but active politician. But she is damaging her own eggs….ndatha ine wanu.

  10. Petty politics. Let us focus on issues that will lead to progress in Malawi, Zamiseche ife tatopa nazo.

  11. Patriot says:

    Inuuuuu Joyce Banda Foundation is INTERNATIONAL.
    Beautify chani chaniyo amayidziwa NDANI?

  12. Dodoli says:

    Patricia Is Acurse. J.B Shall Remain J.B .

  13. Tozer Tsono says:

    Thank you Mr Kondwani Nankhumwa, aka, Tricia Kaliati on behalf of the First lady. Doesn’t the first lady have her own spokesperson? Or doesn’t the President’s office have a communication officer for the first lady?

  14. Yobe boo says:


    DPPPPP KUNUNKHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wiseup says:

    I said I don’t think JB can see herself at an antagonism mood with Getrude. Even most commentators should know that jsut as JB was president by chance, so is Getrude first lady by luck. There is no war here. I would question JB’s integrity if she wants to be seen tall and seek attention at the expense of Getrude. Some quarters are just good at feasting on hate speech. Please leave JB and Getrude alone. Each of these has something to contribute for the good of Malawi. A Malawi mwamva?

    1. so what says:

      that is for Patricia and other DPP dunderheads who seem to be spending sleepless nights over JB’s movements to know not all Malawians as u are suggesting

  16. Nobel says:

    There’s no issue here guys, please give us good staff to keep s afloat and not these petty gossip, silly, foolish and worth than sensilence nonentity.

  17. trizza says:

    Patricia r u starting it again? R u minister of information 2 talk 4 DPP or 1st Lady? Instead of attending de meeting 4 de benefit of Malawians, the 1st lady was busy looking @ tall buildings. Ur personal grages shld make Malawians Suffer? [email protected] why you came into the government through the window, Malawians closed de door 4 u. Mulamulira movutika moyo wake ukakhala umenewu

  18. Munyasiwa says:

    Asiyeni amyata onse. JB is an international lady. Just accept to work with her.

  19. kaya ndimmene amachitira ife kwathu ndikungoyang’ana ndikumva basi.

  20. Anansi says:

    Kaliati has only shed light on why the First Lady failed to attend the First ladies indaba. Problem is, anything that touches on DPP is bad to all the bullshit that roams this country. There is Bakili Muluzi, an ex-Head of State, who has not made us so nauseous as this Hilda of yours. What in hell was she doing in a First Ladies meeting? Hate the DPP to high heaven but the Party is in power. It is true that Malawians will snore for life, deep in coma-like slumber, carrying knuckle heads full of scum on their necks, thinking they are smart. Horseshit. Get your ill-timed independence and disappear. This country will function better without all this garbage in our midst. Thank God, finally we are about to be free of this suffocating stench from hell.

  21. Ine ndine says:

    Give us the cash gate names

  22. Ine ndine says:

    This news is not worthy to be put here. We want real issues, say ‘cashgate names’ etc..

  23. cash gate says:

    Mavuto a boma lobera ndi amenewo

  24. Greencardless Malawian says:

    May i humbly ask if Honorable Kaliati and all in support of her could read the blog below and how contradicting and confusing this whole saga is? Kaliati stop thinking you can run Malawi the way you run your Kitchen……READ THIS PLEASE: http://rescuetheoppressed.blogspot.co.uk/

  25. Mukhala choncho says:

    Very interesting to be delegated as a first lady and being addressed as such. I envy you madam minister.

  26. Jabulosi says:


  27. jedi says:

    This is absolute crap and not news worth at all!!!

  28. TITO says:


  29. gzzarock says:

    jb simudzamutha anthu ofuna kulemela chifukwa cha ndale ngati kaliati

  30. Wawaman says:

    Kaliyati Wayambaso Zakozija Umapanga Ndi Mwapiya Mulupale,eti?

  31. binali gama says:

    Manyi a Kal;iati amenewo, mwayiwalakodi. Iye ndinctito kuma defenda nyasi monga anachitila at mid night ndi maliro abwenzi lake lakale lija Daniel Phiri

  32. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Anyway, our first lady had deals to conclude. But remember JB had nothing to do when Peter was being swone in as the president of this country and she did not turn up.

  33. Joyce Banda akuwonjeza kuyendayenda
    Zunguli zunguli ameneyi bwanji?

  34. Think Tank says:

    The First Lady’s secretary should be sacked for incompetency. How can she/he not check the Lady’s diary before accepting an appointment. This is the type of personnel we can do without. At the same time,Patricia should at all cost put her ideas together before talking to us thru press. Sister Pat,please note that being at the of the gvt does not mean you are leading fools. There intelligent people outside the government. When you utter nonsense you become the toast at drinking place or evening family chat. Your nonsenses have helped cool down hot family tensions.

  35. BigMan says:

    Who cares whether or not she attended this cashgate symposium hosted by abiti mtila? The first lady had far more important issues to deal with rather than listening to the ex acting president barking, barking, barking and barking some more….for nothing!

  36. MaiMai says:

    Patricia KUNAMA MMASO MULI GWAAAA!!! She thinks she can insult all Malawians and believe her? You mean the first lady (kaya ndi 3rd kwa Mutharika) recorded in her diary First Lady meetings and then while in USA changed to X,Y,Z Meeting? Such is FL? Bulshit!!!

    Don’t insult our intelligence you blind Minister of Information( Oh paja Min. of Gender?)

    Nde a Minister of Info. mupangane swap ndi Patricia chifukwa mayiwatu kamwa lawo satseka ayi…kukamwa yasaaa always…Koma Mzimayiyu akuchitisa Manyazi Azimai MMalawi muno bwanji…

  37. yuona says:

    Ameneyu ndi amene anatipangitsa enafe kuti tisavotere Pitala chifukwa chamalankhulidwe ake osasamala pa mawa.

  38. Payattention says:

    If all of us could read comment # 11 and click on the link, we would understand exact what this so called donation is all about. This is a simple partnership between the ‘Delivering Hope’ mission and Beautify Malawi, its NOT a donation as it being drummed up to be. Our govt will end up paying for the transportation of this used tiny plan to Malawi….sad situation.

  39. Dpp woyeee! says:

    Wow! So Patricia has now become the spokesperson 4 the first lady… Doesnt the 1st lady have a mouth to justify herself 4 not attending the global 1st ladies meet? Akweni, when will u grow up? We r tired of this bickering eeish!

  40. mapwala ansumbu says:

    anathawabe basi

  41. rational says:

    ndiye mukwiya naye kaliati mpaka 2019 woooo! omwe mmawafunawo sanavoteredwe. ife kaliati timamukonda and that is why we voted her back into government. inu muzitokota pa nyasatimes panupa.

  42. jairosi says:

    kodi Anji- ulova ukuwawa bwanji chemwa??

  43. chidumayo says:

    Thanks for ndenge yotithandiza kunyamula zinyalala. Beautify Malawi by ferrying refuse/wastes using aeroplane. We are a step ahead. No more wheelburrows in town or district councils. Go, go first lady go, Malawi will be clean.

  44. Nkholopanja Ma battery a Mulhakho says:

    Akweni mundiikepo mu WILL yanu!Ndidzafuna chikopa cha nkhope yanu ndidzasokele ka mwado ka gule!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  45. chidunga says:

    aircraft for what?

  46. FCK says:

    A PAT Simunasiyebe nkhalidwe lodana ndi mai nzanu, tasinthani ndipo phunzirani kunena zoona ndi kumaopa Mulungu pomanena zinthu. tikudziwa kuti a first lady amopa kukachipa zomwe sizoona ayi chifukwa first lady ndi a first lady basi sadzakhala president ayi ndipo sindikhulupirira kuti JB amapita opanda omuitana siwopenga ayi ndiye ngati mumati amkalandira ndege ndiye ndi zeni zeni zokhudza A Malawi mmmmmm ndakaika nanga ndege amakalandirayo siizidzangotiwonongera ndalama za mentenansi ndi zina okupatsaniwonso sangawone kuti ku MALAWI TIRI NDI MABVUTO ENIENI OSATI NDEGYOYO AYI kapena simunathe kuwaunikira bwino, aaaaaa a Patirisha Kaliati mutawafotokpozera a first lady kuti azidziwa bvuto la anthu a ku mudzi.

  47. peter pierre says:

    Taking grudges oversees Koma ma Nyasa tidzatukuka?

  48. TITO says:


  49. Kamwiyo says:

    Udzafa imfa yowawa kaliat…shupitiz

  50. John says:

    Kaliati kaliati…… What is wrong with your thinking. Infact, do you think Malawian (except DPP supporters) are really as gullible and shallow as you are? The UN general assembly was the whole reason you guys spent a year in NEW YORK, in disguise of saving us money of course, which means all other meeting were secondary, now you are telling us she opted to attend the “aircraft meetings” instead because YOU DOUBLE BOOKED HER? Like really? We don’t care really why she missed the meeting in the first place, because we already know why,it’s just irritating to us for you to be insulting our intelligence with your mumbling mumble jumbos!

  51. Mtumbuka says:

    Tricia should learn to hold her personal grudges. State house should displine this lady, why is she pushing herself closer to the Palace? We are tired with her defensive statements.

    1. Kanonono says:

      Birds of the same feathers flock together. In a modern and schooled society, it is a shame to have a person of Kaliati’s calibre in the cabinet. Her inclusion into the ministry should tell you how the DPP thinks. Unfortunately, this is a party that some people think will help Malawi out of its economic problems. Let’s wait and see. One even wonders even the reasons behind her being one of those that represented the country in USA. Does she really have the required mental fitness to present any tangible thing that can catch the interest of serious investors and Western technocrats? Was she included as a VOTE OF THANKS from the Head of State because she campaigned for the DPP and so she can return part of the money that she spent during the campaign trail?

  52. Professional journalist says:

    What’s ths article for? There’s no news here. Nanu a Nyasa Times you just accept any trash from contributors.

    1. Ine ndine says:


  53. flyton banda says:

    what was JB doing at a Ist ldies meeting? sje is not a first lady but last time also attended instead of letting her husband attend! too greedy for allowances!!! And is this the kind of women kitchen gossip natiolal news as journalism? ok then tell us what size panties they wear!!!

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      Muziyamba mwamvetsa bwino before you comment. Just read the article and understand it, if not uzani ena otha chizungu akuwerengereni

      1. milos says:

        JB has never been a first lady so what kind of contribution can she make about being first lady??? she should attend ex-presidents meetings and leave this to her husband? he was first gentleman and could share and articulate his experiences better with the first ladies!but look- she left him at home to sweep the house and clean the toilets in Nkhata Bay whereas she is gatecrashing ALL meetings in New York in the feeble hope that she will raise money for her thieving self and family!! disgraceful!!

  54. Nabetha says:

    Path……… mxii. Kaliati chonde tisamale.

  55. Mbwiye Wapata says:

    Ha ha ha ha ……koma inu zinazi…kumeneko kuziphoda!!! ngatitu kamfiti kkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Patricia Kaliati, had it been that the first lady attended the first ladies meeting where jb gave a talk, she could have gotten herself a better deal than an aircraft donation from the ‘president of Delivering Hope.

    Malawians read here

    1. John says:

      Good expose! Now Kaliati is telling us these meeting were more important? Why? Because the plane will be transporting her and APM around?

  57. Bandasiime says:

    Uhauka mai Kaliati. She cannot differentiate between her portfolio and that of spokes person. Umbuliu sikanthu ndithu. Go back to school

  58. MMALAWI says:

    So the first lady can’t arrange her diary? Zamanyazitu izi

  59. Munyepa Vetekhu says:

    A first lady azikamvera za AZUNGU ANDIUUZA,AZUNGU ANDIUUZA?Za ziiii! Chi nzimayi chikulukulu,the whole former president kukhala pakati pa ma First lady?Mayi ameneyu wochititsa manyazi kwambiri ndi kupemphesa.Xiiiiii!

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      Read the article before you show us how shallow you are.

  60. Desire says:

    So who is minister of information? Chipwilikiti government eish!


  62. lufina says:

    Of Course she was avoiding Joyce Banda. so what is the problem here? what was Joyce Banda doing in NY? ask her why she missed Mutharika’s Inauguration? so why should the first lady attend something that Joyce Banda was going to be the centre of attention.

  63. Fwangalubiro says:

    Taking Malawians as people who easily get cheated United Nations hear our 1st lady the meeting you organised for 1st ladies was not very important

  64. mai nsato says:

    Come-on Kweni. Auuze achawawa kodi akuganiza jb ndi first lady? zamanyazi ndithu, mchawa wina wosaphunzira ngati jb ndi uja Bakili amapikisana ndi Bingu munthu wa nzeru za kuya ndipo atumbuka onse anamugomera mpaka nkumpatsa uNgwazi. Goodall, Dr. Mwalwanda, Robison Chirwa onse kuvomekeza kuti mllomwe uji ndi wanzeru dziko lonse la Malawi.
    A First lady Her Excellency Getrude Mutharika si a satanictu kuti azilimbana ndi njoka yabisala mwa jb. very good sanakhale nawo paforum imeneyo. jb anapitako ndi mankhwala kuti amponyere first lady. yamugwera yekha ndipo imukol miyendo yakeyo akuyenda ngati baKHA chikakanika kutoRA nkhuKU, baKHA sangaduTSE. jb ugwa nayo. cashgate ikukulemera basi, Malawi was put to shame by her presence at the forum, everybody was just gazing at the big fish in cashgate scandal. mchawa ndi munthu wosamvetsa ndithu ali ngati mtumbuka kuwuma mitu.

    1. Zamkutu says:

      Koma iwenso ndiwe wopusa eti palibe ca nzeru wanena just like the person,u are trying to defend.

    2. Takwalakwa says:

      Iwe mai nsato machende ako. What you always think is mitundu ya anthu. Ukati mchawa ndiye kuti chani. Nanga Bakili dzikumukhuza bwanji. Mbuli namba wani ndi iwe amene ukulephera kudziwa mutu wa nkhani.

    3. delta x says:

      iwe ndiwe ndani????? kunyoza anthu ena chotere, you must be a vampire from the pit of hell sshhaaaa..

    4. KKKKKK says:

      Mukulalatapo chani apa? The reality is JB ndi dilu and you people knows it. She was invited and the right people to be insulted are the one who invited her. The first lady is aware of who JB is internationally.

  65. Hamu says:

    Uzafa imfa yowawa mmayi iwe.

    1. Central says:

      Musaiwale ndiosusukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bad chemwaliwa…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suggest she is First Lady in waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. vindere says:

    I don’t get it! Is Patricia Kaliati the Information Minister or Public Relations Officer for the President and the First Lady??? I thought she is Minister of Gender? How come she’s always answering on behalf of the above mentioned portfolios. Please school me on this one.

    1. Hubert says:

      Thought its clearly written,it was Patricia Kaliati who the First Lady delegated to the meeting. So you wanted Presidential Spokesperson to respond!!! Baba,ni chichi cherechi?

  67. Young&Denzel says:

    Shame on you

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